: Well, they also nerfed Runaan's so scumbags (like me) can't do Guinsoo's + Runaan's + Runaan's Ashe and stunlock 6 enemy champions the entire round, so it probably evens out that Runaan's doesn't require a spatula in the long run. Granted, in all the time I played TFT I never saw someone else who realised Runaan's gives 4 bolts instead of 2 when you put 2 on the same champion, but regardless, it's probably a good nerf anyway.
bahaha I'm sad I never tried this. I always just assumed it wouldn't stack, since it's a unique passive in League. Alas, missed chances. Sounds like a hella fun build if you could get it working tho. :P
: I think what would be cool would be global voice-lines for when First Blood and Ace are scored. They wouldn't even need to introduce new voice-lines, they could just recycle old ones. For example, Draven's FB would be, "Welcome to the League of Draven!" and his Ace quote would be, "Draven does it all... with style."
Draven is the only champion whose quotes I must read in his own voice... Thanks for that.
: Patch 4.8 notes
aww i liked the bridge cam. got me to realize how beautiful that map really is. :[


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