: stop encouraging this furry pandering shit
You must be fun at parties
: Xayah And Rakan
From what I've gathered (take with a heavy grain of salt) > [{quoted}](name=PureSilvrr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ec7T2Xbi,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-04T19:25:30.792+0000) > > 1. On the recall thing, does one just piggyback on the others recall? Or does It reset when another joins? It doesn't fully reset them, but I don't know if there is any kind of delay - idk if you could jump in like .5 seconds before the recall and still go back or if it would delay it a second or something. Definitely does not reset it completely though. > > About Rakan, > Can you use other spells while ulting? Like R into a W to charm then Knockup, Or Can you E while in R? and if you can E while in ult, does it charm everybody you pass as you dash? It looks like its basically a buff for a period of time, not a channel or anything like that so he should still have full access to spells and should proc no matter how he "touches" the Champs. > For his Q, Can it heal multiple people? And does it work on jungle monsters? Yes, and only Epic monsters. > And Finally can his W Knockup Monsters? I.. don't know, but I assume it knocks everything up. > > > About Xayah > Is there a max number of quills you can have out? idk :| They aren't super long duration, but I didn't see anything about an actual cap. > Does Q damage falloff with distance? It looks like it does. I believe the tooltip said it was 50% for targets after the first, but it didn't look like it kept decreasing. > W seems simple enough. > Does her E refresh if she hits someone with her feathers? Or does It not have a cooldown? Short CD (8 seconds max rank) but it doesn't reset. If you're looking at videos they may be in practice mode with cooldowns off? > > > If your reading this and you read my whole post hi >.> Hi! ^__^ > > Edit: Also can Rakan E to Wards or Minions? I don't think so, I think its Champs only.
: Can we please drop VO lines with Profanity when the Profanity Filter is On?
Doesn't feel like it would be a massive tech investment, although Riot seems very strict on how their resources are managed. I think its a good idea - I mean if you select Profanity Filter I think you can reasonably expect that it should bar all sources of Profanity. Don't mind the haters - but if Riot couldn't implement something like that then I think disabling VO is the only way to go :( Hopefully the little ones aren't always around!
: I'll give you an upvote just for trying to actually... you know... have an actual discussion/agree to disagree and all that jazz. Now, I did mention Ahri in my original post. For me, she is a design of a lot of contention. In fact, I even wrote a post on the boards a few months back asking for help finding an Ahri skin that wouldn't make me cringe so much while playing her. Now, despite my aversion to her design, she isn't actually a furry to me. Sure, her tails really turn me off from wanting to play her even if she is a fun champ. But at her base, she's a human being with a few buttplugs and a pair of ~~Playboy bunny~~ doggy ears. (Yes, I know her lore says she transformed from a fox, but it's not relevant to gameplay and can thus be ignored.) Definite waifu material for certain people. And I'm not gonna judge them for that. It's just not my thing. I also am aware of the mythology of the oriental fox or "kitsune", and can at least respect the design because of those cultural roots. Renekton, Nasus, Azir - they're also rooted in Egyptian mythology. Animals were mediums to identify different gods of those days, where such animals were thought to be physical representations of the spirits who created the world. Statues of Anubis, for example, were created in both natural jackal form and as a more imposing humanoid form to imply power. They also retained an unaltered canine face in all situations. Now, looking at some of Riot's officially released artwork on the Vastaya: http://am-a.akamaihd.net/image?f=http://universe-meeps.leagueoflegends.com/v1/assets/images/vastaya-journal/pigmanface.png http://am-a.akamaihd.net/image?f=http://universe-meeps.leagueoflegends.com/v1/assets/images/vastaya-journal/pigman.png This does not represent all Vastaya, but it does represent what I feel is where the line gets crossed into actual "furry" territory. They look like a crossbreed of humans and pigs. Meaning - a human was their daddy or mommy and the other mate was not. I'm going to repeat this again: I am _not_ complaining about the design of Xayah and Rakan. I am just voicing my concern over what the future could bring forth considering illustrations such as the one I've linked. Vastayah is, as far as we can tell, a very general term and I am by no means saying Vastayah = furry or fetish. To sum up my thoughts: Humans with animal characteristics are fine. That's a given in a fantasy setting. There is _nothing_ wrong with this, even if Ahri makes me cringe. Animals with human personas are fine. Who tf wants to play a character with no personality, anyway? I mean, unless you're a Rammus. My issue is when animals are designed with human attributes to the point where they look like the literal bastard child of a human and an animal. So is my aversion to furries due to a sexual stigma? No. But I can't deny that it is related to biological and sexual realities. (And I'm _hoping_ that we all agree that people banging animals is wrong.) I hope this helps understand my beliefs on the subject.
