Moody P (NA)
: what if Lux W could be target-casted?
No thanks. I'd rather a large shield value with the trade-off being the skill required to land the ability. Rather than a point click ability that will most likely be weaker. Not to mention there's already other shield supports with point click. Lux is the ONLY champion with a skill shot shield, why take that away?
Regality (EUW)
: Irelia is fucking bullshit
I feel she kills way too fast when she's ahead but so do a lot of champions just because of damage.
: They'll ridicule you, hate u for doing wats right...Is this really the path u wanna take int sion?
: He's designed to spend half the game in a 2v2 lane. Thus, his heal works off 2 targets, potentially 2 champions for the massive heal. **He was never designed to be a solo laner.** And if he was never designed to be there, but he's there now after some buffs that allow him to at least function there, and something pops up that was *probably* not intended, we call that a "design oversight". I'm fairly certain when they designed Mordekaiser "the guy that invalidates pets in solo lanes" was not one of the design goals.
He wasn't designed to only be played in a 2v2 lane. He functions best in the top lane followed by mid then bot lane last if you look at his win rates... He has always worked well when against numerous enemies, likewise he works well against pets. He was always scary AF to gank (even before the heal was added to his W), because of his shield mechanic. He's more situational at it now because he needs an ally in order to get damage off of it. He has always been good at fighting multiple champions/enemies tho so saying that he's not designed like that is just wrong.
: They all have plenty of actual counters that don't abuse design oversights. For instance: {{champion:83}} counters: {{champion:24}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:14}}
Wth do you mean by "actual counters"? Mordekaiser is an actual counter to champions that rely on numbers. He's good against Ivern, Annie (if he doesn't get burst down). He's a melee with a lot of AoE and he's designed to take on multiple things at once (currently) because of how his shield passive works. He's a counter to things that make more things. It's not a design oversight, Mordekaiser is designed to be in the fight against a bunch of stuff. To take those risks he has his shield passive to make up for lack of defenses in terms of CC.
: Aight Morde players, I'ma need you to be reasonable for a second
It's okay because that's his shtick. Mordekaiser has some good tools against Yorick, Malzahar, Donger, Zyra, and Elise where other champions can't do much. Voilbear can also fear them all for 3s. Sion can push them away.
: They do give a fuck. But theres millions of players and everyone has a different opinion about things. It is really hard to please everyone, so they aim to please the majority.
I know personally I find strategies like this interesting. Instead of nerfing the strategy people should come up with counters, or counters should be introduced. Perhaps if you see the Sion pick early you should pick a champion that can get through tanks (faster than others) like Kog'Maw or Kai'Sa. Otherwise you should try to force engages around mid or something.
Atgo (EUW)
: Thw Wiki isn't a canon source of lore. Something in the wiki isnt necessarely the truth.
Well, I'm not gonna go back and find the Rito answered question. You can probably find it on reddits that talk about Ashe.
Blyted (NA)
: My ADC Quinn just said something that worries me
Quinn will one shot Kai'Sa with her combo unless Kai'Sa heals for a huge chunk with fleet whatever AP build
Atgo (EUW)
: > Piltover literally tries to harness magic in the form of hextech and Demacia works with them. I'm not trying to defend his vision, but where do it mentions that Demacia is working with Piltover? > Freljord and Targon have magic but Demacia works with them. In truth, Demacians are actively fighthing against Freljordians: > Slighter, though no less striking was Varya, she who led the charge onto the decks of the sea-wolf fleet at Dawnhold. She set their ships ablaze and even wounded nigh unto death, cut down their berserk leader. Rodian, her twin brother, had sailed north to Frostheld and burned the Freljordian harbor city to the ground, so that no others would dare sail south to wreak havoc again. By the way, Frostheld was the old Avarosan capital. > Their childhood games cast them as heroic knights, bravely defending the land from vile monsters, savage Freljordians or black-hearted Noxians. Even though it is talking about child games, it still show that Freljordians are considered savage barabrians in the demacian culture. > Galio could just make out the bristling rows of northern barbarians in the distance. Even with his senses dulled in this dreamlike state, he could tell their ranks were sloppy and undisciplined, pacing to and fro in eager anticipation of their Demacian foes. Galio had overheard talk of these wildmen many times, given their recent conquests. The fearful people of the city whispered that the Freljordians left none alive, and mounted the heads of their foes on enormous tusks from strange beasts... About Mount Targon, even though Demacia use the climb as a punishment, most of the people don't even go to Targon: > And while the Crown of Stone was traditionally used by the dishonored to simply flee Demacia and make a new life in exile... And I believe that the "cultura ties" between them previously mentoned have something to do with Kayle and Morgana, not the poeple of Mount Targon interactig with Demacians, but I can't state anything until their rework get released.
