Prandine (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ChompyWulf,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=BXvApUB1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-26T00:59:27.716+0000) > > Jensen doesn't deserve anything. He doesn't deserve to be playing as a pro, he doesn't deserve any trophies, and he certainly doesn't deserve sympathy for being benched once. > I'll agree with Doublelift being toxic, but let's be honest that what got Jensen banned makes DL look like an innocent child. By that logic IWillDominate doesn't deserve to play because he got banned for toxic behavior when he was on Dignitas, or Vasili shouldn't be eligible to play again next split for extreme misconduct and domestic violence, or the players who were caught elo boosting should be banned from playing again. Yes Jensen Ddossing people and being toxic was wrong and he was rightfully punished for it, no ones denying that. That said, there are [numerous accounts]( of players being penalized and/or banned for poor behavior, so why is it that Jensen is apparently the only one that shouldn't be allowed to play because of his screw-ups back then? That aside I don't agree with the OPs mentality here at all and feel they're blowing it all out of proportion.
So following your logic, all Permaban accounts should be unban? :D
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Anu3isII (EUNE)
: What about {{item:3001}} ? Mages lost this item in favour of Banshee's. I don't say all items should be reverted, but a solid AP + MR item should exist imo.
Nobody buys this anymore except for Ornn... Failed item from a failed balance team (not blaming the designer here, the balance team ruined it)
: > From what I have observed so far this season, Riot has followed a trend of nerfing and reworking champions I thought that one of the most common complains was about how Riot only buffs and not nerfs enough which leads the game into a powercreeped state.
Nah the damage is too high. Even URF is unplayable now if you compare to other season. I'ts now a ''smash your keyboard'' contest, it's a ''land 1 damage ability first to oneshot everything''. Look at the situation of the sustain supports : {{champion:432}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:44}} , the only ones viable are Nami because she has AoE CC and Taric/Sona if taken together. Taric cant sustain anything because their adc always dies within a matter of seconds. All their healing abilities are ultra-nerf from mana regeneration and cost and higher CDR than other champions' damage abilities. Why would Varus q/Jayce e-q CDR be lower than Nami's w? or Taric's q stacks? And why does it have lower values in healing than enemy's damage? Who the fuck balances that? Really feels like this Balance team don't understand how hard they hit sustain support with this Damage Meta. There's no runes added for this class specifically, because other class would abuse them. And they never adjusted any of these champions in order to be viable in this fuckfest fiesta
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: Here is why the core game of League of Legends is currently broken
Really glad someone could finally speak up intelligently what everyone thinks/feels. Really hope you get Riot's attention here.
Nadiri (NA)
: Looking for partner who wants to duo and CLIMB OUT from bronze 2-3.
: Choose a Champion Update for 2020!
Why is the playerbase even involved in this? Has Riot's incompetence become that heavy already? I mean I know they've lost pretty much 95% of their costumer's trust over the past 2 years (and I'm including the pros that constantly complain about Riot's balance team and balance policy), plus they have lost tons of players, but are they desperate that much?
: Players behind Riot employee walkout
> [{quoted}](name=stanjer123,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5qzvVOJ5,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-01T19:24:43.222+0000) > > If you didn't know yet, Riot employees have spoken up about the hypocritical, and rampant, misogyny and sexism at Riot games. A company that speaks so highly of itself, and holds it's players to such a high standard, was actually universally sexist, and was (allegedly) illegally paying it's female employees less than the comparable male employee received. > > Furthermore, as all soulless, corporate bullies do, their employees were forced to sign an agreement into obligatory, private, arbitration. This is done so the soulless corporation is neither held accountable, publicly, for it's actions, or has to pay the appropriate amount in the just lawsuit that would follow. > > Therefore, since Riot games has sought to silence it's employees, refuse to be held accountable for it's actions, and refused to address their systemic sexism and misogyny after, at least, 10 months of spotlight on the issue, Riot employees have planned a walkout. > > This is a deplorable stance from a corporation that preaches so loud. How can you ban 12 year old for typing something sexist as a joke and then ruin adult women's lives and try to skirt the legal ramifications of it!? > > However, the purpose of this post is to let Riot employees know that I, for one, am with them, and to encourage other players to stand with the Riot employees fighting for their God-given rights. I want to encourage the community to be understanding if this causes unwanted repercussions in the game, and not to flame these employees if there are delays and bugs because of the walkout. > > The threat of the walkout may be enough to get Riots attention, but if it isn't, let's support these humans just trying to make a living without being abused and then forced into silence about it. Note sure to understand why the public (us) are shared the information about Riot employees murmuring they want to quit because of the sexism. Heard of such things from any other companies? Not saying employees are never talking about leaving the company, there is always a few in every companies, but why in the case of Riot we, the public, hear about the employees talking? Honestly, to defend themselves, they should create a syndicate. Normally I'm against any form of syndication, but in the case of Riot case, the organization have no respect for it's clients (us) and their employees.