Well, I appreciate the discussion and it definitely illuminates some of it for me. However I think it is going to be an agree to disagree situation - which isn't the worst thing. At least we can understand where the other comes from. It still feels very much like you're associating with sexual stigma and the general stigma towards the Furry community. Your primary objections seem to be related to reproduction ("literal bastard child", etc) and all of your associations to the Champions you dislike are very sexual in nature, ("Ahri is... human being with a few buttplugs and a pair of ~~Playboy bunny~~ doggy ears.") And well.. I think that's a perfectly reasonable objection. Everyone has a line that they feel should not be crossed. I personally am not repulsed by the sexual undertones of these character designs; I think partially because I feel like I can separate the "world" and lore of League as pure fantasy, and partially because I interpret these characters as having purely magical origins in their world. That is, I don't see the Vastaya as having to come from human-animal relations. They could have been enchanted/cursed/magically transformed, rather than having to come from purely sexual origins. I think the reason a thread like this gets a lot of heat, though, is the natural parallels it brings. Saying, "Tone down the Furries please" will translate itself into whatever minority or persecuted class the reader wants to see. Tone down the furry, please. Tone down the gay, please. Tone down the non-binary gender, please. Tone down the [fill in the blank], please. They are all various extremes, but the reality is that there are some people who feel *just as strongly* that, for example, homosexual characters are equally perverse, unnatural, or 'wrong' as you do to sexual furries. Maybe if there was a long string of back to back "furry" Champ releases, it wouldn't be quite so incendiary. But the last Champion release include: Camille, a sort of cyborg chick? Ivern, a living tree (I am curious, where does Ivern rank on your spectrum?), and Kled, a Yordle (which you didn't seem to mind too much). However I respect your right to your opinion and I thank you for the discussion.
Vekkna (NA)
: Why are all champs/skins gender-locked?
Its a neat idea, but I don't think its a plausible one for a few reasons. One that was mentioned by others is opportunity cost. Creating a Genderbent version of a Champ is roughly the same work as creating an entire Champion (from a Visual design standpoint). New VO, new model, new animations - its the same work that would go into a new Champion. Also, Riot talks a lot about a Champion's "silhouette", the visual read on a Champion so that you immediately know who you're looking at. With 130+ Champions you immediately need to know if the character coming out of the brush is Caitlin or Graves, and if Graves is Annie Oakley, you may risk blurring those lines even more. Certainly you could argue all day long about how you'd make a certain Champion maintain the same visual read while being genderbent but it still weakens that element of immediate identification, which can bring up some tactical/balance issues. Personally I'd be more interested to see the Champion designs themselves be a little more diverse - more androgynous or genderfluid characters, but that risks flaring up the community if poorly handled.
: Tone down the furry, please
I'm going to try something crazy here, and see if we can have a rational discussion here. I was just browsing some of the reaction threads and your responses and something you said struck a chord: >Because furries represent a childish and borderline creepy characterization of creatures as something humanly emotional, equally sacred as human life, and, yes, often bestially perverted. There is a core conscientious feeling towards "furries" in my mind that just whispers to me that something is not right about it. It has nothing to do with what society tells me or any politically motivated conspiracies you may come up with. My gut just says something is inherently out of place with these anthropomorphs. Fair enough. I suppose the argument could be likened to people who do not approve of Annie in the game because they feel that "loli" style characters represent a "borderline creepy characterization of ~~creatures~~ children as something often perverted." However, I feel like in both cases it is more the viewer projecting their own sexual thoughts or apprehensions onto the image, rather than it being inherently perverse. Admittedly, this is a harder argument with R&X given their lore and theme as lovers. The sexuality in this case is more inherit, but the perversity of it I think it still a projection of it being "creepy." And like it or not, everything we say and do is influenced by our society and our politics. Maybe not overtly, not obviously, or not in ways that we're consciously aware of. But art cannot be completely separated from society, as art is a reflection of the society in which its created. Alright, back to the "furry = wrong" argument. League has always had a spectrum of Champions, ranging from Humans to Beasts to Monsters. Some are firmly in the normal/natural Human category. There is very little unnatural about Xin Xhao, for instance, he's just a dude with a spear. These range into "Normal Humans with Unnatural Powers or Equipment" (Ezreal or Ekko are regular kids with magic items), all the way to Lovecraftian horrors (basically any of the Void monsters) that are not remotely natural or normal. So I see the Vastayan as just being along that spectrum. On the Beast end of that spectrum you have, say, Warwick. He runs like an animal, sounds like an animal, looks like an animal (although wears some armor). Renekton, Nasus. They're anthromorphs too, they're just much further towards the animal end than the human end. Kindred is probably the furthest you'll get to the Animal end of the spectrum (they don't wear clothes, don't walk like humans, etc) where Ahri is probably one of the closer to the Human end (basically human with fox tails and minor cosmetics). So my question for you is why are the Vastayan's "wrong", but none of the others are? Is it just because their lore & theme revolves around them being lovers, and something inside you is repulsed by and rejects it? Or is it because they're in some kind of Uncanny Valley of Anthromorphs. Less human than Ahri, but more human than Twitch? If either of these Champions had been released by themselves without the "star crossed lovers" slant, would you still be creeped out by them? I'm genuinely curious what your answer here is, I'm not trying to bash your response.
