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: Gets 14 day suspnsion because of fightback against flamer in a normal game.
Whether you're playing a normal game, ranked game, aram or rotating map, all the same rules apply. The rules don't just disappear simply because you're playing a different mode. You agreed to the rules for the overall game, not for a specific game mode.
Valikaze (NA)
: Help!! RP Stolen
He would need to submit a ticket about the issue so that they could investigate it. If successful, the skins would be removed from the person it was gifted to, and they would either return the RP to him or give him the skins assuming he hasn't purchased more fg and unlocked for himself since then if that's what he wanted. If he tries a different approach, such as challenging the payment with his bank, his account would be at risk. It would get banned pending repayment of charges that he cancelled. He should also update his information if he hasn't done so already. If someone else had access to his account, that means his account security was compromised, and he needs to update it. If an account gets compromised too many time, they may determine the account to be too compromised for the real owner to be determined and result in a ban, or banned for potential abuse of the system. Also, you must be friends with someone for a day before you're able to gift something to them. So, this person must have either been on their list as a friend, or their account has been compromised multiple times.
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: Why I'm Toxic
I've won games where literally everyone else had a negative score at one point in the game, from 5 to 10+ deaths in the negative. We were behind as a team by over 30 deaths. We were playing as a party of 5, so it's not like we were dragging randoms in the match with us. Everyone else wanted to surrender. I told them if they surrendered, I wouldn't play with them anymore, because I don't want to play with people who decide it's time to give up long before the match has been decided. 3 of them pressed yes, one of them decided to press no with me. We split all lanes and just farmed up to make up for past losses, because we knew that grouping at that point wouldn't have worked for us. I started getting kills in bot lane. Jungle started ganking top and making progress up there. Eventually, it got to a point where I was able to 1v3 any of them with ease. We grouped up, won a team fight, pushed 4 turrets, inhib and nexus, and won the game. You are wasting your own time when you decide to give up early. The longer a game goes on, the more equal your chances of winning or losing become. You got stomped earlier in the game because someone was able to get an upper hand. When they use that advantage, they're able to build 1, 2 or even more full items than other players, depending on how bad they snowballed you. But you know what? Later on in the game, eventually everyone will have a full build. They no longer have the multiple item advantage over you. A single team fight can determine the match, regardless of how behind you were earlier in the game.
Senpanda (NA)
: Why is 15 minute ff still requiring all 5 people
I pressed "No" on a surrender vote yesterday when everyone else pressed yes. We won. Also, I've had a game where people were calling surrender votes on cd, getting 3 "Yes" votes every time, but I'd always vote "No". We won a fight and were pushing to their nexus with them aced and 50s on res. I pressed "Yes" and gave them what they wanted, and for some reason, they seemed upset.
: Im sick of getting trolls in my game and then reported for being pissed at the.
> why do i not have the right to flame someone who is ruining my fucking game When you flame one person, you're ruining the game for them, for the other 3 members on your team, and if done in all chat, for everyone else in that game. > and if you say a swear word omg you going to get fucking banned for 14 days You're allowed to use vulgar language to express how you feel, but you're not allowed to use it directly at other players. "Holy shit that was amazing!" is perfectly acceptable, whereas "You're shit" is not. > i even spent money on this game like holy shit like you shouldnt get perma banns for fucking flaming in the game They don't care how much money you've spent. They enforce their rules equally, regardless of whether you spent $0 or $5000. > i do not go out of my fucking way to try to ruin someone games i just get fucking mad at people wasting my fucking time is that really that fucking bad Being directly rude even to one single team member causes disfunction throughout the entire team. > thats why they perma ban you instead of just muting you completly when your toxic so youll make another account and buy more skins I'm sure they don't rely on people they've banned to return and spend more money as a main source of income. I believe they have tried mutes however, but it's ineffective in the sense that a troll who got permanently muted will simply find different ways to ruin the game for others. If you know you have a problem dealing with other people, you should go ahead and mute everyone at the start of the match, rather than expecting everyone else to mute you.
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: Champion suddenly stop doing anything for a sec or 2 but the game is still going.
It sounds like a packet loss issue to me. [This thread]( may help you narrow down your issue though.
I Yuke I (NA)
: More Chat examples worthy of a ban
If that resulted in a ban, then it's very likely that you have had multiple previous punishments. A chat restriction is not a ban though. It's a very light form of punishment. The more punishments you've had, the more likely you'd be punished for lighter behavior in the future. The only things I could imagine being wrong about this text are mildly negative attitude directed at your jungler, and asking for reports. Even mildly negative behavior can result in punishment if you have a long history of punishments already received.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Are Riot TRYING to cause more bans?
