: So ? Master yi shred tankers on daily base and trundle made to do the same stuff to tankers.
Well, now you don't just worry about Master Yi but the whole team because you have NEGATIVE armor and magic resist.
: Who would be your dream DNA team on a champ/VGU
For Quinn gonna go with: Gameplay - CertainlyT because he's probably the most capable person when dealing with out there champions like Quinn & Valor. I think he'd be the best person for the job and would be able to introduce mechanics that actually make the two feel like a tag team rather than the dumb taxi theme we have going on right now. Story - CoolRadius, Narrative behind Gnar, WAAAARGHbobo, Narrative behind new Pantheon. Atm Quinn is just a bird girl who fights for Demacia has a bit of spunk. These narrators have worked on Kled, Gnar, Kayn, and Pantheon. All characters who can be simple on the surface but have a ton of depth once you go peel back a few layers. Old Quinn had that kinda depth imo because of her brother Caleb but that is gone now. Aside from a potential lore event, there's nothing that really makes her unique imo (I quit playing Quinn entirely now because of gameplay AND lore). These writers can give Quinn something cool and give her and Valor some much-needed characterization. Visual - Art teams behind Rakan, Kayn, Taliyah. A Hing Chui who worked on Kayn and Camille. Honestly, I'm pretty cool with Quinn's visuals atm. Her face could be nicer and I honestly don't wanna see her become a new T H I C C grill like Irelia, Kai'Sa, Camille, Kindred, Evelynn w/e. Her love her current armor design because it looks lightweight and cool while also having some protective metal bits and stuff. I actually fear that if she got a VGU she might lose some of the intricate details she has going for her. I think it'd be cool if the animation techniques that Riot used when making Kayn were also used for Valor. Edit - Realized I kinda didn't do it properly... Gameplay - CertainlyT Narrative - CoolRadius, WAAAARGHbobo Visual - Hdot
: ADC damage has always been just as good as assassins. They are both glass canon squishies. The difference in them is assassins have better target access and mobility, which allows them to get past the front line, and get at the higher value enemy carries.
Target access doesn't matter if you're gonna die to the target you're trying to access.
: > [{quoted}](name=KoKoboto,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3tig1EqZ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-23T01:18:21.097+0000) > > It's cause assassins are more fun for a lot of people. Not that they're necessarily pushing mages out of mid. Although they technically do because it's their entire job to kill people lmao. I play mid almost every game, between my two accounts ive played against real mages 4 games out of 20. Literally 6 straight games with Leblancs before i started banning her, before that 4 straight games against Fizz, if either of those are banned then its fucking Yasuos, Zed or Katarinas. NO ONE FUCKING EVEN PLAYS MAGES IN SOLOQ THIS SEASON.
Well LeBlanc got her recent revert so her playrate should be pretty high atm. I gotta ask tho how many of those games are you actually losing? Yeah playing against an assassin can be unfun sometimes (personally idc cause I'm fine playing against anything) but that doesn't mean you're gonna lose the game ya? Like at least against an assassin you gotta think more, when you're against another mage it just becomes waveclear 24/7 xD
: > Also there's ADC damage being so ridiculous that if the assassin doesn't instantly kill them they end up getting assassinated themselves. That's how it's supposed to work. Assassins are intended to be high risk, high reward, meaning that if they don't fulfill their task, they get killed. After all, they're just as squishy as their targets. The difference is is that an assassin's safety comes in the form of stealth or mobility, rather than range or team support. Basically how the classes are supposed to work: Fighter types: damage with safety through durability and innate sustain Assassins: damage with safety through mobility and deception ADCs/Mages: damage with safety through range and team support.
Well when ADC damage is just as good as an assassins what's the point of assassins at all...
: Something weird just happened to me when selecting Morgana in champ select...
Just locked in Morgana and I hear it too!! Hopefully it's some new VU or something like that!! :D Edit: Actually I think it might be a bug or something. When locking in Tristana I got her old voice line thing.
