: As i have said before Riot: {{champion:76}} Q spam is an unhealthy mechanic for the game (back when she was a mid laner) Riot: {{champion:142}} balanced... https://i.imgur.com/se7yvRv.gif
Nidalee had a bunch of stuff going on not only her Q...
: who's your favorite champion in terms of personality?
{{champion:497}} because he's really carefree and just want to have fun. Also, Rakan is pretty funny when he's with Xayah.
: > [{quoted}](name=Klavier,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=zc8o8lEZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-12T18:03:58.743+0000) > > Because Ezreal likes Lux {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} When has Ezreal shown an interest in Lux when they never met?
They've never talked but since both Ezreal and Lux (correct me if I'm wrong) travel a lot, there's a chance Ezreal heard about Lux and has a crush on her.
: Why does Zoe hate Lux?
Because Ezreal likes Lux {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: To be honest, Zoe was broken and her overall kit is unhealthy. A oneshot abillity that you can only miss if you are mentally disabled on a 2 second cooldown. Free items/summoner spells. Hard CC on a 3-5 sec cooldown that has a potentially ridiculous range that doubles the damage of your already one-shot abillity IN TRUE DAMAGE. Granted, her ult is ok. Not defending the whole "ADCs need to be god-tier" mentality, but Zoe can be deleted for all I care.
Just a clarification, Zoe's q has 3.9 cd with 40% cdr, her hard cc was at 5.4 sec and her cc was at 5.8 with 40% cdr + 30 cd she received for hitting someone.
: Tristana's identity "the best self peeling late game hypercarry" according to one boards member
Well, she's an hyper carry that doesn't scale as hard as Vayne or Kog, but she trades that damage for safety and waveclear. Remember that her early - mid game are not the best but since it's better than the other hyper carries early - mid game, she can reach her late game earlier so she's just taking advantage of that. Another thing, remember that you can't talk of an ADC being a problem alone, you have to take into account what kind of supports are creating this issue as well, because they're pretty much sticking together all the time.
: I feel like Zoe has a lot of the problems that old AP Nid had
I main her, but playing against her is pretty obnoxious. I think the issue lies on her E which is pretty much what old nid Q used to be. A long range skillshot that can be thrown from the fog of war. The follow-up I don't think it's the problem because she's basically rooting herself for one second and she doesn't have an escape (which the old nid had). I would loved if her e instead of going through walls it would bounce when hitting one. (like a ball)
: Zoe is a champion that rewards bad gameplay.
Hello, I think there's a lot of misinformation in this post. So there are some things I would like to comment (I hope I didn't get my facts wrong as well) > Lots of skill shots? Along with the low cooldowns, she has blazing fast missile speeds and massive ranges. > You haven't really played against the other artillery mages, who have cooldowns similar to Zoe's. {{champion:115}} {{champion:99}} even {{champion:81}} > Did you know that with the +5% max CDR rune zoe can actually CC a champion and then have her E back up in 2.2 seconds? > Not true at all. Zoe's E cooldown at level 5 is 14 seconds. It can lower to 7.7 seconds with 45% cdr and then lower that cooldown to 5.39 if she hits someone. The thing is that the cooldown starts when she fires the skillshot not when the bubble hits someone or when it dissappears. {{champion:99}} E does the same thing and she can lower the cooldown of her E to 5.5 seconds with 45% cdr (I'm comparing these two abilities because they have the same use, which is zone control) > She's a no risk all reward champion. She's basically an assassin with the ability to pick someone from extreme ranges then engage for an almost guaranteed 1 shot with little to no risk to herself. > She doesn't actually put herself in risk if she's spamming her E, that's true. But she has to if she wants to follow up that CC. She has to be 800 units near her target in order for her Q to land. To help you to understand, she has to come as close as {{champion:134}} does to cast her Q. It is true that she can extend the range to 1375 units with her ultimate but that's actually her combo that locks her down in one place during 1 second which you can easily take advantage of.