I personally enjoy the large variety with gameplay. It's much better than, for example, having 30 assassin type characters who all have different combinations of the same 10 skills. When something new is introduced, people are forced to learn and adapt the way they played previously. This goes for items, new champions, reworked champions, different modes, and whatever other changes you can think of. Every champion has their own gimmick, and through not every champion is able to walk through or jump over walls, they each have things that other champions may not have. There are ways to avoid most things that would one shot you, and if you feel you can't avoid it, you can build to counter it. You have to adjust your playstyle and build according to who you're playing with and against. Not all champs can teleport. Not all champs can jump or walk through walls. Not all champs can create their own obstacles to block others. Not all champs can heal others. Not all champs have good ranged poke. Not all champs can dive their opponent and make a good thing of it. Not all champs can charge or leap on their enemy. Not all champs can stun, snare or fear their opponent. Not all champs have a massive radius/range on their ult. If you want to argue against what some champs can do, prepare for a massive debate of what that champ cannot do compared to what other champs can do. If getting one shot is upsetting to you, play tankier. If you're being one shot, it's probably because you and your opponent are both fully investing into damage, and you ended up getting caught or being splat first. Most new champions on release do seem a bit overwhelming, but it's often largely due to people not knowing how that champion works. They may not know what skills they have, and therefore don't know what to expect until they see it first hand. In my personal opinion, a lot of the new champs don't seem nearly as op as you're trying to make it sound. In most cases, I've seen them either succeed, or fail miserably.
Dracozx (NA)
: I'm a little bit confused. you said "The penalty increases for people who intentionally dodge repeatedly", and now the penalty starts with 15 min and is capped at 60min. Do you think that's enough for people who intentionally dodge repeatedly?
That allows me to find a new game without them being in the queue. It also extends to the point where I can play multiple games without them even being able to queue still. So yes, I do believe that's enough.
Dracozx (NA)
: that's seriously wrong. I'am angry because my game gets dodged on average 2 times before it starts. It's so fking time wasting and annoying. Imagine you want to play a quick game so you pick ARAM but you spend 5 mins sitting there for queuing - dodging- queuing -dodging. BTW, my op Champions are definitely not op champions that dodgers think of. I love funny champions like mundo, Garen, Sion in ARAM. And I'm sure no constant dodger will dodge for not getting those champions lol. And, are you a constant dodger?
Mundo, Garen and Sion are all great champions in ARAM, and I would gladly play them over a good percentage of other champions. I play whatever I get, and roll for variety. I never dodge intentionally. I have dodged games unintentionally as a result of power outages, internet going out, and computer/client crashes.
Dracozx (NA)
: The queue dodging penalty should be harsher!!!
I play ARAM for the majority of my games, and own every champion. I'm fine with playing any of them. I use rolls when I think my team needs more variety. The penalty increases for people who intentionally dodge repeatedly. If someone doesn't want to play the game with the champion they were matched with, then I'm glad I'm not playing the game with them. Queue times are fast compared to many other games, so it's not much of an issue imo.
: why are players permanently banned and not permanently muted
People get banned after multiple or extremely offensive acts. They broke the rules, and chose to do so repeatedly. They are warned about what will happen, and don't change their behavior. They get what's coming to them. It's not as if they don't deserve it. If someone gets banned for their negative chat behavior, how do you think they'll react in the future to something that upsets them? If they aren't able to ruin someone's experience in the game through chat, they'll likely resort to abusing pings, emotes, and ruining the general gameplay. People are free to make a new account if their previous account gets banned, with few extreme exceptions of IP bans. If someone is free to make a new account, they are also able to continue providing that player count, continue making purchases, and continue sales. In fact, there are most likely people who have purchased the same things multiple times as a result of their inability to improve their behavior.
: Post Removed, Must Mean I Was Right?