: How do I play as Leona?
Generally speaking, typical tank build should work for her - Leona doesn't need to do damage, your job is to dish out oodles of CC and either lock down the enemy carry or peel for yours, depending on the fight. Standard start - Relic Shield into FotM, Sightstone for vision, then start building tank against the enemy team comp. Since Leona's W grants her bonus Armor/MR that scales *with* her armor/MR I find it more useful to stack resistances over health. Naturally you'll want to get both as a tank, but I would lean towards a MR/Armor heavy item {{item:3110}} {{item:3102}} over an HP heavy item {{item:3083}}, since the more resistances you have, the more you'll get from W. Makes her incredibly tanky
Aimléss (NA)
: Why does it feel like once you've mastered one Crit ADC you can pretty much play the rest of them?
I think that's a pretty narrow way of looking at it; just because their gameplay patterns are similar (AA>Kite>abilities>AA) doesn't mean they "are the same" or play the same. That would be like saying that once you play one assassin you can play them all. After all, assassins follow a basic pattern: Jump onto target > combo burst abilities > gtfo {{champion:121}} (E onto target > Q AA W, if needed then R Q AA again > E out) {{champion:91}} (parkour behind backline > R Q-R W > parkour away) {{champion:238}} (R onto target > blow everything > bullshit your way to safety) But that's because there are a finite number of gameplay patterns, but almost an infinite number of ways to approach them. So looking at your examples. An ADC's job is simple: put out consistent damage, primarily via AAs and crits as they have very clear levers to control their power (AS, AA, and Crit modifiers). However each one will function better in different team compositions and with different strategies. Some ADCs can initiate better {{champion:22}} {{champion:15}} some are better at ending fights after they get rolling {{champion:222}} {{champion:51}} But if you are playing Kog'Maw and think you can initiate like Vayne can, you're going to have a bad time. Vayne has self-peel, a little mobility and conditional stealth. Kog'maw is the definition of a glass cannon - if his team can protect him he melts faces. So I think you are looking at the ADC role from the wrong perspective, IMO. You can bake a cake a dozen different ways. Sure, they're "all cake" but each one has its own unique ingredients.
: There is a bug with yas q-r and Gangplanks Oranges
From the Wiki: >Remove Scurvy is a self-targeted ability. >Additional Information: >◾ Remove Scurvy only removes crowd control debuffs, so it cannot remove... ◾ Ignite's damage over time >◾ Exhaust's damage reduction >◾ Airborne crowd control effects (**pull, knockback, knockup**) Basically, it does not stop forced-movement CC effects, so you can't just stop a Blitz yank mid-pull, or come back down from a Malphite Ultimate immediately. However, the part where Yasuo "holds" you up in the air and attacks is a Suspended state, not a knockup, so I think you can eat oranges *after* he ults you and you'll be able to get out of his ult. I don't know that it would avoid the damage but you'll be able to act sooner.
: @riot I do not agree, AT ALL with your choice to update zac over other champions
Because these are meant to be smaller scale updates with a moderate sized impact (more bang for your development buck) where Malphite, Rammus, etc. would need considerably more work and need full scale VGUs to go with it. This isn't *THE* Tank update, its just getting the most out of a few resources to push some Champions in a better direction.
: Where can I even get the details on this Counter Jungle Support Nunu fiasco?
[This](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/FrILlWp7-14-day-ban-because-playing-nunu-support-with-smite-is-stealing-other-peoples-roles) is the post by the Nunu player. Rioter comments on his post, and references [this post](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/79aGu3wR-support-singed-isnt-banable-but-thats-not-the-point?comment=006b) regarding a similar (but not equal) situation with a Support Singed. You can also refer to [this response by Ghostcrawler](https://ask.fm/RiotGhostcrawler/answers/141466561931)
: Kennen w stacking [gameplay]
I haven't done the research but I would imagine it is something like: the stacks are an on-hit effect - so it won't stack if the target dies. But, upon reaching the max stacks, it turns into a "*on next attack*" modifier, which means it is consumed when he attacks a valid target (a tower, not being a valid target, does not consume the stacks for example, similar to Sona passive not being consumed when attacking a ward)
: Hey no problem. Ive used words wrong in the past, just figured if youre going to use a word you would want to do it right. Im just the kind of person that tells people "Hey, one of youre suspender clips is clipped to your underwear." I mean would you rather not know youre using words wrong? That person who downvoted me sure would. Words are kinda like bullets. If you shoot them and hit what your aiming at, no problems. But if you miss, you may still hit something you werent aiming at. Then people have to figure out if you meant to hit the other thing on purpose and it gets messy. Good luck; hope I helped.
