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: Mana changes to mages affects their early game and item economy way more than riot thinks.
TL;DR - I can't spam my spells off cd to waveclear without consequence, wtf Rito?!?!!?!!?
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: Some thoughts on Demacia's magic problem
I think the issue is more that Riot thinks they're being clever with the "yeah but they're also mean to mages!" angle but they're really just being super heavyhanded with it.
XD haha (OCE)
: Lol, I think you meant "the entangle becomes empowered"
I think that's what they meant, I typed what was in the tooltip. I don't remember if it's "tangle" or "entangle" but I know that they had "become" instead of "becomes"
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Moody P (NA)
: Because if mages aren't objectively the strongest class at all points of the game they come to board and complain
Weird way to spell "marksmen"
: It takes a good amount of time to charge up and she needs to be in the face of the enemies as a squishy to use it and she is stationary when she jumps up to use it. I think that is plenty of counterplay.
Yeah that .75 seconds you have when she's invisible is real long.
Ralanr (NA)
: She doesn’t look like a survivor to me. She looks like someone who just got super lucky.
What is the implication here? That good looking people can't be successful or that to survive you must be bereft of luck? The best people are invariably lucky, it's about the luck you get and *how you use that luck* that determines your success. This is such a silly post, "she doesn't look like a survivor". WHAT DID HE MEAN BY THIS? What "looks like a survivor"?
Ralanr (NA)
: I wanna talk about league champion diversity (and I am prepared to be downvoted)
Diversity for the sake of diversity is stupid and when it serves no purpose vis a vis the character of the champion then it detracts from the champions. Illaoi works as an islander because she's mysterious and has an elder god thing happening. It makes her character more interesting. If she were an accountant and also the same personality as now it wouldn't serve anything and would pretty obviously be just so they can say "wow look this character has x trait please give us points pretty please." The same works for negative traits. Why would you include them if they serve nothing to the character? Like Camille, she's an aristocrat and policewoman who hates the lower class. And that's clearly shown in her character. But if she were some like random scientist in Demacia and had a similar character then it wouldn't make any sense. You should never railroad in characteristics because you want brownie points, it's tacky and stupid. A recent example is Neeko's being gay. It doesn't really make sense to her character and I can't see a real/good reason for having that be the case other than "yeah I guess let's just make that character gay." The only reason I can fathom (and it's a bad reason that I cannot imagine being the case) is that it's to show how selfish/self-centered she is, since that's kind of the theme they've been going with in stories and the fact that she's the last of her specific race. But I know as well as you do it's just "hey let's make her gay that'll get us so many points." I don't mind characters that are "off-norm". Lucian, Illaoi, Taliyah, etc. I don't hate them because they're not white or anything stupid. They work with their characters even if for some it could be as base as Lucian is the contrast between light and dark if nothing else. Minority characters work but when it's just shoved in for no reason, nothing characterwise, I find more issue with it. I like good characters build up on the strength of, well, the character. I don't like characters that are tried to be propped up on extracurriculars.
: If Nunu had the shield of Neeko it would be ridiculous. It would be unfair. She has a shield because if she didnt she would instantly die. She loses the shield almost instantly after her ult and most of the time dies right away. If you do not kill a squishy burst mage in the middle of your full team you deserve to die honestly.
The only counterplay to her ult other than hoping to get out of it or killing her. So yeah just make the latter impossible and, oh, she can move during it. ANY CC AT ALL stops Nunu ult and you have to channel it all the way for it to deal max damage. You can't stop Neeko's damage from being max. You're right, a shield of that size is ridiculous. It's ridiculous that she has it. I don't want Nunu to have it. I want nobody to have it. It isn't that complicated.
: Ranked Armor Past Highest Rank is Wrong, and so are the other ranks...
They removed 5 for every tier which is why you're in 4. As for the 1 thing I'm sure it's some system bug.
: Give me PRO-tips on how to avoid getting soft-ban and permaban please~!
Just don't type. You can be banned for anything and everything. At the beginning of every game just "/fullmute all" and play.
