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Keyru (NA)
: Discord Verification
Konanni (NA)
: Boards Profile Not Working Correctly
Any ideas @Broporo or @Porocles?
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Picanha96 (EUNE)
: Thank you Riot for not Banning me!
While I totally understand wanting to bring light to a player's behavior, the Boards isn't the place to do it and even is in the Universal Rules. If you want to discuss it with support, send in a ticket.
: So why don't you just bring back team builder so that ALL regions can be happy.... PLEASE
You know, I'd love to see Team Builder replace Blind Pick personally, but who knows if that will happen or not.
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: Worst Overwatch map?
The correct answer to this is Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Teams NEVER want to push the payload in the beginning in competitive.
: Did i deserve an S in this game?
Nope, solely due to your extremely low farm for a game that lasted 50+ minutes especially as a Nasus.
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: So I was just on the phone with a company
Right there with you, this has happened to me more than once, mostly when going through drive-thrus
RaiRules (NA)
: RE: Assholes in League and Why this List Exists Rather than Reporting Them
Two things here: - Once a thread has been removed, nobody can see it but the OP (you) and the mod team that took it down. - Naming and shaming is absolutely not allowed on the Boards and if you were doing so in your original post, that's why it got removed.
: Went 23/2/12 with Leblanc and only got S- . Not complaining, just curious about how rating works.
Based off your screenshot, I'd say it's because your CS wasn't that high for the time spent in the game. I know your KDA was awesome, but I think CS still factors in.
lSSlMuff (NA)
: If your in bronze or silver
Did you not just complain about getting a day ban from the Boards? Pretty sure insulting garbage like this would be why.
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wop (NA)
So I gotta ask: why would you want to use a controller over a KB/M? It's like handicapping yourself for no real reason.
Konanni (NA)
: Giving away ONE $10 US PSN code, figure out the missing letter to redeem it!
Can't really test it myself, but anyone figure it out? If not, I'll post the entire code in 45 minutes at 1:30 AM EST.
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Yutaji (NA)
: I Posted A Piece Of Art In Story & Art
The Culture and Guidelines of Story & Art specifically state that fan art isn't allowed there. That's why the removal happened. Community Creations would be a great place for it though!
Konanni (NA)
: How would you react if....
I've loved reading some of these responses since I originally made this thread, keep em coming! Also, I'll add in my new favorite champion I'm playing lately. {{champion:53}} "Hey {{champion:53}}, can you nab me a drink from the fridge? I'm in the middle of a heated match." "{{champion:53}} proceeds to put several holes through my wall using his Q to get said drink" "Man! I just fixed that wall last week!!! Can't you angle that arm of yours?!"
: Severely Toxic Player spotted, Would like to contact RIOT
Best way to get a direct communication for this toxic player you wanna report is gonna be through the ticketing system. You can provide any evidence to them through it, including images or video links. Here's the link to do so:
: I ulted and everybody noticed.
Was gonna say {{champion:30}} but instead, {{champion:56}} seems to be the right choice here.
: Patch Rundown 5.2
Enjoyed the video! Keep em coming!
Tamat (NA)
: League of Legends Music: The Curse of the Sad Mummy
Can't even give poor Amumu a hug... :(
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: I'd really like a answer as to why my topic was removed
Based off the link title, I'm gonna guess you were accusing people of toxicity or something along those lines. Naming and shaming is expressly forbidden on these Boards and if you want to report them, you would need to submit a ticket to Riot via the Player Support website.
: I love how ironic this is
Well, to be fair, discussing receiving a skin from Riot doesn't seem like it's fit for the Gameplay & Balance boards, but more for the Skins & Champ Concepts or Miscellaneous ones. Off topic, what'd you end up with? I got SKT T1 Zed on this account and Rocket Girl Tristy on my smurf.
: Slay Belle Surprise Icon (Client)
Hey friend, Did you participate in the Snowdown last year? If you earned it last year, it'll be farther down the list of your earned icons. If that's not the case, file a [Player Support Ticket]( and they'll be glad to check into it for you!
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Kara (NA)
Hey Kara, When on the Launcher, click on the cogwheel in the upper-right-hand corner and when the menu appears, use the slider to turn down the "SFX Volume". I couldn't stand that sound and as soon as that option was implemented, that sound got disabled IMMEDIATELY. I hope this helps!
: Where the hell am I supposed to post this??
Actually, your thread would be more fitting in [Help & Support]( per the [Report a Bug]( Culture and Etiquette. Note the bolded part of the Culture guidelines from the Report a Bug section below. This is the place to report bugs that you find within League of Legends. Something that occurs within the Client, patching related issues, or anything that involves gameplay (stuns not working, unintended interactions between abilities, vision issues, etc.) should be posted here! **Please do NOT post about disconnects or lag. Instead redirect those problems to Help & Support.** I hope this helps clarify what most likely happened!
Zeyb (NA)
: Where can I go to find out why my account was chat restricted?
Posting here in Help & Support is a good place on the Boards to find out, but a quicker solution would be to file a Player Support ticket so it can be investigated. You can use this [link]( to reach the page to submit the ticket.
