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: Game Crash for MANY just now
I tried playing Ranked. Didn't connect. Client says it's been taken down cuz of an issue. I try Norms. Same shit. Checked my firewall. All accepted. I better not lose any LP for this.
: excuse me what the fuck that is a horrible idea. If you want a reduced duration make it something like 2-2.5 seconds because .75 is fucking horrible. The push out effect barely even compensates.
It would mean you actually have to time it or at least anticipate the projectile. Kinda like Sivir. It would also make it less of a "EZ 1v2" crutch when dealing with ranged champions without getting rid of the utility to deal with them.
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: Except Annie, and I think Taliya.
: Neeko is a dumb pander to the LGBT community for money
My only problem with Neeko being homosexual is that it felt like they just said it for the attention and some are saying she's the first gay champ. This pisses me off because {{champion:44}} was the first. How can you ignore my boi Taric like that?
pistoria (NA)
: if you were to remove any ability from any champion what would it be?
Sasogwa (EUW)
: Imagine if garen's spin scaled with attackspeed
Barkley (NA)
: Yeah bit at least nidalees spears were pretty costly. She could only throw like 5 or 6 before she was oom.
Also that Skillshot is thinner than my book of girls' numbers.
: What dumb things did you do/say when you started League?
{{champion:1}} {{item:3072}} "but muh last hits."
GigglesO (NA)
: It took me 5 seasons to grind out all of the champs...
What if we got small bits of BE per game and then champ shards on level up?
: PSA: Coup de Grace
Coop da Gray sea
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Jbels (NA)
: For the late game kappa
Done25 (NA)
: For the low elo matches where the game somehow manages to run to 40 min until one of the teams manage to kill baron and then win.
Rismosch (EUW)
: ***
I feel like it's more so people just don't completely understand what they want so when they get it they either feel dissatisfied or regret it.
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: Why is trist a burst adc with 2 escapes
1 escape and 1 disengage. Here E is very overrated. Most of her use is tied into the damn thing and without it her damage is hilariously outclassed by just about every other ADC. Honestly what changes has she really had recently? The meta just favors her highly right now and as soon as it doesn't she will be back to being shit tier like she was before the meta. It's the same shit that was going on with Lulu and now she's reduced to a shield/ult bot.
: Not really. If she gets a bomb on you your dead
If she hits the bomb, lands on you with W, hits all 4 to detonate and you literally have nothing defensive sure... maybe.
: {{champion:59}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:18}} have been posioning solo queue and pro play for a long time, and they all need nerfs lol
I haven't seen a Sejuani that wasn't me very often at all but perhaps this is the pro play part you are talking about. The New Sejuani feels like a soulless E bot and I couldn't figure out why anyone would find appeal in playing her.
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: I think zed is the only assassin i truly think is unfun to play against
{{champion:7}} You {{champion:105}} sure {{champion:245}} about {{champion:84}} that? {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}}
Daunt (EUNE)
: Probably gonna get downvoted to hell for this but WW is literally overloaded as well.
How so? Nothing about him seems overbearing save some 1v1 situations in which case he does have dueling tools built in.
: It Would Be Cool if the Broadcasters Could Say a Phrase Other Than "Ardent Censor"
: Let's get rid of certainlyt. This guy ruined the game all by himself. The guy made yasuo zyra darius and zed all of which are were completely op on release and had to get tuned down and even now are overloaded. Look at how many nerfs zyra went though Holy Shit.
But wasn't he also responsible for the Warwick rework?
: I think she just needs a slight nerf on her clear speed in the jungle.... SLIGHT nerf
I'd argue Rammus clears faster than her so no...
: They need to scrap hexakill and just bring a game mode where each team has 10 players on each side. Decakill.
> [{quoted}](name=Malicious Fury,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gLWr5kZ9,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2017-10-14T06:42:03.142+0000) > > They need to scrap hexakill and just bring a game mode where each team has 10 players on each side. _**Decakill.**_
: PSA: PBE accounts are now available for all players Honor 3+ and with no current bans
JJI744 (NA)
: You know as well as well as I do those are both poor examples. Unmounted Kled being a special case of being slow when running, and Janna having low base since she always has her own passive effect.