: Right on your first point. Part of the reason why assassins aren't played as much (in general) is that supports make it nigh impossible to actually kill the ADC. Throw in the tank top or jungle with their own locket or knight's vow, that carry isn't dropping anytime soon. But the other reason is that mages waveclear too easily. The way assassins are supposed to work is that they push a wave out, then use their superior mobility to gank another lane. The problem is is that now they can't roam into other lanes, because the time difference between mages shoving in and assassins shoving in is massively in the mages advantage. So the mage just waveclears out and pushes to the tower, which means the assassin can't leave lane without losing a large chunk of their tower.
I agree but I think the bigger issue is with supports and people not dying rather than waveclear being a massive issue. The assassin should play to kill their lane opponent and that's not a game balance thing really. By kill lane opponent I also mean pressuring so that they can't just push in the wave all the time. And assassins shouldn't get more waveclear because yeah. So the biggest reason is the first one on that supports and tanks can shut down assassins so easily. Also there's ADC damage being so ridiculous that if the assassin doesn't instantly kill them they end up getting assassinated themselves.
: Mages getting nerfed meanwhile all i play against mid is....
It's cause assassins are more fun for a lot of people. Not that they're necessarily pushing mages out of mid. Although they technically do because it's their entire job to kill people lmao.
Neamean (NA)
: Are Darkin the weapon or are they trap in the weapon?
Kayn has a quote where he says "Did such foolishness lead to your imprisonment" So ima guess that the Darkins were demon things that were sealed away into weapons and stuff.
: Syndra's passive should be changed into a series of Quests
Err doesn't change much imo. Just means that she won't have access to passive at times. Most of these are "just play the game how you already would and you'll get stuff". Doesn't actually change gameplay.
: remember they days when {{champion:134}} was the go to champ to use an an example for a hard champ... her kit hasn't changed.. people are just stupid.
Her spheres having more uptime make it much MUCH easier for her to gain more value out of her ult. That's what really decreased her skill level and why people complain about her R more. That and also people are just better at the game. Orianna was also considered one of the more harder champions but people don't talk about that anymore.
: Dear Riot Regarding, Syndra
I disagree with Syndra being hard to play. I do agree that she should feel like a late-game threat but often just doesn't compare to other late game characters.
: What age are you?
: I hate that when I play a non popular champion I can't win because people just play what's meta
Poppy in general is a hard champion to win with. Why? She can't make plays on her own.
Bondy (EUNE)
: "Nocturne no ult"
{{champion:43}} no ult
: > [{quoted}](name=LuthianDelphi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=APxegVIt,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-04-19T01:22:50.027+0000) > > so a Sustained Damage hyper carry should be able to out trade assassins in lane, wut. Yasuo isn't a hyper carry, he's a scale heavy (but base-stat light) skirmisher. Melee carries; Yi, Aatrox, Trynd (and old Fiora) scale much harder than ADC's ever have with items, and also boast better base stats. Yasuo has base stats very similar to ADCs - despite being melee - and also scales worse than pretty much all ADC's. He's also light on steroids (especially given his R is contextual) compared to most ADC champions.
Nah I'm pretty sure you can list Yasuo as a hyper-carry
: Old kass q iirc used to damage Mana. It was removed as toxic.
: well im sure you would like anti-mage in dota and no one love anti-mage .
Even I don't play anti-mage on dota lool. Dota is a different game tho so that's why anti-mage is really hated more. If anti-mage was in league of legends he wouldn't be that much of an issue. Also we have old Veigar ult which did damage based on enemy AP xD
Rioter Comments
: ryze changes that Riot didnt want you to see
I like the W change tbh. It'd be cool to see Ryze apply the "rune prison" and sap mana out of the enemy. It'd be nice to have an ability that attacks mana in a game where mana doesn't meant anything. Yeah I know that atm it doesn't steal mana but restores it. And I do believe that it is instant as well and not over the slow duration. BUT it would still be a cool effect.
Rioter Comments
Vonyalo (EUW)
: I dunno how people watch LCS and pro LoL in general. It's the most boring shit I've ever seen.
I play it when I go to sleep LMFAO ######Cause I get anxiety and need to distract my mind
: I like it when Riot designs champs around being counters
Yay Big Lincoln is back <3 {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: Doesn't matter if you and you team are stacked on each other if he autos you for 3/4 your health, then e away while q-ing you in mid air.
