: Creating Ranked Team or 2 For Tournaments and Ranked play
IGN: Kraigish Division: Gold 5 Role: ADC Champ pool: In order of skill level. Vayne (Main) > Tristana, Ashe, Jinx, Ezreal > Graves, Twitch. Availability: Depends when I don't have school. Communication: (Like Skype, ts or cv) Skype, I can get teamspeak. Sometimes mic will be muted cause PC is in living room. Willing to improve: 100% I want to reach Diamond by next season, this was my first season and I went Bronze - Gold. When Availability to tryout: All day today Something you can improve on: Laning phase, playing passive Something you wish to learn: Shottcalling Things about yourself: what do you want to know ? Stuff I should know like if your toxic or not: Not toxic, very positive, I believe good attitude is the way to win. Sense of humor: Eh maybe over time Anything Else you wish to add:
fingers (NA)
: looking for adc with curse and skype silver elo for team
Add me "Kraigish" is my IGN. When do you guys usually play?
: LF Carry out of b1
Add me, my IGN is Kraigish
: The exact same thing happened to me; having this issue after getting a new router. Also in Ontario.
If your router is a Hitron modem & you're with Rogers, just call Rogers and tell them to update the firmware on your router, if the problem persists, you have to get a new router which isn't a HITRON router, you have to get a different brand.
: Also if this Fiddler4 program does work, could you explain to me how to use it so at least I can play in the meantime while waiting on a longterm fix from Riot?
Fiddler isn't working for me anymore, apparently it is a problem with my routers firmware, they say it needs to be updated, but if that doesn't work i'll have to change my modem
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: seems great, don't know about that exploding idea though, but I could imagine a tent just folding out. but will the stall not be too big? Oh yeah and this: "The animation for this could be like Nautilus's ultimate only it goes much much faster (like the ripple effect on the ground)(the ripple effect should look like a drill underground chasing them), and instead of the knock up, they get knocked back depending on what side the end of the effect hits them on (kind of like when Ziggs uses his W) and it then stuns them after. The animation should be fast and smooth." for my sake, you don't need to write this, I and high likely others will get the idea of the ability animation. Or if they don't, add pictures of it (there should be some pictures of guys hammering the ground), makes the topic more interesting.
ty for your opinion! i will fix all the mistakes!
: Does Riot ever listen to our skin ideas and champ concepts?
They can't accept all ideas but a post acknowledging them would be nice, everyone feels sad when it isn't acknowledged lol
: Really good new thinking here, like the idea :D What where I think you went the wrong way Kraigish, is a gold based champion have been long discussed, I know 2 posts about a leprechaun and metal element back from the days were you could post ideas on the forum archives, whose gameplay was based about gold, I tried to give my shot about it. But it's okay, you probably just quick judged.
Yeah, I remember reading somewhere that a gold based champ would mess up the gold team gold difference, that's why i think they haven't implemented something to that matter. But I made a similar rework to that post I had shown you. I feel that if we were to have a gold based champ it should be a support anyways because it might become far too op and the gold differences will be off the charts. This was with my ideas added... https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3fuwed/champion_concept_enrao_the_cagey_merchant_by/ I was thinking of posting this on the boards.
: [Champion Suggestion] Malmer the mantle miner (reworked)
https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3fuewy/champion_concept_enrao_the_cagey_merchant/ hmmm really similar to this... imo Enrao is better then your idea but they both play different roles.
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: Are you losing more LP than you gain? That's the important part. If you're even, you should be losing about as much as you gain. +18/-14 and +16/-16 are fairly reasonable LP gains for players that aren't considerably higher than your current division.
Haven't lost in the past 4 games, but I lose about 18-20 to be honest, it keeps changing, but yeah you're right, it all depends on my oppositions rank, good to know, it is something i can't do to change it. Thanks for the info! :)
: Please add a 'Substance Abuse' report button.
I carry 90% of my games when high ...
NewMk (EUW)
: These are the hardest to master champions in the game
: Long story short: you tanked your MMR down to mid-Bronze but not low enough to get demoted. Because you're playing players lower than your current division you are getting less LP per win. Once you win enough games to go back to where you were before your losing streak you should see normal LP gains. You only get matched against players with similar MMR. Your LP gains are based on the average MMR of the player in your game vs the expected MMR for your division.
