: well, where is your MR hex drinker or edge of night or GA sounds like you're not itemizing for the problem you're running into. For the record I go both sight stone and frost queen's claim on zyra then get rylai's liandries as my core build with my last slot being flexible depending on the game. so I'm actually running a full supportive build. Not getting the big heavy AP items, just health/ap hybrids
Shouldn't have to itemize against a support, i'd rather itemize over an legitimate carry role.
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: sounds like you need to be less concerned with feeding and more concerned with puttting the game back togehter after the enemy is fed.
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Ordained (EUW)
: OP you're silver 3 after 7 years of playing , I don't think you're in a position to comment on bronze players. https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Kixcticia
I use this account for posting threads. My accounts are Binley, yelniB, Sir Alexander, and Sir Dexterous.
: I appreciate you taking the time to make a constructive post of tips or people in Bronze. I only made it as far as B3 or B2 last season (I honestly don't remember lol) but I will try to keep these things in mind this season. Cheers!
I do what I can to help a fellow summoner out!
: > [{quoted}](name=GayFluffyUnicorn,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0Hkfk4Nk,comment-id=0007000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2017-03-01T21:27:51.771+0000) > > Do you really think silver is any different from bronze except the border? yes and no... if you PLACED directly into silver.. then you are no different than a bronze.. if you CLIMBED from bronze to silver... there is a HUGE difference likewise.. if you were demoted to bronze during the preseason because riot demoted everyone for no reason because "logic". that's a whole lot different than being demoted to bronze in the regular season for losing enough game and screwing over each of your 4 teammates on your way down. (or possibly less than 4 as some of them might also have deserved to be demoted). nearly aka any bronze player can be placed into silver.. during their initial promos their first season. but if you not going climb FROM bronze to silver unless you ARE silver (i placed silver 1 my first season (season 3)... i can guarantee you i was NOT ANYWHERE NEAR silver 1 level, i deserved to be bronze that season. next season i EARNED my silver border my actually LEARNING the game)
> if you CLIMBED from bronze to silver... there is a HUGE difference Incredibly valid point right there.
Strilter (NA)
: Ummm this is the problem with ALL players.... sure the farther up you go the more likely you might find an open minded person.... but I've seen diamond and plat and higher as fucking ignorant, and close minded as a cesspool 4 player. Those players also think they can get away with everything because they consistently do not respect their opponent, because they assume they are better. Their Macro and Micro is amazing but their decision making is outright terrible, the majority of their success comes from the fact they outplay mechanically consistently, or their team bails them out. (which they should) But honestly this problem isn't isolated in bronze.
I'm aware, this post was to help people get out of bronze by pointing out the most frequent key mistakes and issues. I've seen some diamond players play like silver, where their cs is just ass and they don't ward properly, nor use teleport accordingly. Trust me, I'm aware that it's all over the place, it's just mainly in Bronze/Silver elo.
: I'm a bronze player and I can safely say that 90 percent of games are won by whichever team has the smurf or whatever team doesn't have the 1 truly awful player. While nobody in bronze is great, there is a huge difference between skill levels within this lower tier that makes seemingly every game a stomp because somebody gets out of control and the rest of the team doesn't handle it well.
I look at bronze as I look at those who are literally new to the game. When you go to level a smurf up, you will encounter a smurf, whether he/she is on your team, or the enemies. The win is honestly determined on who's got the smurf. Although, if they're smurfing, and are in bronze MMR, then they're no higher than Gold 5. MOST gold players just got off lucky, to be completely honest with you, yes, there are some that are in there rightful place, but there's just others who seem to have either gotten really good teams, or just bought their account.
: the thing is one during my 16 game winstreak to climb out of bronze.. i had one game where i literally felt so honored to have my team.. and it was really just for 1 small thing. we were winning we pushed in.. we took an inhib and then EVERY PLAYER backed out of the base and rotated to a different objective. without ANY PINGS or ANY CHAT. that one small thing was probably the best moment i had ever had playing league in over 4 years.
It's like the chills you get when you hear a song you really like.
: Problem with bronze you say? I see this in gold and plat not to mention the various streams I have watched. Wangs for instance is fairly notorious for over extending
Gold and plat are still considered "bad". Yes, you're in what, top 20% of the player base in gold elo, and idk the stat for plat, but, games don't get mechanically difficult until, say, diamond 1 or 2. Every mistake you make is punished against you. No, i'm not stating that people in gold and plat are "bad", i'm just stating they're not as competitive as those in diamond/master/challenger by a long shot.
: Don't worry it's not a critique =) It's not your job to give bronze players tips~ But if you enjoy it it's very appreciated!
My happiness strives off the happiness of others, thus, is why I made the thread, to enlighten low elo players to strife for greatness in ranked.
DaNinad (NA)
: "Issue 7: Their cs is normally around 80 at 20 minutes, if not less." My issue isn't farming within laning phase, its after where i screw up, it's either get 3 waves worth of creeps or help in teamfight, usually i make the wrong choice.