: Varus being CHANGED to Gay feels wrong for his character
I understand people's opinion about the new lore mentioning that Varus' lore was good. But they also have to understand while it was good it didn't fit into the Darkin theme. As we can see in Kayn and Rhaast, Rhaast has a personality of his own and if he wins, he completely takes over Kayn. In the case of Varus, his old lore wouldn't work. If they wanted it to work, they would have to add some strange reason for the old Varus to be able to be in control while keeping Darkin's powers. In the new lore, I think this issue is solved in the new lore while the solution is cliché (love), it's still a solution to this problem. In regards with the gay issue, remember that Varus himself didn't actually changed, they simply added a gay couple into the formula to create a story that has different elements from what we have seen from Rhaast or Aatrox lore. As a conclusion, I would say that people shouldn't be mad about this change because the old lore wouldn't work at least in the Darkin lore. Also, Riot could use the old varus lore in a new champion because from what I've been reading people are mad because Varus' old lore had themes that were pretty good and because they felt they simply changed him into a (not completely) different character. PS: Sorry in advance. English is not my first language.
ChuShoe (NA)
: All I took away from zoe's short story is that she's the villain
To me, she's acts as a Greek god or goddess. They didn't really care about mortals, they only care about their matters.
: To be honest, Zoe's characterization is atrocious
In mythology, tricksters in general are a representation of what society shouldn't be or do (in this case Targon). Zoe is the opposite of what other aspects of Targon are supposed to be; she doesn't really care about her duty; she is not even afraid of aurelion sol.I think as a god-like trickster she is well represented here. She's simply the Loki of Targon. The only thing unclear is why a herald has such immense power.
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Retarthus (EUW)
: Tarics stun should be a charm
Charm was not longer Ahri's signature crowd control since {{champion:497}}
Rioter Comments
: Let’s Discuss: Marksmen
I would they're fine as they are because even though people have been complaining about how much damage the marksmen do with almost no counterplay. They're doing what they're supposed to be doing because they also build 5 items of damage, so they rely on their support (popular support picks are the ones who can protect the marksmen or the ones with engage when the marksmen can be safe because of their range or self peel). But they're still pretty squishy. Even if you say that they have {{item:3046}} and {{item:3812}} which reduce incoming damage. The only marksmen that build those items is {{champion:119}}, the others go for statikk + RFC combo. Now we have to take into account that supports are an important reason of why marksmen are really effective atm and also their utility scale just as good as the marksmen damage does. Here's where bot lane becomes an issue, and the reason why top lane is usually left alone. No bruiser or tank will be able to pass over the range of the marksmen or the peel that supports provide. In mid lane, I've only seen AD assassins and {{champion:105}} to be effective because they have the means to kill their target pretty fast because of the additional burst that {{item:3147}} provides. The reason mages are being picked over assassins is because assassins simply fall off in late game, I mean, they still do a high amount of damage but they can't get the job done because supports + lifesteal simply outclass them while mages can provide reasonable amounts of damage while providing also utility for their team. Finally, I would say that a (good? I don't know) would do something about crits. Currently they rely on RNG, which is not seen as fair for some people, I would like to see a system similar to Cassiopeia's damage, where her target has to be poisoned to deal full damage.
: Daily reminder that Zeal items are still GROSSLY underpriced.
That's because ADCs need about 2 or 3 items to start be effective. Because Riot wants games to end quickly they reduced the price of adc items because adcs weren't able to finish their items to start to be as effective as other classes were with just 1 item.
: > [{quoted}](name=Klavier,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LUvRym7X,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2017-09-11T22:20:19.997+0000) > > I thought they nerfed cait to be a siege champion lol. Aren't adc supposed to be the objective takers? Isn't that the reason they have wave clear on their items? They have siege potential, sure but that doesn't mean they should have wave clear. That's too different things Saying, they are objective takers is weird. That's basically the entire game; anything is an objective in some context.
No, I meant map objectives such as dragon, baron and turrets.
: Remove waveclear from ADC itemization
I thought they nerfed cait to be a siege champion lol. Aren't adc supposed to be the objective takers? Isn't that the reason they have wave clear on their items?
