: i'm not here to voice my opinions, but to ask a genuine question what exactly was minion de-matierializer meant to be used for originally was it to not miss cannon minions? was it for a AoE mages to wave clear without leaving the melee minions with a sliver of hp?
Could see it being useful for {{champion:45}}, in order to get Q stacking easy and fast. The faster you can get to greasing minions from full/near full off cooldown, the higher those numbers are going to go.
: Expanding the Weekly Free Champion Rotation
That's pretty cool. Now how about allowing all champions to be playable in Practice Tool? Unless there's a significant technical hurdle involved, there's no real reason why this should not be the case. In fact, going so far as to allow all champions and all skins could go a long way toward helping people find purchasable content that appeals to them.
: Are there specific issues with it that need fixing? Please share!
Frankly, I don't think a spell with the desired effect (the stun) being locked on a character facing dependency is ever going to feel reliable when it's used in a game with instantaneous turning. It also widens the mechanical gap in terms of skill required to play against her, since few players below plat/diamond are going to have the reactions or mechanical skill to intentionally change facing to dodge the ult. Not to tell you how to do your job, but I think the ult would have a much better feel to it if the stun effect was guaranteed and some other aspect of it, such as the damage effect, was facing-dependent.
: > [{quoted}](name=RedCyclone,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7e6GlIXg,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-02-28T06:03:54.201+0000) > > "We believe assassins are healthiest when a proportion of their burst's gated behind a long CD" > > {{champion:238}} hurhurhurhurhurhur Talon ult: 75/65/55 Talon ult post-nerf: 100/80/60 Zed ult: 120/100/80 Nothing hypocritical here.
It also doesn't hurt that Zed's burst is innately delayed by the mark mechanics, giving people time to react or to QSS the mark. I've always felt like Zed is innately a significantly healthier design than someone like Talon, simply because Zed's 100-0 burst takes a fair bit longer than Talon's to complete in most circumstances and is much less difficult to respond to for allies.
: Two ideas: 1 - Same ult but Brand can press R again to select the next target for bouncing. He's flame incarnate, so he should be able to control it, right? Maybe make it of a stream of fire that sweeps between targets, burning minions in its path instead of bounces. 2 - Brand pours his fire essence into an enemy champion, burning the area around them, causing his passive to continually activate on all enemies near the target for x seconds. The target takes x magic damage over the duration of this spell and all Brand's bonus effects on this target are enhanced. It'll still give off the whole "oh god brand ulted you get away from me" but remove randomness and deal more consistent damage. EDIT: as his passive has no scaling, his ult's duration could scale with AP.
> [{quoted}](name=Bladeglory,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=3laEggh0,comment-id=000a0001,timestamp=2016-02-27T05:50:27.467+0000) > It'll still give off the whole "oh god brand ulted you get away from me" but remove randomness and deal more consistent damage. > EDIT: as his passive has no scaling, his ult's duration could scale with AP. Something mechanically similar to Varus's ult wouldn't be so bad. What if whoever he ulted took damage over time before the effect finally explodes in a burst of damage, and that person ignited anyone who came near them and spread the effect? I guess that's not all that different from Kael'thas from HotS, though.
: Between Two Turrets - Chat with IronStylus! [COMPLETED]
: > refund the difference to the people who bought them. does apple give u a refund for ur iphone 3 bc now they have iphone 6?
Legendary is an explicitly price-protected tier. If they drop the price of a Legendary skin, the policy (unless revised at some point in the future) is to offer a refund of the difference to current owners. This is also why Legendary skins never go on sale.
Irasiel (NA)
: Message to all non-supports out there.
It's so bad that I often build {{item:3301}} over {{item:3302}} on certain champions, like Braum and Taric, nowadays. You lose out on a bit of extra tankiness and health scaling, but the ability to actually *get* gold income is pretty nice. (Especially on Taric, who is extremely punishable when he goes for an obvious lasthit.)
RiotLamz (NA)
: The meeps all walked backwards at one point which was my mistake, i animated them facing the wrong way ^^ easily fixed however
Dude, moonwalking Meeps sounds like the funniest/cutest thing ever.
: The only reason why we don't have more bans is that LCS Teams would be able to ban out LCS players.
: Are the 'Gameplay and balance' Boards just sickening to read?
