: Leona Pantheon lore/voice lines
I'm more curious of Diana, he speaks as if there are numerous Lunari, and if anything I'd think he'd be sympathetic to the two aspects who are trying to save the world, Diana by closing gates, and Leona who was trying to find Diana to help... Or maybe I missed lore updates somewhere... They are the three token Targonians, voice interactions between all three, even evolving, would be nice.
: Item RNG is still a problem......
1 item guaranteed per wave, 1 extra for completing the wave. For the RNG then a chance of 1 extra gold per minion, say a 30% chance. They want to do something unique and instead it just feels bad. I'm not competetive in game but an item will always be better than 5 gold, at least 9/10 times.
: What Champions would you like to see featured if Riot created a new Cinematic?
Honestly... I'd love to see something like Awaken but actually lore based. Zac fighting Twitch in Zaun while a subtle easter egg fight of Vi and Jinx in the background, hinted by pink explosions, but focussed on goo and rat, Cut to Targon, where Leona and Diana are forced to work together against invading voidborn, where Soraka and even Aurelion show up to help, maybe even with Soraka protecting the two aspects from friendly fire, and a portal cameo from Zoe. Flash to Bilgewater where the harrowing is going on, show us Fortune fighting those phantoms, have Pyke show up, look over Fortune, then leave, show a shadowy Nautilus in the background alongside Illaoi's tentacles taking out the shadowy scourge. Noxus and Piltover in a clash, so many possibilities it's hard to even pick But above all else, Freljord, show us Sejuani fighting Ashe, leave Gnar to show up in the brawl with say Lulu for, whatever crazy reason, then have those ancient void beasts erupt from the ice, only to have Lissandra and Nunu show up... Heck, make a void war animatic, showing them invading Targon, Shurima, Freljord, let us see Cho and Kog being absolute terrors, give us Azir and Nasus fighting them off, Taliyah helping as she did earlier with Sivir helping too. With the Targon and Freljord bits from above. Basically.. give us lore based scenes, like climb did, seeing Taliyah fighting Xerath, Blitz and Ekko, Thresh and Lucian, that one was amazing.
Rαy (EUW)
: So if there is fan art like this
So remember, if you have a good skin concept, don't draw it or hint it, or they can't use it. I can't speak for everyone, but if Riot reached out and was like 'hey, we like your design, would you sign this so we can loosely base such a skin off your concept' I'd accept without question, I don't think artists make these awesome concepts for money, but in hopes of seeing them in game. And imagine the positive PR of accepting fan concepts. If nothing else give the skin free of charge to said artist... But yeah, the Project Jinx we are getting is a missed opportunity to have a jinx skin that shows just how crazed and psychotic she is on the outside not just the inside... But no, she is the fun crazy, with rainbows and a lack of neon in a gritty horrible corporate run cyberpunk future... so yeah, colorful human looking rebel instead of cyber scrapped Jinx.
: Who would win(lorewise): Zed V.S Pyke
Well, I don't think being 'unkillable' counts in this sence, it isn't a Jason sort of deal, where he takes fatal damage and keeps on going, I'd assume he dissipates or the like, and I doubt he comes back frequently enough to wear Zed down. There is also the fact Zed is a ninja, so you'd have to assume he has heightened senses outside of powers given by his magic as well as being alert for any other enemies. So Pyke, making any noise, smelling of sea water, anything would give him away. And as stated, Zed is likely more skilled in combat, thus in the long game Pyke might win, when Zed is old and decrepit. At least that would be my take on it. Best scenario for Pyke is the fight draws attention to Zed where as his enemies can get an upper hand on Zed. Also, yes it is in game, but Zed is one of the only, if only, champion that never truly dies, he shadows out, maybe dying, or maybe escaping. Feel it's worth noting.
Helmight (NA)
: PROJECT: Reckoning fanfic competition!