It doesn't matter what game mode you're playing. Whether you're in ranked, normal, aram or rotating modes, all the same rules apply. If you don't know what you did wrong, here's some samples. Calling for reports is unnecessary and a form of harassment. A single report is just as powerful as 9. KANSAS CITY STAR: report lux KANSAS CITY STAR: pretty much a loser for KANSAS CITY STAR: what?' You probably think you're trying to fix the situation. You're not. You're only making it worse. KANSAS CITY STAR: go to tanked to be a dick KANSAS CITY STAR: so sick of little kids all around the world talking all big KANSAS CITY STAR: cant yall jus get along and stfu If you don't want to surrender, press no. There's no point in starting an argument and bringing down the whole team. KANSAS CITY STAR: Id rather play with 4 noobs who try not to feed but got 1/5 KANSAS CITY STAR: than a buncha fuckin punks who cant take shit and wanna forfeit Rank shaming is rude to other players. Placement is much more lax in norms. If you want to play your own rank, play ranked. KANSAS CITY STAR: say somethin KANSAS CITY STAR: im so glad u guys wanna stay bronze forever You talk like you're better than others, and yet saying you're feeding. Intentional? If so, that's not allowed anywhere. KANSAS CITY STAR: IM FEEDING IN NORMS OH NOT KANSAS CITY STAR: NO KANSAS CITY STAR: i really dont get it KANSAS CITY STAR: everyone talking shit that im feeding KANSAS CITY STAR: whats the point of norms KANSAS CITY STAR: go to ranked if u wanna be so careful For someone who wants to act like they're more mature than others, you seem very immature through the entire log. KANSAS CITY STAR: i jus dont understand why people play just to be mad they lost before the games over KANSAS CITY STAR: i think kids should go play with toys I'm sure I could pick out more from this chat log if you really wanted me to.
: there is nothing... i repeat.. nothing fucking random about aram......
It might seem that way in the eyes of someone who owns few champs. On the other hand, I've owned every champ, long before this post, which was over 5 months ago by the way. Nothing random? You get a random champion that you own or is available to you once you join a game, thus your point is invalid. If you want, I could list more points to counter your argument.
: all of my data is from other players not myself. why would hundreds of games of statistics be made up? it is fact.
The point is, hundreds of games is nothing in terms of statistics.
: it might feel like early game doesnt matter much and late game anything can happen but the statistics show differently. looking at multiple accounts across hundreds of games, an early lead of 2k or more leads to a 90% chance of victory. sorry man statistics dont lie.
Hundreds of games? At least consider thousands of games before attempting to throw any form of made up statistics, and include data from others, not just yourself.
Mig89 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kokua,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=1ElRxO2b,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-07T08:37:08.026+0000) > > My shop is empty this time. And it was empty last time. And the time before that. > > Why must I already own everything in the shop and not be able to take advantage of shop discount prices? > {{sticker:sg-soraka}} You own every skin in the game?
> [{quoted}](name=Mig89,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=1ElRxO2b,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2018-06-07T12:49:33.081+0000) > > You own every skin in the game? No, not every skin. Only 821 of them. All the ones available in the store and hextech at least. > [{quoted}](name=Warlord Rhinark,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=1ElRxO2b,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-06-07T12:38:00.290+0000) > > With that amount of money, we could cure cancer. People who want to cure cancer have a tendency to disappear when they get close enough to the cure.
JoeChemo (NA)
: Oh next time I log in... Here it is... I'll throw some context in here... Game 1 In-Game JoeChemo: yup --*5 minutes camille wants to ff JoeChemo: yeah how about no --*Voli in all chat says we should just ff and that he isn't bm'ing JoeChemo: sounds like bm JoeChemo: nope --*probably 12 minutes in and I am trying to stop them from pushing by myself and they call me a prick because I am not opening the game to let them push JoeChemo: not sure why they are calling me a prick JoeChemo: yeah JoeChemo: I am trying JoeChemo: it's ranked JoeChemo: go paly norms JoeChemo: if you want to fuck aroudn JoeChemo: yes this one --*somewhere around this point they are telling me to stop trying JoeChemo: it is ranked JoeChemo: you picked solo/duo JoeChemo: now get your ass back in teh game JoeChemo: please report this camille --*telling them to report camille because he keeps whining.... I then say to report wukong because I died 2 feet away from him and he is just dancing JoeChemo: okay report wukong too --*everyone is saying to now report me....... JoeChemo: report for what? JoeChemo: bming JoeChemo: trolling JoeChemo: same with wukong JoeChemo: rofl JoeChemo: how much did you pay them? --*enemy said it was over and I should have ff'd... Again though, it's ranked and we should try to win should we not? JoeChemo: it wasn't over when he started crying about it --*someone said the game was over again JoeChemo: yeah because you gave up way before that JoeChemo: you dumbass JoeChemo: pay attention --*Enemy said they are play they know how to snowball JoeChemo: we are also plat JoeChemo: we know how to stop snowballs JoeChemo: is this how all palt games are? JoeChemo: where one team just whines to open? JoeChemo: send me back to bronze if it is JoeChemo: yawn JoeChemo: please give me plats on my team too JoeChemo: then play like one JoeChemo: I can't 1v5 JoeChemo: come help the game Post-Game --*we were all in river and I got killed and 'gave up' first blood because I was 1 cm closer than the person behind me --*someone said I fucked top lane JoeChemo: I fucked his lane? JoeChemo: lol JoeChemo: easily JoeChemo: you just deal with it
Asking for reports is unnecessary, and is a form of offense towards others. A single report is just as powerful as if all 9 people reported 1 person. Your single report is all that you need. Being directly rude to someone is not acceptable, regardless of whether or not they were directly rude to you first. Shaming people based on their rank or skill is not acceptable. If you did not agree with others giving up on the match, report them afterwards, there's no need to argue. Just keep playing as normal. You are not required to give up simply because others want to.
