: Add stun duration diminishing returns, or immunity/resistance/lower duration to stun items.
: Why do people buy all the champs in the shop?
Depends on the strat. I have been winning most of my games lately because people are trying to hoard champs. Meaning they have gold sitting behind their board ( in champs they will not use) instead of using it to get the vital early champs they will need. Their is truth that it reduces the chances that someone else will get that champ. I used to be one of those players that bought all the champs and hoarded my gold for interest, the would waste tons of gold later on trying to get my champs up to 3 star. Now I usually have more 3 star champs then most people, (sometimes by a large margin) but I do not have the interest from hoarding gold. If you are playing with with a team that has a lot of tier 1 champs( like noble) don't hoard. If you are playing with tier 2 or above (like glacial) hoard like your life depends on it.
: For the love of god, fix the number of level 3 champions a player can get. It's annoying,
This has to do with spending your money early vs late game and getting interest. Every level you get beyond level 3, common champs become more and more rare. I spent the first week of my gameplay complaining about this very thing because I was banking my gold to 50 so I would have more money, then I would spend 100 gold and get none of my common champs because they were so rare. Now I spend and roll early and more often then not have 2-4 3 star champs by the time I hit level 6. Here is a cheat sheet someone made to help out with this. https://i.imgur.com/GH1uVQJ.png As you can see there comes a point when you would want to start focusing on your mid tier champions instead of wasting gold trying to level your low tier.
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: Blitzcrank Exiles Dragon on Pull
Had the same thing happen with opponent using blitz to grab my 3 start Tristana with full health. She disappeared ( as if dead) and opponent won the match. Even opponent was like WTF.
Bolivir (EUW)
: Item outside of area
I have seen this as well. Champs show up there occasionally one on top of the other.
: Patch 9.8 Notes
I don't know if you read these but you should. Your community is telling you loud and clear to REINSTATE BANS. There are a few "i'ts bit all random, coinflip is fun, getting lucky and rolling other team is fun" comments, but these have all been downvoted. Almost every single "Bring back bans!" post has been upvoted. So how about you listen to the community on a mode that is just for fun. We are after all, the ones who play it.

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