: Nerf kleptomancy
fuck ezreal dont buff him
Mortdog (NA)
: Except there are literally no changes to towers pre 15 minutes. So how is it "nothing like it used to be"?
Yes there is and sometimes I wonder if you guys even can think. Adding from 3 to 15% damage increase to targeted champions makes them do so much more damage to towers, which make them weaker pre-15 minutes.
: Did you even play the first 2 months of the Season? Fill was about 4 times as slow to climb, but it was a reliable climb. About 13-26% Role rate, Double splash LP for a win.
Ugh I didn't, so that really means the game is dying if Riot is forced to fill you 75% of the time -_-. Or maybe their MMR system is just to be reworked entirely again? Really feels like some TI technician did it without understand the engineers' specifications
majulito (NA)
: aram buffs/nerfs
There is, look at the purple thingy when you see a champion under his board, it's showed when he his dmgs buff/nerf
: Backtrack is too strong in ARAM
depends on the context, I've seen a very weird {{champion:127}} trying to either poro in or e in then backtrack, but she just couldn't time it properly all game long, which resulted in her ulting in the middle of her team everytime (the guy was probably high). The problem is, in a poke team comp, it's good. But the second there's an assassin in the enemy team, the spell feels completely off (since riot overly buffed every single assassin cause you know, they can't balance shit anymore)
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: Then we lose position select, and it goes back to pick/call order. AKA "everyone is autofilled"
> [{quoted}](name=Wilk Łucznik,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cAYeBjZY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-10T03:28:52.287+0000) > > Then we lose position select, and it goes back to pick/call order. > > AKA "everyone is autofilled" You dont undestand people... Really hope you're not really a Riot employee because that would really show how disconnected Riot is from its community.
Manxxom (NA)
: Can't we have a mode on League that everyone plays as scuttlecrab and goes against each other?
Would be better than the fuckfesta we ahve to suffer since 2 years ago.
: Community: Damage is too high
These guys (riot management team) are apes. The problem isn't that Riot miscommunicate his decision to it's community, it you and the community that still take seriously this joke company
: Maokai's ult is a complete joke
Why complain about that and not morgana's q? I'ts worst than maok'ais
: Here's what I find funny: I see nothing in your post about how you recovered and carried those games. O Wait. But this kind of decision making happens at EVERY Elo, not just silver. If you can't carry Silver, you're just as bad as them. (Not that I really believe that, but I don't appreciate "It's SOOOOO easy." ------------------- You know why I'm SIlver on this account? Because Riot made a new ranking system that rewarded players for playing "Fill" and then renegged on it. I was 70% win rate for my first 150 games this season. I was fine with the slow climb as "Fill." And...... then I started getting said trolls, and Riot Reverted the season. I went from 70% win rate with 21 LP wins 15 LP Losses to 9 LP wins 23 LP losses overnight. Now I'm barely 50%, because just to dig out my MMR, I had to play about 90 more games just to get LP gains stabilized, losing ranks even when winning, and get thrown down to Bronze players who turn every single game into a 1v5.
Reward players that fill? I'm stuck jungle/support every fucking games and I get match into plat/diamond players. I'M placed silver III. This ranking system is a fucking joke.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kledy McKledFace,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=w3RxXcyN,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-04-07T18:24:59.331+0000) > > I'm talking about getting ghost active, then r through a wall (like kayn can q into wall after the ability is spawn or fizz or an dashing character) Right, it's not a character collision issue, it's an ability collision issue. And like I said, it's that way to prevent ghost from having an outsized influence on the character's balance. Sion isn't colliding with the wall, his ultimate is.
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: If I were to guess, the ability has a separate collision check that is unrelated to character collision. Otherwise ghost would allow him to plow through champs like he does with minions.
I'm talking about getting ghost active, then r through a wall (like kayn can q into wall after the ability is spawn or fizz or an dashing character)
: Honestly, nobody would be bummed about NB not being permanent if we actually had a regular RGM schedule (that isn’t just swapping between Poro King and Ascension) Even just one patch/month.
I would matter less cancelling it if the was actually a real RGm going on... But no it's 1-2 per years now, really sucks
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: Just got a Silver 4-1 Duo in my Gold 3 ranked game.
Maybe there are not as many players than before, so Riot has to hide the fact that the game is dying through a shit matchmaking system?