Rito answered questions you can check on wiki. They work with Avarosa I guess not Freljord in its entirety. Most Demacians don't leave Demacia at all, still, they don't see them as an enemy or hate them.
: > [{quoted}](name=KoKoboto,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=JZTtEFic,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-09-19T22:54:31.557+0000) > > I like Demacia. They're not opposed necessarily to other cultures, just magic because it is dangerous. If a culture has magic surrounding it like Ionia than Demacia would not see eye to eye to them. They, literally hate everyone except Piltover... Zaun and Bilgewater are Noxian allies and the rest of the nations are magical. :/
They don't hate them. The only "magical" nation is Ionia, they embrace magic into their everyday lives. Piltover literally tries to harness magic in the form of hextech and Demacia works with them. Demacia doesn't hate everything, that's just your own headcanon. Just because a place has magic doesn't mean they use it in their everyday lives. Freljord and Targon have magic but Demacia works with them. Bilgewater isn't an ally to Noxus, Bilgewater doesn't even have a "government" to ally with. Zaun is just a city, it can't ally with anything either. They merely trade. If Demacia was as full of hate as you say they would go on campaigns to expand their influence but they don't.
: Does Anybody Actually Like Demacia?
I like Demacia. They're not opposed necessarily to other cultures, just magic because it is dangerous. If a culture has magic surrounding it like Ionia than Demacia would not see eye to eye to them.
: her new passive will be: If an enemy champion is killed by Lissandra or got damaged by her within 3 seconds of dying, they transform in a statue slowing AOE, after a few seconds it will explode dealing AOE damage
Kinda like Brand's passive but sounds way cooler
: Little change to Lissandra's R
wat do they hav for her new passive
: This. I suspect they’re saving the name change for their VGU (like they did with Nunu), but some official confirmation would be nice too
One can only hope c;
: Funny thing is poor malph outdamages them all by A LOT lol.
Nah. Yasuo actually outdamages when if he uses tornado augments. Or perhaps Ziggs Yasuo is also pretty insane in general because he **AND** his team can avoid building crit if he augments for 100% crit windwall w/ CDR.
: Being good at Zed can require a high skill level, but being bad at Zed still allows for easy exits out of bad plays while still offering him a high amount of dps without hard to hit skill shots. Edit: unless your team has a lot of CC, but good CC doesn't start happening until you get in high ranks. Edit again: this thread about Zed can actually be applied to most high mobile assassins.
Getting out of plays doesn't win you the game. The same argument is used for Shaco a few patches ago when he was actually pretty weak from his rework. You can stealth around all you want but that doesn't win you the game. Zed can go on you and go out but unless he kills you he's not winning the game.
: CA protects employees from getting fired over political speech. Jessica Price would still have a job if anet was based in ca
CA as in Canada? Cause it's actually the contrary or not as black & white like that. Jessica Price went past being political if you read everything she said. It's one thing to talk about politics but Jessica was harassing peoples. Much like Daniel kleinz is.
Jamaree (NA)
: Not quite the same actually, what he is doing is worst in fact.
I think it's worse too. I was also running on low memory so I didn't remember wat she said entirely. So I just said it was the same to get that idea across.
Rioter Comments
: CT designs are some of the best designs in this game
I like the point about all abilities being needed for a kit to work but I think we should try to make sure that every ability IS tied to another one. For example when I look at Aatrox's E I think that this ability is only here so he can reposition his Q and I think that's pretty lame. Sure the ability itself is fun to use and it's cool but when I think about how basic it is it's like wowza this is really basic.
: We have a global nuke, global reveal, and global heal, but no global CC?
I think Nocturne's global nearsight is actually really powerful. Teemo shrooms?
Asamas (EUNE)
: Wow really thank you! Finally someone from the female gender to say how stupid is the situation. I am really happy to hear that even women are against that (I mean some and let's hope most). Thank you for sharing the info.
There's many dawg. Not every women is a SJW freak. It's just the SJW freaks get the most attention.
: Brofresco might be annoying, irritating, cringey, and all-around unpleasant, but I gotta say I had respect for him ever since he made that video about money. He's as real as you're going to get in the League community apart from maybe Trinimmortal if you want to count him.
Honestly, the only reason I like Brofresco was the fact that he's honest.