Same with Shaco who doesn't even need isolation and Wukong who knocks up your whole team so they can't help you at all. That's a problem with duskblade tho :T
: People acting like getting hit by a double shuriken before didn't kick you out of lane. I still think Zed is too safe in lane for being melee vs range and arguably having better pushing/all-in potential than most mages, but getting hit by 2 uninterrupted shurikens is asking to die pre or post buff Zed since chances are if he hits both he is GOING to all-in and ult you with ignite+electrocute meaning the buff didn't matter anyway since it will all most likely be overkill.
Why SHOULD range have advantage over melee?? Why CAN'T a melee champion be a lane bully?
: Zed's shurikens already do reduced damage for passing through units, which the argument here conveniently neglects. If you're regularly eating clean double/triple shurikens from Zed, it's expected to be pretty rough for you.
kargish (EUW)
: Kha'zix is currently everything assassins have been reworked away from
Meh... Shaco and Wukong do the same thing who cares. I personally find it insanely fun to play and when I'm against it I just make sure to tell my team to stay together if we are going into the jungle or to be careful around brush.
Poske (EUNE)
: As a high elo ap assassin main
If you rush the item like 2nd or even 1st you can get an insane burst off depending on what champion you play. I had a Vlad straight up 100-0 me with it fully stacked. I didn't respect the all in with empowered Q because I knew I could trade back but whoops. I think a good buff would be to increase the M/S boost when at 100 stacks... Also maybe add on something to the active because it's called Spellbinder? * Decrease flat ms from 7% to 5% * Increase active ms from 30% to 50% Some things to add to active? * First spell hit silences for X time * During the duration increase CDR cap by X% and gain X% CDR * Spell that hit you extend the duration by X time * During the duration get X% spell vamp
: Roleplaying in this MOBA game is quite hard, down right impossible since it expects you to do objectives that some champions would not even bother with in lore.
I wasn't necessarily doing roleplaying with old Quinn. But I was definitely imagining a clear scene of Quinn fighting an opponent for a moment than rushing out of the fight with Valor coming in from a different angle to take down a target.
: Anyone else feel like they lack basic human empathy?
It's part of being INTP. However I understand sympathy and empathy and if you can at least understand it and know how to act appropriately you can get by just fine. You don't need to feel it to show it. Emojis when talking about serious things are stupid, really really stupid.
Vanjie (NA)
: Riot Developers "In Hindsight We Should've Listened to Karma Mains"
Glory97 (EUW)
: Yasuo with conqueror in the midlane?! wtf is that dmg
First off it actually doesn't add that much damage if you actually check the damage that WOULD'VE BEEN MITIGATED if it weren't true damage.
: When it comes to gameplay matching a champion's thematic and personality, Ekko is absolutely perfect
: > [{quoted}](name=KoKoboto,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=gXwAaNIi,comment-id=002300000000,timestamp=2018-04-09T00:01:43.104+0000) > > I personally find it difficult to sexualize a lot of KPOP people because the body image for Koreans is really skinny. In comparison to Western and other places where it&#x27;s about being THICC. Also because I&#x27;ve seen a lot of this group in interviews and stuff I find it way too difficult to sexualize them. They are underage btw, very new group. > > Did you like the song? Well, I have no idea what they were singing, though I could probably make a good guess, but yeah I guess. Also just because they have a different body type doesn't mean it wasn't sexual and now its even worse because you confirmed them being underage.
: > [{quoted}](name=KoKoboto,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=gXwAaNIi,comment-id=0023,timestamp=2018-04-07T18:08:10.911+0000) > > Meh who cares. Korea has KPOP: > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBbeuXW8Nko That was way more sexual then I was expecting, especially because those girls seem underaged to me.
I personally find it difficult to sexualize a lot of KPOP people because the body image for Koreans is really skinny. In comparison to Western and other places where it's about being THICC. Also because I've seen a lot of this group in interviews and stuff I find it way too difficult to sexualize them. They are underage btw, very new group. Did you like the song?
