Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 22
What are your thoughts on toplane / toplane impact after the patch?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 25
How have the viktor changes 9.20/21 landed?
: this is literally a back and forth argument that neither of us can prove but it stands to reason that what was core to his identity and viability is NOT what players should want gone
Yes when I think of aatrox I think of his revive, not his identity of a sustained duelist who scaled or could split or dive into the backline of a teamfight
: what? no one wanted his revive gone, they wanted his kit UPDATED so that you weren't forced to stall out a match because your kit was basically a self-destruct button (5 to 10% of max health per ability use for low range, inaccurate, slow-moving abilities...) and apparenty, they changed the health costs in season 7, but still "low range, inaccurate, slow-moving abilities" there was also the issue of numbers, where people played him when he was decently strong
Literally every aatrox main wanted the revive gone with the rework what are you on about
: the revive has ALWAYS been his main theme...that's literally what the "blood well" was for...attack speed was a benefit. He claimed enough blood of his foes and his own to use as energy for the revive in some sort of strange ritual
The revive was a shit and unecessary mechanic that everyone wanted rid of for the rework but they didn't care and forced it so hard, his real theme was being a diver with dark flight and taking out the backline with massacre
: > Because it completely removed any identity Aatrox had That was **literally** the entire point of reworking him. Everyone knew that from the very beginning. BTW, Aatrox is *still* a god of death and battle that wants to get into the thick of things. **AND** he kept his signature thing: a revive. > this require compensation No it doesn't. Not in the slightest.
Many mains wanted to give up the revive before the rework that's how pointless it was lmao
Rioter Comments
: Hello Meddler being a big Ahri player for several seasons, I find that his W has very little damage on the minions/monsters, whether it's lategame or early, the damage is really low would it be possible to pay attention to it ? :(
> [{quoted}](name=Small Boobs Ahri,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=bOoAxRmj,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-01-30T16:46:32.082+0000) > > Hello Meddler being a big Ahri player for several seasons, I find that his W has very little damage on the minions/monsters, whether it's lategame or early, the damage is really low would it be possible to pay attention to it ? :( lmao
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 16
Viktor nerfs?? What?? This champ is absolute dog shit what are you going to nerf?
shofaz (NA)
: Hey meddler good morning! I just wanted to ask how you think Viktor landed with his changes. Do you think that you guys will try to help AP Viktor some more? Because the changes so far are hurting Ap Viktor more than Tank Viktor because of his weak early game. Do you guys intend to fix this anytime soon or will you continue to see how he has landed this patch? What are your thoughts?
Srsly this is the worst he's felt, even after his murder in s6 felt bad but this is just terrible. And they won't do anything but bandaid temporary fixes.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 28
Why can't you just change viktors q shield scaling to AP instead of Mana? It hurts Viktor top and rewards Viktor mid.
shofaz (NA)
: ***
This buff fixes none of his current issues
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 11
Any reason why to change range on viktors w? Also are these changes final or can we expect more?
: Yeah he's not a vampire but he's _League's_ vampire. They will never make a vampire because Vlad was meant to cover that archetype. Look at every single one of his skins. Not a single skin of his neglects to portray a specific archetype of vampire. Nosferatu: Fairly self-explanatory but also a whole vampire archetype unto itself Count: A classic primary vampire archetype Blood Lord: Your typical 'Blood Lord Kain' archetype Soulstealer: Voodoo Swamp archetype popular in Magic the Gathering and other media Academy: The "I'm a vampire blending into society and leading a normal life" archetype Marquis: That Ye Olde Phantom of the Opera, very poetic and Jhin-like archetype Vandal: Street Punk archetype, usually neophytes still drunk on their new vampire powers Bilgewater: Vampirates. It's a thing. Just trust me on that one. It's the same way that Anivia is our phoenix yet she clearly doesn't actually fit the part. Vlad is not a vampire, but he's League's vampire.
Not really.... You really just disgraced blood Lord like that.... Disgusting
Kelg (NA)
: I don't know if Morde is really the character for this tbh. I'd say Vlad is a better choice once he's updated since he has the whole vampire thing(I know he's not a vampire but his theme is clearly based on one) going on. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Meddler (NA)
: We'll likely talk about Fizz at least after mid-season. The W I could see us adjusting potentially. The R power scaling by distance by contrast I think has done good things though (optimal play not being to just use your skillshot point blank as a non dodgeable CC).
