Dobbs (NA)
: Team looking for an adc! gold or higher preffered
IGN: Klave Rank: G4 Role: ADC Top 5: Jhin MF Ezreal Lucian Vayne What do you need to work on? rotating Do you have Discord? yes Mic: yes Secondary Role: mid can you play your secondary if needed? prefer not to Experience on a 5's team? yes played on a few been in 2 that did series tournaments are you okay joining a new team? yes can you make it through the building process as we get everything figured out? yes Are you willing to bond with a team? yes
: Gold 4 JG Main looking for duo or team to climb ranks with (60%+WR on my lanes)
: Atomic Planet is now recruiting!
IGN: klave Age: 29 Rank: g4 Role: adc
: New Dawn Horizon Recuiting a ADC and top lanner gold +
Rank: g5 Role: adc Game Exp: been playing since season 2 Top played champs: jhin, mf, lucain, vayne, twitch Time zone: cst Age: 29
: Starting a new serious ranked team.
Role: ADC Age: 29 Rank: G5 Availability: weekdays after 430pm cst - weekends anytime
: LF SUP, ADC, TOP, | High Silver to Gold | Ranked Teams
Role - adc Champ pool - jhin mf lucian twitch vayne Rank - g5
BA Flame (NA)
: Serious. Recruiting an ADC/JG/Support for my 5s Team.
IGN: klave Sub or Starter: starter Rank: g5 Role: adc Top 5 Champs: {{champion:202}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:67}} Mic (Yes/No): yes Usual Schedule: after 430pm cst weekdays anytime weekends Timezone: cst Playstyle: aggressive Weakness (you better have a lot here): i can get cocky when i get to far ahead, i also dont like to leave lane if i get behind Strength: trading in lane, positioning in team fights Able to take criticism/be coached (Yes/No): yes Are you willing to improve (I mean like watch Korean replays, spam solo q, etc) (Yes/No): yes Do you have a positive mindset (Always look at the positives while in a game) (Yes/No): yes, i'm always super positive in game and life Willing to sit down for hours reviewing vods (Yes/No): yes Willing to play everytime available (Yes/No): yes
Sitgo (NA)
: s2 solid player lf more to grind to gold hmu in game (Ranked Dynamic)
: LF Gold-Plat ADC For Amateur LCS-Style tournament. Tryouts NOW!
IGN: klave Rank: g5 Availability (MUST be available every Tuesday between 7-12 EDT!): weekdays after 530 est weekends anytime
: K2V Gaming Looking for Players (Bronze-Gold)
IGN: klave Rank: gold Role: adc Top 3 Champs: jhin, mf, lucian Experience: been playing since season 2 Strengths: positioning and trading Weaknesses: I don't like to leave lane when I'm behind
Eoas (NA)
: RSG Recruiting TOP and ADC for 5v5 Team Need Active people
IGN: Klave Rank (this season and last): gold Primary and Secondary Role: adc Most Played Champion: jhin Top 5 Champions: jhin mf lucian tristana twitch Greatest Strength: positioning and trading Greatest Weakness: i dont like to leave lane when i get behind Do you consider yourself a vocal player? How so? no State : MO Discord : yes Mic : yes
: RSG Recruiting for an active Top and ADC for ranked 5's
IGN: Klave Rank (this season and last): Gold Primary and Secondary Role: ADC Most Played Champion: Jhin Top 5 Support Champions: Greatest Strength: positioning and trading Greatest Weakness: i dont ;like to leave lane when behind Do you consider yourself a vocal player? How so? no State : MO Discord : yeah Mic : yeah
: Louverture Esports Club RECRUITING (Gold/Platinum Ranked)
IGN: Klave Position desired: adc Age: 29 Timezone: cst Current Rank: gold4 Experience in Ranked 5s: good Season you started playing League: season 2 i think ... before brand i think noc release Temperment as a player (Aggressive, Passive, etc.) : aggro Goals as a player: dia + Availability: after 430 pm cst Shotcalling Experience: no Discord Username: klave #3953
Nazera (NA)
: Digital Determination LF S4-G1 ADC
