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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 23
Thank you guys so much for doing these! There's not a gaming company out there that has more feedback, communication, and transparency than Riot, and even the smaller stuff like this has a massive impact on this. You guys rock, keep it up
Novalas (NA)
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.6
Hey guys! First of all I wanted to thank y'all for what I consider to be the best patch of all time. I have a few questions on assassins. 1. Assassins have received noticeably less playtime than most other classes, especially in competitive. To what extent is this because of their feast or famine nature that compels the balance team to keep them on the DL most of the time? 2. What do you think about assassin champs like Kha opting into more brawly playstyle patterns and builds? 3. There was a recent Quick Gameplay Thoughts that indicated bringing back more solo carry agency and potential to the game. Are buffs to assassins a larger part of this? Thanks alot!
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - Midseason Patch 7.9
Thoughts on the {{item:3301}} mini rework? The experiences I've had with it are mostly that I feel ridiculously silly going on a treasure hunt during laning phase rather than focusing on shielding my adc and positioning...
: Burn Your Bracket: The Story of Worlds 2015
Awesome article to read and watch while I'm supposed to be paying attention in class, thank you for writing!
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Jynx (NA)
: Community Creations: Poro countdown to 2015
Merry Christmas everyone! Can't wait for the new year!
: Rek’Sai: Scourge of the Desert
anyone else notice the nomads medallion
Ypherion (NA)
: Preseason 2015 Q&A -- PART 2
I can't see any questions asked lol EDIT: I posted this to see if it would work. Guess not.
: Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance revealed
Either the going to be the most op or up champion in the game
: Hey,if you go to {{champion:4}} page on the champion's page, there seems to be a black smoke that comes out of no where. He's the only champion that has this. What is it?
TF's cards are wite, and Zed and Hecarim have something behind them that wasn't there before...
: Patch 4.18 notes
: Patch 4.18 notes
: Why does Demacia always win. Can Noxus win once?
: League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn
After going through all that Rengar goes down to a punch? Then after he almost lets Ahri die he just gets back up?
: some British kids are just ignorant as fuck and think they're superior lmfao.
Says David Beckham
Montag (NA)
: Sorry for breaking your monitor Dunkey.
Yeah, c;mon Riot where the heck is our soup?
Darkwind (NA)
: Dont blink. Dont look away, and don't bli... oh wait... you're blind. Screeewwwedd...
lee will never die to a weeping angel
J9X (NA)
: the new skin for {{champion:80}} looks bad ass..
It IS badass... dat ult
: New free champion rotation: Janna, Nunu, Twitch and more!


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