: People with your attitude. To act as if first-timing a champ in ranked is okay or should even be taken into account. Doesn't matter if you play ranked yourself or not. The idea that first-timing or learning champs in ranked is the antithesis to a competitive game mode.
You don't know the person's previous experience with the champion. Maybe they've played on PBE, perhaps they invested a lot of time into thinking about the champion. Or they've played it in practice mode. Regardless if we are taking this idea of "it's a competitive mode, don't play things that aren't competitively viable" than you might as well ban every champion that's below 49% win rate. We should also go ahead and make sure people are only picking meta champions every game. People that try out of meta-strategies should also be reported. I've seen a player first-time Brand in a game and they did perfectly fine. Some people have been playing the game for long enough where mechanics and champion understand come as quick as watching the Champion Spotlight Video Rito releases.
Rioter Comments
: No, what sucks is people who use Ranked to learn a new champion. Should be reportable, imo, but it isn't for some reason. Even Overwatch disables new/reworked heroes in Competitive for a duration. Yet League never learned this, and we ended up with people like you...
I don't play ranked at all. So, idk what you mean by "people like me".
: "Competitive mode" "I'm going to do this thing for the first time ever and perform badly because I don't know what I'm doing" Since when has mixing these two things ever worked out well for a long period of time? "I'm totally not an asshole for using an uncertain method and losing the game and LP for my team" ##OKAY SURE YOU'RE NOT. /s
Okay sure. Then make sure people always play meta champions otherwise you're an asshole and are hurting our chances of winning. In fact, might as well ban everything that doesn't have an above 49% winrate because people who pick those champions are just assholes that are trying to throw the game.
: Old Yorick was 100% cheese. New Yorick actually has ghouls. Old Urgot was bizarre and unwieldy. New Urgot has a class. Old Galio had a unique playstyle but was wholly outdated. New Galio is a completely different champion... I like new Galio, but he's so different I kind of want a champion released that's similar to the old one (but current). I miss the win-all-ARAMs ult. Yeah, I suppose that rework was pretty hard for me to swallow.
New Urgot is definitely cool but I feel like he's even duller than before. He is 95% shotgun knees and well that's all you can build around. Every single game you build BC and than some random stuff. You ALWAYS play the same. The only part of his kit that does damage are the knees.
Everyone taking this thread seriously {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
meowwow7 (NA)
: that's the smile of someone that got their pet/friend into their champ name
LOOOOOL *cries in Quinn*
: When you have the choice to try him out in a practice tool and test out his builds in normals Being an "I only play ranked" person is a weak excuse to avoid stating the fact that you're a fucking asshole for thinking about testing out a "new champion" in a game mode that affects not only your own standing, but four others as well.
You can apply that to anything. You don't know if a certain player has played a champion before. Maybe they've never played Kassadin but were told Kassadin is good this patch. So they go and play it, lo and behold they perform however they perform. Regardless I disagree and I don't think that person an "asshole" for playing what they want to play. I'm not playing for others, I'm playing for myself. I'll play to do well with my team if I feel like it. I'll play for just myself if I feel like it.
: So those players will learn new champions and reworks in ranked? These people ruin other people's gaming experience. Hopefully one day Riot will put up a minimum of games to use a champion in Ranked.
: I propose that when a new champion is released, it cannot used in ranked for 1 week and cannot be banned from normal draft for the same length of time.
Some people only play ranked which means they can't play the new champion at all. Which sucks.
: He's banned? He's not even OP.
Doesn't matter if the new champion is OP. People will always ban new things for whatever reason.
: I find that MF's Love Tap is unhealthy for several reasons and should be changed
I feel that her double tap mechanic really can give her a powerful identity and high skill cap. Typically, when I play MF, I am always trying to hit 2 targets between auto attacks to maximize damage which I find very very challenging but also rewarding. Side effect is the strong one-shot damage builds when stacking lethality. Perhaps changing it to magic damage would be better so that it would stack a bit less with lethality and bring her away from those builds. Your change turns her back into mostly being an ult bot and giving her a boring on-hit passive that numerous champions already have. I really like her love tap mechanic, she's the only champion that was 400% damage crits that she can consistently pull off which makes her unique to me. A very different playstyle compared to other champions. I don't find it necessarily unhealthy and the powerful poke damage is another side effect of just damage overall. I'm not a MF main so maybe her identity is just to be an on-hit ADC like the rest and an ult bot tho.
