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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: The prestige skins (and other variants) are their own skins, they aren't chromas So nope, you don't need the original skin to use the prestige skin
> [{quoted}](name=Arcade Lulu,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ZdrGLdjo,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-12T21:06:23.167+0000) > > The prestige skins (and other variants) are their own skins, they aren't chromas > > So nope, you don't need the original skin to use the prestige skin Thank you for telling me I'm so ready to get prestige Neeko
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: Encoding quality, not the game. The iGPUs are awful (even a desktop iGPU can barely encode shit quality 720p30) and H265 is a nonoption due to the CPU, unless it is a very well-cooled octa/hexcore?
Looks fine to me my guy.
: Depends on the chip i imagine, older ones probably have no hardware encoder. Either way it is going to have hideous quality on a laptop GPU.. I have a high end Laptop and it looks great to me.
: Obs has Black screen
Fixed you have to disable compatibility mode.
: Check to see if it'll work for other games/screens or if its only league client. If you need to stream fast, though not recommended, I'd suggest using display capture.
The Game capture does not work in any game either.
: Configure it right, changes are you need a different window mode and capture type. > I also made sure my obs was using Intergrated graphics not my other video card. Uh.. you mean for encoding? No reason to do that.
> [{quoted}](name=MagicFlyingLlama,realm=NA,application-id=EBBIvmVK,discussion-id=h9E9w3vL,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-08T05:05:44.341+0000) > > Configure it right, changes are you need a different window mode and capture type. > > Uh.. you mean for encoding? No reason to do that. For laptop users Obs won't record gameplay if you use the High performance NVIDIA Procesor you must make Obs use Integrated graphics
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Hotarµ (NA)
: What exactly do you need help with? There's already guides on how to use it, check out the SkinSpotlights reddit. Also, I recommend using the **League Director.** It's _way_ less buggy and the difference isn't that noticeable. ________ This is something I made using the League Director tool for the first time. The shots of Yasuo looking at the blood moon and panning around the map are all features of the Director. #(Skip to 1:48)
Thank you for reaching out to help me I was having trouble getting the skin spotlights to work but if league director works fine that's great to hear. I also needed help to know if you can use replays in your the replays folder. Thanks again for your help!
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: #A Corporate Matter **Episode _A Steamy Hot Corporate Dookie._** {{champion:150}} "It's so boring in this hotel, the game room here is terrible. Most of the pool sticks are broken, both the 9 and the 6 balls are missing. All the arcade machines are out of order and no one can figure out how to turn the tv off of the 24-hour Demacian channel." {{champion:16}} "Why don't you go explore Targon or something?" {{champion:150}} "Soraka, it has been constantly snowing since we got here. You really think I am going to go out there in the cold?" {{champion:16}} "Not today, no snow anywhere out there." {{champion:150}} "You lie! Here, let me prove it by opening this door. **AHHHHH, IT'S SO HOT. IT'S LIKE SHURIMA OUT HERE.**" {{champion:16}} "See, told you I was ri- **AHHH, NORMALLY THIS MUCH HEAT WOULDN'T BOTHER ME BUT SINCE WE HAVE BEEN STAYING IN THIS HOTEL WITH ONLY MINIMAL HEATING IT'S LIKE WALKING ON THE SUN! AND IT DON'T FEEL GOOD.**" {{champion:89}} "I take offense to that." {{champion:150}} **"THERE WAS LIKE THREE FEET OF SNOW OUT HERE, HOW DID IT GET SO HOT SO FAST? QUICK, CLOSE THE DOOR."** {{champion:36}} "Corporate Mundo may do something to cause this." {{champion:150}} "What did you do?" {{champion:36}} "Since Corporate Mundo not sure what bathroom me supposed use anymore. Me go find cave to make business. After Corporate Mundo make cave worse than public toilet that clogged for ten days. Me notice it full of creepy fire writings and skulls." {{champion:44}} "Did the cave have a blazing moon by the entrance?" {{champion:36}} "Corporate Mundo's lawyers say me no need say yes to that." {{champion:44}} "Great, you used Infernal Diana's home as your personal septic system and now she is coming to kill us. Everyone, hide!" _**"Knock Knock"**_ {{champion:150}} "You guys think that's her?" {{champion:16}} "Why would she knock?" {{champion:150}} "I don't know, maybe she is a polite firey serial killer." {{champion:36}} "Corporate Mundo order you to go check it out." {{champion:150}} "What? No, I'm not going over there. I don't care how much you pay me, I didn't even want to go to Targon and I am not dying here." {{champion:44}} "Fine, I'll go check it out. Hello, who is it?" _"Opens door."