You have to look and think on how well your team is doing, whether they need you, due to score, or if you can freely farm. You should always ping if you're going to do something, and if your team doesn't acknowledge this, then they're partly in blame. Fighting a 4v5 when the game is even or when you're behind is asking to lose.
japhib (NA)
: Well put, thanks for this post!
Anytime, glad you found it inviting to read.
Nylisa (EUW)
: as a new player (still level 12) who haven't made it to competitive yet , this taught me a lot of things , thank you.
Skorch (NA)
: I know what i need, i am garbage at ending games, for some reason i can never just end the god damn game.
Closing a game can be one of the hardest things to do, it requires all of your team's cooperation, so don't down yourself when it relies on your team as a whole.
: Issue 10: They play **to** many game when their on a losing streak. They're Too
RexSaur (NA)
: Why does talon Q even have a heal?
He gets poked in lane so fucking hard by a lot of matchups.
: Issue 1: They never listen to advice given to them. this extends beyond bronze. Don't know how many times I've tried to explain basic games rules to a few players (around bronze or medium or low silver) and I'm getting constant bullshit from them about how they know better and they are the best and they did everything until now on their own and how i'm an idiot because i don't feel the same way they do and that math is for losers and that they don't care if xxxx is not efficient........
The problem with higher elo, is that people's ego's are THROUGH THE ROOF, especially in plat, no offense to you. Bronze are just too stubborn.
: everything you said in the OP is 100% correct i actually made a similar thread to this http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/GD/0TiAyEMn-strategy-of-league-how-to-climb
You have some good, and similar ideals.
Knoyle (NA)
: You CAN pick {{champion:33}} into a full AP team. It is not necessarily optimal but his W still adds a load of mr and with {{item:3065}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3001}} He's still a pain to kill.
Like I stated on many other comments, it was an example. Picking Rammus isn't the best choice.
: Gonna comment of a couple of things real quick and come back later. Haven't finished reading yet! Just gotta get to class rn Xd > [{quoted}](name=Kixcticia,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0Hkfk4Nk,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-01T09:59:15.756+0000) > > **Issue 1: They never listen to advice given to them.** Not to be a biased asshole, but this seems to be the biggest problem. It seems that 80% of bronze players aren't willing to take a fellow teammates advice, which, could ironically be the difference between winning and losing a game. 2 minds are better than one. Well, why should a bronze take the advice of another bronze? When you're just as bronze as the next guy, why is anything they say more valid than anything you think? > **Issue 2: They always sway away from recommended builds way to far. **No, i'm not stating that building away from the recommended page is a bad idea, but you shouldn't go redemption on {{champion:6}} for example. I see this way too frequent, not the {{champion:6}}, but people trying out builds that aren't quite "good". Just going to say that there really is no "good" way to build Urgot lmao. Other than buying {{item:3004}} and maxing CDR, there are no "right" ways to build him, because he's just such a role-confused mess of a champ.
I was making an example. You shouldn't build Kha'Zix as an AP carry. The list goes on.
: The CS point though, so accurate ESPECIALLY when it comes to the Jungle. I main jungle in bronze and I've noticed so much of the time that if I just farm up a storm, and only go to gank lanes when its a very juicy opportunity etc, I will end up w/ much more gold and possibly a level or even 2 on the enemy Jungler who is not full clearing his jungle before trying to force ganks. Seriously though, I think its maybe 1 out of 6-7 enemy junglers I see in this elo that even come close to keeping up with my CS, and having that level 11 (2nd rank ultimate) in teamfights/ganks/objective contests vs the level 10 enemy jg is a very significant advantage. I don't lane that often but I've seen that something similar will happen in lane where players are too focused on trading/getting that in lane 1st blood, that if a laner plays safe avoiding death and farming up, they will come back to lane after 1st or 2nd back considerably stronger than the guy who hasn't been focused on CS.
You should be hitting at LEAST 80 cs in the jungle per 10 minutes. It helps you tremendously. The two things i've witnessed in low elo junglers are that they either gank to much, or they don't gank enough. There's also the problem where junglers don't known when to gank, and how to as well.
: yea done enough of these. they make sense but no one cares to read them
Fegone (NA)
: > Issue 10: They play to many games when _**their**_ on a losing streak {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} **TRIGGERED** {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Kixcticia,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0Hkfk4Nk,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-01T09:59:15.756+0000) > > **Issue 8: They play champions that are too difficult for their skill level.**Champions like {{champion:119}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:64}} for example. (This is a totally BIASED opinion.) Stick to something simple, which has a lot of damage, and is easy to master, like {{champion:11}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:90}} for example. No need to make things harder on yourself by trying out "OP" champions. The real problem in that case is NOT that they're supposedly playing "champions that are too difficult for their skill level", don't give us that usual nonsense please, there is no champion too much for anyone of average intelligence to handle and comprehend when the entire game requires only like 7 major buttons and the most central gameplay exists in the knowledge base and timing. The problem is that THEY SUCK AT THEM, it's as simple and as straightforward as that. Anyone sucking at their champ will do badly, doesn't matter if they're doing Yi, Lee Sin or Urgot. In fact the reality is that a sucky Yi or those "lot of damage and easy to master champ" will always perform worse than a sucky "hard" champ, I have 0 idea where you even get the opposite idea from. Sure they may be easier to try out and get the basics, but don't lump mastering them (ie playing them in the highest level) together with them just because you're on the topic too. Most of the "easy" champ besides some balancing off-shoots are not seen in high elo for a reason. The decisive factor is familiarity and experience, and NOT how "skilled" a champion supposed is. Your stance can only be somewhat justified if the "easy" champs have massive stat pools to make up for their predictability and other many restrictions, but they actually don't and pale in front of the "hard" champs in that regard too most of the time. You're just relying on a tired and overused rationale without even attempt to dissect it first before you throw it out. The solution is ask them play their champs correctly and NOT tell them to play an in your opinion, the "easy" champ. They easy champs suck and one requires a tremendous amount of dedication for it to work in the high levels of play (ie mastering them), because Riot makes sure that's what happens. Being able to get the basics of a champion easily does not mean anything in the vast grand scheme of things. Similarly, this advice point in particular, also sucks.