I used to occasionally frequent the old Champion Discussion forums and was a regular on the Item Discussion forums. Yes, the Gameplay and Balance board is basically cancer at this point. CD was a pit of memes and ID got contentious at times, but now... It doesn't *help* that some of the recent changes (especially for jungle mains) are resulting in an all-time low of confidence in the balance team; I realize they're trying to zero in on a proper fix, but the fact that Lee and Jarvan have gone unchecked for so long is disgusting.
: I understand what you are saying, and its not just that they are making the new champions to fit just one specific role, they are doing it to the older champions aswell, for example, Alistar *"So we made changes, nerfed his extra monster damage, and put him back in his traditional support pants."* I prefer having a more versatile champion instead of a specific role/lane champion where it isn't viable in any other roles, it allows the players to experiment with champions/roles instead of picking a champion and knowing they can only go one place.
Kind of bad to call out the Alistar example specifically, considering he was ridiculously broken as a jungler. Versatile champions are all well and good, but there are very valid reasons for supports in particular getting nerfed whenever they show up in other lanes. Midlane Janna, for the brief period that was a thing, effectively shut down the mid lane completely with zero opportunity to contest or threaten her.
: Oh, well then, looks like I'm not late after all! The Victorious skin is generally announced towards the end of the season! Some of the criteria includes being an impactful champion throughout the 2015 season - so keep an eye out on who's dominating the Rift this season. :D
Victorious Gnar? Because we already have Victorious Jarvan...
Ponts (NA)
: I don't think we'll get any information that will be actionable for us in terms of balance or kit changes that the Live Balance guys don't already know about. That being said I think we'll see some interesting things in terms of which champions players most like to see their opponents playing and what types of team comps players perceive to be weak. I want to reiterate though that I'd be surprised if we saw anything in Nemesis Mode that we didn't already know from normal/ranked play. As to the supports comment, I'd like to turn your attention to the video link below. At the time these Rioters were in the topish section of players on LIVE (1800 to 2100 Elo). Now that supports scale so well when they aren't giving all their moneys to the ADC it's even more scary! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h95HtcUJSCg (Man that old League of Legends...how far we've come :) )
Oh, don't get me wrong! Support-packed teams are scary.
: "Nemesis Draft" Q&A with the Play team. 2/17, 10AM - 12PM PST
Are you guys using data from Nemesis Draft as a data point on the general perceptions of champions? It's not a big surprise that I see champions like Eve, Yorick, and Urgot given out frequently, but it *was* fairly shocking for me the first time I realized exactly how badly people at my level undervalued support picks. I've ended up against teams with four supports, then got blamed for the loss because I gave the enemy Rumble or someone else without useful CC.
Meddler (NA)
: This might well end up increasing the difference between mobile and immobile junglers. If so that's all the more reason to look at whether certain junglers are too strong (not sure about the Balance team's current thoughts there). The point I was looking to convey was that we don't feel 760 range is appropriate for a click to hit CC from an item that can be accessed really early in the game by any jungler. Regardless of who's too strong or too weak, what other changes should be made etc that's too high a range for that sort of effect. Balance changes to junglers, whether buffing the weak or nerfing the strong, should be made with that item in a better spot.
Meddler, I love ya, but I'll try to put this in a less salty way than some of the other posters who have responded to you. I think the guys on the balance team are doing a good job in general, but a lot of people do not have much faith in jungle changes right now because a few outlier picks are consistently going relatively untouched by systemic changes, the biggest being Lee Sin and Jarvan IV. (If nothing is done to her, I wouldn't be surprised if Rek'sai joins that class as well.) They've been more or less top-tier for entire *years* now, and systemic changes aren't working because they're consistently able to abuse any new tool or change better than the class at which it's targeted. Some attribute financial motivations to it ("Lee goes untouched because he draws viewers with flashy LCS plays"). I doubt that heavily. I think Balance is trying their best. But hypermobile, walldash/ward-jump champions are out of control.
: Who said tanks cant have invisibility? :p I like the passive proc idea though.