_ {{champion:28}} "Hello, have you heard about our malevolent ruler and destroyer, C'thun? I just came from higher up the mountain, a really blizzardy place. And I wanted-" {{champion:44}} "What? No, I don't want to worship C'thun. His servants don't ever get to do anything cool." {{champion:28}} "Come one, we are really strong and require little to no skill to-" _"Gets RKO'd out of nowhere."_ {{champion:420}} "Move over weakling. I serve a real God, who isn't all old and defeated. Nagakabouros is the only tentacle god you will need." _"Gets flung by sand soldier wall."_ {{champion:268}} **"SHUR, SHUR, SHURIMA IS THE ONLY THING YOU NEED WORSHIP!"** {{champion:86}} **"DEMACIA!"** {{champion:44}} "What, is there some sort of worshippers convention around?" {{champion:119}} "Whenever one of us goes to try and convert someone. Everyone else gets alerted and we all try and convert that person too. It is really ineffective as it somehow always turns into a super smash bros match. **NOW BASK IN MY GLORY!**" {{champion:44}} "Alright, you guys have at it then." _"Closes door."_ {{champion:89}} "It's not like they would have gotten anywhere anyway, we all know the one true thing to worship. **PRAISE THE SUN!**" {{champion:150}} "Alright, but what about Infernal Diana, Isn't she still coming to kill us?" {{champion:131}} "And why would I do that?" {{champion:150}} **"SWEET BRAND AOE DAMAGE, PLEASE DON'T KILL ME I DONT EVEN USE THE BATHROOM I'M A ROBOT!"** {{champion:131}} "Pretty sure you are just a mean little Yordle. Why does everyone always assume I'm going to kill them. Not all fire beings are evil. I mean, look at Annie, no wait, Brand. Nevermind he wants to burn the world. Infernal Renekton? Ok, I can see why us fire beings get such a bad rap." {{champion:44}} "Not to mention the skulls and ominous things around your fire cave." {{champion:131}} "Oh yeah, those too. But they are only skulls from ice users. And anything ice related deserves to die anyways." {{champion:150}} "So, if you didn't come here to kill us. What did you come here for?" {{champion:131}} "I just need you guys to pay my dry cleaning bill." {{champion:150}} "How did you ever dry clean what Corporate Mundo did to your place?" {{champion:131}} "Not that hard, you do know what dry cleaning is right? Instead of water, you burn the dirt away with the fire of a thousand volcanoes. Took a lot out of me though and I had to buy some more fuel. So just pay for that and I'm all done here." {{champion:44}} "Alright, here you go, this should cover it." {{champion:150}} "Are you sure you don't want to just kill Corporate Mundo, I mean, he did mess up your place real bad and all." {{champion:16}} **"Boss!"** {{champion:131}} "Nah, I really only kill things that are frozen, have icy powers or are working with them. You guys are all fine. Unless I find you are harboring one of them. Then I shall have to kill you all and hang your skulls." {{champion:44}} _"Hello, sorry Trundle but I am going to have to cancel your appointment for this week. No, please do not come over, this is non-negotiable. How about you come next week for half price, and I might even be able to convince someone to get you a few new splash arts."_ {{champion:131}} "Alright, I am off. Time to continue my search for Idina Menzel, I'll show her how to let it go. It being her head." _"Blasts off."_ {{champion:150}} "Pretty sure you meant to say Adele Dazeem!" {{champion:36}} "Alright, Corporate Mundo say it time to go back home now." {{champion:150}} "But, we really haven't done anything Targon related." {{champion:36}} "Corporate Mundo know, me confused also. But it turn out we have new story, time forget about all Targon." {{champion:150}} "What? There is no way we have new lore out already. We only get new lore once or twice a year." {{champion:36}} "Not anymore, lack of lore get predictable. Corporate Mundo no like predictable. So this year we release lot lore when players no expect."
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