: Account Transfers Going on Cooldown
is there a minimum number of games required to earn rewards? or if I place in gold after 10 games, will that suffice? I haven't really played much ranked this year. :/
Newpaperz (OCE)
: Login Queue goes Bananas.
I'm having the same issue right now on NA. My brother couldn't log in either..
: VGU for akali better come within season 7
She really needs some fixes :/
Noxxarian (EUNE)
: Aesthetic judgment of the Alpha Client
All of these are spot on, but I'd focus most on 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 15, 17, and 18. I would like to add that I quite dislike the inability to see your skins prior to locking in a Champion; If my friends and I want to have a Pool-Party themed team, I would like to avoid locking in Graves, then finding out that I actually don't have Pool Party Graves... ALSO, on the profile page, it would be nice if the background image of the champion also displayed the splash art for the skin you used last with that champion. (eg; if Lulu was on my profile's background, it would be nice to see the splash for Winter Wonder Lulu instead of just Lulu) {{champion:117}} <3
gicrur (NA)
: Doom Bots Of Doom
I've noticed that none of the 'featured game modes' have been able to be played using Alpha client. :(
: Summoner Icon for Alpha Testers?
I have to agree, this would be pretty neat to display to my friends that I was able to participate in this unique experience!
: 2016 ranked season ends soon
Does having or not having a playstyle emblem impact end of season rewards?
: Earn ranked emblems starting today
Does having or not having a playstyle emblem impact end of season rewards?
: Game Modes
This also applies to Hexakill invitations. (and I assume other "featured game modes") ~{{champion:117}} [ {{item:3091}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3065}} ]
: Where are you getting your information? He is 260 RP and 450 IP. Here is a screenshot taken directly from the client *just now*. http://i.snag.gy/UoCSq.jpg
Why don't you own {{champion:32}} ??? {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: First let me say this: It's nice to see that their trying to improve the IP system; it does need work. Second: Okay, so I understand that this is a business, and the idea is that you have x number of players and it takes y number of games to earn a champion. Currently the improvement system seems lackluster, and several of my friends who came who don't normally play came and basically said after just 3-4 games "This is stupid, I get like 5 extra IP. Then logged off once again probably for months." Now lets say it was better and the player felt like they could earn champions quicker, they would likely be more willing to play the game. More willing to stay, spend money on skins, and champions. Dota2 for example gives you ALL the heroes for free! And it is still a successful game! Okay with that said. So lets do some math. Lets assume you played 2 games (at least) per day. You lose one and you win one. (50/50) The win gives you 300 IP (FWoTD bonus (generous estimate)) and the loss (or win, doesn't matter much) gives you on average 70 IP. So you earn 370 IP Per day playing 2 games. With drafting and game start and etc, it takes ~45-60 minutes per game, lets average that to 50 minutes. 370IP/100 minutes = 3.70 IP/min @ 2 games. Extrapolating now. 370IP/100 minutes = 3.70 IP/min @ 2 games 440IP/150 minutes = 2.93 IP/min @ 3 games 510IP/200 minutes = 2.55 IP/min @ 4 games 580IP/250 minutes = 2.32 IP/min @ 5 games 650IP/300 minutes = 2.17 IP/min @ 6 games 720IP/350 minutes = 2.06 IP/min @ 7 games 790IP/400 minutes = 1.98 IP/min @ 8 games 860IP/450 minutes = 1.91 IP/min @ 9 games 930IP/500 minutes = 1.86 IP/min @ 10 games My point here, is that the dedicated player base is earning less IP per minute. Lets say a dedicated player plays 5 games at least a day and the casual plays 2. There are 123 Champions currently costing 480,450IP (avg=3906IP) OR 96365RP (avg=784RP). Therefore currently you could purchase all 123 champions instantly for 650.00 from the store. 6*(100$ RP Bundle) + 1*(50$ RP Bundle) OR You can spend: 1298 Days @ 2 games per day. 1091 Days @ 3 games per day. 942 Days @ 4 games per day. 828 Days @ 5 games per day. 739 Days @ 6 games per day. 667 Days @ 7 games per day. 608 Days @ 8 games per day. 558 Days @ 9 games per day. 516 Days @10 games per day. To EARN the IP to buy all the champions! So these are our y for x players for the entire champion pool(cp). Lets add some real world modelling to this now, lets say player has a minimum wage job at 9$ per hour. They get ~7$ after taxes. So how many overtime hours do they need to work to earn all the champions? Easy 650/7$ = 93 hours. Doing 8 extra hours per month, this could be achieved in just under a year (11.625 months). Okay so with these numbers now, You can see that the process of getting all the champions is really slow. Over 4 years playing 2 games per day. And playing 10 games (which is the better part of a whole day), takes over 1.5 years. This is the worst of all the moba's out there. They neeeeed to make this better. I have many many many friends that would play this game if it werent for this insanely disgusting grind. And honestly they would probably spend money on skins if they got into the game. Riot is losing sooo much potential money from the playerbase that would be here if the IP system was better. **I mean. Add a wheel of fortune, that you can spend 2800 IP on to spin which wins you a champion. 2800 for random, and still 6300 for specific. This adds really awesome complexity, people can save up for ones they want, but it also encourages people to spend real money on specifics and roll their ip on randoms. This makes the grind much less painful and people love to gamble! Probably have to add in caveats like, can't spin if you own more than total_number_of_champions-10. It will make you so much money Riot!**
Rethink this really quickly How does Riot make their money? RP What potential things can RP be used on? Champions, Skins, Ward Skins, Summoner Icons, Account Transfers, Name Changes, IP Boosts, and XP boosts. (Sometimes some of these things are purchasable in bundles) The key things you should focus on are Champions, Skins, and IP Boosts. Riot makes their money by selling things that help you get more IP. Reworking the IP System could potentially mean losing money on people who are purchasing either the champion itself or the IP boost so they can get the champion, because now they won't be buying those things with RP anymore. It seems nice to want to do something to improve the free way we get champions, however from a business standpoint, this is not ideal. Also- If somebody like myself sees this cool new skin they really want like Soulstealer Vladimir, but realizes that they don't own the champion, it's way more likely that they'll purchase both the champion and the skin with RP. <I am victim to this so many times....>
: Icons from down under
So... I suppose transferring to OCE to participate in Ocean Week was pointless... Do you think I should bother asking for a refund for the OCE-NA transfer? Or did I just waste a big chunk of my pocketbook. :/
: I understand your point... but look at Annie pretty much the same thing and she was played in the LCS and is still played a lot. So I feel that your point is moot.
Except of course, Annie's ult can be used from a safe distance, still deals a large burst and hard CC, and to top it off, is a safe controllable Sunfire cape with giant paws of death. Even without Flash, Annie is still extremely useful in a teamfight.
: Just because you rarely see her played as AP doesn't mean she isn't played enough to get nerfed. Also Trist is meant primarily to be an ADC not a frickin **Mage Mid** so why would they nerf her AD ratios and buff her AP ratios?
For the same reasons they like Lulu as a solo laner.
: But the net is on Maokai {{champion:57}}
: Celebrate the Beautiful Game with the Beautiful Set
Now I can tell all my friends I have Black Alistar!
: LCS Summer Split icons hit the store!
So, these icons (including the European selection) are exactly the same icons I already bought, except instead of Team Coast and XDG, LMQ and compLexity icons are available now...
Garori (NA)
: Man, the right one is Brazil. HUEHUEHUEHUE
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