A pure tank like Shen's primary goal is to be a threat in a fight through disruption. He needs to be able to absorb damage, and to be threatening enough when near that the enemy spends attacks on him rather than his allies despite Shen being the most durable member of his team. Generally, this is through the threat of massive CC (like Rammus/Nautilus) or ongoing damage (like Amumu/Rammus). A short-duration stealth like this is a deaggro tool, used for escaping or for coercing people to switch targets away from the character. It's useful as heck on people like Wukong and Vayne, but it's pretty counterproductive on someone like Shen.
Eggbread (NA)
: Why not make Feint make Shen turn invisible along with the shield and always make his next basic attack proc his passive?
Because that's an assassin ability, not a tank ability. (Or at least it would be if Ki Strike's scaling wasn't fairly poor.) Shen needs better tools to draw and hold aggro in a fight, not better ways to drop it.
: Well those are his legit scalings? Are you shitting me right now!? I know he was overpowered with a loaded kit etc, but I didn't know his scalings were that stupid.
Those scalings are not out of line with other characters with AD-scaling abilities, especially considering that they are *all* bonus AD. Yi's Q is 100% TOTAL AD to all targets. Gangplank's Q is 100% TOTAL AD. Zed's E is 80% bonus AD (fairly comparable to Lee's E, too, since he has an ability that increases his bonus AD, bringing it more closely in line with Lee's 100% bonus AD scaling). His Q is 100% bonus AD (60% to secondary hits). Trynd's spin is 120% bonus AD. Garen's Spin2Win is 330% of total AD with all hits landed and no crits. Renekton's Q is 80% bonus AD (120% on rage), and his W is 150% (225% empowered) of total AD. Pantheon's Q is *140% bonus AD* against non-critical targets. Heartseeker is 120% of bonus per hit and 360 of bonus over the full duration. Lee's scalings are not out of line with other AD-scaling champions, especially considering that unlike Zed, Trynd, and Pantheon, Lee can't really afford to build a total raw AD build outside of wood league. I hate the bastard as much as anyone else, mind, and I'm tired of seeing him, but getting salty about his scaling ratios is not the right course.
67chrome (NA)
: > You do realize Nami does her job 100% better correct? If Nami lands everything perfectly. It's possible for Nami to miss everything, shooting her 5 MPH healing beam out a second to late. Unless she's played by Robin Hood, you can dodge a lot of her stuff with the reflexes of a potato. Sona does beat Nami in reliably doing things, which is the price Nami pays for having more power when her stuff actually connects. > Also, you are using Howling Abyss as an example. Why not? Howlying Abyss isn't a game mode Riot balanced their champions around, and it has a very different landscape and play style. A landscape that highlights differences in how champions perform within different conditions. If a champion can excel in a map like Abyss, Dominion, or Treelines - it also offers solid insight into how those champions should be played in Rift and what battle conditions and engagements you should try forcing with them. As well as potential problem areas where such champions maybe bereally strong. Most importantly such data offers insight into strengths that aren't readily apparent, which is also evidant in your oppening post. You didn't highlight any pros for Sona that could explain her being really solid in an environment like Abyss, let alone look at whether or not such an environment is worth considering in regards to her strengths.
I'm sorry everyone's downvoting you.
: Hey, GD! What'd you get in your mystery gift?
hmm... SKT T1 Lee Sin. That's... Actually, I don't mind that skin. I just wish I played more Lee.
: Sej, Maybe. Naut, hell no. Again, most of Naut's damage comes from his W. And it's so easy to burst that shield without defensive investments. Again, you COULD build them AP, but it's never really worked outside of of being a gimmick.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixHDCHp5GlE And this montage is VERY SERIOUS so you know it's serious.
: Kalista does not need a bigger dash when backing away from champions
If she's kiting at her max range, wait for her to throw a spear and step back. She'll jump away from you and be unable to close the gap back onto you. If you solo chase her across the entire map, you deserve what's going to happen to you, same as if you initiate on Mundo or hook an Amumu or chase Singed.
: Bring Back Summoner's Rift
Could you at least post reasons, things you dislike about the new Rift? Some of us think it looks awesome; the only problem I have is that the color palette used is a bit dull, and they've mentioned that they're looking at tinkering with it to brighten it up a bit.
: > and has slows which would bring a regular champions speed roughly down to hers. A 15% slow means that someone needs ~382 MS to be moving at the same speed as Ashe without boots (325). At 35%, they need 500 MS to match with Ashe. Without Boots. I'm not saying Ashe is fine, but *do not pull this shit out of your ass. Do your research before opening your mouth*.
