: Why does it feel like supports are not respected?
lol u think not receiving a praise is a bad thing? go play a hook support and miss a few hooks and see how much praise u receive :D (last night some adc raged me entire game vs a braum lane(suicide to go on the sides to land a hook vs) and somehow even turned the entire team on me even though i got good hooks while roaming a little.)
: "We recognize damage is too high in league and we are working to fix it" -riot games
i cant imagine playing squishy supports if this goes through, they will be getting "all-in-ed" so hard in lane that they will be joining the nerfed adc's club in the bottom tier.
: Easiest champion for new player?
there aren't too many noob friendly champs in mid lane though one of them aka malzahar is S tier after the liandrys buff in last patch.(hes known as the most braindead champ in the game, but hes a bit expensive). annie is another noob friendly champ but she gets outranged/bullied by other mages during laning phase, u can however last hit everything with ease under your tower thnxs to 2 damage spells. annie is a more of a high burst champ that can blow all her cds to 100-0 an enemy in 1-2secs while malzahar deals sustianed dmg and can lockdown an enemy for 2.5secs which is big.(hes also a great split pusher).
Krishal (NA)
: what are some good Nami streamers?(prefferly high ranked)
her views seem kinda low, isn't there any big time nami streamer considering she is a high pickrate hero.
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Malak (NA)
: Riot needs to calm down with reports
yeah i feel riot is banning for simple remarks that mods in most game consider normal behavior, riot is simply being over-sensitive here...either that or they are not checking chat log for proof due to laziness or shear volume of reports.
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: Still honor level 1
it takes ages for everyone pal! something that might help which is a common problem i see is that someone in the team typically forgets or doesn't bother to honor someone and as a result, u miss out on the bonus honor.
Nakamama (NA)
: Ranked LoL
with the primary/secondary role select feature that got added, u don't need to learn to many champs now. Its commonly recommended to have 3 champs for your primary role and another 3 for secondary(or just 2 for each of those two roles if their banrate is low).
: Patch 8.19, the patch no one asked for.
lol explains why kha zix players have been fighting my squishy mid mages under the tower while i got full or near full hp....like dealing with broken assassin class wasn't enough headache.
: Kill everything within 3 seconds. Yes. They can do that again.
assassins/mages do that in half that time :D
Altiverse (EUNE)
: The problem is the state of the game altogether rather than the ADC role on its own. 1. Ideally, ADCs should offer sustained damage throughout the entire game, increasing exponentially towards late game. This sustained damage should be used primarily to wear off the enemies' tanks and frontline. * With this in mind, every team comp should *always* have a tank/frontline. Not having one should be comparable to not having an ADC or a Support - it's very much possible (like the state of botlane Mages atm), but not optimal in most cases. * Furthermore, these tanks/frontline should only be threatened by the enemies' ADC and/or champions that function the same way (melee carries, like Fiora or Trynd). The state of the game the past two seasons? 1. ADCs kill everything with burst damage rather than sustained damage. *Stormrazor cough Runes cough*. If you're an ADC without enough burst to pop a target, you're not viable. * Tanks are simply outclassed by basically anything else that can replace them in any elo outside of pro play since the release of *cough Conqueror*. **Most** team comps these days have literally no tanks. * Anything can threaten tanks, not just ADCs. An assassin or a fighter can pop a tank just as easily, because why not. If a tank *is* somewhat viable, it's purely because they can oneshot others as well. because why not. With everything in this game out of order, you expect a specific role in the game to have something they are "supposed" to do? because nothing at all works the way it's supposed to.
first all the forum crybabies complain that adc do too much damage with auto attacks, leading riot to nerf the shit out of any auto attack dependent adc to the point where all of those types are sitting at the bottom of the tierlist and now u want to rob adcs of their burst dmg. so by your logic, if adc's aren't allowed to do auto attack damage or burst dmg, wtf kind of damage are adcs supposed to do?
Hayaishi (NA)
: Clearly adc's sole purpose for existing should be to be hunted by melee champions and assassins for sport.
lols, i know the feeling as both adc and support! Is guardian angel still a staple among the less mobile adcs? imo once assassins blow their kit to assassinate you, they are sitting ducks in your backline...hence they don't fack with folks who got stasis or barrier.(also tell your dam mages to do their job since they can ruin any assassin's day)
: reporting players does not feel good. riot lets work together to stop the trolls
the cancer/trolling is real here in forums aslo, this morning i got reported by a pve noob for disagreeing with him that lol should also be a pve game :D
: ashe v jinx game logic
love how fantasy triumphs real life in this game :D
: Fed Soraka Doodle
lol looks like alistar and soraka had a baby :D
: I don't mind joining and doing whatever others want, but what I think is fucking ridiculous is ONE single guy can screw up over 4 other players because of a selfish childish behavior. Next time I hope it's going to be invidivual missions, yesterday I tried queuing and 4 times in a row a single guy was spamming ff and flaming everyone. I stopped trying to queue for this mode since
u must have alot of time on your hands unlike the rest of us, we got jobs and shit u know? heck even high school kids that want to get into a CSU need to maintain a B average so ya might want to rethink about how you're currently spending your time. imo ops right, atleast for onslaught mode, they should have added a list u can mark for which quest you need to get done or riot could have just matched everyone up automatically if they shared one similar quest.
: If you're going to do missions like Odyssey, add a group finder.
i just gave up past captain, been trying to tell em yasuo is the answer for onslaught but they either say 'yasuo is for noobs" or they don't know how to play him. imo the time sink isn't worth it unless u are a vet/longterm player gunning for a hextech/odyssey skin.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Krishal,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iRMfEiAn,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-09-12T09:28:42.640+0000) > > mercy cancer. lmao complaining about mercy when brigit and moira exist
> [{quoted}](name=D357R0Y3R,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iRMfEiAn,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2018-09-12T09:51:27.794+0000) > > lmao > complaining about mercy when brigit and moira exist what i meant was when I go to forums, all i see is mercy! mercy! mercy! ppl were behaving like shes the only support that exist.
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: How to explain to your parents that you cannot disconnect from an online game mid-match.
the trick is to predict any likely chores they might throw on you before you start gaming for the day and get them done, afterwards you lock the doors! (it will sink into their heads after a while :D)
: Ashe is a Healthy Champion
i loved the support aspect of her kit but too bad she went in the garbage bin along with all the other adcs that relied a little too heavy on auto attacks.
: Not really enjoying the "Die in three seconds" in every team fight
i reckon i can live for an entire 7secs, given my alistars 70% dmg reduction ult is up but not complaining cause dat the life of an engager :D
Anin777 (EUW)
: Thoughts about Icons, Borders and Chromas
i rather them milk this then rune pages and ingame curreny earning rates.
: So what happened to Overwatch?
well theres many forms of cancer now, smurfs, annoying heroes got buffed to be more annoying, and mercy cancer.


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