: I see ur point but even Joker has a backstory that has depth even if to some he's not that interesting w/o batman as a foil.
Well, don't take it too far in either direction. On the one hand, I would *also* love to see more backstory on Rhaast. So I agree with that. On the other hand, the Joker/Batman analogy only goes so far here. Joker is, after all, a truly independent character from Batman. Rhaast and Kayn aren't fully independent. They are 1 champion, and Riot dedicated resources to their story accordingly. Even if they had more resources to dedicate to it, one of the major goals of champion backstory in a game like this is to make sure it's easily digestible. It needs to have a quick summary so players can get the gist of what's going on. I feel like we *have* that for Rhaast and Kayn, which is probably the only major goal at the time of release. Like *so many champions* in the game, there's a lot to dive into there. That doesn't mean the space will stay empty forever. We don't often get origin story for comic book villains the first time we see them, either (or at least we didn't used to). Perhaps if is better storytelling to give them backstory up front, but Riot's medium is a little different. I imagine we will eventually get to see more about Rhaast, but he's serving his purpose well enough for now, imo.
: The Case for Villain Depth
I can see your point on Thresh, but while it's valid, I feel he's the only character in the game that has this problem to quite the extent that he does. And, on top of that, he *does* have some background. The whole Shadow Isles region is a bit flat, though, and I feel that Thresh is just a reflection of that. It's sort of an interesting part of the lore, but the champions in it lack motivation. With Rhaast, I think you're oversimplifying. He's locked in a struggle for control with Kayn. I feel it's realistic for his character to be somewhat wrapped up in that struggle for the present time. That was kind of the character concept. I wouldn't argue that Rhaast isn't a champion, but I *do* think it's valid to say he's *half* of a champion. Joker isn't that interesting without Batman, either, frankly, but that's ok. When I view him that way, I like him. Rhaast and Kayn are *both* a bit lacking individually; it's their entwined fates that make them different from the rest of the roster (ok, except Varus, but that's a whole other thing tbh).
Jacksin (OCE)
: Very true! And I totally glossed over him.
Nothing makes me feel more Chad than pulling off a sick Taric play. And then he's like "MY GEMS ARE FABULOUS" *gorgeous hair flip*
Jacksin (OCE)
: I'm just so frustrating with Riot's refusal to push past gender stereo types.
I'm offended that no one has mentioned {{champion:44}} The dude is simultaneously flamboyant and weirdly masculine. He does not fit a stereotype.
: Client Crashing
Yeah, same issue. I am talking to others with the same problem. Hopefully we can get their attention, but they likely already know.
: Unpopular opinion: Aphelios isnt as hard to play and master as riot thinks.
>but he isnt the hardest champ mechanically He was never supposed to be mechanically challenging. He's supposed to be "big brain" because you have to account for changing variables throughout the game that you can only somewhat control. It's fine if you think that's *also* not true, but I don't see the point of trying to sell him as something that no one said he was.
: I cant make ezreal work =[
Welcome to the best reason not to have stuff like Klepto in the game. Ez became trash tier overnight, because he was balanced against a keystone he could abuse.
Axxuka (NA)
: Just got the same thing. We were stomping. They took ONE Elder while we took baron (usually Baron is a FAR better trade-off), but because they had a Xerath, we get poked and ulted to death and Eder buff did the rest and we lost the game for ONE drag when we stomped the rest f the game. We had one ocean and 3 Fire on our side... Fking sucks. The execute threshold is way too high and fking tiltable. I swear it happens in more than half my game. If we DARE to extend it until Elder buff, the teams who gets win 100% no matter how far behind they are Q_Q
I honestly don't know how it has happened in half your games. I have seen elder exactly once in probably a dozen games so far.
: What the hell is with Elder Dragon
Here's the thing: We all complain about snowball when elder works off drakes. Now that it doesn't, we're gonna act like this community *hasn't* been begging for comeback mechanics? This makes it so that even if you're stomping, you have to be careful/close out. No more of this dinking around cause you're ahead. Still watch objectives, play smart, and close. If you're that far ahead, shouldn't let them have it.
: Did you also walk 20 miles in the snow?
