Krell356 (NA)
: Looking to create bronze/silver team comp
Make that possibly 3 supports. Nice Now we just need a mid and this becomes easy.
Krell356 (NA)
: Looking to create bronze/silver team comp
Ok, so we need 3 more and I may have a support or two who might be interested.
gottrjr (NA)
: Bronze II looking to climb out - need decent players
Interested in making it a team?
M1R (NA)
: Looking for people/team to play (ranked) with!
Your preferred champs are all over the place. What's your best lane and playstyle?
: Bronze support looking for an adc duo
Can you play protector supports well and are you bronze 4 or better. If you can do those two things I will happily join you.
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Krell356 (NA)
: Knight's Vow Questions
Still looking for answers, and still haven't had the time to properly test anything myself. I find it hard to believe no one else has tested this stuff yet.
Oglaf (EUNE)
: It will never kill you, but it can certainly help speed it up, lol.
So it will leave you at 1hp even from what would normally exceed your remaining hp?
khorney (NA)
: it says deals damage so if say you knighted vowed someone with sunfire cape thornmail and hextech gunblade for somereason you would be healed becuase they are dealing damage
I know that much. My question was aimed more towards damage from their pets to be honest. Sunfire and Thornmail originate from the wearer, but that is not necessarily true with pets.
Sylvant (EUNE)
: The heal/shield passive from different items stack, since they are not named. If you use 2 Mikaels, they wont stack, if you use 2 different items with the same name passive they wont stack, e.g. unique passive- spellblade
: Vision, invis and camo changes have been a huge failure
First patch out, it's not the stealth that's the problem its a balance and skill problem. Now that it's camouflage your team shouldn't be huddling together to counter Rengar anyways, the damage sponges and duelists should be spreading out a bit to spot him before he can dive and kill him or force him to keep his distance. Not to mention that his vision in fog of war only works on the closest target meaning that if he doesn't have vision and your tank stays between the ADC and him that he can't accurately judge where the damage dealer is even standing.
: Need More Damage Stats
Honestly we just need more statistic breakdown period. We know the stats have to exist from all the data Riot throws out in various posts. Why not make it all readily available?
Wally4Ever (EUNE)
: Edge of Night & Rengar
Because Edge of night counts as a channel. Maybe Riot will add an exception for it in the future? EDIT: Also Rengar can already mess up people just fine with his ult without also having an on demand spell shield. He would be vastly overpowered if it did work.
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Yeah, that's never going to happen. There's simply not enough players under 30 to ever do that without launching those players queue times through the roof. If it bugs you that badly go play ranked where only level 30 is allowed to play.
Krell356 (NA)
: Early search for doom bots team
Awesome let's get some more and maybe set up a chat channel
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: Strategies to beat Doom Bots!!!!!
I haven't tested it due to the lack of a PBE account but from my research a solid looking plan is to use a team comp with the following: -Multiple champs who can still deal damage while building a sizable amount of MR items -3 champs with high amounts of early wave clear -2 champs with good mobility and low CD gank potential -a champion or two with terrain creation or other way of creating a frontline that doesn't involve tanking obscene amount of damage -at least one high range damage dealer The logic behind these things is to hold the lanes with 3 champs and have 2 champs roaming to get some serious murder on for kill rewards I've heard about. Once the kills have happened the lanes will need to get their minions suiciding for the sustain before the bots return. Once the game hits that 15 minute mark however I've heard the bots will group and begin a single lane hell push. With most bot selections and curses being magic based a high MR team is likely to do better versus the doom poke. The enemies can also be delayed greatly with as much player created terrain as possible to allow you to poke back without getting hard dived. Anyone want to start poking holes so we can improve?
: Any bronze players who want to be shamelessly boosted
Eh screw it, why not. Would you be willing to give feedback after the match to point out where I could improve?
: [Club] Band of the Red Hand is recruiting! (18+)
You know what, sign me up. It couldn't hurt to be in multiple clubs. I'm not hitting the 3 cap anyways.
Krell356 (NA)
: [club] Grayscale Dragons
Still looking for more players interested in joining.
: [Club] Band of the Red Hand is recruiting! (18+)
I'm not looking for a ranked club right now, but unless I'm entirely mistaken I do remember playing with you in an ARAM match that was fairly pleasant. I wish you luck in your search for members, let me know if you're interested in joining my club that's aimed less towards ranked and more towards just finding enjoyable players.
Krell356 (NA)
: [club] Grayscale Dragons
Invite sent to you both
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Shmeshy (NA)
: Promos for Gold 2 last season, placed iADn Bronze 1, looking for someone to play with.
: IP BOOST Lobby (Normal and Araming ALL DAYYY!) ADD ME.
