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Develops (NA)
: LF MID LANER CLASH (gold 1 or lower pref)
dont join. Kid is a degenerate. WIll invite you then kick.
Robìn (NA)
: Optimal eSports looking for S6 Plat Mids/Junglers!
IGN: MLxed EmotLons Rank: Plat 5 Role: Mid Champion Pool: Cass, viktor, orianna, ahri, leblanc, syndra, zed Playstyle: Agressive at times, passive when needed Availability: mostly evenings PST 5's Experience (including shotcalling experience): Previously played in the first 2 seasons of Completeleague (played on the original complete league team with liam) have played on multiple other leagues/teams. I mainly shot called during team fights and dragons/barons
Kelyx (NA)
: Dawn eSports New Academy Team LF Top, Jg, Mid, ADC Plat/Diamond
Summoner name:MLxed EmotLons Rank Last Season: Gold 5 Rank This Season: Plat 5 currently Role Applying for: ADC/Mid (can do either) Top 5 Champs: ADC: Cait, kog, lucian, ashe, jhin Mid:Syndra, leblanc, ahri, orianna, viktor Can you adapt to the meta: Yes.
: Gold+ 5s Team LFM
IGN / Age: CL yuuuuki asuna 23 Timezone / Availability: PST . most evenings (have class 6-8 T/Thur) Rank history: Season 4 silver, season 5 gold, season 6 gold Primary / Secondary Role: ADC/mid Favorite Champs: Jhin, jinx, vayne, sivir, trist, luc, mf, twitch. Strengths: Strong laner, patient, team player. Have been a member of multiple competitive teams in the past. Weaknesses: Pretty shy, not too decent at warding Do you watch the Pro scene or streamers? Why? Occasionally. I mainly have a few streamers that I watch and hang out in. What could you contribute to a team environment? I like to give feedback on how the games go. I have pretty decent game knowledge. Have you ever had a conflict with a peer, teammate, or coworker? If so, what happened? Yes, but we were able to talk about it as a group and work around the differences. Are there any personality types that are hard for you to get along with? Not really. All people have their quirks, but you try and work around that and get along with everyone.
: assembling a silver/gold team
Rank: Gold 5 Role: adc IGN: CL yuuuuki asuna champs: trist, sivir, cait, vayne, mf, twitch, ez, jinx strengths: Warding, map awareness weaknesses: playing too aggressive Other:
: Gold-Plat Ranked Dynamic Queue
IGN: yuuuuki asuna Age: 22 S5 Rank: silver 2 Current Rank: gold 4 Top 5 champions for your role: Lucian, ez, vayne, caitlyn, MF. Voice comms: discord, teamspeak. Timezone: PST Times Available: 6pm-1am pst
: Team v2 Divine Dragons recruiting!
IGN: yuuuuki asuna Age:22 Role: ADC Season 5 rank: Silver 2 Current season Rank: Gold 3 weaknesses: I don't like people who constantly complain in game. What can you offer to the team/why are you interested? Strong shotcalling, good map awareness, great laning phase. I am often bored by solo queue and am looking to play in tournaments. Teamspeak:Yes/No? Yes.
: Creating a sister team
If you need an ADC sub let me know! Role: ADC Season 5 Ranking: Gold 1 Current Ranking: gold 3 Able to make the listed Practice time: yes Access to Skype: yes Favorite Champion: Lucian
: Looking to form a Serious (Gold) Dynamic Queue and Tournament Team
IGN: yuuuuki asuna Season 6 Rank: Gold 3 Season 5 Rank: Gold 1 Role:ADC Main Champions: Lucian, ez, caitlyn, tristana, vayne Strengths: Good lane phase knowledge. Good map awareness of other lanes and jungler positions. Positive player throughout matches. Weaknesses: Not a huge fan of people who constantly talk negative in game. Past Experiences (if any): Played since season 3. Participated in the first season of CompeteLeague in which my team made the finals. Shotcalling Ability (if jg/sup): I usually make calls in game no matter what role I am.
NewBR33D (NA)
: Diamond ADC smurf gold elo looking for people to que with
mid/ad main can play in a few hours if you are still on: IGN: yuuuuki asuna
: ADC - Jungle LF team
Hey there!, My team is currently looking for a jungle sub for possible scrims/leagues. Add me in game (yuuuuki asuna) if you are interested!
: Jungle/Top main looking for friends to play ranked with! ~ ♥
Hey there!, My team is currently looking for a jungle sub for possible scrims/leagues. Add me in game (yuuuuki asuna) if you are interested!
cvanschy (NA)
: Silver team for season 6!
Hey man, my team is currently looking for a jungle sub. Add me in game (yuuuuki asuna) if you are interested!
: Any silver-gold team looking to scrim?
Hey man, my team is always looking for new scrim partners. Add me in game (IGN: yuuuuki asuna) to set something up!
: Perfect Strategy Gaming Looking for Top Laner
Hey man, is your team interested in doing scrims? add me in game if you are
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: Creating a Serious Rank Team
IGN: Reague o Regends AGE:22 Rank:Silver 2 ( Plat on LAN) Role:Ad/Mid Champions:(If you play non meta champs leave them out):Vayne, Jinx, Cait, Corki, ori, azir, viktor, ahri. Rank 5s experience (If so how much) : yes. Played in an Amateur league since season 3. Was the leader of 2 teams. League Experience (How long have you been playing for): since season 2.

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