: There's only one impossible part of this gamemode. Getting the bridge (stuck in circle) beyond round 2. There's legit no way to beat it as you have no room to move around or stop the Vel'koz
You can move outside the circle to dodge the laser because the damage it's not high if you don't stay for too long
: Hi there Klavier, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Do you recall if there was another Ahri in the game on the other team?
Yeah, there was another Ahri. She was using the classic skin.
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Raoul (EUW)
: Jannas Winrate will NEVER drop as long as ADCs are as OP as they are.
I think the reason Janna's winrate never drops too hard is because she excels at protecting anything. Even when adcs were not strong, Janna could provide enough protection and peel for any class to do their job (usually, she can keep the fed person alive). But I agree with you, she's really good protecting adcs because they usually stay in the back which makes her job easier.
: its not just ardent censer. can you fix fucking marksmen already?
Actually, it is a combination of both, adc damage being pretty high and supports being able to protect their adc that they don't even need to build defensive items anymore (unless an assassin is bursting them down pretty fast).
: If you like the SG line, I'm happy for you (a rant)
I don't know why you're taking into account their classic skins. Ezreals has 4 skins that were released on 2010 and almost all of his skins are recolors or costume change. Also, Riot already announced that they're doing skins for champions that haven't got one in a while, I don't really see the point on putting the blame on a single skin line. Personally I like this skin line (I think all of them would have made a good legendary skin).
: I play in diamond and the difference in skill of support mains ((Janna/Lulu mains especially vs others is actually pretty noticeable.)) Just to give you an idea: 1. Most diamond players in autofill know how to trade/be aggressive/where to be at for EXP range and to make trades. 2.Most autofills will typically play what's needed, or what they might possibly not feed on. 3. Will typically roam and gank top. When support gets autofilled anywhere. 1. Often lose lane in first 15 seconds. 2. Can't cs at all. 3. If they're on jungle it's honestly just GG. Half of them die in the jungle. 4. Don't know how to make trades, or auto attack. 5. Have no idea how to build. 6. Do not know where the EXP range is. 7. Don't know when to back I've noticed in particular that Janna mains are the most guilty of this. Outside of pressing E for Ardent Censer and Qing most peoples dashes Janna players actually are God awful at the game and lack 90% of the fundamentals that make most other players diamond. The best part is, most Janna players actually aren't even that good at Janna either. Janna in essence is actually a broken support, however most Jannas lose lane because the very skills they're supposed to possess to win lanes such as the Leona lane/Braum lane/Thresh lane /Alistar lane do not exist on said players. To make matters worse, the Janna mains are often the most toxic of the entire team. They're also the angry chinese player magnet. I know that sounds racist and all of that. But being told "cao ni ma" "SB" every 15 seconds by a Janna player under turret outside of EXP range gets old after the 800th time. Especially in D3-2 range where you're supposed to get "nice/good" players. My general conclusion is that Janna players are just outright worse than all other players of their MMR.
Just a comment. Janna's not supposed to win alistar / leona, she is only supposed to negate their aggression so the lane goes even. Braum lane is a passive lane because neither of Janna or Braum can engage each other. Thresh counters Janna.
: I never really saw these champions as being super easy to play, it's just that playing against them feels SO bad at times. Janna for instance just negates most of your potential to trade during the laning phase. It's like this slow grind of them being able to fight you, and you can't fight back.
Janna only negates trades when she is facing these types of champions {{champion:89}} {{champion:12}}. Poke comps and mages in bot negates Janna's passive laning phase because she doesn't have any type of heal. Champions like {{champion:267}} {{champion:37}} or mages {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}}.
: I really don't see a good reason for Ahri to be put with the likes of Tali, Sol, and TF. The latter 3 can get across almost half of the map with one move.
Yeah, sorry about that but ahri's ganks are really good.
: Why are hyperscaling utility team fight mages able to bully assassins out of lane?
