: New free champion rotation: Kalista, Braum, Xin Zhao and more!
no not the corkster I main that guy! :C{{champion:42}}
Utora (NA)
: Rek'sai Q&A [COMPLETED]
This champion is so sick. I love when Trick2G played her, referring to her as "D young sub" and "deep sea fishing". This is the coolest new champ yet in my opinion and i can't wait to play her.{{champion:24}}
: Breaking down Group D
Man im Korean so Najin White Shield all the way but i really wanna see if C9 can take the pressure of the world stage and take on Najin Shield.
: The Final Boss approaches
is this just a picture? like what does this have to do with anything
: The Doom Bots have left the building!
: Patch 4.8 notes
Riot should make the arch light thresh skin that was a concept on the league forums and it was around the internet. {{champion:412}}
: New free champion rotation: Varus, Soraka, Kassadin and more!
: Cloud 9 heads to the 2014 All Star Paris
: SKT championship skins are here
I'm buying both bundles lol
: SKT championship skins are here
or maybe just ezreal skin

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