: Riot Wasted their Rework for Fiddle...
Do I really need to remind you all? The Scarecrow has a gun in the Wizard of OZ. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9hcXm2vr5I It's perfect! It makes perfect sense!
: help me come up with a catch phrase
"Sometimes I say the wrong cranberry."
: > Player: 傻狗东西 > Player: boostedanimal > Player: 说你妈成狗比 > Player: 臭逼 > Player: 脑残 I'm a Mandarin speaker, I can translate the sentence in their actual context: Now I must preface, some of these words are typo which you will realise if you read Mandarin. It's a bit bothersome to explain but Mandarin is a tonal language meaning outside of base sounds there's an added dimension, where words can have the very same base sounds but differentiated by the tone; and this is on top of the fact even with the same base sound AND tone, we still have different words sharing that spot. In essence, during oral conversation and when you read Mandarin especially on casual platforms, you are to constantly guess the other people's words since any mistake (any mispronunciation of the speaker or confusion from people from different parts of China have different accents, your internal typo when you're listen someone's verbal sentence, or someone else's keyboard typo in a chatlog) would not just be a spelling error but would straight up give you a wrong word which may or may not derail the message of the term entirely. Such problem is pretty perverse on chatlogs where people routinely make typos that make the interpretation job a lot harder than it needs to be. The auto-correct system in Chinese typing scheme is usually very extensive, but they only do so much. We're pretty good at guessing what others are trying to say as a result from the training, let's just say. > Player: 傻狗东西 Wrong word between 啥 (what) and 傻 (stupid) that are differentiated by a tonal sound. 傻狗东西 is not technically wrong per se, but it's like wrong in a way that you look at it and feel it doesn't make that much sense; between that and 啥狗东西, as a Mandarin speaker you just know the latter was the intended line because the latter makes so much sense. 啥狗东西 means "What the fuck". The "dog" section of the phrase has no real meaning besides showing this line is negative, like how in "what the fuck" the "fuck" doesn't carry all that much meaning itself. > Player: 说你妈成狗比 This line is hard to read without some previous context, especially since this line's grammar itself is sort of broken at first glance. You can interpret this in different ways, such as * "Saying "your mum" means you're a bitch" * "I say, your mum became a bitch" This has to depend on the situation then and what they were trying to say. Given the first possible interpretation, it may have been used as a counter-flame to someone else's flaming. It would still be illegal in League to counter-flame and wrong, but we at least know why. Also, the last word in that line is also a wrong word. It's meant to be 毴 but instead typed as 比 which share the same base sound differentiated by a tone, it's a vulgar and actually a rather ancient way to refer to vagina. But 毴 is rarely actually used and is usually substitute with a milder term with similar sound during typing, as seen in this line. > Player: 臭逼 Similar as the one before, 逼 is a substitute for 毴, and is the most used substitute. It's worth noting, and the extension from the explanation of the above line that 毴 often has no special meaning besides being a catch-all insult ender in Mandarin. So while literally phrase may mean "stinky vagina", it's actually just used to call someone/something "trash" (trash stinks, if you get what I mean). Also I'd like to point out, not all referral to vagina is negative. For whatever reason, a very common term is 牛毴, which means "cow vagina" when interpreted literally; however instead of negative meaning, it's usually used to denote a sense of feeling impressed by something or someone and used as a compliment and general expression of awe. > Player: 脑残 The Chinese equivalent of "r%%%%%ed". Just no. ....... It's toxic, sure. But probably not as toxic as you might have thought it is. It's mostly just about someone being angry and accusing someone on their team as being a boosted animal (which they made it clear by typing that bit in English) with the usual saltiness that come with it. Still, I can't get over how we still use "r%%%%%ed" as a casual insult in Mandarin, though (which I'm equally disappointed in English but there is slighter greater conscious with trying to stop using it).
Thank you very much for translating. I really appreciate the insight and your well written and detailed response. For the record, the context for the “your mom” insult is that it wasn’t a counter-flame as no one else said anything in postgame chat. Sorry for the late reply.
O Pirilau (EUW)
: Ree'Ara, the God Shard bearer
This is the edgiest thing I’ve ever read here. He wields a katana AND controls shadows AND “drains life essence” AND summons shadow and spectral weapons.