The memories of her youth felt like an odd dream, fuzzy, distant, almost... whimsical The splashing of small feet, the slightly distorted voice of some adult, the laughter of the other children. Jinx remembered so little with clarity, she remembered some of the kids, she remembered how tough it was to get by, how the gang worked like rats under Central as if it was a game. Yet their faces, their voices were lost, not in that whimsical dream like remembrance, lost instead in a torrent of memories and voices that where not her own. The girl wanted the memories of what happened, of the slip up that got her caught by those Project bots... was her friend trying to help her, or was it her fault, she couldn't focus long enough to get so much as a byte of the memory. Even the torment, the torture as Project grafted, tore, replaced, and implanted part after part into the girl. A 'Stress Test', she remembered that, to see how much one could take before fragmentation took hold. And when it was all said and done, she was tossed away like refuge. What was left of the girl was arguably little more than a fragmented mess. Hysterical laughter, spouts of yelling, screaming for everyone to just, shut up, even in the silent nights. It could be argued if what was left of the girl could even feel the torment, her own thoughts drowned out by the fragmentation, let alone her memories, her sense of self. Hardly even able to function. Unable to feel anger, to desire revenge, she just wanted silence, and it drove whatever was left to madness beyond even fragmentation. Yet in her fits of yelling, of pleading for silence, one day she had relief, for the briefest of moments. The explosion was bright, colorful, and loud enough to silence the voices, even for that brief millisecond. More so, the cause of the detonated bot was willing to grace Jinx with more of that peaceful bliss. His face blank of expression, of a face at all, yet he made a simple promise, a promise enough to earn her loyalty. Meaningless revenge, and more explosions and destruction than she could ask for, hours upon hours of sweet, sweet quiet. He even had a list, a list of just what, and who, needed to be blown up, and the fragmented, crazed soul that resided in that body was more excited to help tick off every name, as long as each one left through a bigger, and bigger explosion.
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Manxxom (NA)
: Is there lore behind that giant mechanical snake that pyke recalls with for his new skin?
Honestly, I'd say he straps himself in like one would an exo-suit, perhaps it was some sort of Program/Project hybrid program where they can work independently, or 'fuse' to work as a single stronger unit? Though it being a containment program that Pyke hijacked into his own personal form of transport seems fitting.
: Why give champions the same skin over and over?
There is also the difficulty and number of changes needed. For some champions, you alter a particle effect, and that is it, For others, it's not only particles, but actual objects and textures Take Jinx vs Taliyah Jinx has, bullets, traps, and a rocket Taliyah has, Her passive, her thrown rocks, her tilled earth, her push up, her rock mines, and of course, a wall that actually has to look good. I mean, popularity is also a big thing, but there is definitely a scale of work to profit as well. And it sucks, really does, but that is how it'll work Even if I'd vote at least one in a bunch was an old / lack of skins champion just to compensate the sixteenth Annie/Ahri/Kai'Sai/Jinx etc.
: Two sisters and a wolf [Lore theory about Jinx, Vi, and Warwick]
Personally I'd think there would be a few changes, though as a whole I think the ideas are great. I'd imagine Camille would have been there in person, that is why she recognizes Vi and Jinx, or at least Vi, as I can only assume that isn't their real names so how would she know if she didn't see pink and blue hair or the like. Maybe she worked alongside Warwick. I also imagine it all happened well before either sister was old enough to really do much, their gifts not yet recognized, and when Warwick comments on the fear, maybe he is talking about the fear he saw in the mother's eyes before she was killed. Admittedly singed experimentation probably had Warwick forgetting quite a bit, but I feel like he'd still know about Vi and Jinx, perhaps Vi's tutor was an old friend of Warwicks, sort of a 'Graves and Twisted Fate' sorta going. I can agree that perhaps Warwick turned his ways at their parent's death, either from not knowing about the kids, or seeing them, maybe even hiding them, perhaps he was free to rob the place after. I really feel like Jinx was with Singed as well, she grew up, had talent, so Singed welcomed an up and coming tinkerer, to help. But either from being exposed to Singed experiments, maybe even Warwick, that cracked her, watching something as sinister as that and even 'helping', or Singed experimented on her as well, explaining her somewhat superhuman traits, or both. Maybe Jinx tried to help in the end by causing a fire, one that grew out of hand exponentially, and while helping Warwick, caused exponential collateral damage and death. Though at the same time, some facts do still work better with what you've said and, I really need to refresh on their lore, I've always liked the possibility of tragic backstories and the inner workings of them, more so than just saying 'Jinx is crazy'. Though if I had to place a bet, I would side more with what you've said, Jinx thinking she killed her parents in a fire, Warwick watching, maybe thinking the kids died with their parents, maybe unintentionally knowing them before this and not realizing who their parents were. Though I still strongly think Camille had a strong part in it to connect the dots, she doesn't seem like the sort to risk things or leave unintentional loose ends. But, it is also Zaun, so perhaps she doesn't much care of a few 'loose rats' growing up. Or even the fact, she didn't, but Jinx caused the fire, got her parents killed, and Camille had to investigate, and she knows that Jinx did it, so is taunting Vi with the knowledge, who might still have some remorse or slight caring for Jinx? Who knows, but there is lots of potential with a lawless Zaun and an arguably Corrupt Piltover. I do love the lore...