Will viktor get some sort of revert on his e?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 25
With the current mana changes viktors loses a bit on his shield, kinda funny how his shield got buffed, would be cool to adjust it.
Novalas (NA)
: Think he'll see a bit of a winrate increase but not necessarily shift into a p/b meta pick. It's generally pretty unlikely for a champions win rate to stay exactly the same when receiving notable buffs.
why buff his Q and not touch W, E, and R? (R CDR "buffs" are pretty unnoticeable)
Novalas (NA)
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.3
what do you think these viktor buffs will do? What will happen if his winrate stays the same?
: Is there even another item with a 1265 combine cost?
viktors first core {{item:3196}}
: AP Itemization on PBE (8.4)
Nothing for Viktor's Hexcore? the first back for 1250 is dreadful
: Here are my thoughts as an Azir and Viktor player. **Azir** The Azir nerf is too harsh. He already has a 47,5% winrate in platinum+ soloq. This change will completely ruin his waveclear, make his poke weaker early, and reduce his teamfight effectiveness all at once. This will easily reduce his winrate to 45% or even lower - bringing him back to pre-rework state unless you abuse Nunu synergy... By nerfing his AOE you are forcing him into a single target DPS role, and ruining the reward for hitting multiple people which is easy for the enemy to counterplay. After hitting a good R, which should be rewarding, you will have much lower followup damage too. With this kind of nerf you are ruining him for soloq. **Viktor** I'm pretty dissappointed with the Viktor buff. You are fixing none of his main problems - hexcore cost, delay on abilities and lack of range. First off facetanking damage is not what you want to do as VIktor. When playing a fight well, you kite around and dodge skillshots with the Q movespeed. You combo the frontline, or go for oneshotting one or more backliner. The Q shield would be most useful in lane while trading, but with the 2250 gold required to obtain it you've already got to a point where there isn't much trading midlane. The ult cooldown will be barely noticeable since you already go a CDR build, and don't rely on ult for picks like many other midlaners. Remember that you've made a lot of indirect nerfs to Viktor: Gutting Rylais, nerfing Ghost, and changing runes so he now has no good keystone. Viktor has been completely missing in all tier lists for a long time now. I'm going to test various builds to see if I can make him viable with the buffs, but I honestly doubt he'll be any good with the current changelist. Even though AzuBK has been communicating with us Viktor players [over at the subreddit](, I feel like you are listening to nothing of what we say.
completely agree, his kit is so delayed, Dun's tank viktor build is something though but not as good as ap viktor, idk why they're trying to play around this only good ability when it's fine as it is
Meddler (NA)
: No plans to change it as part of the AP item adjustments no. Still hoping to have those in 8.4.
Honestly his hexcore could use some tweaking, if both Laners back with 1250 - 1500 gold Viktor can only get mk1 and maybe pots while the other Laners can get lost chapter boots and another item and have more sustain in lane
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 26
anything for {{champion:112}}? his buffs were reverted and they were a chance that he was gonna be fun to play again, honestly I can't even play viktor anymore, he gets outclassed by most midlaners
: -sees shop -sees championship {{champion:92}} -excited -takes nap -goes out to buy rp and other necessities -comes back -shop disabled due to an issue -calmly checks forums -"hopefully reset will yield better results for all" -pls (I think this is my second time using the shop after a really long time. I would be crushed if riot couldn't help me out. Do i have a chance?)
send them a ticket on support they can bring back your deals from before this reset
: Tahm Kench, the River King, available now
Is that a krabbypatty there?
: Post your best teemo kills pls
for the first pic i really want the shen with the hood. it would look like he really want's to get revenge on zed
Moobeat (NA)
: i mean............................................... {{champion:17}}
> [{quoted}](name=Moobeat,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=lbrsAQrp,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-04-08T18:53:25.033+0000) > > i mean............................................... > > {{champion:17}} Wip right?