> [{quoted}](name=Abibyama II,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nyHZILLO,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-23T22:55:24.078+0000) > > Did you also walk 20 miles in the snow? Only during snowdown.
Void2258 (NA)
: I think the point then is they need a continuing reward instead of these limited things. No one plays a game that gives them nothing.
>No one Definitely not true. Lots of people will play for fun, rather than rewards. If it isn't fun for you, particularly, that's ok!
Void2258 (NA)
: At this point they are encouraging more occasional players but also discouraging frequent players. They need to go to a more even reward system, like league. Just get stuff for playing, no time gating. If you play a lot, you get a lot. If you play a little, you still get some. Trying to force a play pattern just annoys one side or the other of the frequency argument.
I feel this ignores the whole reason they do this, though. The point is to try to get people to play, yes. But if you're only playing for rewards, and they let you collect them in the first couple weeks by playing a ton, then they lose players after they patch and need data again. Like, you're right. It annoys people. But their goal isn't to make people play as much as possible, anyway.
: A) support itemization and who will be strong is still unstable information. Wait a few weeks to make judgements. AD isn't that far off, and has a lot more data in any case. B)40% ratio (accounting for bravado proc'd between each heal) on his heal is not exactly "good", imo. Its okay, but nothing that's going to cause a spike in winrate over AD after the data settles. C) Let's be real, Taric needs mana buffs to his Q. Its nowhere near an ultimate level ability in any form of utility it offers. Instead of being rewarded for constantly proccing "Bravado", you're punished by massive mana consumption that leaves you a sitting duck compared to if you played a bit more conservatively around your ally's plays, rather than making them yourself. D) A large part of why AP might be doing better is due to funneling strats with champs like Master Yi. With a Yi, you don't need to worry about damage, and you aren't gunna get on a target like Yi will. The only way you can interact with them at that point is with AP (and hp+armor), not AD. Playing primarily around your bot lane, the AD is much more likely to influence trades significantly than AP, considering you will be the frontline. This may be very important this season, considering how much more important dragons are.
Well, as for D), that data is *only* for support Taric. I think 40% is plenty when you're spamming, and 80% is pretty good if you can manage it, which you should be able to relatively often. I don't think the info is unstable on that level, but you're right. We'll see.
: I'm not the one who downvoted you, my dude. I'll upvote you back to 1 just to prove it. Don't be so quick to assume.
Fair enough. I apologize for my salt :) But, as you can see, AP has a higher win rate. His ratio on heal is actually pretty damn good. I imagine that's what's driving the difference.
: it's definitely bad for relic shield people too, the loss of your procs is so painful
I have been begging to lose procs for a long-ass time. Trying to convince my teammates to let me use those was always HELL. Granted, that does *not* mean that the gold gen on the current items is alright. I haven't played enough to make a decision on that. But I'm glad the quest is gone, for sure.
: He absolutely never scales well with AP now. Take a look at his rework. Only his Q and E scale with AP, and they have horrible ratios.
https://gyazo.com/ec2933b0a4f2cc70b3ec49cc09edc35d You're talking to a Taric main, my dude. Don't be so quick to downvote.
: I mean, Taric scales pretty damn well with AD due to his passive. While he'd prefer mana regen and HP regen, considering how abysmal being a melee non-hook support with high mana costs is, he'll use the AD very well.
I feel that. But he scales better with AP later, imo. So we'll see how it goes. I will probably try both. While AD is *very strong* early, he doesn't have great tools for starting early fights, so it may not end up being best most of the time.
: > [{quoted}](name=KnightsKemplar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TqfEB5hI,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-11-20T04:32:21.464+0000) > > The issue is that each of them have offensive stats, which doesn't feel great as a support that does not scale with those. > > Arguably, they all do a *bit*, but I understand the frustration. It's taking power out of tankiness and putting on offensive stats that melee supports like Taric don't get to access super often. > > It might be fine. Time will tell. you now have gold that you can put in to any stat you want though because you aren't buying upgrades sure you get damage and less "tank" out of it but you can buy tank items sooner than you otherwise would be able to becasue those will be the focus not the support item anymore
Yeah, I agree. Like I said, might be fine. Level 1 feels little bad though, and I'm not shocked to hear people are frustrated by it. People have been frustrated and skeptical about a *lot* of things that turned out to be fine. This is why I didn't make my own post complaining about it. I'm more of a "wait and see" player/poster these days. Speculation is often wrong.