CLG ear (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Knihovak,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=R2yB8iOE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-01T23:31:05.170+0000) > > KD/A Kai'sa seems like the type of girl who let fame go to her head and would turn down everyone in the rudest possible way. Ahri however would want to take a break from the fame and glamor and probably date someone who doesn't see her as an unreachable pinnacle, and just sees her as and treats her like a normal person. A solid shoulder to lean on. Kai'sa wouldn't understand that until later in her life and right now turns down everything, but feels like there is something missing from her life, but can't quite put her finger on it. i believe the opposite. Ahri is a bitch and Kai'sa is the quiet girl who just wants someone to love
> [{quoted}](name=CLG ear,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=R2yB8iOE,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-08-01T23:36:36.042+0000) > > i believe the opposite. Ahri is a bitch and Kai'sa is the quiet girl who just wants someone to love Nah, Kai'sa is the new girl, she's more susceptible to letting it all go to her head, especially with that fanart. Ahri's been in the industry as a star long enough to not have done something impulsive, which shows better judgement in part of her character.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sylias Ravenmore,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=efkXE3vi,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-01T22:55:17.812+0000) > > First off... I'm going to throw riot logic back at them and say this: > > A mute/filter feature isn't a justifiable reason to let players use this language. > > > I'm so sick of being called a r%%%%% every other game. > > It really isn't that hard to program your chat feature to completely filter that word out. > > In pseudocode "IF String = "R%%%%%" then ****" > > > I shouldn't have to mute someone over being called a r%%%%% because they shouldn't be able to use the fucking word in the first place. > > > > You people that use r%%%%% as an insult are fucking animals. People with my conditions and similar hurt themselves and or kill themselves over being called that. For people like me... the insults can stick with us for days and weeks. > > > Your not funny, your not cool. Your a fucking asshole. > > > There is no legitimate FUCKING reason for someone to use the word R%%%%% in league. > > > Yes I know there is a medical use of that word... but the people going around using it aren't using it for medical reasons now are they? > > > I don't mean to go on a tirade... but after being called a r%%%%% all day.. and getting called one in the last match... then saying.. hey thats not cool. I'm autistic that's highly offensive... then being called a R%%%%% 8 more times... yeah I'm pretty pissed right now.. and yeah I did some things I regretted. > > > > I need to be able to see chat to know whats going with the team. If I use the mute feature.. I'm already losing 50% of my total communication with the team. 100% if they start being an asshole and pinging me for no reason. If I don't mute chat and pings.. I have to sit there and be harassed and insulted. The word is simply a measurement of intellect, it's effectively claiming you have an IQ below 80, it's not like idiot is any better
Language changes all the time. What was once terminology can evolve into a derogatory slur when the intention behind it is insulting people. You shouldn't be an apologist for this kind of behavior.
: The new Victory/Defeat graphics.
It looks like PS1 graphics. Riot wanted to appear retro.
CLG ear (NA)
: If you were going out on a date with Kai'Sa, where would you go and what would you talk about?
KD/A Kai'sa seems like the type of girl who let fame go to her head and would turn down everyone in the rudest possible way. Ahri however would want to take a break from the fame and glamor and probably date someone who doesn't see her as an unreachable pinnacle, and just sees her as and treats her like a normal person. A solid shoulder to lean on. Kai'sa wouldn't understand that until later in her life and right now turns down everything, but feels like there is something missing from her life, but can't quite put her finger on it.
Rioter Comments
: As a player with Autism, I'd LOVE to have one F-ing day where I wasn't called a R%%%%%.
: What is Your Fantasy Champion?
A close range, aoe mage that stops dashes around them. Struggles against other mages, turns tables on lane assassins.
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Terozu (NA)
: I hated Will Smith's performance.
Not even Dan Castellaneta.
: The ultimate win more game mode
There needs to be "Bad luck protection" in a way. I should not spend 20 rounds with a full bench of a two star garen and two one stars, a two star fiora and two one stars, and a two star vayne and two one stars. The game should recognize "bad luck" and give priority to what you need if you have the same units clogging the bench forever. Also, item drop amount should be guaranteed to always happen after killing certain mobs, instead of random luck where I get one item, and the guy in first has 4 full completed items already. They use bad luck protection mechanics when opening packs in Hearthstone.
Profirix (NA)
: Pyke with any mana generation items is far too powerful
I think Spear of Shojin might need a nerf.