: Discussion on bannable offenses (My support alone made me want to quit league)
When someone trolls you, and it doesn't seem to exactly fit any of the report options, pick the closest matching option, and write a good long comment explaining what they did wrong. This gives them some context for the report. While picking off champs and not following the meta isn't against the rules, you could argue the point that Teemo was ruining your enjoyment of the game by intentionally ruining your lane, which is an offense.
zPic (NA)
: punish me not the troll >:(
You are punished based on your behavior alone. If you're negative to someone, you're going against the rules. Regardless of who you're being negative to. Just because someone else is doing something bad doesn't mean you have the right to be bad to them. If you were punished for breaking the rules, then it's not a wrongful punishment.
TheM0rd0r (EUNE)
: My opinion on league
I've never watched streamers, as I prefer to play, not watch someone else play. If you're having a bad experience, it's probably also in part with how you play and how you behave with others. I personally have more enjoyable games than not, and if for some reason I'm not enjoying it, I switch games. Constantly playing the same thing, especially if it's getting you upset, can build up stress. It's quite relaxing and a lot more enjoyable to switch between different games, and going back after you've calmed down.
JoeChemo (NA)
: Chat Restrictions Due to NOT wanting to surrender in a ranked game
A story from my childhood... A woman and a police officer once knocked on my door, and my dad answered. My dad is white. The woman said, "Your son hit my son because he's black!" My mom walks up to the door and says, "EXCUSE ME?" My mom is a dark skinned Hawaiian Filipino, about the same tone as the other woman. The woman tried to pull the minority / hate crime excuse, and that backfired. The woman looked at her, then said, "Your son hit my son because he wears glasses!" I walked up to the door. Wearing my glasses. The woman tried to pull another hate crime excuse, and that backfired. The woman saw my glasses. The officer was smiling, because he knew the woman was just making up stories. What really happened? I beat up her son because he was kicking my little sister. I walked away from the fight, and he charged after me. So I beat him up twice. I was about to break his arm, but my cousin convinced me to walk away again. Morale of the story is... You may tell us one story, but that story may not be anywhere near the truth. We have no way of knowing what happened with no evidence provided. You may give us the story you want to tell us. But more often than not, when given the evidence for your punishment, it backfires.
: Come to me, All of you Bronzies and Silvers, Who are weary and burdened.
If ARAM had a ranked mode, we could play some time. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
: So My Shop opened again this year...
My shop is empty this time. And it was empty last time. And the time before that. Why must I already own everything in the shop and not be able to take advantage of shop discount prices? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: 14 day bans are b.s.
In short, it sounds like: "This is a toxic community and I'm mad because I was punished for being toxic like everyone else. I quit!" {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} See you in 2 weeks.
: we should be surrendering a lot more
I won't do early surrenders. If there is a surrender later in the game, it's because every other player wanted to surrender. I've had so many games where all it took was a single team fight win to push towards a victory. I've played games where we were losing in every lane, and we still ended up winning. I play to enjoy the game. I don't play for quick victories, or quick matches. Late game is a completely different situation compared to early and mid game, and for some reason, people are scared of late game. If you're on the losing side, your chances of winning decrease. After a period of time, that chance of winning increases again, eventually becoming a 50/50 chance to win or lose the match. Likewise, if you're on the winning side, it is to your advantage to push as hard as you can and try to win early, as your chances of winning later on will decrease.