: Oh C'mon! when will {{champion:268}} be on sale!?
when its anniversary of bird is the word episode
: {{champion:131}} {{champion:131}} PRAISE THE MOON{{champion:131}} {{champion:131}}
do you even praise the sun??? {{champion:89}}
usul1202 (NA)
: 100% worth. i'm not even mad that my next champion will be delayed for a while. this thing is awesome.
> [{quoted}](name=usul1202,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=fdJzGf62,comment-id=0000000000000002,timestamp=2015-04-01T19:35:21.851+0000) > > 100% worth. i'm not even mad that my next champion will be delayed for a while. this thing is awesome. yep me too
: Aww man, thats RUF.
: 50% of *base* AD. Also, 50% of base AD, not +50%. Your damage will be halved or greater, depending on what items you've built and how "150% of attacks" is interpreted.
: What we really need is URF back for April fool's, and hope Riot doesn't go like:*We are bringing back URF. Nope! April Fool's!*
they are bringing NURF exact opposite not sure if real or a joke but ff@20 posted it
: I love how in the last screenshot he was told to consider the matter closed and if he did he would hAve been wrongfully punished with a permaban. I hope this makes Riot see that the way they handle such cases is awful.
> [{quoted}](name=BigPappaMichael,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=RE7XxFM8,comment-id=00af,timestamp=2015-03-21T17:36:43.907+0000) > > I love how in the last screenshot he was told to consider the matter closed and if he did he would hAve been wrongfully punished with a permaban. I hope this makes Riot see that the way they handle such cases is awful. i agree {{champion:17}}
: Minecraft Shurima
how long did it take?
: RP Price Adjustment in Canada
i guess rito hates us canadians
: The Featured Game Modes of 2014
: Rito plz what is this
happened to me but with rp
: Pool Party Zed
is there a video about this yet?
: I only logged in to upvote this comment
: Pulsefire{{champion:81}} needs a little update he just feels very clunky to play with atm
: Secret Agent Xin Zhao wields cutting-edge spy gear
Mirross (NA)
: Champion Mastery Q&A
what about champs you already played a lot with will they have something special or no?
oh god the {{champion:10}} rampage
: Champion Update: Kassadin
muahhahahaha 1 sec cool down ult time to play him and get 5 wins with him and never play him again :(
: Team up and earn Party Rewards!
x16 Holy thats crazy. Average win is like 250ip 250x16 is 4000
: I'm being called sexist, but you are glazing over the fantastic point of how every single girl just happens to be attractive. For the sake of argument lets say every single one of those girls has more hours played than anyone in LOL history. Does that mean they made the best costumes? Considering we weren't allowed to see every entry I can't say for sure. However, this is America where looks is praised over all other things and was more than likely taken into account when voting was taking place. When in fact it should have had absolutely nothing to do with it. Even if you take the males into account, that stands true. However not all of the male winning entries were attractive males. Coincidence? I doubt it. Though I don't see you fighting for the rights of your average female. You all are more than happy to accept the winners so long as they give you a boner. I really do not give two flying fucks what everyone's opinion on the topic is and I could care less about receiving attention for my opinion. You could all burn in car fires tomorrow and I would sleep well that night. The actual truth of the situation is that every single person who posted on my comment can't control their emotions. I put one sentence down and you all erupted like volcanoes. Its funny and sad the lack of control the LOL community has. Your willing to defend the women in those photos like I raped then in a dark alley, but there is no doubt in my mind that if they got you killed in bottom lane you would tear them apart with no mercy or remorse, telling them to delete the game or kill themselves. Next time someone thinks about posting on my opinion, take a deep breath and realize it was my entitled opinion. You idiots even likened my post to that gamergate bs. Like it was even in the same universe as giving a death threat to these women. I couldn't care less if women make my video games or dress up in skimpy fantasy outfits to get attention. Even if I was being sexist I'd say you all are a thousands times more guilty of generating anger and hate than I am. I made one post, but you all followed it up with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more. Which mine wasn't angry at all...just my opinion. If you don't like an opinion move on and ignore. Don't perpetuate by adding fuel to a fire that was never there in the first place.
did you notice each post you make is negative? {{champion:17}}
: DJ Sona is debuting in patch 5.4!
why 25% rito at least make it 30%
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