> [{quoted}](name=Weasel Kensei,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ndNeKjjk,comment-id=0000000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2017-02-23T20:24:57.311+0000) > > Hey no problem. ~~Iv~~ *I've* used words wrong in the past, just figured if ~~youre~~ *you're* going to use a word you would want to do it right. > > ~~Im~~ *I'm* just the kind of person that tells people "Hey, one of ~~youre~~ *your* suspender clips is clipped to your ~~under~~ underwear." I mean would you rather not know ~~youre~~ *you're* using words wrong? That person who downvoted me sure would. > > Words are kinda like bullets. If you shoot them and hit what ~~your~~ *you're* aiming at, no problems. But if you miss, you may still hit something you ~~wernt~~ *weren't* aiming at. Then people have to figure out if you meant to hit the other thing on purpose and it gets messy. > > Good luck; hope I helped. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Fix Darius E hitbox
I'm looking at the cursor, its not even aimed at Ezreal. I don't think the hitbox is the problem here.
Azwel (EUW)
: My thoughts on new WW.
I play him with Bloodrazor > BotRK, then 2 tank items based on team comp (typically go Visage for heal synergy and then an armor item dependent on who they got) and then the game is usually over by then. 6th item is whatever I may need. Frozen Mallet if they keep running away, QSS if they keep CC-ing me, etc. I tried ghost at first. It does add to your R range since it increases MS but the difference seemed minimal, and the startup time after the nerf means you really *have* to be far away to get use out of it. And it doesn't help you much in getting out of a bad engage. Flash can help clinch an ult if they are a little too far away or it can get you out of a tough spot.
Kouga (NA)
: Took me a second to figure out what you meant. Let me make sure I understand correctly: You're proposing that if I'm "facing" Fiora and a weak point pops up on my "right" side, then if I turn away from her, the point should stay on the same side of the actual character model? I don't know if its the specific reason why they wouldn't but I know that Riot has said before that they don't like face-dependent abilities. One example was the DotA character that has like a spike shield (I don't know the Heroes, sorry), who takes less damage from behind. Because League is set up where you can instantly change directions without delay, it could potentially be abused. Imagine someone taking less damage from the back - you could micro (or potentially script) so you turn away just long enough to soften attacks from that side. To put it in Fiora context, every time you lunge for my right side, I could change facing so that you can't hit it. I won't be able to avoid it every time - I'll have to face you to attack and it'd be open, but it goes from "interesting counterplay" to "really tedious micro focus"
And that doesn't even get into issues with turning in degrees, if you're facing a weird angle, instead of just having it on the main 4 directions.
: Fiora's passive and Ultimate are missing one important change
Took me a second to figure out what you meant. Let me make sure I understand correctly: You're proposing that if I'm "facing" Fiora and a weak point pops up on my "right" side, then if I turn away from her, the point should stay on the same side of the actual character model? I don't know if its the specific reason why they wouldn't but I know that Riot has said before that they don't like face-dependent abilities. One example was the DotA character that has like a spike shield (I don't know the Heroes, sorry), who takes less damage from behind. Because League is set up where you can instantly change directions without delay, it could potentially be abused. Imagine someone taking less damage from the back - you could micro (or potentially script) so you turn away just long enough to soften attacks from that side. To put it in Fiora context, every time you lunge for my right side, I could change facing so that you can't hit it. I won't be able to avoid it every time - I'll have to face you to attack and it'd be open, but it goes from "interesting counterplay" to "really tedious micro focus"
: Does any blink besides Ezreal's allow one to escape after you got hit tho? I think that's what make people ...sad? x) Not that i actually have a good solution for it, i just happen to understand the sorrow of catching a fish only to have it suddenly magic itself away, or break the fishing pole.
Most other Blinks in the game are more instant - think Katarina's Shunpo. Few of them have cast times that aren't instant. The rule of cast times not being interruptible is actually consistent (see: Ez & Lux Ults as common examples), and if you changed the rule for Ezreal, you'd have to argue changing the rule for everyone. And making *all* cast times interruptible I think has far worse consequences. While most regular spell cast times are pretty short, there is always the odd chance that you'll be hit with CC right as you're trying to burst down whoever is coming for you - and if your spell was interrupted because you got hit in the 0.1 second cast time? FeelsBadMan. After all, your spell did beat the CC. Ez's E having a cast time is just added frames that most blink spells don't have to begin with. It just feels like he'd getting away with something. So in these cases, you never had the fish on the line to begin with. You just want to shoot it with a harpoon gun for the sake of it avoiding you.
: Ezreal is not broken, but I always found this interaction to be bullshit
Having a blink with a channel time defeats the purpose of having a blink. Blinks are meant to be reactive, instant abilities to reposition yourself. Ez's has a short animation and cast time so, like *all* cast times, it cannot be interrupted. If you're just looking for clarity, then it'd be more appropriate to reduce the casting time and have the blink truly be instant like Flash. It'd be a buff, but a slight one. If you're just trying to nerf him, then a channel would *significantly* reduce his viability since he couldn't effectively react to many abilities (and there are still some like Vi Ults that he can't avoid anyway). Or, a less severe nerf (but still a nerf) would be to have a visual indicator at his destination during the cast time. As soon as he casts it, the "Gate" would show up and then he'd appear there. That wouldn't change the ability's cast time so he could still juke out of Blitz pulls, but if a Blitz fakes him out, you could aim for his destination and may be able to snag him. But this, too, would give away his position so you would know if he's retreating or engaging, and it'd still be a pretty hefty nerf. Heavier in higher tiers where twitch responses are going to be much tighter. tl;dr working as intended, no reason to change it. But there are ways it could be changed.
tophit101 (EUW)
: Apparently it's easier to get an S rank with a champion when you do well in an off meta position. Why that is the way it is, I don't know, but it's just absurd.