: Strength vs annoyance factor is hard to measure. And yes, converting kills/escapes into wins is a hard thing to measure. The thing is, Leona has sufficient counterplay to be shut down/played into if not banned. Pyke really doesn't. It really comes down to the Yasuo effect - if the player on Pyke is good, you can't really do much to stop him. Even a coordinated effort won't be enough to shut down a good Pyke, who is able to convert kills into pressure into wins. The idea that Leona is S+ right now is fine - she's all-in or nothing. She doesn't have the risk-free pick factor, so her engages require a full commitment. So she deserves to have that spot as she is risk/reward. Pyke doesn't have that same aspect - he's very risk-free. There's a reason so many people despise his entire concept - he's not a support. He's an assassin forced into the botlane and given every single tool necessary to be viable there. And his gold-sharing has the potential to swing the game unfairly out of balance. We all remember what that felt like when Morde had the xp-sharing on his old rework. It throws things out of balance. I know that statistically Pyke isn't that strong. But he has far higher threat level and power ceiling than he should. His frustration and un-fun factor are too high. And since League is a game meant to be fun as well as competitive, his winrate isn't the sole descriptor of his balance. He's entire un-fun to play against. Leona can be sometimes, but you have clear counterplay and clear windows of weakness to turn her engages on her face. Pyke you don't have that - he has an absurdly low cd on his Q, and he can survive even all of your burst. That becomes an issue when he has a large bounty (as he tends to do with his ult mechanic) and you can't kill him to claim it. The bounty system is in the game for a reason, and if you can't kill him to claim it, it can very well affect the outcome of the game. It's just in Pyke's hands how the game ends up. And that's not balanced. I don't care about stats because it's just like Yasuo - the outcome rests in Pyke's hands, not yours. The issue is agency, and you really have no agency facing Pyke. You have far more agency when facing Leona.
I disagree with only one of your points. >And that's not balanced. It can be, even if it's very frustrating. That's the entire point of my original post. Don't conflate those two things. They are *two things.* A champion that has this passive is balanced: "At the beginning of the game, flip a coin. On heads, win the game. On tails, lose the game." Arguably, this is the only way to have a *perfectly* balanced champion. They would *always* have a 50% win rate, regardless of player skill. Period. It is impossible to make this champion unbalanced, no matter what else is in the kit. But that is *no fun at all.* Games trade fairness for more interesting mechanics in order to be fun. That is especially true of games with diverse casts of characters. It *can't* be perfectly fair. It doesn't need to be. That's why metas evolve, and that's part of the fun. This also leads to some frustration. Most games have some level of it. There's luck involved, or there's a character that counters the one you're playing, or you have worse teammates, etc etc. I acknowledge that, *fully*. But avoid the temptation of using the word "balance" to describe that. It's not the same thing. How fun a champion is (for you and/or others) and how they perform in practice are not the same thing. This is not just a semantic issue, imo. Words mean things, and using them properly can actually elevate the level of discussion and lead to more agreement and better ability to describe, and therefore solve, problems.
: Its still the relic shield line just now there are two options?
The issue is that each of them have offensive stats, which doesn't feel great as a support that does not scale with those. Arguably, they all do a *bit*, but I understand the frustration. It's taking power out of tankiness and putting on offensive stats that melee supports like Taric don't get to access super often. It might be fine. Time will tell.
: I hear ya, but Annie's stun is her entire load. Pyke still has his hook and his gold-sharing ult. And Pyke's threat is up far sooner with no mana cost. It seems to me that there's a lot of daylight between little counterplay and no counterplay. Maybe I'm biased, but Pyke really grinds my gears. Especially the low cd on his hook and the huge snowball his ult's gold sharing can provide.