: Looking for 4 people to play with.
: Need 3 Players!!!!!
go to channel party rewards to look for people. works better
: looking for more IP boost ARAM
join channel party rewards
DoublexA (NA)
join chat channel "Party Rewards"
: LF group for IP BOOST
Started a chat room called party rewards, try hanging out there. Working on getting more people there.
weenking (NA)
: Gold last season adc looking for supp
What kind of support are you looking for?
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: A Good Death
When I read such quality work I just sit here wishing there was more. I could read this all day and not have enough.
: Player Created Games Spotlight
A pity I never got my combat racing game mode off the ground before this.
: Okay so from what I understand from the replies to this thread, is that most players that are affected are on century link. I can confirm that one of the main outages we are dealing with is the Century Link route, so I don't think this will be resolved until they are able to fix their fiber break unfortunately.
That's fine, outside your control. Can we please get a warning message on the game client and some loss prevention so this doesn't affect us as much?
: how about loss prevented for us? That will be a start then an ETR in the near future. Please
I agreed on loss prevention. I don't mind being left in the dark for repair times, it's outside your control. I do however wish that the League client would warn us of outages like this before we start matches.
: Is there still issues with connecting to games at this time? We should have fixed the "cannot connect to game" error but there should be pretty bad ping due to the route we had to switch to until the fiber break is fixed. If you are not able to start a custom game can you post your ISP and Area so we can start to track this down?
Krell356 (NA)
: Looking for players to join ranked team NA
So few people actually on. still looking for members at this point.
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: Find your IRL friends in League now
This should be interesting. Glad you guys went with a setup that won't do everything I hate about Facebook while doing something Facebook is actually good for.
Tehemai (NA)
: Gnar if he gets past bans.
Why do I keep hearing this? I never EVER see gnar banned or picked. He is powerful when he goes in at the right time, but that just means the enemy backs off during that window of opportunity and punishes him when he goes in anyways. In fact Gnar was pretty much the reason quinn top became a thing. She was built to counter him perfectly when everyone first started playing him. in blind picks everyone started locking top quinn because everyone had picked up Gnar.
: Really good replies! Keep them coming!
I think all the important points have already been covered.
: well that explains alot meta top lane isnt really a thing is that wat ur saying?
Yes and no, Meta counterpicks are very much a thing. Like Quinn, people tend to lean very heavily toward champs that have a very good way to counter the enemy top lane. As first pick however... it's just all over the damn place. everything from Akali to Mundo to Quinn. The amount of viable top laners is ridiculous, just focus on learning your counter picks and team comps. Assassin tops aren't useful if you don't have a tank Tanks aren't as important if your jungler is a tank main Quinn is easily countered if you pick her before the enemy top laner gets to pick.
: not really wut im asking about but I've definitely never went up against a gp, quinn, mundo like ever They arent bad, but something tells me they are either not popular or off meta
Quinn is top pretty often actually. She's VERY popular as a counterpick right now. The biggest thing to remember is that top is more about comfort and counterpicking than meta. A top laner needs to fit into the team comp while being able to survive the 1v1 they are stuck with for the first half of the game. By trying to pick "meta" you are just asking the enemy top laner to pick the "meta counter". Anything popular has a known and powerful counterplay for the most part with Quinn being at the top of that list. Learn to play a variety of champs that can fill many team comps because there is no one top laner that can simply wreck the game unless they get fed early. If you must choose your champion before the enemy then pick based on your team comp, otherwise pick based on the enemy top. DO NOT META TOP LANE!
: Super meta champ suggestions
When you can, COUNTERPICK is the meta. Beyond that, Quinn has been fairly popular top as a way to disengage from some of the nastier top champs like Riven and Jax who I would consider fairly meta. Gangplank is also a fairly strong top lane with his insane early farming potential. Lastly if you don't mind a rough early game I've always been fond of Nasus and his late game carry when stacked up.
: Any Advice Against Snowball Tap Laners?
Play Quinn with an avarice blade for free gold and just keep disengaging every time they try to start the ball rolling. with an avarice blade you can safely lose a cs here and there to stay safe.
Cutrate (NA)
: N>Strong Top lane Champions
I've always been fond of that Nasus carry. If you have a team that can drag out a game long enough Nasus can carry anything. There is no stopping someone who can late game switch to full tank and still virtually one shot an ADC. Though Quinn is dangerous against his early game.
: First: I would highly suggest getting 200 normal wins before entering ranked. Second: Learn at least 3 champions deep in every role (as in solo que you will inevitably be in a role you are worse at). Be comfortable in every role, even if you aren't amazing, just be able to play.
Word of the day: "Fill" If you can't play them all to some small degree you can't play ranked.
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