Because the grades aren't based on a threshold (Get X kills and Y CS and you get an S) they're based on a bell curve (get *more* kills and *more* CS than X% of players in this specific champ/role).
: I feel bad for Pulsefire Ezreal
Moment of respect for the *first* Ultimate skin. True it has faded in age and is objectively inferior to the newest ones. But I also remember the original days of LoL where *all you had* were color swaps. Every new tier had a first, and every first eventually became obsolete. Who knows, maybe he'll get an update someday, whether purely visual or a gameplay overhaul - not that I'm particularly in favor of one, but it seems inevitable considering how many gameplay updates have been handed out over the years. Hopefully when that happens it'll have been long enough that he'll warrant a full visual update of his skins. When Shen got his last update, all of his old skins, including what were just color swaps, got their own full models. So there's always hope.
: so is it safe to say that ivern is one the worst champions in the game?
He's the newest Champ, I think the playerbase needs some more exposure. His kit, as mentioned by others, is unusual. Playing him a couple games (and definitely not enough to feel comfortable with him), the switching between ranged & melee was a little off putting. If I wasn't paying attention I'd AA after a Q and end up leaping into a fight I didn't mean to join, or I'd be trying to catch up to someone and couldn't figure out why I wasn't jumping to them for a second. I understand how the abilities work, but you have to develop the muscle memory for it for it to set in. His brush thing is odd, and its very circumstantial. Playing it at the right time and place will make a big difference for his effectiveness. I see them just thrown down in the lane for no reason and if you get zoned out of them it can backfire. The brush also means that he'll usually be stronger in specific circumstances. Teams that can use the brush for best effect will get more out of it, and some comps will be better equipped for this then others. Bard isn't built for every lane. Put him with an ADC that needs babysitting and he'll be hard pressed to be able to roam, collect shrines or assist other lanes. But put him with an ADC that can stand on their own for a minute and he can be much more effective. Some Champs are niche. I think Ivern will be niche.
: i always thought making it so if she spams traps, the cost doubles each time, meaning she can't set up a safe space at any time until x time they reset, and has to set up one bit by bit...
Kind of defeats the point; Riot put them on an Ammo system with a shorter duration specifically so that Cait can save up and then more quickly set up a wall of traps to section off anticipated routes. Having it on longer CD, like a normal ability (as it used to) made it useless outside of camping in lane, since one trap is easily avoided. The duration is quite a bit shorter now. They're designed to be more reactive in a shorter window.
: The champions aren't actually fully immune to CC as the CC ability is still applied if it hasn't expired when the unstoppable dash completes http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-313-notes#patch-In-Game-Mechanics > The following champions will now be affected by snaring or stunning crowd control abilities after they complete their dashes. Their spells will still be unstoppable, but most forms of crowd control landed while the champion’s using the ability will be applied after the spell completes. CC duration will tick down while a champion is mid-dash. * Jarvan IV's Cataclysm * Nocturne's Paranoia * Vi's Assault and Battery * Malphite's Unstoppable Force * Hecarim's Onslaught of Shadows Which means they basically work like abilities with long cast time as the CC start ticking down while they are casting the ability (except for displacement that is)
Right, I should have specified that its immunity for the duration of the ability. You're correct that the abilities will continue after the ability f there is any duration left. I was just pointing out that the case with casting times is different than the above listed abilities. Ez & Lux just have some of the noticeably longer cast times that aren't actually Channels, so they often get lumped in.
Oglaf (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nameless Voice,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=77ZXX3q1,comment-id=000500000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-05T20:08:52.346+0000) > > In that case, Blitzcrank would pull the shield out of his hand. > > Have fun being Braum without your shield. Well, that or as I mentioned it just bumps into the shield before grasping and falls limp on the ground. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Except, as you mention, a grappling hook from a Batman Villain (or a gigantic articulated metal fist from a sentient robot) would be able to grip or grab obstacles it hit. And in this case, Braum is physically holding the shield, so either Braum gets pulled, his shield gets pulled, or (taking your "screw mechanics think logic" approach), Blitz could be able to pull himself to Braum (since Braum is so manly), and then knock him up. Which would be worse for Blitz, admittedly - but I don't buy that it would "just bounce off" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: CC Immune abilities (and abilties with long cast time) after they have been activated will always be completed.... except if the caster is killed So when Malphite has cast his ult and is dashing the only thing which will stop him is him dying same with Lux ult, Ezeral ult.. Hecarim ult
While they're functionally the same thing, the reason that Ezreal & Lux Ults aren't interrupted by CC is because they are casting times, and casting times are not interruptable by CC. Malphite & Vi, on the other hand, specifically become "Unstoppable" during their Ultimate. Most of the time this will look the same, since if you try to stun or silence Lux/Ezreal they'll still complete their Ult. However you can still displace (knock-back, pull, etc) Ezreal and Lux during their cast, but the ability will still go off (at the original casting location). Unstoppable makes you fully Immune to CC effects.