: New skin idea for Teemo that just came to mind
Fun concept, only there are a few real world problems that get in the way. A long while ago, they made some American themed legacy skins. Uncle Ryze and Statue of Karthus. I think the bald eagle Anivia skin may have been a part of this. However, Riot is now owned by a Chinese corporation, so they have to pander to their Chinese base under the orders of Tencent by introducing Chinese new years skins instead. Tencent probably would look down on promoting nationalism that isn't theirs, as that is the unfortunate circumstance of the world we live in today. I hope that you get Uncle Ryze in a mastery chest one day.
: Morde ult cancelled
Can confirm that this bug exists. But they might not fix it, because having loads of bugs is key to Morde's power fantasy.
: The Myth of to Many Champions
Let me tell a story for comparison. There are over 800 Pokemon. I have eight years of competitive metagame experience in Pokemon. Top tier usage is flexible, but usually results in a pool of about 50 Pokemon commonly seen at the top. However, due to there being an absurd number of species, often times a very lackluster and uncommonly seen pokemon will find its way on a team to make, create or counter a very specific niche, such as Pachirisu being used by Se Jun Park to win the world tournament back in 2014. This only happens when there is a huge pool to choose from. I'm sure a few people here have probably heard of the Sword and Shield uproar recently, and one of the arguments was made that it was for "balance purposes", similar to this situation with League. The problem is that this is completely wrong, as having so few pokemon to choose from, as shown with Let's Go Eevee, the metagame was EXTREMELY stagnant and stale. Mew was used in 99.7% of all competitive teams, and the top 6 pokemon all had over 50% usage rates, with the lowest being 54% or so. People complain about Landorus in Sun and Moon being the face of the metagame, but he only has around 44% usage due to the amount of variety. So how does this all relate to League? Well Riot wants to constantly shake up their metagame (Like when they killed adcs). The solution to an ever shifting and shaken up metagame is not to limit releases in the name of "balance" which they will never "actually" achieve, but to constantly add new things so that players can discover new interactions and mechanics that they can capitalize on. They tried to force a meta with items and such, but the answer is actually to add wholly new elements constantly that allow players to naturally shift and make their own metagame shift. I mean, I still don't have my hard counter to Yasuo that negates his entire kit with one move.
: Perma Banned Account Behavior
> [{quoted}](name=MortalOblivion,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=IKdn1VEg,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-09T01:56:19.447+0000) > > So far, I've only gotten 1 chat restriction. But that's it. You got a chat restriction? If you really were reformed, you wouldn't get one at all. You don't have a leg to stand on in this.
: Refunds
I used two of my refunds already over the course of six years. I have three remaining. I think that refunds "recharge" over a long period of time already. And by a long period of time, I mean a LONG period of time.
: Taric counters AD assassins like Qiyana
Time to Armor of the Fifth Age Mastery 7 up! Bring it!
: What is wrong with the LoLesports page
I had that same problem on Firefox. I switched browsers and it solved the problem temporarily.
: The List of Riot's Unfavored Children (Champions w/o Skin Tier Above Epic)
Imagine what it was like in the early days. Now champions are released with ONLY epic skins. Going back to the Mordekaiser update that is happening, we can see a comparison with the old and the new skins, and a lot of the early Morde skins are just color swaps; Chromas, but even worse. Now they all look nice and have a lot of variance. I might even want to get King of Clubs Morde after seeing the rework. I guess what I'm saying is, I like seeing variance in the skins that visually add something substantially different as opposed to a rarity tier. I like Bard Bard way better than Elderwood, whereas The Magnificent Twisted Fate barely adds anything interesting at all despite being classed as a Legendary skin.
: What counts as intentional feeding?
"Intentional feeding" is rare. Usually its when a player gets fed up with something, they just start walking from base, and then into the enemy turret without trying to fight at all, then they respawn and do it again. You have to watch their actions. If a top laner gets camped all game, and isn't bright enough to hide under their turret, goes 0/20/22, that is NOT intentionally feeding, they're just not good at the game. Don't report these people. You have to physically watch and see if someone walks straight at the enemy turret and does NOTHING to defend themselves or try to get a kill. Most of the time, that 0/17 player will be having an off day, and just be failing to pull of the "sick plays" in their head. Give people the benefit of the doubt. I've very rarely seen people intentionally feed, that Zed is just not as skilled as he thinks he is.