IGN: klave Age:29 Role 1: adc Top 4-7 Champions - Role 1: jhin mf Lucian trist Can you Sub?: No Shot-Calling?: No Current Rank: gold4 Previous Rank: gold Strengths: positioning and trading Weaknesses: don't like to leave lane when down Are you willing to practice outside of actual games?: Yes Will you actively communicate before, during & after practices?: Yes If accepted into the team, would you be likely to take notes relating to practice strats, champions, etc?:yes Do you have Discord?: Yes What US TimeZone are you in?: CST Do the practice days & times listed toward the top of this post work for you?: Yes
Jayyster (NA)
: Making a team, Gold Preferred, will accept Silvers as well
IGN: Klave Rank: g5 Time Zone: cst Normal Play Times: mon-fri after 430 pm weekends whenever Ready to Grind and Help Each other Get Better?: yes Forms of Comms Available (ie Skype, Curse, Discord, etc.): all Role: ADC
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: LftSG Tryouts LF ADC and Support (High-Silver/Gold)
Rank: g5 Availability: after 430pm central State: Missouri Role: ADC Champ Pool: {{champion:202}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:236}} Mic: yes Discord: yes Age: 29 Strengths: positioning, knowing when to engage, matching my supports play style Weaknesses: after being down i tend to not like to leave lane Why you want to join this team: want to play on a team again, like the competitiveness of 5v5s
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IGN: Klave Rank: G4 Position: adc Top Champions: {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:81}} Strengths: positioning Weaknesses: sometimes play to passive Timezone: CST Availability: after 5pm cst monday-friday anytime sat and sunday Age: 28 Comms: all Shotcalling: no
u sure thats ur summ name ???
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: Anyone not able to log in? Possible issue with Mediacom
from missouri done all that, didnt help
matman33 (NA)
just like every other champ I assume, he is in the patch but wont be released until another date
: Anyone not able to log in? Possible issue with Mediacom
: Anyone not able to log in? Possible issue with Mediacom
Cameron, MO Mediacom Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 19 ms 15 ms 13 ms [] 2 20 ms 24 ms 19 ms 3 22 ms 24 ms 20 ms 4 88 ms 27 ms 28 ms [] 5 * 35 ms 35 ms [] 6 40 ms 34 ms 39 ms [] 7 36 ms 31 ms 33 ms Trace complete.
floner2 (NA)
: Looking for two more players for pool party SR
Parkerv4 (NA)
: Looking for Gold V - Gold I Players to Play on a Ranked 5's Team
Klave prefer mid- karma morg malph akali noc gold v currently good roaming ability- dont feed been playing since season 2 would like a consistant 5s team -played karma a lot at supp as well as mid but you can look at my match history and get the idea that i can carry mid with her
Parkerv4 (NA)
: Looking for Gold V - Gold I Players to Play on a Ranked 5's Team
Yamì (NA)
: Team Arrowhead looking for Jungle, Mid and ADC
IGN:Klave Rank: B1 was gold last season Role: MID Name: Chad Top 5 Champs: {{champion:84}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:50}} Experience: been playing since season 1 been on alot of teams Working Mic?: yes Teamspeak?: yes Availability: after 5PM CST monday- friday weekends are open
: Silver / Gold Team LF Mid Laner for Team Spot
IGN: Klave Champ Pool: {{champion:84}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:50}} Past Exp: been on a lot of teams in the past been playing since s1 Rank (not important): b1 was gold last season got hit by the provis truck
Kaiiku (NA)
: [LFM] Need Silver 2+ Mid for Ranked 5v5 Team! [TRYOUTS TONIGHT!]
IGN: Klave Rank [this season:] / Rank [last season]: bronze1/gold Why are you interested in joining?:looking to get on a serious ranked team to climb ranks Best/Favorite champions: {{champion:84}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:82}} Can you make practice times? (6PM EST 3x a week?): yes Time Zone: CST Age: 27 Additional information?: been on quite a few ranked teams, im pretty easy to get along with, i dont rage or anything i just try to have fun and carry as much as i can


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