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Sharjo (EUW)
: Jhin's VO is here!
: When you just spam skillshots in the target's direction, hoping at least a few of them land
: You know what counters Kat harder than CC?
you know what counters katarina harder than map awareness? diana.
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: I don't worry about "overpowered" champions. Know why?
the only way to counter an op champion is with another op champion.
Wolfeur (EUW)
''eu>na'' ''i need to complain'' you humiliate laughing fish 93421348972314238319437264287395087436194273574362/10
: Oh man I am so HYYYYPED for the new champ
: Is That A Short Joke!?!
: How I see the boards.
''complain about rengar'' that's all i had to see. 10/10
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: When your team gets Baron, but then you see the enemy backdoored and is killing your Nexus
: Can we add champion voice reactions to their getting banned in champ select?
{{champion:103}} i guess you don't know the game. {{champion:432}} *weird noises*
: But not meta. Given that Yi goes Jungle some 92% of the time.
yep. you can get guinsoo's+sated devourer then go full tank.
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: Laning Yi. Statchecks a surprising amount of champions in the early game. Dodge an ability with Alpha Strike and/or engage with a Wuju Double Strike and it's super easy to outrage with him.
: I can't tell if this is a troll or legit thread. Turrets suck atm.
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eMuffin (NA)
: Off meta is "trolling"
teemo mid is actually viable
: Where are they now? (Champion Edition)
{{champion:412}} would be a thrash metal guittarist. get it? cus thresh metal? i suck...
Ryùuzaki (EUW)
: And her name is...
wow,what an original and unique joke! would give it a 10/10. it was very unpredictable,and made me laugh my ass off.
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: Zed, Lee, Yas, Vayne, etc. aren't the problem
all those flavors,and you choose salt? i main zed,and i'm always friendly to my teammates/enemy team.
Doopsy (EUW)
: Arcade Ward
: MFW the middle lane is blamed for feeding.
i once saw someone 0/3,and my team said he was feeding. wot
: When Rengar goes into a bush thinking he owns the place, only to meet the REAL king of bushes
: When an enemy Veigar has over 1k ap and ults you.
vi's original champion concept laughs at that. COMPLETLY REFLECTING AN ABILITY. R.I.P LEE SIN
Zwill (NA)
: How I picture Laughing Fish sitting at his PC...
i wonder how lf gets all of those upvotes. i want to know his secret.
: Doom Bots
{{champion:17}}'s r will have no cooldown and with a 0.5 cooldown and instantly arms.
: IMO champs that are fun are fun for 3 reasons: 1. They are fun because they are easy/powerful 2. They are new; whether new to you or new to the game or have new mechanics or reworks 3. They have a high skillcap and are fun to master; Lee Sin, Vayne, Thresh, and etc. champs that are complained about constantly lol
i didin't knew people were qqing about lee...
: what just happened?
: Im just tired of Thresh.
: I found this and thought it was funny.
Qazgir (NA)
: Teemos are the official unit of league of legends mesurement
upvoted for mentioning teemo. all hail teemo! {{champion:17}} {{item:3151}} {{summoner:14}}
GI Jho (NA)
: **Puns of damage!** Anyone? No? I'll show myself the door...
: {{champion:223}} People {{champion:35}} upset {{champion:9}} about {{champion:31}} demons {{champion:56}} in {{champion:266}} League?
: You EQ they QQ. {{champion:126}}
you R they QQ. {{champion:17}}
: Seriously, if you're going to complain about Garen, please complain about the Villain passive
wait,people are qq'ing about garen? really? whoever qq's about him needs to kill themselves.
: If Garen kills the enemy villain with his ult, he should globally yell "DEMACIA!"
voted no cus for teemo {{champion:17}} is love,{{champion:17}} is life
: zomfg rito kinder op! diamond 4 zed die to silver 5 kineder wtf?!!?!? serious!? nerf!!!
: I'm going to main Yorick till S6
tfw you discover yorick's full potential and carry every game with him.
Xhader (NA)
: Who actually types full champ names
WinBoat (NA)
: Depends. Are we talking single champ all in, or a team comp all in? Today Malphite ulted into a group of enemies and I playing Riven charged my ultimate and came crushing through... So styling. Otherwise, Riven kinda sucks unless fed to hell, then her all in is insane. Katarina must be my favorite tho I don't play Kat much, but to go all in for a penta kill, and multi kills in general is awesome. Kat for the win?
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: Blood Moon Diana - Why is this not a thing yet?
i'm still waiting for battle bunny urgot.
: Laughing Fish's 40k lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
: How can you get 13 kills in a row without being legendary?
: But what if I'm trying to say GG to an awesome ezreal player?
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