Kouga (NA)
: Consume & Adapt [Kha'Zix Evolution Update]
Just thought I'd drop a bump due to the recent talk of a Kha'Zix rework or tweak in the upcoming Pre-Season changes. Most of what I wrote above still holds true today. #BeTheChange
: How to maximize the efficency of: Mordekaiser Jungle
With 0 games to actually back this up, just going off theory -- Starting Item: Talismen is generally better for anyone with AoE. IIRC the health regen counts *per target* so I believe he'd get better mileage out of it. First camp might be rough, would need a leash, but once you get both Q & E should be smooth sailing. Smite Item: Well, Morde needs to stick to his targets, so I'd say Blue since he has 0 CC. Exception would be if you had a lot of CC on your team, then *maybe* Red if you're planning on running a more AD or on-hit build. Enchant: Depends on build. Despite Morde's HP scaling on his passive he seems to perform better with AP, so probably ~~Runeglaive~~ Runic Echoes. If you are gonna try for tankier build than Cinderhulk, but I don't think he tend to be effective when build towards tank. I think Devourers would be kind of a gimmick/troll build, potentially entertaining in normals but not particularly viable. Runes/Masteries are largely personal taste, but Keystones are where its at anyway. Might be worth trying a CDR-oriented AP build, run the +5% CDR with Thunderlords Keystone. More CDR, more spells, more shield. If going for an off-tank build I'd probably go with the Strength of Ages or whatever its called, defensive mastery where you steal %hp on a hit.
: Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I've stopped playing League
Don't scare me like that DTN I thought we were losing you {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: Since Blood Moon is a Ionian festival the japanese flute makes sense, but I dislike that he didn't get a new song.
True but he could have had a *Nohkan*, a Japanese flute (held horizontally like a standard flute rather than vertically), and they were used in Noh Theatre which would make perfect sense for a Blood Moon skin, since their masks are similar to the ones used by Noh performers. Although that would have required a little bit of modeling, so I wouldn't have minded if they kept the same instrument if it had its own song.
Rioter Comments
: A Point-by-Point analysis on why Shen feels much weaker now. (Rather lengthy post, you were warned)
I played Old Shen quite a bit, so far only have a handful of games with New Shen: A lot of it, for me, comes down to the fact that they kind of force Shen to combo his abilities in ways that either don't feel smooth, or feel counter-intuitive. They removed the damage reduction from Shadow Dash. "Ok, well, his W now dodges everything, so maybe they're forcing him to use his W for the "reduction" effect he would otherwise get." And since he gets refunded energy per target Taunted, and he could theoretically taunt several targets, this makes sense. The point where Shen is likely to get the most mileage out of it is during a 3-5 person taunt (in terms of most damage dodged). But, his W is based on his Q location. "Okay, so Shen needs to taunt, then pull the sword with his Q, and *then* he can use his W." But this, then, forces him into a situation where he's heavily combo reliant. In turn, this makes it difficult to use his tools individually. Say you're losing a fight, running from the enemy team. "Oh, I want to protect my carry. I'll use W. OH WAIT I have to Q first to move it over to me." And that's assuming that you're sticking with your carry and not trying to, you know, peel. Which is what you're supposed to do. He spams his Q for any amount of damage output, plus moving his sword; but I don't know how many times I was in a fight and Yi or Jax or Riven jumps into the fight and I hit W... and nothing happened.... because my Q was on CD and it didn't move the W to me. part of that is just getting used to the kit, but overall his kit is less reactive than before. And again, the AoE dodge makes him feel like he should be protecting his carries, but his Taunt wants to go peel/CC priority targets. Not to mention the number of times an enemy has barely gotten away because I no longer have any range... I'm willing to part with that, though if the rest of his kit actually felt cohesive. As for your suggestions; instead of speeding up his Q speed, I'd rather it have a flat "time to Shen." i.e, Shen summons his spirit blade, traveling to him over 1.5 seconds" or something. The issue I would see with speeding it up is, honestly, at short range (mostly in laning phase) I find it pretty easy to hit with it because of how fast it already is. This would slow it down at short ranges, but again I don't have much problem with hitting it as it is. But if it were far away, it'd move faster in order to get to him in the same amount of time. it would also make the "time to Shen" standardized which would let him (and his opponent) try to time and feel out the delay. I admit this would make it easier to walk away, so I'd suggest upping the Slow speed in this case.
: I wonder if you even read the post properly. Then I wonder if you have any idea what "internal logic" means. Even in a world that has a system that includes magic, random people who are not magicians by ANY means do not suddenly have access to infinite bullets in their guns. All you end up with with this is "shitty videogame logic" which leads to "bad and generic design".