Doesn't Kled also get faster than when he was mounted if he is trying to run an enemy champ down?
: Lol the irony of Evelynn calling Ahri a skank and floozy
... can I just hate ahri because she takes skin chances away from REAL waifus {{champion:60}} {{champion:43}}{{champion:134}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:134}} ~~Yes I'm salty about the Star Guardian Syndra vs Ahri thing~~
Lebin (NA)
: I'm really bad at League of Legends
HenzoAF (NA)
: Olaf*
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:[/img] Looks familiar
I live under a rock. Who that?
: ***
: ew wtf get out Whisper I've had enough of your reposts, shitposts, edgy teens, and ignorant LGBTQ+ people
Abibyama (EUW)
: Just a heads up about the Evelynn Rework
Áery (NA)
: "Bot lane is determined by auto filled"
This is why I try to have at least a remotely competent understanding of each role. I'll always main Jungle but I used to play a lot of Support, practiced Top lane match ups, dabbled in mid from time to time and have always found myself dipping in and out of the ADC role. As far as comfort/favor goes. 1. Jungle 2. Support 3. Mid 4. Top 5. ADC
: Riot, there's a problem when jungle ezreal has over 5x the playrate and playerbase of Kindred
TBH, the same happened to {{champion:6}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:78}} etc. is STILL happening to champs like {{champion:268}} {{champion:266}} and I mean wth is {{champion:9}} even? It's honestly less stressful for them to be dumpstered than in some bull shit state. Just wish the process to reworking these champs worked faster, though I cannot complain about the result when they take the time to completely overhaul the champ.
: The game is so much more enjoyable when there aren't any enchanters played
Before the meta hit... I was playing Lulu like she was Thresh. None of that max E first bullshit. I was pokin' bitches down and baiting assassins like Chris Hansen. Now It's actually very unrewarding to take {{item:3303}} to the point you LOSE gold compared to the other items. I hate it. I miss being the bitch in lane, not a bitch waiting for something to happen. Enchanters are just another victim of the meta in all honesty and it really eats me when people tell me they take no skill. (maybe it's true for Janna that bitch is boring af to play.)
: Bash them with the pole of the spear right in the mouth, disorienting the enemy and causing them to miss basic attacks for the next 2 seconds.
: ***
I think I understand what you are getting at. I just don't like that the system works in such a way and it needs to be fixed/changed. Would benefit people who want to study how they and others around them play without having to rush doing so.
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Floupi (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Squishy Support,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mhpVzOjx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-09-17T15:21:46.283+0000) > > it doesn't matter if every player in game is legitimately Bronze V ftfy
koshkyra (NA)
: Can we delete duskblade from the game
: i would rather have cait ivern karma back then this heal barrier ardent shit
Yeah.... NO... FUCK early game ADCs. They can stay garbage tier for the entirety of the league's existence for all I care.
: I want Caitlyn and Karma to burn in the hell in which they came. I'd rather lane against these uninteracive shield supports than feed against busted poke champions.
It's one thing when you choose to be more passive in lane. It's fucking awful being forced to be a little bitch scraping whatever cs you can while trying your damnest not to die. FUCK heavy harass bot lane duos. Good Riddance to them. I'll take scaling adc ANY day.
: When people started to bitch, moan, and give up rather than grind it out.
Just had a game where nobody really won lane and we started to get our butts handed to us. Nobody even started a vote to surrender and the game started to turn around after we snuck baron while the enemy team did dragon.
: It's kind of bullshit that Ryze gets this much attention
You'd think after so many reworks they would just turn his root into a skill shot or something so more power could be invested elsewhere. I mean they got rid of Tarics point and click stun so what gives?
KoKoboto (NA)
: I agree with Skarner needing a rework although he is pretty unique. The "crystal spire" mechanic on his passive feels really lame and dumb.
> [{quoted}](name=KoKoboto,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mOgb6k6J,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-09-16T17:43:30.352+0000) > > {{champion:164}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:6}} > > need reworks {{champion:164}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:6}} ....... ...... {{champion:19}} {{champion:6}}
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