Oh! Alright thanks! Another thing is, I have more wins then losses, I think about 10 more wins then loses, so should it not be back to normal?
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Me & My friend. Adc & Support yes or no
: Perma-tilt and Grinding Out of Bronze
Hey man, I feel you, I was on my promos to Silver this season, and after failing to win them twice, I went on a HUGE tilt, and got dropped to Bronze 4.. i am currently working my way back up, but I can be the one to tell you that playing for countless hours IS NOT the answer... I feel that was the reason i dropped to Bronze 4. I just kept playing even when I was tired and didn't even want to play , just because I wanted to get out of that 'crappy title which no one wants' BRONZE. I took about a two day break, and started playing less games and ranking less, and I'm slowly finding my way back up. One thing i have changed is that, I am not going pro in this anytime soon, so just have fun when you play, the less you get mad the better you do, and the less you care the higher you reach, it's really stupid but that's just how it is. Good luck ranking to you, hope you finally find your steps out of bronze.
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: Vayne is a problem IMO
Absolutely NOT. Vayne is perfect the way she is. I play Vayne alot, and she is fine, I have played games against a good ADC where they totally dominate me in the early game to a point where i am useless in the late game, and I have also had games where i just slaughter the other ADC. Considering she is "weak" in the early game you should take advantage of that the same way She takes advantage of her scaling in the late game. Ways to build around her in the late game, is a thornmail for one which reflects so much damage back to me i don't even realize i'm dying as I burst down the opposing player. Another way is CC, if playing against a Vayne, get a high CC support, like Leona, Nami, Morgana, etc. Another thing I see you speak about condemn, alot of you might think landing a condemn is super easy, but it always isn't if you get the angle wrong by half a cm, you are done for, and there is a very high chance of you losing the trade. As of now I feel Vayne is very balanced and there are alot of things you can do to counter her. That's just my opinion though. P.S. I am only S5 Bronze, S4 Silver. May be I haven't taken other things into account as you may have more knowledge then me a lower ELO player.
: Award for Worst Company
EA is the worst company of all time, i will never vote any company worse..
: About knockups...
I am not 100% sure on this, but i think the timer resets.
Jamaree (NA)
: Believe it or not, but the average player doesn't rage often, those are small incidents at times and only the most toxic of the toxic get permabanned.
> [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=WBh0QrRq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2014-12-20T09:26:13.897+0000) > > Believe it or not, but the average player doesn't rage often, those are small incidents at times and only the most toxic of the toxic get permabanned. Maybe I just got absolutely unlucky, hopefully i find my way out of the gutter though!
: All I heard was whahh whhah I'm bad at this game. Also, dear diary.
> [{quoted}](name=Theorchero,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=WBh0QrRq,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2014-12-20T09:33:23.810+0000) > > All I heard was whahh whhah I'm bad at this game. > > Also, dear diary. Mainly dear diary, if only we had a Board/Section for that, haha would be interesting. ;)
Yenn (NA)
: Why don't we have a 'Don't match me with players from my last game' option?
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Kraigish (NA)
: Look for Ranked help, Advice, and/or Duo partner
and I added both of you Marshy & Zama :)
: what lane do you play ?
> what lane do you play ? I prefer playing top as Renekton, or Tryn, but when I play with Bronze players, I try to get Akali, WW, Caitlyn so I could try and carry, but i'm not at an amazing level with them, some games i can carry, some i can't.
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: Hey add Masterxerath. I stream on twitch, and twice a week im going to duo queue/ coach people in lower divisions HMU if your interested
> Hey add Masterxerath. I stream on twitch, and twice a week im going to duo queue/ coach people in lower divisions HMU if your interested Hey Masterxerath im looking for similar help, i added you, hope to see you add back thanks
: I am plat 5 and I can smurf on my silver 5 account to help you, my main is Feelblitz, smurf is quadbeast
> I am plat 5 and I can smurf on my silver 5 account to help you, my main is Feelblitz, smurf is quadbeast Hey, do you mind adding me, i kind of need help too, but not to really carry me to a division, just to get me out of the MMR hell im in right now, my friends played a "prank" on me and went on my account and lost my ranked games and did stupid stuff while i was on vacation -.-
: > Will do, this is the kind of thing I need. Added you, actually. Hope to catch you on within the next day or so!
hey man, i'm looking for this kind of help, hope you add me thanks.


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