> [{quoted}](name=Kyoki Shinkuro,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oYofKI06,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2016-02-06T18:43:37.226+0000) >All you end up with with this is "shitty videogame logic" which leads to "bad and generic design". No, what you end up with is video game design. It isn't innately bad just because it doesn't fit real world logic. Almost every major FPS game, even the ones that include "reloading" or "ammo" still give you infinite ammo on your basic/secondary weapon, such as your pistol. They also usually give you regenerating health.. because if you stand still long enough, those bullet holes will close all by themselves. Giving ranged Champions who *happen* to use guns a mandatory "ammo" system would be bad design, unless the entire game system (including items, damage, stats, etc) was based around this kind of philosophy. It'd be like saying you shouldn't be able to run at full speed without a stamina meter. Or the whole argument of "why do Flying champions take damage from ground-based effects" such as Morgana's tormented soil. This overly-critical pedantic bullshit is boring and needs to stop.
Penns (EUW)
: I never said Mundo or Malphite were any less retarded, so comparing them doesnt really make sense. His W scales really well with HP + its an execute, a 600-700 move speed Voli is not what I call easily kited and his E is aoe. Also from my expierience his Q has 2 little mini stuns like Lee ult, which is pretty stupid.
> [{quoted}](name=Penns,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1BZkPww4,comment-id=0002000000020000,timestamp=2016-02-05T21:00:56.256+0000) > > I never said Mundo or Malphite were any less retarded, so comparing them doesnt really make sense. Comparing a tank to other tanks is one of many possible metrics for seeing if they're out of line. The OP was "Voli OP" not "Tanks OP" so I was pointing out that Voli is consistent with his class. > His W scales really well with HP + its an execute, a 600-700 move speed Voli is not what I call easily kited Yes it is an execute, but that still means that he is more of a threat *as the fight goes on* **which is the entire point**. It makes him a target by giving him damage potential. MS boost is still vulnerable to: Slows, CC, Terrain (either my dashing over walls or Anivia terrain, etc), etc. As far as ways of getting to your target it is the *least* reliable, compared to blinks/dashes, Hooks/anchors/pulls, and so forth.
Penns (EUW)
: The fact that hes unkillable with passive, the fact that his W does too much damage as full tank, the fact that he runs at you with 650 MS and his Q is basically a low effort Lee insec on no cooldown and maybe also the fact that his 50% slow doesnt decay and lasts for 3 seconds kek. That would be a good start
>Unkillable passive It gives him 30% of his max hp, once every 2 minutes. Early game Tahm can regen 20% of damage taken all day long. Tahm can also give himself effectively 200% max HP if you try to all-in him in a fight. By the time everyone hits 6, Mundo's Ult gives him more healing (40-60%) with less CD at all ranks (and almost half the CD at max rank) >W does too much damage At full health it does the same base damage as a Tahm or Malphite Q (not counting scalings), and has 2-3x the cooldown, and Voli's is melee. Its an execute, so its not an exact comparison, but it isn't that unreasonable. He has to get to you, stick long enough to hit you 3 times, and *then* he can hit you. Remember, the rule is not "Tank Can't Do Damage" the rule is "Tanks Present Potential Damage **If Left Alone**" Part of how Tanks do their job is, "I can't burst you, but if you ignore me, I will make you pay for it." A lot of tanks tend to have %HP shred (Amumu, Sej, Shen, etc) for this reason. % health won't burst down a squishy, but it'll grind everyone down at a similar pace, and the longer you leave them unattended the more potential damage output they get. >His Q Seriously why are you complaining about his Q? It is the *only* thing that even makes him viable, considering how slow, easily kited, and predictable he is. >Slow doesn't decay This is the *only* area I'll give you a concession, but it still isn't completely out of line. Malphite is about half the amount (top out at 26%) but since it *Steals* the movement, the difference in speed is similar. Nasus' slow *increases* over time, rather than decaying. There are other examples.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Excuse me, but how ability tweaks/slight reworks have anything to do with skins, especially if a champion already was visually updated? It's not like Garen, Darius or Mordekaiser got new skins, because of the juggernaut update.
Because, if you read Katey's other posts here, skins generally include particles to some degree, and if Cass's kit gets changed or tweaked (even if not a complete overhaul) then those particles or animations may need to be changed. So they'll wait until the mage update is done to add their skins to avoid duplicating work.
: When you own every skin for a champion
The best is when you don't realize you've bought them all, over the years. Going into queue, "Hey I think I'll play X Champion, haven't seen them in a while." Look at skins "What the fuck WHY DO I OWN ALL OF THESE SKINS WHEN DID I PAY FOR THESE I DON'T EVEN PLAY THIS FUCKER"
: So Riot just hates Sejuani, right?