: What do you like to do when you are not playing League? 10 Questions. I want to know YOU!
**1. How old are you (if you are comfortable)?** -- 28 years old. **2. What Music do you like to listen to? Care to share a link or a few? I LOVE music. ** -- Used to listen to nothing but what played on the radio. However, I'm absolutely enjoying music from artists like Zedd and Krewella as of late, oh and Lindsey Stirling! That chick is just amazing! **3. What other games do you like to play? Would you invite me?** -- Besides playing League, been playing Smash Bros for both Wii U and 3DS. Also playing Pokemon OR/AS and Fire Emblem Awakening again. Always looking for friends to play with, so of course I'd add you. **4. When you go to the outernet (outside) what do you enjoy doing? ** -- Bowling, swimming in the summertime, having family cookouts on the riverbank. **5. Reddit, 9gag or 4chan? Favorite sub/board?** -- I'd have go with Reddit for serious stuff and 4chan solely for the Wallpapers area. **6. What talents do you have? ** -- Not really sure of what talents I have persay, but I've always been that person who helps out all their friends with their problems, so I guess that makes me the "go-to" guy for help. **7. What is one of your favorite youtube videos or Gif? ** -- Anything by Sky Williams. The man is hilarious! **8. What is an accomplishment you have recently made? ** -- Honestly, getting the current job I have! Work from home and absolutely loving every minute of it. **9. Where do you want to go if you had the chance. ** -- I'd absolutely love to visit Los Angeles again or possibly New York, depending on the time of the year. **10. Who is your favorite League champion and why?** -- Karma is my favorite champion. I love her lore, both her old and new gameplay mechanics, and the fact of how versatile she can be.
: Item not being in Summoners Rift
Hey friend, With the release of Patch 4.20, the following items have been removed from the game: Sword of the Divine Executioner's Calling Atma's Impaler That would explain why you're not seeing them in the shop any longer. I would assume they'll be removed from the Item Sets soon.
: Delete my thread but dont help me?
Hey friend! If you're having issues patching your client, you can get help with that in the Report a Bug board.
: the enemy team surrended, but we got the loss.....what?
Did your team jokingly surrender when they did? If that's the case AND your team's surrender vote was recognized first by the servers, that would explain the loss.
: Rp Sale purchase
Hey there, If I'm not absolutely mistaken, if you purchase a champion or skin and it goes on sale within a week, you can put in a ticket to Player Support to be refunded the price difference. I can't guarantee this for you friend, but it's definitely worth a shot!
Elah2012 (NA)
: So I messed up...
Hey Elah2012, If you're referring to the 2014 End of Season Rewards (i.e. Victorious Morgana), then you unfortunately missed out. Riot only does that one pass when the season officially ended. If you're referring to your rank affecting you in the 2015 season however, that'll mean that your MMR will be affected when doing your new placement matches once Season 5 begins, so you have a good shot at staying in or around the Gold 3 placement where you currently sit. Hope this helps!
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I feel I'm pretty positive in my games, so you're free to go at my logs, Lyte. :D
: Gameplay - Jinx Q does not show indicator of whether PowPow or Fishbones is currently active.
Can confirm this, just tested on a custom game. Learned Q at level 1, switched between weapons and the indicator disappeared.
: When do you get borders from rewards.
My new border literally just kicked in, so you should see it soon if you earned it!
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: Should GD have it's own set of rules?
If I understand this right, basically what the OP's trying to say is that GD should be treated more like the current Roleplaying boards? I think if that were to happen, GD would HAVE to come off the list of Boards and be accessible if you have a link only.
: i reported someone...WTH mods
Hey there! If you reported them here on the Boards, it would most likely be due to name/shaming, which is absolutely not allowed. If you have someone to report for any reason, you would submit a ticket to Player Support using this [link]( Hope this helps!
: attention for a rioter
Hey Mustachimus! I can't guarantee you anything, but from all previous threads I've seen like this one, your best bet is to submit a ticket to Player Support with your creation and they may be able to supply you with the 1 RP you need! Hope this helps!
: Will we ever see seasonal Summoner's Rift skins again?
Yeah, it's true that we haven't seen an alternative SR map in quite a while now (Winter SR was so pretty), I want to say that it was said that with the new SR upgrades that it will be easier to implement alternate maps when it's fully released. In that case, you still may see it one day!
: Spam bots
Hey friend! Hate to hear you've been getting annoyed by elo boosting advertisers, but I do have some good news for you! To remove them while offline, click on the cogwheel icon on your Friends List and there is a checkmark box for Show Offline Friends. Click that, then find the spammer and remove them!
Lawlsome (NA)
: Head over Heels Mundo
This is actually quite brilliant!
T6R (NA)
: Is this Bannable?
Hey friend, If you suspect someone of botting, cheating, or anything of the sort, always [ submit a ticket ]( Player Support. As you said, naming/shaming isn't allowed on the Boards, so a ticket would be the best way to let Riot know about what you noticed.
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