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: What is this new surrender vote box?
What are you talking about? The new surrender button is so small on my screen I can barely read it. They made it smaller, not bigger.
: Vote Fiddlesticks so That They Can Give Fiddlesticks the One Thing he TRULY Needs...
Am I allowed to link to youtube here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9hcXm2vr5I In the original cut of The Wizard of Oz, the Scarecrow had a gun. Seriously, watch this scene.
: > [{quoted}](name=Knihovak,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lbrBVFAl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-10T02:47:16.701+0000) > > Only to Yasuo players. I don’t play yas. She can build full tank and outdamage the adc. She is a blatantly unfair champion but riot doesn’t care.
I think Riot is having trouble balancing tanks in general now, not just Poppy. They seem to do a lot of damage with a lot of survivability. Ornn, Nautilus and Tahm Kench in particular seem to have this problem now. Riot seems to care wayyyyy too much about esports so they nerf and buff things in accordance to the 0.01% esport players and ignore everyone else. Look at Azir's history, never seen in normals as a threat, never seen in ranked as a threat. God tier, banned in esports. Another reason I hate on Yasuo is that he's not meta in esports, despite being absurdly overloaded with damage and utility, so a good Yasuo player can kill everyone by sneezing at them, yet because he's not meta in esports, Riot does nothing. So with all this esports focus in mind, I have two opinions. Either A: Riot wants to push towards a tank meta to "shake up" esports. Or B: Riot is clueless about the state of the game for 99.99% of all players because they only look at what's meta for esports. Either way, I blame Riot's esport fixation.
: I beat league of legends
Fun fact, League of Legends is actually a prequel to the Dark Souls Trilogy.
: Why I poppy being completely ignored
Kuzja1 (NA)
: Think this is a good dance for the next champion?
But what about big purple numbers? Karthus crits with his q's. What if they added a mechanic where Fiddle's spells crit when bouncing between champions as opposed to minions? This would encourage teamfights.
: I kid you not: lux is in every DAMN game you play on LAN
: I had an interesting thought today at work...
: Which champion should get the next rework after Pantheon's and why?
Fiddlesticks. His jungling is clunky and his kit is archaic. He has an ability that is literally just a point and click fear, which would have no counterplay in theory were it not for the fact that it was nerfed to the point of being near useless on Fiddlesticks. Fear was reworked many years ago to make the champion feared walk away from the source, whereas it used to make the target walk in random directions. Fiddlestick's kit prioritizes him standing still using his drain ability, but fear makes his targets walk towards the edge of his channels, resulting in it not gelling well.
: What do you believe would make the game better?
Nerf Yasuo. He's had it too good for too long.
McBoni (EUNE)
: why i cant watch all of my purhase history. I want refund one skin
Just like in real life, refunds only apply within a certain time period.
: who do you think gives the best foot massages in Runeterra?
Cloud273 (NA)
: Why can't Yasuo's 'w' block tower shots, but assassins can?
Riot stated that Kayn could still be hit by turret shots when he went untargetable with his ultimate. They claimed that they were doing this for "consistency". Vladimir also gets shot when he goes untargetable. But not Fizz, Fizz just presses e and the turret shot magically fizzles out. Because "consistency"? Also, sure Yasuo's wind wall should block turret shots, just as long as he gets mana costs on all of his other abilities, and doesn't get double crit chance.
: Learn More: Trials Pass
Why do all of the watch and learn quests require me to watch videos at ridiculous times like 3am. Who is able to watch something this late at night? And how many tokens do you get without buying the pass? 75? Not even enough to buy an orb?
: wrong rp price in my shop (client)
Ezreal costs 880 rp. Arcade Ezreal costs 1350 rp. This totals to 2230 rp. If you do not own Ezreal, this is not a bug. If you buy Ezreal with BE, the price should drop to 1350, and with the discount it should drop to 675 rp.
Rioter Comments
: He's ah coming. Can you hear him? Those gears and gyros, clicking and whirling like the Devil himself! https://i.imgur.com/3fNuMIv.gif
Uh, hit your head there pretty hard didn't chya?
6Sfool (NA)
: Fiddlesticks needs a rework. With a defined class. And a better fantasy.