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Lemme explain more deeply. https://lolalytics.com/lol/tierlist/ That's the lolalytics tier list. As I mentioned, it accounts for a lot more than *just* win rate. At the time I began writing this reply, Pyke was sitting at #24 in rank. B+ tier. He has roughly a 10% pick rate, but a 48% win rate in plat+. That's actually a bad win rate. This makes him show up pretty weak on PBI (-21), even though he's banned more than 1/4th of the time (low PBI means he's not that influential; probably not worth banning, because you're unlikely to lose the game to a pyke, see the 48% win rate). So, what this means is a lot of players *feel* like Pyke is strong, and they ban him. But that doesn't mean he *is* strong. Now, I'm kind of speculating here, admittedly, but what I am about to say *could* be true, and *would* account for those stats. I agree with you. Pyke is very annoying. It feels very bad to poke a Pyke down, but never be able to kill him. Thing is, escaping from a kill doesn't win games. Pyke has to do more than just escape to actually win. This means that, no matter how frustrating it feels, Pyke escaping cannot secure a win. And his winrate suggests that people playing Pyke either a) don't know how to turn his strengths into wins or b) are unable to turn his strengths into wins (probably a combination of both). Contrast this with Leona, currently the best support, statistically (according to lolalytics). Leona is S+ tier. 54% win rate. 15% pick rate. Somehow only 19% ban rate. Less than pyke. Why is this, even though she is picked *more often* than Pyke and also *wins more often?* This is because players don't check stats sites when they ban! Based on numbers, you're always better off banning Leona than Pyke. And yet people don't. Why is that? It's because Leona isn't as frustrating. She can't escape your kills. Her cc is ridonkulous, but people say "buy qss noob" and act like it's fine. It's objectively *not* fine, she's overpowered. And yet, because she *feels* okay to play against (low mobility, for one thing), players just tolerate it better. She's less frustrating. You probably think so. I *definitely* think so. Frustration is hard to measure. It's a subjective thing. But it comes out in the numbers. To summarize, consider those main stats again: Leona wins more than Pyke, is *picked* more often, and yet is banned less. That is evidence that players find her less annoying. And it's why I urge caution conflating strength and frustration. Pyke isn't as strong as Leo; this is demonstrably true.
: Is Pyke too strong a champion?
Stats sites account for more than just win rate. They also account for play rates and other factors. He's not too strong. Frustration and lack of counterplay is a different matter. I think it's best to avoid conflating those two things to have a super valuable discussion.
: > [{quoted}](name=m0zz4r3ll4,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=dMAnQoEV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-15T20:31:10.483+0000) > > Maybe add a silence to it? This should make it more effective against supps/tanks and prevent assassins from bursting someone down > > Edit: Im not talking about a full 2.5 sec silence, I mean a short silence (0.5 sec maybe) to give your adc a tiny chance to escape an Alistar/Leona dive Please for the love of god no > [{quoted}](name=Rıots Bad Client,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=dMAnQoEV,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-11-16T04:07:18.455+0000) > > Make {{summoner:3}} grounds them for 2.5 seconds. > Change the the slow from 30% to 70% that decays over 2.5 seconds. > Remove the Damage reduction from {{summoner:3}} (dedicate this to Anti-mobility spell) ) > > Add that to another summoner spell. > Reduces enemies damage by 20% and reduces their primary stat by 50% > (Dedicate this to a crush Spell, Make them weaker then they should be. Tank or assassin) Make that 100% crit to a 50% etc. Also please for the love of god no
> [{quoted}](name=Its Yuu and Mi,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=dMAnQoEV,comment-id=00000003,timestamp=2019-11-16T04:48:00.495+0000) > > Please for the love of god no > > Also please for the love of god no I actually rather like the grounding idea, without all that extra stuff. Dashes have become so commonplace that I feel that would really help it be useful against high mobility without giving it *too* much of a buff against immobile champs. As it is, that might still be too strong, but I like the theory behind it.
: What if we would have a glacial
I mean... I love the hypercarry idea in theory. But yeah, he's pretty overbearing.
: > [{quoted}](name=KnightsKemplar,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=WsXTYsRL,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-16T06:54:59.935+0000) > > I didn't like it until I listened to the not-youtube version. Curse youtube and their compression of audio files! Where did you find a cleaner version?
> [{quoted}](name=Hexs Fortune,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=WsXTYsRL,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-11-16T18:49:54.319+0000) > > Where did you find a cleaner version? Apple Music. I imagine they uploaded to spotify, too, but I don't have a sub to that.
: Not gonna lie, that True Damage Giants song is kinda fire.