Felaze (NA)
: What consistently bothers me about your arguments here is that you keep implying that to know you’re queer, you have to have time, and you have to consciously be thinking about it all of the time to really know. > If I am fighting in wars day after day am I going to stop and think about what my sexual preference is? —————————————— > So I focused on another major reason why LGBT was less present, which is just straight up having no time. The point I’m making here is that the vast majority of the queer community know that they are queer, whether they are willing to express it is their decision, from a young age. It’s not like you can’t be thinking while doing other tasks! Just because the medieval times were physically taxing, does not mean that people couldn’t think for themselves, about themselves while doing their work. The logic your using doesn’t make very much sense- look at the people of today. There are a lot of jobs out there to this day that are VERY physically and mentally taxing, and people can still be gay! You’re telling me I can’t... look at my own experiences as an LGBT youth because of the fact that that I’m not studying it, or... what?? I’m gay, and have experienced a lot of hardship because I am out of the closet- how does that not make me a, “gay extraordinaire”? A black person doesn’t have to be an “extraordinaire” to understand that the inequality they face is for no reason other than their skin color. Your arguments make no sense! Of course I am pulling from my experiences because I have lived it! I’m going to leave this argument to die here because I can see it won’t be going anywhere.
I'm not talking about individuals I'm talking about places where LGBT culture would be more prominent. I'm saying you can't use your own experiences and put them over entire cities or countries in Runeterra because you're only you. You're not the same as an entire people, nor are you from those places in Runeterra. For that black analogy (I'm black myself), there's a term called being born a slave versus being born a free man. People who were born into slavery and raised as slaves through the whole lives had no idea of what life could be like a free man. Once slavery was abolished it took them time to understand what freedom meant. This can apply to many different psychological things such as with being LGBT. If non-LGBT things are shoved into your head all the time it will be difficult for one to go back on those ideas and societal norms. Likewise, if LGBT things were shoved into your head all the time it would be difficult to go against those norms as well. You can definitely relate to others but I'm not talking about individuals here, I'm talking about entire countries and their cultures. Where LGBT culture would be more prominent in Runeterra is not dependent on one person's own experiences. The fact remains that I've pulled examples from the real world where you've only relied on anecdotal experiences to argue why LGBT should be more prominent. Sure. People can be gay or LGBT but whether or not they realize it fully or act on it is another thing based on the norms and lifestyles that exist in Runeterra. I have also never said that because of the more difficult times that being LGBT would never be possible. I've only said that it's less likely and thus LGBT culture would be less likely. Even then I've already mentioned that I believe otherwise for certain places in Runeterra.
Felaze (NA)
: I’m going to make the safe assumption that you are not queer, therefore making your afformentioned statements about the LGBT+ community irrelevant. I was very aware of the fact that I was gay from a young age, and though society taught me it was wrong, I was able to make my own judgement calls and came out of the other side burned but not broken. Those who are queer are who they are, and will be regardless of societies expectations of what love should be. And to say that “Also, life, in general, was tougher, there was less time for leisure activities such as romantical pursuits or lifestyle habits. Which also means less time to explore inwards and understand the individual more.” is, for lack of better words, absolutely ignorant. Leisure activities were what kept the communities strong and whole. Just because things were tough and full of hardship does not mean that love cannot be expressed nor dealt with on a meaningful level. I mean, look at today’s world! Some of the busiest people in the world have families, but also run companies. It’s not hard to juggle life if you’re a competent and eager person. My point here is that saying that people can’t “explore inwards” because they’re busy makes it seem like the only way gay people come to be is through “inward exploration”, unlike straight people who are just inherently straight and know it right off that bat- which by the way is how listen gay people are.