: can't see my own club
This may sound a little obvious, but... Have you tried restarting your client, and if that didn't work, restarting your computer? Sometimes people leave them open for extended periods of time, and a simple refresh could fix their problems.
: 14 day for int feeding didnt even int. 0/7/1 with an afker. this game is a joke
Bring it up with a support and explain the situation. They'll review it, and if they believe you're correct, they could lift the punishment. The punishment system was made by people, and since people are flawed, their creations are too. The system makes mistakes too, and if you believe there has been a mistake, speak up about it through the proper channels. However, behaving negatively as a result does not support your case.
: Because I'm An "Extra Mile" Kinda Guy
5 people can read the exact same message and interpret it 5 different ways. Plain text has no emotion attached to it. People attach emotion to it based on how they read it. One piece of text may look informative, a statement of fact, or even come off as rude depending on who is reading it, and how they read it. Support is a very tedious job, especially on forums. You feel like you're repeating the same thing 100 times, and sometimes you just respond based on what is correct, not based on what they want to hear.
Zamiel33 (NA)
: Why do you think it would not be reasonable to do if Riots own support people ADMIT that this is the cause of many of the issues during games? Many other games have minimum requirements to play in PvP portions of their games.
Many games in general, including League, have minimum requirements to play, and recommended minimum setups that are above the minimum requirements. Instead of restricting players to play based on connection, something that you could argue is being able to search games within an specific ping range, similar to CS:GO. This will get you games with your desired ping range, but won't necessarily mean that other players will all have that range of ping too. Limiting your player base according to what ping they are able to get literally cuts out a massive portion of your player base from being able to play games. That's why it's not reasonable based on the way you described it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kokua,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XoHYgGdY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-06-06T13:09:12.892+0000) > > I don't know... Path of Exile makes a pretty good Diablo replacement. Just felt like a D2 clone, D3 has better gameplay than both D2 and PoE. It just lacked in other areas.
> [{quoted}](name=Hypochondria9,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XoHYgGdY,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-06-06T15:39:29.055+0000) > > Just felt like a D2 clone, D3 has better gameplay than both D2 and PoE. It just lacked in other areas. PoE changes with every new season / league. I just tried it again recently, and was surprised at the amount of new content that's been added since the last time I played. It was a good change.
Solutate (NA)
: Ofc teemo sup
Your chat behavior pre, during, and post game are all held accountable for, and that's how it should be. People often think that the game is over and is no longer being tracked, and therefore they're free to rage against others as much as they'd like. I'm glad that's not the case. What's wrong with having a Teemo as a support?
: > [{quoted}](name=Kokua,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=m8EBe3Vw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-06T13:36:50.126+0000) > > I've personally never had an IFS notification, though I've never sat around hoping to see one. It's possible that I've had them without noticing/caring. In my opinion, It's not my business to know whether or not my report led to punishment. I'm happy knowing that it at least gets tacked on to their history of negative behavior. That's strange, you've never gotten a random one at the very least? I think I've gotten extremely rare instances where IFS mentions it punished someone I reported at any time prior, but it was usually after a game that didn't really have issues. I admire your attitude towards knowing the fate of people you reported, though. No sarcasm intended if it ends up sounding like it, but I'm nowhere near an upstanding player like you. I'm perhaps a bit vengeful regarding toxicity.
I only report those who I believe truly deserve it. I let a lot of mild attitude slide. If anything, I'd leave lesser offenses up to someone else or the system to catch. A single report is all that's necessary for a single game, multiple reports don't make the offense any greater. If it's bad enough, the system will pick it up even without a report. If I'm on, it's because I have the intent to play a game. I jump into games almost immediately after logging on. If I do not intend to play another, I generally log out shortly after the game ends. Hence why I may miss notifications.
: Guys, I think IFS does work for the most toxic cases
I've personally never had an IFS notification, though I've never sat around hoping to see one. It's possible that I've had them without noticing/caring. In my opinion, It's not my business to know whether or not my report led to punishment. I'm happy knowing that it at least gets tacked on to their history of negative behavior.
: I say terrible things in abbreviations
Just as long as you're not using everyone's favorite 3 letter abbreviation for an immediate ban, you should be fine. ilyfpti. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: New Diablo game likely coming out
I don't know... Path of Exile makes a pretty good Diablo replacement.
