KiwiSlug (NA)
: Heimerdinger walk animation
i did notice one thing that when i got it to toggle for the one game that it did work when ever i leave a tower it switches back to the hop one. which then i had to try to re toggle it.
GGLineaR (NA)
: As long as I can keep his adorable hopping, I'm good.
The hopping is adorable. But it doesn't look correct with snowmerdinger or alien invader since the hair on those two don't sway with it. And the old walk was with the old model like those skins.
: Hey guys! This was unintended, we'll be looking into getting a fix in, but it'd likely be with 7.11 and not before. Thanks for raising this! When balancing champions we just try to focus on power, not on ability for champions to strut their stuff down lane.
Power and balancing are important in the game. But sometimes things just need to be goofing or confusing. Makes games interesting and more enjoyable. And to be honest I would love more stuff like that. Just stupid little things that add just something small to the game. But are cool because they are there.
: Agreed, I went into Practice to test the new changes and it felt odd him going to the other walking animation when near towers and not just increasing speed. Was that done so opponents know or something? Then I just tried to toggle it and it didn't work. Was disappointed. If they want clarity why not just add the speed line this has to him or something similar. {{item:2053}}
Yeah, I get used to champs walks animations. So when it suddenly switches at towers it throws me off. And I find it funny that heimer gets the speed up next to opposing teams towers when it's alive but not when dead but that's the opposite of what he needs
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