I am bisexual actually and also polyamorous, if those count as queer, I'm not sure because I try to avoid all of the mumbo jumbo terminologies and just live life. Just because you're aware of the fact that you're gay doesn't mean everyone else is. Looking at your own experiences can be useful but is ultimately not a good way to look at arguments unless you're an LGBT extraordinaire or something and studying LGBT things is your livelihood. Introspection is a skill and everyone has different kinds of skills. Just cause you naturally are able to understand yourself well doesn't mean others can, that's why psychiatrists exist today. People who are trained to help others find problems or answer questions they have about themselves. I know that I'm still discovering myself today. How is what I said ignorant in any way? The number of work people had to do in medieval times was much more tenuous physically. That physical stress on the body will eventually amount to mental stress. When a cut or bruise left unattended could lead to serious medical issues people always had to be at least some kind of worried. This results in less time to for romantical pursuits and all that. There's a significant difference between busy high-class people and busy low-class people. Look at people in developing countries and say that they have the same amount of time as business people nowadays to go after lifestyle whatevers. Owning a business is challenging for sure but people who own businesses aren't working the same way as people who need to work for their own goods. This is why I mentioned that places like Shurima, Freljord, Piltover, Ionia are more likely to have LGBT representation than others because of the kinds of economies those places have and the culture. The way people come to be is through inward exploration and there's so much more now that we're not having to dig through the mud which has resulted in so many new lifestyles and cultures coming out outside of just LGBT things. Such as with the arts and with political ideas. Think of it this way. If I am fighting in wars day after day am I going to stop and think about what my sexual preference is? In certain places of Runeterra they have that luxury or they're culture is just that way, in others not so much. I did not mention straight people at all so I don't understand why you've drawn a conclusion on what I think about being straight. However, my belief in how some people (not all, such as yourself) would need to look a bit inward to understand their sexuality would also apply to people who are straight. Straight is just for the most part the norm because that's how babies are made typically. Looking back at my original comment I do know that religious and social stigma was a major reason why LGBT was a lot less present back in the day. However, I ignored that because I'm Rito has never shown us social stigma or religious dissent against LGBT. I'm mostly focusing on what Rito has already made and they have showed us that most parts of the Runeterra are in the old days. So I focused on another major reason why LGBT was less present, which is just straight up having no time.
Cetri (NA)
: In our world, historically, people weren't openly LGBT in those times due to religious repression and societal stigma. It's probably safe to assume there were just as many LGBT people then as there are now, and since there's no reason for Runeterra to have such stigmas, people logically shouldn't have to hide much. Piltover and Zaun, and to an extent Noxus, would likely be some of the least repressive societies in this regard, with the twin cities being something akin to cultural melting pots (and more-or-less open minded in general) and Noxus just generally not caring what you do, as long as you do it well. Heck, one of the few confirmed LGBT characters in lore, Tamara, is a Noxian agent who flirted with a female courtesan in Piltover.
I don't like going by assumptions. Also if you're trained by a young age a certain way there's really no reason for you to change back unless your brain is super hard-wired to being how you were before. Not that many people are like that, especially when it comes to LGBT things because for the most part the only hard-wired thing is seen at the T part, not the LGB part. Also, life, in general, was tougher, there was less time for leisure activities such as romantical pursuits or lifestyle habits. Which also means less time to explore inwards and understand the individual more.
Reav3 (NA)
: I agree, and I think selling the relationship between her and Valor lends itself strongly towards like a Pet Trainer/Forest Ranger archetype rather then rider and mount, also we already have 3 rider and mount themes (Nunu, Kled and Sejuani)
I am so happy to see a Ritoer say this... Valor's back is probably tired AF carrying a fully grown woman and her equipment around. No more Taxi Valor! ##Please!
weavıle (EUW)
: LGBT+ Champs
League of legends isn't really medieval times but it definitely is a past time thing. Even in Piltover and Zaun people use chamber pots. As such there shouldn't be that many LGBT stuff. I could see LGBT in places like Shurima, Freljord, and Ionia more tho. Pretty sure everyone from the Void is LGBT
: I'm fine with being a homophobic if that is your definition of it. I will also happily go out of my way to help a gay person (any person) in need though. Does that make me homophobic?
: Assassins is the most unhealthy class in League
What's unhealthy about being one shot? In fact, I think getting killed faster is better cause that means I can go back to base and buy. If I'm just slowly dying to a tank than I have to wait that much longer to go to base to buy.
: Today I laned against a Maokai
> [{quoted}](name=Trendition,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=yAAe0OFN,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-24T18:03:06.175+0000) > Me: "Where is the adapt to lane option in the report pane?" LOOOOL Would've been funnier if they said it tho
: I'm actually HEAVILY disappointed in Riot when it comes to Enchanters as an entire concept
: the reason why mobile champions are more "fun" is because there are fewer consequences for errors
RiotLamz (NA)
: Favorite/least favorite Running animation in League
Quinn doesn't have a running animation because she just uses Valor as a Taxi. Fiora's running animation isn't even a run but a jog that is deceptively fast. Favourite running animation would be Ekko's when he is moving fast (he kinda gallops if he doesn't move fast enough), but I like what other people have been saying too.
: Here's the absolute best tip you will ever get to win more games.
Hmm. Sounds like 4 seasons ago tbh. The game is basically TDM now unless you have a powerful splitpusher.
Etherean (NA)
: The new Talon Skin Model hair doesn't look like the splash at all
I think his face looks identical to Master Yi's face too. Such an amazing splashart tho
: Can we make Duskblade melee only and Stormrazor ranged only?
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