While we're at it, he needs some new lore, what even is he? Some horror spirit the summoners that don't exist anymore summoned? Where does that fit in now? What will he be changed to? A shadow isles thing? A rune wars relic? A reanimated king of the Freljord?
Shadòw (EUW)
: well focusing down an ADC in a hypercarry comp is already enough of a problem atm because you have to get through all Shields and his lifesteal, and when you did that he usually already killed half your team and is just draintanking even more. if the ADC could get even more gold and prob be Full Build at min 20 then it would be basically GG. A regular enemy team wouldn't even have a chance against a full build ADC, the frontline would be just too squishy to even survive long enough against a Full Build Hypercarry at that point in the game to scratch him. This would just result in a META where literally only Hypercarry comps would be viable where you put all your gold and resources into your ADC and try to peel and Shield him, and the team who loses his ADC first loses the fight, basically meaning which ADC can kill everything faster would win.
On the bright side, it would "shake up the meta". Just not in a good way.
: What's evil about Zed nowadays
He kills ninja turtles.
: TFW you catch someone trying to seal your blue
: @Riot Can we have at least 1 more item that builds from these items for summoner's rift?
For the Sash, I always wondered why there was no ap equivalent that removed cc. Now that spell shield is on a mage item, would we even need an ap sash item?
: All of these rework, and even more Darkin. By Aatrox still gets no love
Ever since the half rework, I've been trying jungle Aatrox, and his new "hellbent" passive doesn't work that well with the jungle, nor ganking. It decays too fast between camps, and often has a hard time charging up in camps. His ganking and teamfighting kind of suck because his bloodwell is always empty then. Maybe if he were reworked into a tank he'd see play, as the other "cost of health champions" are tanks enough to use health as a resource. Currently, his e is the only thing that costs health, but he blows up to easily to either get the heal on his w or charge his blood well revive.
: Dont Nerf Yasuo again here's why.
Stop whining. They did nothing about his damage output, shield or mobility. All this nerf did was separate the bad players from the good players. A good yasuo can still stomp on everyone with his 100% critrate from two items that increase damage resistance and movement. Yasuo is still overloaded to the point where he can feed 0/5, then mooch a kill or two during a team fight, and suddenly turn into a monster. Just fight with your team, and you still can stomp on your little power trip with Yasuo. The problem here is, Bronzies apparently don't know how to teamfight when behind. Honestly, Yasuo gets the damage and mobility of an assassin, alongside of the tankiness of a fighter and the utility of a support. Watch as he tower dives and gets away with it, and wins trades with his shield that recharges when he moves in a game all about moving and positioning. In the hands of a player who isn't Bronze, he can win easily, as his kit is apparently based around Rock Paper Scissors. Either you play a champion who can fight evenly with him, or you lose because you decided to try something different than the one or two champions you obsess over. Yes, Yasuo needs a nerf, or a complete rework, because in his current state he attracts the worst kinds of players. Honestly, someone at Riot must be fiercely in love with Yasuo based on how long he's been sitting around with no nerf. Day in and day out I see people in love with him who whine about how he's not overpowered, "Please don't touch my husband Yasuo, look, see, he's balanced because he has a high skill ceiling." Please. That doesn't balance a champion at all, it just means that if someone is remotely good at league, they'll land those "skillshots" and suddenly snowball with a champion strong during all phases of the game. Early game he has no resources. No mana, no energy to play around, so feel free to dash in though a wave with your e, q, maybe auto your foe, then dash back out with your e on the other minions you intentionally left to dash out on, while absorbing all spells from that mana champion on your shield. Rinse and repeat. Suddenly, you're at full health, and your opponent has next to no health, mana, nor farm from dealing with your constant harass. They can't farm, because you punish them, and they can't trade, because you have damage denial tools with your shield. Even if you took a little damage, the lifesteal on that one Dorans blade adds up with every minion kill. Yay! Your minion wave is pushed up, the enemy minions just arrived at turret, time to tower dive, thanks to your harass, they can't really do anything. Land that skill shot because you're not bronze, and pick up the kill. First tower, sufficiently fed, just pour more salt into the enemy midlaner's wounds by telling them "I can't wait until late game." I cannot stress this enough. Yasuo is a stronger than average laner, dueler, team fighter, and snowballer. He has nothing to manage other than short cooldowns, and he desperately is begging for something to take him down a tier.


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