I didn't like it until I listened to the not-youtube version. Curse youtube and their compression of audio files!
Trap2B (NA)
: What do you do when getting camped in solo ranked
Sometimes, it doesn't work out that way. Generally, it's good advice to learn to be carried. If you're taking all the pressure, your other lanes need to carry for you to win. Obviously, it doesn't work like that sometimes. Just keep playing and learning to improve your own skills, and you'll climb anyway. You don't need to win every game to climb.
: Will Noxus attack Freljord or Shurima?
I think the implication of Swain's "retreat" (I'm sure *he* wouldn't call it that) from Ionia is that Noxus is going to be focused internally for the next period in the lore. What with the Black Rose and all. That doesn't mean they aren't expanding. Recent stories focus on their absorption of "neutral" territories. There's land between Noxus and Demacia, for instance, that currently doesn't belong to either.
Riot Pls (NA)
: Future Stories
I want more development on Targon. We haven't gotten to see the Aspects interact much, and I feel that's a missed opportunity.
: What is the proper trash talking ediacate?
A little trash talk is fine, but try to keep it light and friendly. If you're just insulting the other team and trying to sell it as "trash talk," that's likely not gonna fly. Talk about the game, meme about the plays.
Charmy Bird (EUNE)
: Can we please have a new champion that isn't a human(or a cat)?
They aren't as popular. I think it's that simple. Riot has discussed this before, but the more animalistic the champ, the lower interest there is. Unfortunate for those that love them, for sure, but that's how it be.
: The top 5 most picked top lane champions
They've already shared what they are doing to try to combat that in preseason. I think analyzing those changes would produce a more useful and interesting thread.
: > [{quoted}](name=KnightsKemplar,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=v7b0r7jl,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-10-29T03:05:11.174+0000) > > I need these in League Displays like, two weeks ago. >Meanwhile Championship Ryze and Immortal Journey Nami are still not in League Displays, nearly 1 .5 months after their launch. Yeah don't hold your breath
: LoR Backgrounds
I need these in League Displays like, two weeks ago.
: Horror themed Volibear Is Better: Bring It Back, Or At Least Do Something For The Fans Who Loved It
I actually don't think I have as strong opinion about which he is, but I am not a fan of the whiplash. I get the "that's how the Ursine saw him" angle... but I'm not sold. Not quite there for me. Pick a direction and commit.
Juice (EUNE)
: With conqueror gone we need a way to deal with tanks
We're gonna have marksmen. You know, the class that doesn't get picked at worlds, because half the reason you pick them is tanks, and the only viable tank is Garen.
: ***
>magically just come back? You answered your own question. It's a fantasy story mate XD There's magic. People don't get their souls pulled from their body irl. The realism argument isn't a sensible place to start.
: when yuumi support does more damage than the other 4 on your team TOGETHER
>wtf am i watching? To be honest, you are watching the results of a poorly tested design, imo. This is another case where the idea is cool, but Riot just did not test the concept well enough. Pro players hate it. It's stupid for something so low-skill to be more effective in pro simply because of communication. She needs a serious rework already, because the kit is toxic.
CLG ear (NA)
: Blizzard restores Ng “blitzchung” Wai Chung's prize money and reduces his suspension
: I am at my wit's end with this autofill system.
Imagine what it was like to play this game when you didn't even have role queue. Getting mid wasn't a 1 in 10 affair then, my friend, rest assured.
: Funny when you hear people saying that on these boards everyone is "Wanting Tanks and FIghters to be better", but if you make a post in favor of them, you get downvoted to hell.
Ok, so let's lead with the good. A lot of your points are awesome, and undoubtedly, these changes with Garen are going to be good in the long run. That said... Garen is *very* strong right now. He is definitely in need of nerfs. I have never seen anyone post in defense of a champ that was indisputably OP and get upvoted. Yes, there are *some* people on the Boards that want to see tanks and fighters get some love, but there are *also* people that don't. And furthermore, neither camp wants to see a champ go from borderline unplayable to completely busted. And on top of that, *barely anyone* likes to see low-skill champs being busted *ever.* So you've got some things going against you, there. Again, that's not to say there aren't valid points here. Garen needed some help. He ought to be able to proc conqueror, for sure. But he didn't have to get completely busted because of the change. He's a menance right now. And if you don't believe that, check some stats sites.