NemeBro (NA)
: ***
Because one is a squishy mage and the other is a warden? I don't get why the squishy mage deserves a better shield than the warden gets. Especially when one has an uninterruptible ult and the other can be interrupted and short changed by any cc.
: Yea, but that is because her base one is small, she gets more when around the enemy team that s why. plus Nunu's does more dps I think, hers just has a stun. Dont quote me on that tho
Nunu's ult deals more damage at full channel than she does on base, but: -This is only true if Nunu channels for more than a second and Neeko has 0 AP -This is only counting her base damage. She also has a 130% AP scaling, meaning she catches up in damage and then outclasses him -Nunu has no stun -Nunu has a shield that scales on bonus health with a worse ratio than Neeko's shield scales with AP (same ratio when Nunu gets rank 3 ulti) AND Neeko also gets to have a bonus 40/60/80 shield for every enemy nearby -Nunu *has* to channel for all 3 seconds to get max damage. Neeko has a 2 second fixed channel time but, if used efficiently, will be visible for 0.75 seconds. This isn't to mention, either, that CC does not interrupt her channel and that, as far as I am aware, using {{item:3157}} doesn't interrupt the channel either.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wolfalisk318,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vnaHMwkO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-06T00:48:34.182+0000) > > Nexus Blitz, tomorrow. Player count will determine whether the mode becomes permanent or relegated to RGM status. As such, please play it lots and lots. i dont mind nexus blitz but i was more interested in the stuff like ofa etc. its been too long since the last one they gave us and now it jsut seems like they are replacing all of them with blitz...
> [{quoted}](name=JJB53,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vnaHMwkO,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-12-06T01:04:07.433+0000) > > i dont mind nexus blitz but i was more interested in the stuff like ofa etc. its been too long since the last one they gave us and now it jsut seems like they are replacing all of them with blitz... They're focused on Nexus Blitz so much because they're considering it as permanent and are trying to see if they can get it to a point for that to be realistic. As for an RGM I think I've seen some stuff implying we'll be getting URF soon
Doge2020 (NA)
: While yes overall you statement is correct. Jax and Ez would have much more use getting Gunblade if they want to go big boi damage builds. They both have a bunch of abilities that scale with AP and the active on Gunblade can help them burst a target down faster than DD. DD for them would be the situational and more safer version of Gunblade because of the passive. They both scale slightly less with DD because it only gives AD. yes it also does give a pretty big amount of AD, That means that their damage might be slightly lower because they didn´t fully maximize their damage by using the duo scaling on most or some of their abilities. I feel like by adding more and trying to ¨simplify¨ I made it more confusing.
Or, the passive healing isn't unique and then can build both.
: So the king of item abuse gets a new item to abuse
{{champion:24}} JUST {{item:3078}} THINK {{item:3812}} IF {{item:3146}} I {{item:3508}} HAD {{item:3053}} A REAL WEAPON
: Opinion: Neeko Isn't OP, You Just Don't Know How to Play Against Her
She has a better shield on her (unstoppable) ult than full tank Nunu gets on his :thinking:
: Death's dance now heals for ALL damage dealt
{{champion:24}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3078}}
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: You can take enemy raptors. Also, I know it might be annoying for the jungler, but they can also do some other camp. It's all about pacing. If your jungler can do another camp instead of raptors, while you do raptors, you, as a team, essentially do 2 camps instead of one. I'd take that strat any day, since it helps a lot to outpace the enemy.
Okay, so you, the smite mid, why don't you go take enemy Raptors?
Dynikus (NA)
: It's part of the funneling strategy. Atleast he's telling you ahead of time instead of just taking your camps with no warning. Shitty thing to do if you're not on board with it, but unfortunately it's not punishable as far as I'm aware.
A funnel isn't 2 people with smite and no, that doesn't make it any better. That's like the jungler saying "hey I'm coming mid every 3 waves to take the cannon hope you don't mind"
: What is the story behind your summoner name?
It's my surname and the first letter of my first name.
