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: Unpopular Opinion: Revert Malzahar
: Omg zoe is so broken
I went 34-3 on zed..some people are just bad and you're just really good
: let me tell you a story :)
: I have never had less in this game than playing against Talon.
you realize the issue with your complaint is obvious. >I don't play mid so i hadn't had the chance to see why everyone is complaining about talon >Why does he get a free game once he hits level 2? You don't have any or enough experience laning talon...if you're getting all in'd at level 2 then you are definitely not laning him right. I never have much or any difficulty laning talon, the only issue I ever have with him is his roaming mobility and thats safer until you know his kit and his laning style Edit: I'm assuming youre talking about the game against this guy He's a talon 1 trick main...and you never laned against a talon before...that's nothing to do with talon himself, and all to do with laning experience
Pakator (EUNE)
Do you know how to spell your name? The content of your post leaves me with doubt.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Nidalee vs Quinn, Zed, Talon, etc
zed must hit all his skill shots in order to do even do significant damage with his R...Plus this hitbox of his Q's are so small that he must be accurate with them or else he just wasted his R..Nidalee has Massive burst damage, Landing Q is decent damage, but it's mainly used for its mechanic of allowing her to Pounce from a larger distance, her real damage combo is her cat form W+Q+E...each assassin is different and their kits are unique to themselves...Nidalee can snipe people with her Q then Move in for the kill with her R+W and do massive burst. Nidalee can build {{item:3146}} {{item:3116}}..she has plenty of tanky dmg options and still make her bursty...just play her more
koshkyra (NA)
: Petition to make the bots for new players start flaming eachother and then afk after two dearhs
: Does drophack still exists
It is very much possible to obtain an IP from LoL...though determining which IP is which champion would be impossible unless you're extremely good at reading raw data and you can read it while simultaneously playing the game and match the raw data with the champs actions then that can pinpoint whos IP is most hackers just Dump on all the IPs except their own team. but yes, Drophacks still exist, however most dont use them because it's super easy for riot to determine who it is....the one that didnt DC..or if a player stood still for ~10 seconds immidiately before the attack happened
TheGreatG88 (EUNE)
: What about RIOT make a League Of Legends Movie?
not all 100 champs have to be in a single can be a trilogy of different lores tying in together. like the Zed, Akali, Shen, yasuo story line...etc
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: Why is MR and hp so effective against ap?
Because most AP champs dont rely or use Auto Attacks at all and just rely on their ability dmg. Where-as melee champs auto attacks are usually tied in to their kit or are kinda required {{champion:238}}'s auto attack is more so crucial AFTER he uses all his abilities due to his passive his auto attack deals extra magic damage (once, then on cooldown) to you when you're (I think) Below 20% hp. But with zeds ult, it's honestly useless if he cant land any of his skillshots on you, it practically does the same dmg as an auto attack
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: Champions That NEED to be Updated
When you say updated. Do you mean reworked, or patched?
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: I dont really get the VS. Event... Do I have to get the skins?
When you buy the 150 token package you get the skin
: Talon is awful to play against
My only complaint on talon is his Q's hitbox is broken af
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: Just had the best game ever in lol
Sounds like youre a darius player hyped on cocaine. nothing new here
: Item Idea: Repair kit (+25% Tower HP Restore)
Do you think it should be lowered to maybe 800g if 1500 is too much? lets talk about the item before dismissing
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: Faker plays aatrox couldn't even get 2 kills
I guess faker no longer has to autoban Aatrox anymore
: This game is dying
The only things dying here are You and I. The Rift is eternal
: Kayn and Rhaast should be announced (text) as different champions.
: Riot interfering with games
Its urf...Urf is a whole different game mode than have zed throwing out a shadow that can throw 5 shurikens before he can throw out another have Garen spamming E and Q....its a whole different game...
: How the heck do you complete the kill 800 minions as a team mission?
: How the heck do you complete the kill 800 minions as a team mission?
Every time riot puts out missions...they get a progression bug lmao
: How the heck do you complete the kill 800 minions as a team mission?
Also, I'll just confirm for you isnt in 1 match
: How the heck do you complete the kill 800 minions as a team mission?
Very...very....easy? Top - 200CS Mid- 200CS ADC - 200CS JG - 200CS.. and even those numbers are VERY LOW for CS if you are in a 35min game.
Swarmer (EUNE)
: Rest in piece
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: @Riot Can we talk about Darius?
hes very easy to kite with his long ass pull range, and {{item:3044}} {{summoner:6}}
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Onotori (NA)
: Revert IE and ER, increase BORK cost, and gut Stormrazor.
IE got buffed..idk why you want to revert it Old IE = 20% Crit New IE = 30% crit (you need an attack speed +30% crit item for IE to be viable) Plus now it deals true dmg.
Mohammadice (EUNE)
>Gets tilted the minute he hears "Welcome to summoners rift" I don't want this guy as my teammate lmao
Zorphix (NA)
: Another suspension due to random power outage.
Your power goes out when its 80 degrees?... so perfect day weather, power outage
: Being Banned from Ranked Needs to be a Thing
Oh i thought this was gonna be a legit reason post, but nvm just another beautiful toxic member of this community raging on forums
: thx riot for nerfing support
How exactly does Janna have no interaction with enemy?
: Please explain me something
{{champion:119}} is infamous for healing 1-100 hp in 1-3 autos..
Wolfbrother (EUNE)
: MASTER YI IS FINALLY BACK!!! League of Legends gameplay
: Ain't Infinity Edge overpriced?
If they took out the x2 crit chance, and left it as is (with the true dmg proc) it would be nice. But as it stands riot forces you to buy an attack speed crit item in order for it to be useful
Kentila (EUW)
: More God Weapon Skins
I felt like I was in a youtube video reading that...COMMENT BELOW, LIKE AND MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE
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: I never had a matchup against a Teemo so far with Pantheon. But i guess what Warlord says makes sense. I guess you should follow his advice on the specific matches.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
> [{quoted}](name=LearnFromSenpai,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=6i7GXnE7,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-05-24T16:32:28.917+0000) > > I never had a matchup against a Teemo so far with Pantheon. But i guess what Warlord says makes sense. I guess you should follow his advice on the specific matches.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Oh, no, I don't play panth. Every matchup I ever played as teemo vs. panth..the pantheon loses his shit hard
: Pantheon needs more attention ( Please read :3 )
Honestly, Riot needs to address the Teemo vs. Pantheon Lane. Teemo's Q makes pantheons Q Miss...which is really his only poke, teemo also out ranges him and out maneuvers him. It's the most disgusting lane I've ever witnessed.
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