: Ethernet Better Than Wifi?
Can confirm Takerial's comment. Mine doesn't go down either, but the connection is more stable. It's worth it imo.
Rockman (NA)
: I have low expectations since its always felt like they have no idea what they want to do with characters beyond an initial conflict.
> [{quoted}](name=Rockman,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vRa3GQPu,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-17T06:25:24.171+0000) > > I have low expectations since its always felt like they have no idea what they want to do with characters beyond an initial conflict. I generally agree that character development isn't the strong point of Riot's narrative... but it kind of has to be that way, doesn't it? The game demands that characters aren't getting reworked left and right. It would be too much change. But, at the same time, that means that their appearance, VO, even abilities, are somewhat stagnant. There's a limit to what they can do and stay within the canon of the game itself. Riot is still *amazing* at world-building, imo, even if we don't get to see a lot of it right now. That's what *I* hope the book changes. I want to see the gritty details of Runeterra, and selling a book, for profit, is the kind of thing that allows them to expand on that. Otherwise, again, it doesn't serve the game and pay for itself that way. I'm really glad to see them venturing out, and I won't be surprised at all if the book is *stupendous.*
Bârd (NA)
: The state of Crit in league is a big part of why item diversity sucks ass.
I agree with your stated problem, but not necessarily the solution. I think there are more elegant ways to address the problem; it's the ridiculously exponential scaling *on target agnostic damage* that is the problem. It is burst damage. And that means late game marksmen easily outclass literally everything else in the game, including burst mages. It's fine for burst damage to fall off. Mid-game can be the mage's playground. But I'm not super ok with crit replacing it and still dealing with obscene burst damage in the late game. It's just a bit much.
: Realms of Runeterra Pre-Orders
Sounds like I need to preorder it before it's sold out. lol.
Caesíum (EUW)
: It has been 30 days since Riot said they are making a decision on EchoFox slot.
I am not a Rioter, but I imagine it's too early to say. To me, 30-day application process means that applications were due by today, not that a decision would be made today. Could be as long as a few months before a decision is made. Judging by how these things work, they won't announce until the papers are signed. So I would be prepared to wait awhile.
Sukishoo (NA)
: I dunno about that. If this were true, sewn chaos amumu and blitz, just to name some of the cancelled skins, would have been released.
Precisely. Loosely, yeah, they might consider everything they release to be "well-made." But the context of the comment implies that this was an impressive skin compared to the others that they do. I think it's intentionally vague; she didn't want us to figure it out. The point she's making is that effort/quality does not correlate to sales. Popularity does.
iiGazeii (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=MrFawknSunshine,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Pzr8fxoz,comment-id=00000001000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-15T19:09:07.581+0000) > > yea lets see all the shit mages can use > > {{item:3102}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3157}} so un fair Banshee's blocks spells. If you get hit with anything, the shield pops, then you can get CC'd. You can't use it reactively. Zhonya's can't be used while stunned, and it basically stuns you when you use it. It doesn't let you escape from anything, just avoid damage. Athene's doesn't have anything to do with CC. It's a support item.
> [{quoted}](name=iiGazeii,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Pzr8fxoz,comment-id=000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-15T19:13:29.514+0000) > > Banshee's blocks spells. If you get hit with anything, the shield pops, then you can get CC'd. You can't use it reactively. > > Zhonya's can't be used while stunned, and it basically stuns you when you use it. It doesn't let you escape from anything, just avoid damage. > > Athene's doesn't have anything to do with CC. It's a support item. Nonetheless, these are the items mages have to defend against that sort of stuff. They don't *want* to overlap those actives with what AD carries have. So if you don't like Veil and Hourglass, I understand, but the right thing to do, then, is ask for changes to those items. The items with spell shields have never been super great, imo. They just don't feel good to buy and use, overall. That goes for Banshee's and Edge of Night.
: yes
Then I would follow EvelynnIsBroken's advice and submit a ticket. There are zero tolerance terms that typically incur an immediate ban, so it's possible there was some kind of error. Following up with support is a good idea.
: a guy told me
Did you report him? The system doesn't look unless there is at least one report.
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