Most of mages are able and have been able to harass assassins before level 6 (this is where most of assassins start to get kills pretty easily every time they have their combo available). Mages simply have a better early game, but almost all of them lack of roaming potential, except for taliyah, ahri, aurelion sol (who is countered pretty hard by assassins) and tf. I don't really see why assassins having a bad early game since they all have a really good level 6. In the case of Ori, she is an easy kill after you reach level 6 unless you get stomped, and in the case of Cass, she has high dps limited by her range so it is normal that she harass champions who have less range than her.
: To be fair, Taric did get his Pool Party skin soon after his update. And Fiora got her PROJECT skin about a month or 2 after her update. So it's possible. Though if it is true, I'm more interested in seeing what about new Eve makes her fit for a Dragon themed skin in 1st place. Yorick is pretty obvious how that skin could work with him.....if it is legit, which I doubt.
Fiora got her project skin because they already had in production before her rework. You can notice this because in her splash art, she has her old three part cape and in the release video, she used her old abilities.
Kythers (NA)
: {{champion:40}} is not easy to play just because every girl ever picks her and is stuck in gold 5 with a mid plat duo, doesn't mean she's easy to play, and they really are awful to see in action I didn't read your post because i'm a shitposter
> [{quoted}](name=Kythers,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EQkZz3oA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-12T15:35:32.373+0000) > > {{champion:40}} is not easy to play > > just because every girl ever picks her and is stuck in gold 5 with a mid plat duo, doesn't mean she's easy to play, and they really are awful to see in action > > I didn't read your post because i'm a shitposter Don't worry, I forgot to add a TL;DR. I considered easy to play because even though her Q and R have a wide range of uses her kit is pretty straightforward. Thanks for answering :).
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: Always the same 10champs who get "compensated" for nerfs. Unlike someone like GP or nautilus or maokai they just get straight up dumpstered.
Always? Yasuo rarely has ever gotten compensatory buffs for all the nerfs he has received. This only shows that Riot is not sure about nerfing Yasuo.
Soràkà (NA)
: Star Guardian Soraka
About her homeguard animation here's an answer Riot KateyKhaos provided in the PBE discussion :) "As much as we would love to, it interferes with gameplay (mainly because her silhouette changes so drastically). There was much less of an issue with this animation during her homeguard, as it only occurs fresh out of base."
: It can be punished, I'm just stating how she does it.
: [MEGATHREAD] Let's Discuss: Caitlyn
Well, mostly I've seen that people don't like cait because she is too dominant in lane. Whether she scales well into late game or not, she has always been hated for her laning phase, prior her rework people were complaining about this as well. Now that she has been nerfed pretty hard, her early game is not too dominant, mid game (which is her weakness) is pretty bad because she can't win as hard as she used to and late game, she doesn't scale like the other adc (at least in the AS department), she has to rely on her traps to compensate her lack of AS. In general, I think Riot and the community as well, has to decide how a strong laner is supposed to be, because at least in the case of Caitlyn she was only doing what she was supposed to do, win the lane. I hope it's understandable, English is not my first language.
: In lane, a vayne will auto tumble reset and e. This applies her bolts and does a fair chunk of damage. It is a little mana intensive,. That being said, because of her chase, vayne's will auto, auto, Q to the side that is easiest to escape from and land the last auto and back off. Most adc's don't want to take the third auto and will turn around to try to break it. By the time they turn around they can rarely continue to trade due to range limits.
But that only happens if your supp is careless too. It's a duo lane, and many supports can punish vayne for even attempting to do that.
Leichy (EUNE)
: But you think it's fair that stupid ahri and ezreal have the skin in almost every skin line? They have waaaay too many skin and ofc people are freaking annoying. Tbh i think thw ahri one is ugly. Im stoked for sg soraka tho
I think you're exaggerating a little with the statement "a skin in every skin line". None of them has a Pool party, Snowday, Halloween to name a few. In the case of Ezreal, he has 7 skins that only change his clothes (no fancy recall animations or anything), and 4 of them were released on the year of his release. But I can understand the frustration of the mains of champions that don't receive many skins. Also riot already stated that some would receive a skin this year. In my case I'm still waiting for Dragon Master Swain.