So you're telling me that Draven is just as hard to play as Annie?
: Silvers are frequently just bronzes that got lucky.
This is why I said "lower elo" a lot in this post.
: heyo, im bronze and i hate all this champs {{champion:64}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:157}} - well ok {{champion:119}} is damn cool tbh. I honestly dont know why nearly every game nearly all members of my team - when i play - want to fight so much. min 8/12: "group mid all, NOW!" or that every lane pings for help when u say at the beginning of the match u dont gank pre 6 **especially** when ure counterjgled... For me my two biggest probs just are: **cs**ing and **chasing** low targets. Ah, and i do upgrade my trinket and ward - even if im not supp, lul. Most dont do that, EVEN if i tell them to do. (first in a kind way ofc)
Upgrading your ward is a great step in the right direction. The reason why I put those champions, for example, yes there a few more, is that they seem them in higher elo, or competitive play sometimes, so they think they must be good. You shouldn't play a champion, simply due to them being "better than another", you should instead play something you enjoy. Playing something you enjoy is more *enjoyable* and fun to play, than something that is meta, and just utterly boring to you.
: It's a good list! It's pretty short considering ;P But a good reminder for us bronzies. Admendum on °1- 'You should have gone in' advice, 99% of the time are nothing but a frustrated whine. {{champion:80}} "I like it when Leona initiates, I don't die" (
I did this at 6am, I was tired. Yes, there are a lot more points, and I might add them on tonight.
Skorch (NA)
: What if i dont do like MOST of these but am still bronze. ;-;
Tell me what YOU think you can work on, and i'll do my best to try and help, reply might be delayed, for I have class today.
Duke Anax (EUW)
: **Issue 13: They take Barron then start a teamfight** especially when behind. "guys we have Barron, let's kill'em all!" (issue 5) No, just NO. Barron is a pushing/sieging buff not a fighting buff. But it only works in a lane that has a champion with the buff in it. the best use of the buff is to put a champion ich each lane and push as much as possible, without overextending (issue6)
A good way to put this would be, Issue 13: Taking Baron instead of taking an inhibitor for free. Or something along those lines.
Wolfess (NA)
: it's a buff to tank aatrox.
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Jyoeru (NA)
: Taking advice is hard when most people don't offer objective advice or seem to know what they're talking about. Lots of meta flaming takes place in Bronze. People will tell you what you're doing "wrong" because they saw it on moba or a stream or a video or here, but they don't necessarily know why their advice is good or bad, or why what you're doing is good or bad. Frequently, players will pop off with advice that's more some idealism they've picked up based on what they want to do and how you're going to enable them to do it, which can also result in poor outcomes. If you're a 0/5/1 WW jg telling me what I am doing wrong at 1/2/4, I am a lot less likely to even read what you've said than if you're a 5/1/0 of the same. Frequently, the people who offer this advice are people who are so far behind themselves that they really come off (and end up) as trying to blame everyone else for why they've lost the game at 5mins than realizing their own flaws and so on.
Makes sense. It's always nice to take others opinions and thoughts into consideration though.
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: Another account perm banned
I've been banned for a total of 13 times I think, trust me, I know the feeling. I'm only toxic when people are just refusing to cooperate.
: Whaa... S?
Pretty sure supports are graded differently, it's all about how many wards you put down per back
Azvion (NA)
: Worked. So it was showing I had more IP then I actually had? Or was ip removed to fix it?
You probably bought runes beforehand
Azvion (NA)
: Store says I don't have enough IP
: 14 day ban because playing Nunu Support with Smite is "stealing other people's roles"...?
Doesn't RIOT encourage meta-breaking picks? I'm not understanding the problem here. You can't ban someone because other players aren't happy with it, that's completely breaking the point. That's like saying "i'm sentencing you for jail time because you walked the wrong way"
Bherrias (EUW)
: @Meddler, can we talk about the state of Yorick?
I don't know if you're aware on how much damage his ghouls actually do. Yes, they're the biggest part of his kit, but if you give them, say, the same statistic of a Zyra plant, he would win a trade literally no matter what, if not be able to 3v1 with no problem. That's why the made it to where it takes an champion auto to kill one.


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