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: Gold Team looking for a Top Laner
gold 3 I can hold my own hmu ign konggod
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: gold 2 adc and g4 support looking for clash squad for saturday
: LF Top laner Silver 1+ for clash team. ASAP
: NA - Need Mid/ADC/Sup/Jgl High silver/low gold
Laroyy (NA)
: Silver/gold team looking for a mid laner
Dankreal (NA)
: Looking for high Silver low Gold Jg/Mid player for clash team
Tayzzer (NA)
: What tier is your team? I'm a plat top main who got placed in tier 4 because I got dicked on by smurfs in the beta clashes. ik ur looking for a mid but a plat top laner off role is prolly fine too?
if you don't find a team hmu we can make one im tier 4 also even tho im gold 3
: Silver clash team looking for supp and mid
gold 3 midlaner add me ign: konggod
Quáx (NA)
: A question about clash.
In the game on the clash tab
Quáx (NA)
: A question about clash.
Says 2:00 on Saturday
: Looking for players to join Clash (around mid sliver) all 3 days please =D
silver 2 jung and gold 5 adc we are interested just message me ign is itzkrayzie
: looking for silver and ups that wanna try out clash
Izanami (NA)
: We have mid/top/adc need jg and support for clash team
Neitto (NA)
: gold 4 support main here
Are you still available
Josh Cx (NA)
: Gold 5 JG/Mid main LF group
What jungles do you play
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: Building a clash team for Friday
I’m a silver 2 mid/ jungle I play meta champs and my duo is a Gold 5 adc
: Silver/gold support LF team.
We are putting together a team if you’re still available
: Looking for a Silver top, adc and support/jg, we are tier 4 former golds with tournament experience
: Gold 3 player LF clash team
what support champs do u play
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iLoyalty (NA)
: Problem with sms for clash?
where do you go to link it
Zonjo (NA)
: Team fire is so stacked, we have NA, LCK, and wildcard, while team ice has LMS, LPL, and wildcard
NA is a joke just look what happened at worlds 2016 talk about embarrassing
: making a 5 man you need skype so add me retro jordans im silver 5
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KongGod (NA)
: Prodigy Gaming 5v5 Ranked Team
I do a lot of coaching and I have had the pleasure of working with diamond master players so ive learned some stuff just wanna see where it leads
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Paeon (NA)
: New Team
iTzKraYzie- ADC I'm always willing to learn and adapt to fit well with my team and teamplay
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: Recruiting Mid, Top and Support.
Ign: iTzKraYzie Age: 24 Current Rank: s3 Voice chat system: curse voice, skype Champion Pool: viktor, ahri, lux, brand, twisted fate, syndra, annie, ziggs, leblanc, lulu, pretty much whatever myteam needs Shot Calling: yes If yes, Micro or Macro. macro Time Zone: central
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