KoKoboto (NA)
: Stop taking this GAME seriously
Dafuq are my upvotes at eh? I'm on team V-Neck eh???
Rioter Comments
: Riot really needs to stop over-sexualizing fantasy dragons.
Juhachi (NA)
: Why did riot apologize about making Kai'sa? "overly sexualized"
Sure if Rito wants to make trash characters story-wise with no thematic cohesion they have all the right too.
: All of cowseps accounts banned by riot Korea after he exposes korean toxicity.
Meh who cares. Korea has KPOP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBbeuXW8Nko
: Kha’zix doesn’t need his isolation damage anymore
Yeah basically isolated vs with the team makes no differences because of duskblade. If anything if they are isolated you just 150-0 them rather than 100-0 them lool
Vekkna (NA)
: Malz is the only one that will get the kill at 6.
It's not about getting the kill. It's about surviving lane phase so that you WILL be more useful in a teamfight. Zed is a lane bully. Also any of those champions can kill Zed... It's always a skill match-up
Vekkna (NA)
: >just land CC and abilities Unless you're under turret or he's below full hp, you'll still die and he won't (you miiiight be able to get him with Ignite). Most mages' cc is just a snare, which doesn't stop Zed from unloading his QEaa, and you can't move fast enough to just walk out of his range. Most mages' hard cc is delayed long enough for Zed to at least QE and the mark will still kill you.
OP said they play Anivia, Lissandra, Malzahar which all have the tools to stop Zed. I said it in my comment...
Iręlią (NA)
: So Far My Experiences on and against Irelia.
Personally think she might kill a bit too fast when rushing bruiser items like triforce into titanic hydra but meh.
: Defy the odds and perform the impossible
: I seriously have no idea what to do against Zed mid after 6
lmao flash R dead...? You should be able to react to where he is going to land after his R (If you didn't know he will appear behind you) than just land CC and abilities. Try to dodge the Q and if you can't just flash away. He shouldn't be able to just flash R kill you unless you really misplay or he really outplays you hard. If you're playing Lissandra you need to try and harass with Q and auto attacks early on. Just use ultimate to stop each of his ultimates and use W whenever he gets close, you can also bait him under your tower with your E if he ults you. Kayle isn't the best match-up because she needs time to scale. For Anivia you should be able to win everytime if he ults you just stun him, just manage your R cooldown and don't play too aggressive if your Q and R are both on CD. Malzahar just perma pushes the wave so... Zyra just make sure to play around plants, Zyra isn't the best to counter... You would need to rely on your skill. I think exhaust is better than barrier if you are trying to play against assassins, barrier is better against mages. And if all else fails just pick a tank into mid, rush sunfire and just push. Zed is ALWAYS a skill match-up and it just seems like you need better reaction time. The lack of detail in your post makes me believe you probably lose to everything. If you can't react I could 100-0 you with Xerath, Azir, Ahri, Fizz, Ekko, Talon, Anivia, Syndra, any champion. Edit: Lastly, respect Zed but also respect yourself. If you see that you can find an advantage in lane to harass and go for a kill go for it. Just be weary of his abilities and keep track of his cooldowns.
: Rework Concept: Mordekaiser, the Iron Revenant
I think the ultimate is too similar to Yoricks. I think a cool thing to add to it would be during the channel Mordekaiser would heal a bit because he's snatching their soul for his own army.
LuigiTSG (NA)
: This is currently pinned on the boards main page: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-support/IiU4rJdY-issue-submitting-support-ticket
That's a different issue. ATM you can't even log into Riot support. Thanks tho
: Your ISP has a congested point somewhere on the path between you and the servers. Run a traceroute and contact your ISP with the information. Also best of luck getting it resolved it can often times be a pain.
Thanks for the help. Where should I run the tracert to cause like when using the internet everything is fine but when I try to use games I get rekt. Edit: Nothing out of the ordinary I think? The results are under 100ms throughout. Start at 20 and end up at around 80 near the end.
Initial (NA)
: Can't login to support page
I'm getting this issue as well. You will also be logged out from the boards.
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