Look at it this way: Draven and Tryn just have to hit the thing, Sejuani is the one *holding that motherfucker back*, keeping it in (relative) place, and making sure it doesn't get away. She is the anchor that allows these two derps to wail on it until it dies. You know if it gets too close to them she'll pull it back, "Hey now, play nice. Sit there and die like a good Dino-bird-thing." But I mean yeah she should have gotten more real estate..
: Oh right auto attacking is funier than an actual spell, well perhaps in bronze where they can't do better i presume. You must be a Yi lover.
If you want to have anyone take you seriously, responding with immature jabs isn't going to get you very far.
: > [{quoted}](name=Crett,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Z9YRKFHV,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-01-29T12:34:19.710+0000) > > But then he wouldn't have a W > That's > > like saying remove Miss Fortune's W > > > Like > > she wouldn't have a W anymore > > EDIT: it's also not a blind; its a dodge shield for champs inside it's radius. > even if you stood outside it's effects you wouldnt be able to damage champions standing in it "blind" parentheses for a reason
> [{quoted}](name=tommyagun,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Z9YRKFHV,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-01-29T19:05:28.560+0000) > > "blind" parentheses for a reason (Quotations)
: What did I do that was deserving of a 25 game mute though? Should I have just not responded and ff'd at 20?
Your chat log up there is something in the ballpark of 80 lines of text. Of those 80 lines, only *one* of them appears to be in any way positive: "gj" That may have been sarcastic, but its the only thing that looks remotely positive. The rest is either neutral or, by far the majority, outright negative and toxic towards your teammates. > [{quoted}](name=Lone Jedi Knight,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=K0nrN0x9,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2016-01-25T04:37:10.550+0000) > > What did I do that was deserving of a 25 game mute though? Honestly if it keeps up, chat restriction would be going easy. Ban is coming if you can't learn to play nice. That simple.
: 15 game chat restriction ......
Thank you for providing such a clear example of an excellent chat restriction.
: yes?
> [{quoted}](name=Lone Jedi Knight,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=K0nrN0x9,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-25T01:55:10.466+0000) > Does the punishment fit the "crime"? "Yes."
: Justified 25 game chat ban?
sug (NA)
: Who is better? Lucian or Ezreal?
Ezreal has been my main ever since he was released. He is my most played/favorite/best Champion in the game. So I'm biased and want to say Ezreal. However I think Lucian is probably more competitively viable.
: there is a lot, for instance, illaoi is a concept that shouldve never become what it has. but then there's the fact that towers arent as powerful as they used to be. this game used to be fun, but now nothing in the game matters except the nexus... kind of
> [{quoted}](name=Trsdppy,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=7ZpRZc4T,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-01-25T01:55:09.009+0000) > > there is a lot, for instance, illaoi is a concept that shouldve never become what it has. Okay but that isn't that useful as an opinion or feedback. What part of her concept do you find problematic? Do you mean mechanically - many players complain about how much burst-sustain she gets in teamfights through her tentacles. That might be a valid opinion. Do you mean thematically - that the concept of a large, strong female Champion is not a good direction? Just saying "Champ X is bad" doesn't really help anything. > but then there's the fact that towers arent as powerful as they used to be. this game used to be fun, but now nothing in the game matters except the nexus... kind of Ah, well there's something we can work with. I agree, towers do feel pretty neutered lately. I'd like to see them get a little bit of power back; when I know that I can pretty confidently tower dive even pre-6, especially if I'm the tank, they don't really hold a lot of weight.
: Why the fuck does this game get worse with every patch?
Do you have specific changes that you're upset about, or is it more of a general, all-over sort of butthurt?
: Alpha/Beta players responses to "mid or feed" be like
I know them feels. Double tops. Being unsure if you should actually take Smite because Junglers had to *work* for their gold. Mid lane actually having a decent rock-paper-scissors interactions between rADCs, Mages, and tanks/offtanks. Playing Morde 1v2 top lane when you took the risk of a jungler, and then turning it into a 2v1 when you hit 6. Stacking passives. #BetaLife
: This glitch/bug has not yet been fixed.
And it still isn't a glitch or a bug, but you seem incapable of understanding what anyone else here is trying to explain.
: Getting stunned/displaced while under black shield (?)
You know how if you take a Champion with a blink, say like Ezreal's (E) Arcane Shift, and you try to blink over a wall - you can actually click inside the terrain itself, but the game will say, "The Champion cannot exist within this physical space. So I will move you to a nearby 'open' location where you can exist." and it'll either "push" Ezreal on the outside of the wall and he'll get a little extra distance beyond the ability's normal range, or it'll fail and he'll end up on the same side of the wall? Have you seen that happen? It can happen with flash, blink abilities, etc. Basically that's what is happening. Morgana is trying to occupy the same space as the terrain so the *game* moves her. Is it a loophole around her Shield? Sure. Is it a bug? No. It is working at the game is intended to do. Another way of thinking about it - if that didn't happen, if Morgana could just walk through Trundle's pillar without being obstructed in any way, but then the shield expired while inside the pillar, it could result in her being physically stuck in the space, which is why blinks and jumps work the way I described above. /thread
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