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: I disagree with this statement on the mobility basis. Yes, some other adc's have higher range skills, but they are either comparatively low damage or those adc's sacrifice mobility. Vayne however has unparaleled mobility and thus makes up for her not having long range poke abilities with her quick poke and run away strategy due to her passive mobility and tumble
I would agree with you but Vayne has high single target damage and mobility but no wave clear or poke abilities. Remember that her passive only works as a chasing / engage tool. Would you care to explain her quick poke and run away strategy? I'm not familiar with that.
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: 1. Not short range, her range is average, and she makes up for that with great mobility. 2. Yes, no AOE. 3. No defense? She has a dash on a low cooldown, invisibility, increased movement speed AND a knockback/stun. That is a lot of defense. 4. She has, her e is a stun, and its piss easy to proc except for maybe 5 specific positions on the map. It amazes me how little people know about the champ and then try to bullshit their way through a discussion.
When they talk about short range, they are refering to the fact that vayne has no way to deal damage outside her autoattack range, that's not the case with any other adc :)
: @Riot, about the new Star Guardian skins
You should take into account that almost all of these SG skins were asked by the community (Urgot the exception because it was a meme and his new kit doesn't fit the fantasy just take a look at his ult). Also, I've seen posts with new skins concepts for champions like Ahri... not so many for champions like Yorick (I'm not saying that the community should give the concepts to Riot, I'm just saying that they stated that concepts are not easy to get). Furthermore, take into account that if they decide to create a skin for those champions and for some reason even their playbase don't like it, they waste their work.
: Gahhhh! Is Soraka based on Cardcaptor Sakura?!?!? I am dying.
The first part of Soraka's recall is inspired by this one https://youtu.be/tjp5_tGEnKg?t=47s u,u
Zeanix (OCE)
: New Star Guardian Members Announced!
I love the new star guardian line up, just a little disappointed that they didn't use different colors.
: Janna might need a few buffs
Most nerfed champion in LOL (it doesn't mean she doesn't need more). I'm a janna player and it is just how the changes had benefited her a lot. Tank/Assassin meta, she gets more gold (which means she gets more utility her items) and adcs being pretty scary when you don't kill them fast. She's been at 51 - 52% during long time because champions like {{champion:238}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:92}} have always been popular regardless the meta. She has always been good counter to those type of champions. At the end of season 2 or begining of season 3 she was called bad unless you were a janna main because even though she was pretty powerful back then compared to what she's now, she couldn't deal well with champions like {{champion:53}} {{champion:37}} (she still can't deal with these supports effectively), the meta had so many champions that didn't even needed to get close to kill you {{champion:126}} and {{champion:81}} or simply too bursty for Janna to have time to react properly. The changes to champions in order to add counterplay to them and the changes to the support items make her life with the introduction of shield / heaing increase passives.had made the job of Janna even more easier. Also the fact that hasn't been a pure poke meta since long time ago. English is not my first language but I do hope you could understand my point.
Talvaren (NA)
: Yes, but how much of that can you take seriously when he says it as a joke?
It's a movement quote :o
Talvaren (NA)
: I figured a cosmic being that has existed since the beginning of creation would be immortal.
Thanks for your reply :D. Aurelion mentions something in his quotes "Celestial dragons live and die by our own beautiful rules."
Talvaren (NA)
: Champions: DAS AGES
I thought {{champion:136}} had a long life span not immortal D:
: What are some safe blind picks for each role?
Top: {{champion:3}} {{champion:86}} Jungle: {{champion:19}} {{champion:20}} Mid: {{champion:61}} {{champion:99}} ADC: {{champion:51}} Supp: {{champion:40}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}}
: I think Janna needs to be looked at
The problem is that {{item:3504}} is strong, {{item:3301}} line got buffed, and the quest reward change allows her to get more disengage or engage than she should. Also she can keep her adc (who are pretty important in the meta) alive against divers, tanks or assassins.
Terozu (NA)
: Kayn, Urgot, Xayah...
Upvote just for the puppy u,u.
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