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: I made a maskless PROJECT Jinx
Yeah, I highly dislike the skin we're getting but this does help so, so much. Just armor plate her stomach, maybe make her legs more robotic, and add some neon streaks and, yeah Still, if odyssey and SG wasn't a thing I'd buy this, can't say the same for what we are getting. Very well done
: PROJECT: Jinx - Feedback
Players: Okay Riot, you have a distopian cyberpunk world run by mega corporations Riot: yeah Players: And you've alreafy explained the dangers of over modifying, or fragmenting with Jhinn, who is crazy Riot: Mmhmm Players: And we have this nice fanart of Project Jinx that could explore Jinx being fragmented too, where she is twisted and crazed by the bleak world. Riot: Okay, we see what you're saying, so we'll try something completely new... Players: Wait Riot: a bit of Cyberpop... Players: No wait Riot: and lets do some arcade concepts Players: Hold on there Riot: and lets add littly plastic claws to her pistol, it'll be so silly and crazy like Jinx Players: ... Riot: People are going to love this.
: project jinx is honestly very disappointing
I actually read up on Vis story when they leaked her, so here I was thinking gritty, fragmented, and completely insane. A girl who had so many part and pieces grafted to her that all the remant memories from 'used' parts where an endless torment of voices. All so PROJECT could find out how far they could push it. Then they discard the guinea pig, believe her dead, Pyke focuses the insanity for his own revenge plots, and, well there you are. But yeah, this skin makes her look more like a rebellious punk who is far too colorful given the gritty lore Vi, Jhinn, and Vayne set up with their story. Maybe they'll make her lore work, maybe they won't even touch her in the lore. I'm still in the mind set she is a late Demacia Vice skin concept that was tweeked only slighty to fill in a fifth slot. Hell, her pistol looks, goofy, like some 80s plastic claw toy.
: lucian, garen, vi and cait were apparantly playable characters. darius was a mob boss. https://i.imgur.com/JjlvTwe.jpg but i see what you mean.
You know, I only hold that as further proof.
: Project Jinx's Design
Eh, I was going off the preview, in which she was the hardest to see of the three, and even though the details are off, the thought still stands. It isn't a Project looking skin, it's something... else. But eh, I needed the vent, and what not.
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: Follow-up thoughts to PROJECT skins after viewing previews of them (WHY ARE SOME PRAETORIAN?!)
I was afraid Pyke would fall too closely to battlecast but it turned out quite nice. For Warwick, I personally think the neon saves him, if he has chromas it would help, not a great excuse, plus his passive might help. Akali and Irelia follow the theme and pretty much as you stated on point. Jinx, yeah, first we were spoiled by the fan concept, then we got... yeah I was worried she'd be too drab and gray and human, she is overly colorful, without neon lights, and... too human. In other words, mostly agreeing, and it is upsetting, even frustrating, knowing what they could have done, from previous PROJECT skins and fanart, Yi, Ashe, and Vi coming to mind.
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