Ratpie (NA)
: Totally agreed on the towers, but the minions I am okay with. I do not agree with the bans at all for ARAM. It might make sense if you know who you will have already and so are countering, but since there is not I think there are better ways to address the problem than removing peoples' choices. Riot has never tried to really balance ARAM, (not that they have even managed that for SR) but I think just nerfing and buffing over time can be a much healthier answer than just blind bans that are a coverup not a true fix.
They don't make sense caus Riot just recently tried to balance character with %dmgs dealt or %dmgs receive (which are highly random depending on whoever did it personal preferences), but revert all of these changes and keep the bans would be good. The balance team seriously surprised me there on their incompetence. I've never seen such bad work on global balancing since forever (been playing since S2)
No don't. {{champion:39}} is already a total failure of design and balance in SR, now they made her worst in aram. Revert all changes that buffed her ass
: the chinese don't like fast and explosive metas they prefer the poke and controlled long game metas your point is invalid
You're mistaking with the korean. They may be both asiatic, but it's 2 different societies trust me
MrAkairi (NA)
: Opinions of the ARAM Changes.
you know what pisses me about those ridiculous aram changes and why they all suck and should be reverted? It used to be a mage arena, first reason why most aram players cannot play summoner's rift. Now it has turned into a tank-adc fuckfest like in SR. In appearance, those changes seems good, but they overpowered adc and tanks too much like they did in SR. It would have been better not to touch anything. I already miss old balance aram, caus you didnt get k-o by any single assassin while playing a mage.
Not so bad they played horribly. I'm more concern of leblanc w-r and one shotting every single mages doing-so...
: The real issue in ARAM
The real issue is mana regen. God it sucks there
: Pretty much sums up how Riot wants champions to be balanced in certain lanes...
I think its more that Riot has a huge fear of mages, because mages meta means farming. Have you seen any mage been a slightly viable in the last 2 years? Here's a quick list of those few playable : {{champion:30}} --> hes a jungler now {{champion:7}} --> assassin not a mage {{champion:127}} --> More of a ap bruiser now with short range {{champion:61}} {{champion:13}} --> More of a ap bruiser now with short range {{champion:26}} {{champion:142}} And one of the major problem (which affects supports as well) is the dumbass mana regen rework they did 2 years ago. Since then, no mage have been really viable for a long time (except for Orianna) in the mid lane nor the support role. Riot intentionally killed an entire class. Just play some aram and try to stacks mana regen items : You will always be out of mana. You need to stack tons of mana to be able to poke. God I hate this chinese meta
Nekorus (NA)
: Which skin to get for Renekton.
¸None Riot is doing a shit work no their game right now wait they go bankrupt and buy them after Don't finance this shitass company
: This doesn't feel like ARAM anymore: Bilgewater update...
The ban system aint but, but the ''balance'' of the champions is so fucking fail. Every overtuned champion are destroying everything on the map
: Oh yay a new patch
More : eyah a new patch, they saying they're changing a lot of things, but in the end, it remains a shit ass meta to play, so you stop after 1 game!
: how long until aram goes back to normal colors?
this map always has had visual bug, especially with poro toss. Try colorblind mode if it helps,
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: Should Riot Games Fix The Ranking System and How?
I really don't get it. 4/4 placements games I have been 1st pick what is wrong with this shitty system? Also they fucking ranked me bronze II, but they put me with gold IV and up, nobody even close to my rank? what the hell is wrong with this trash system. So frustrating how idiotly design it is
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Xamar (NA)
: Who's your favorite champ you aren't good with?
KLed dont judge my name I just like the guy But god I suck with him
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Quepha (NA)
: I think a PvE mode should be built around challenges that teach important skills. Stuff like: * CS'ing: out-CS the enemy champ by X amount at 10 minutes, neither of you can deal damage to each other. * Minion aggro: auto an enemy X times while taking less than Y damage from minions (by using brush, going behind your minions, or waiting until the waves are depleted). * Using minion damage: Kill an enemy champion by getting them to pull minion aggro and kiting him around the wave. Direct damage to the bot is disabled. * Lane control: Hold a crashing wave within a certain zone for 3 minutes while the enemy is constantly autoing your minions (champion damage disabled again). * Using your turret to punish a bully: Go against a Darius with a bloated hp total but normal damage, trick him into pushing the wave into your turret and then get cs from inside the turret's firing range. * Crushing lane: Deny X minion's worth of xp from the enemy bot by either killing or forcing out of lane and then shoving the wave into turret.
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: Black Screen on Champ select.
usually friday around 3 pm
Rioter Comments
: Can't click in game and tried everything. Please help
Same thing here, and sometimes your actions are super delayed. Ping is fine, FPS too, but their one and unique game is lagging like hell. Had the worst time yesterday as Zoe in a Coop vs Ai's. I barely could get in lane. Tried to reload, it didn't fix either
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