Asterfix (NA)
: My guess is that you're connected to the wifi and your brother has the ethernet cable.
I have NETGear, and my brother is using his laptop on the WiFi.
Kokua (NA)
: It's not for every game, it's for a small number of your following games after punishment. And it only occurs when you show a frequent pattern of leaving / disconnecting behavior. If you're having connection issues and he isn't, then you might want to provide more information. Is his computer different than yours, or are they the same? Are either of you on wifi, or are you both hard lined? Do you have any other devices connected at the same time? Are there any downloads or virus scans going on either from your computer, his, or any other device when these disconnections occur? Do you have anything running in the background while you're playing? Are your disconnections caused by errors, bug splats, shutdowns, power loss, forced restarts, poor connection, or what?
Thanks for the response, I edited the original post with most of the info you requested. After examining my Task Manager while connecting to the practice tool, I found that a potential cause may be an antivirus software conducting scans while I attempt to connect. However the disconnects are far too frequent and persistent for this to be the sole cause. Regardless, I will try to connect more without any virus scans running in the background to see how often the game DC's on a larger scale.
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