: Why The Community Is a Total Disgrace
When the new season started, there was a set of ranked missions -- the only reason why I have a rank for this season. Of all my placement matches, there was only 1 game where everyone seemed to enjoy the game, on both sides of the team. There was even a friendly conversation going on in all chat. If the majority of matches were like this one, I would actually enjoy playing ranked. Since ranked matches generally hold a more toxic group of players who tend to blame everyone else but their selves, and elitist minded people who want everything done the way they picture it in their own head, I tend to avoid it. This applies to ranked modes across multiple games, not just League. As a result, I've played ARAM for the majority of my time on this game, and I enjoy event modes when they come around -- which sadly is few and far between now. If you take a step back and look at people's overall behavior online, it's fairly bad in general. Now, if you're looking to enjoy multiplayer games, you're best off finding a group of players that you enjoy being with, or learning to care less about what others say or do. Also, if you put less value into what rank you are and just enjoy the game, you'll likely be less stressed when your rank changes.
: my name is mohammed
You get multiple chances to reform before pushing all the way up to a permanent ban. Unless you can prove without a doubt that you were wrongly banned and have the community actually agree with you, then there's practically no hope for you. For the vast majority of permanent bans, they are justified and irreversible. Permanent bans that were lifted and brought a lot of attention to were not accounts being unbanned, but actual players who were banned and would be banned on sight in any future account. You can create a new account, and if you follow the rules, you won't have to worry about being banned. No amount of time or money spent will convince them to look the other way.
KevKeks (NA)
: this client makes me wanna play fortnite (my shop bugg)
If you don't own a champion for a skin that is offered, the price of the champion is included. Buy the champion, and the price gets reduced. It's random, not based on what you already own -- obviously.
washim01 (EUW)
: Hey, I am working on the same project for the analysis of the player behavior, how player well played? This is one variable I selected for getting the close relationship to win or lose?
Nexus position has very little effect on how a player behaves for the majority of a match, unless you're trying to draw a layout of the entire map and pinpoint exact player movements on that map. While nexus are located at both sides of the map, they do not represent the corners of said map, and wouldn't be the best reference points. If something never changes, it's a constant, not a variable. The position of each nexus are constants, unless you're comparing player behavior across multiple game modes and reusing variable names, while players attacking a nexus are variables, as there are many different positions you could attack the nexus from, and vary based on champion. A player's behavior is influences heavily by other player's behaviors. It varies based on the players, their behaviors, their champions, their playstyles, the current situation, and many other things. The nexus only influences player behavior for a tiny portion of a match, and won't give much detail towards a "close relationship" to winning or losing a match.
washim01 (EUW)
: Position_Nexus
Sounds like you're trying to set up a bot or something. If it wasn't for shady purposes, you would have had no problem with posted this question on your main as opposed to a fresh account. But assuming you don't have wrongful intentions, would you care to explain why you need such information?
: Bug Splats...
There's [a list of things]( you could try. If none of those work, are you getting any type of error message along with that? It might be able to point you in the right direction.
Nymphzor 34 (EUNE)
: Why I stopped playing this game
Some games changed over time. Others simply maintained what they made 10 years ago. New things have ALWAYS been coming in and out of LoL. Just because your old meta is no longer viable doesn't mean the game is garbage. If you're looking for something that hasn't changed, go ahead and google some dead games and play them while they're still being supported.
: About a club
Based on the [Clubs Guide](; What happens if the owner of my club gets permabanned? Someone from the club should contact Player Support here, and we can transfer ownership of the club to the next-highest-ranking member.
budda383 (EUW)
: report
There is no way for you to find out if any of your reports have led to punishments apart from instant feedback, or what kind of punishments. There is no list that you can look at to see past reports/punishments. If you try to request this information, they'll tell you that they are unable to give it to you.
: Why do I get a chat restriction for only one game of "toxic behavior"? (in JP, but I only speak Eng)
The only things i could possibly imagine being reportable offenses with just the text and no context would be possibly giving up on the match, and refusing to help your team. Speaking a different language isn't a valid reason to be reported. You can find examples of [reportable behavior here](
: Um yaaaa it is..riot is pretty much banning their entire player base...for whatever reason anymore. its why the game is dying...people are just tired of their politics and banning everyone for no really good reason. Back in the day u had to be pretty aggressive negative racial to get a u can get it just for telling a guy to go so bad now.
People aren't randomly banned. People are being held up to a standard that is higher than today's typical societal behavior, and those standards are being enforced as necessary. If people weren't so constantly negative towards other people, there wouldn't be so many people getting punished. Telling someone to go to a different lane is not reportable, and thus not punishable. However, being directly rude to someone while telling them to go to a different lane is.
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