JMBC, I'm scared. I went away for a while, then I came back and the gameplay+balance board is a steaming cesspit. Why does it look, sound, and feel like GD took a shit all over Champion Balance's head?
: > > a lot of champions are abominations on release. Name them, then look up who they were made by. How many of them are his?
I'm pretty sure he didn't have anything to do with Release Xin, considering it was years before his time. Until you've dealt with bullshit on that level, you don't get to complain about champions being broken on release.
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I'm up. I haven't done a lot in the past couple weeks, but maybe I have a decent game or two.
: Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance revealed
CertainlyT designed another champion? *sits back* *enjoys popcorn* The tears should be fun to watch.
: Champion Update: Singed
Calling it a QoL tweak muddies the waters for all of us who try to discuss QoL tweaks on Reddit and the champion balance boards. Adding a completely new form of CC to an ability as a combo reward is not a QoL change.
: http://i.imgur.com/FzVtUo1.jpg This was the original one, back when her name was Morgana Hex. That was the second one I think.
Ohhohoho, man. Those were the days. Back when all champion splash arts were basically their ingame models with hazy backgrounds and added effects. Man. Good times. I don't even remember exactly when they stopped doing that, although I think the art spotlights showed it when they did.
: Jayce dominates entire teams from a long range with AoE damage. Untouched for a while now. Irelia still dominates with high sustain, innate tenacity, works very well with few resists, and has true damage. Still been strong for most of the season. Ryze has insanely high damage ratios that scale off of mana (???) while being able to itemize for resists. Untouched, if not buffed. I'm much more scared of the bruisers and mages that go untouched than I am of ADC, ever. And yeah it's pretty much down to popularity or "doesn't see play but suddenly does and it's so cool he's seeing play so we don't' want to nerf him"
> Irelia still dominates with high sustain, innate tenacity, works very well with few resists, and has true damage. Still been strong for most of the season. Still been strong for *most of the lifetime of the damned game.* She's been a dominant pick and heavy contributor to the so-called "Renekton Bar" almost since she was released, once she caught on, despite "better nerf Irelia" having been a running gag since Season 2.
Memberry (NA)
: Is this supposed to happen? (Azir)
You sure the game considered her on that side of the wall? The ult doesn't guarantee that bumped champions don't end up on the back side of the phalanx, and if the soldiers went all the way to existing terrain and stopped, that may be what happened-the soldiers passed through her and no longer blocked her.
: Agreed, I don't think solo lane support champions is a bad thing. However I do also agree with OP in that Leona is a really well designed support champion. The annoying laning phases of solo lane Soraka and I guess Lulu was/is a problem, but I feel Lulu was less of a problem than Soraka as far as healthy laning patterns are concerned. A big problem I think was that utility scaling was just a failure, at least that's my opinion. It's really good for solo lanes because you can ramp up your utility and damage with Athene's, Deathcap, Void, etc. but it's bad for supports because we typically build Crucible, Locket, Frozen Heart, Frost Queens, etc. basically we end up with a lot less AP if any in our builds and the ones that do like Zyra and Morgana don't have any utility scaling. I don't think utility scaling should exist, at the very least not in its current state.
If you don't think Lulu's lane phase is a problem, you've never seen what she can do on Twisted Treeline.
: Riot Case came up with this little trick. I'd say I'm sorry for getting you pwned, but that would be a lie.
Well, you are now (with all due respect) obligated to give him a high five from me. That's brilliantly evil. I swear to you, it took me most of my death timer to stop laughing. Are they coded to do it if they "think" someone's doing Dragon, or do they just randomly decide to take the objective, port there, and utterly destroy anyone unlucky enough to be there at that moment?
: It certainly highlights the importance of objectives more than I've ever seen before. This wasn't a goal of ours during development, but if people learn to approach their games more strategically as a result, awesome!
Who came up with the idea of allowing the Bots to mass-Gate to objectives? I was soloing Dragon the other day, when I saw TF ult particles, and suddenly the entire enemy team spawned in on top of me. Just about dropped a brick. So, high five to whoever you are, you magnificent bastard.
: League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn
That Nautilus made me happy.


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