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: Neeko deals 0 damage if she's killed during her channel or her jump, while Nunu will always deal at least the amount he gets before being interrupted. He can also reactivate his ability at any time to instantly apply what damage he's accumulated. In the case of enemies being able to escape the ult, this is often better because it's better to catch an enemy for 50% damage than for them to escape the damage completely. Yes CC doesn't interrupt Neeko's charge, but the ultimate form of CC, Death, does. Nunu's shield re-applies over the duration of the channel every second. This means that he can gain up to three times the listed effect if he's taking consistent damage over the course of his channel, and the remaining value of the shield lasts an extra 3 seconds after the channel is done. We don't have the duration of Neeko's shield yet, which would be helpful in comparing these two abilities. In terms of CC after the damage, Nunu ult also slows enemies after it pops, for up to the same time as the channel. Also I don't think it's fair to compare full AP Neeko to full tank Nunu and then say that it's weird Neeko does more damage than Nunu. Nunu can easily squeeze in a RoA to his build, along with another AP/HP item, and still be good. You're also comparing full-build Neeko to a Nunu that only has 1100 bonus health, which he can get from 2-3 items plus runes and still have room to get more HP and AP. If we did what you did, and took a full AP Nunu build, or at least my Nunu Support core, {{item:3401}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3165}}, we get an ult with 1725 damage plus a thrice applying shield for 660 HP. Both of these values are already higher than the values you stated for a full-build AP Neeko. I could easily add in a {{item:3151}} or a {{item:3001}} to further amplify the damage and shield values. And as a final note, I don't appreciate being called delusional, nor do I like being called disgusting. I never had any personal insults for you.
Yeah killing her would stop it. Man, it sure would suck if she, I dont know, got a 400 health shield +80 for every enemy in range and, let's not forget, {{item:3157}} (which apparently doesn't interrupt either). You also say you can cancel early while also mentioning full channel values. And I called Neeko disgusting, not you.
Kyaza (NA)
: im assuming after magic pen is calculated since it is just a flat reduction of magic damage taken. so you get your final magic dmagae number from the game then just cut it by 15% and boom kassadin passive calculated
Alright that seems about right, thanks.
ODiiiiiN (NA)
: I'm the one being facetious? who's saying she has a 3 second root without explaining how it works first? You dont just root someone for 3 seconds with her, nowhere does it even say its 3 seconds once you get the last root. You root them for 1.5 at rank 5. IF and that's a situational IF.. you get the root to go through two people or minions first THEN the last person hit gets rooted for a little longer. **nowhere **does its say its 3 seconds. For all we know its 2 or 2.5 at rank 5. And you're just not gonna have her E to rank 5 till end game. So its not just.. "oh she can root you for 3 secs" no. 7/10 times you cast that E root ure going to catch someone for 1 sec tops.
Nowhere? Where do you see it saying 1.5 that doesn't mention 3? And what makes you assume that you're maxing w second for sure?
: If Nunu's in brush you can't see the channel. Neeko could also "CHOOSE" to build a bit more tanky and help out the fight with her trickery and CC. Neeko's ult doesn't slow people during the initial channel. She can't root everyone in an AoE around her prior to beginning the channel. She can't initiate her ultimate with an unslowable knockup engage. Oh, and if you see a champion who's just kind of run at you and then done nothing for a second? Yeah that's probably Neeko channeling her ult.
Nunu can channel up to 3 seconds to do maximum damage There's a slow the entire duration. Neeko has to charge for a maximum 2, deals no reduced damage no matter what and if she's disguised, enemies can't see the channel which means they have a .75 second window (where they suddenly become slowed for 40% too) to recognize the ult and get out of it, otherwise they take 650 +130% AP and are stunned for 1.25 seconds. She also gets a shield for 110 +50% AP (and more for every single champion that's near her), whereas Nunu gets a shield for 85 which scales on BONUS HEALTH. She doesn't need any mr, she negates all damage by building full AP. Let's say she does a build where she gets 567 AP, it's {{item:1402}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3152}} and situational boots, they don't give AP. Maybe that's not the best build but I think it's believable. With that, if she ults with 0 enemies in range she gets a shield for 393.5 health. Maybe not amazing but Nunu for the same shield needs to get ~ 625 bonus health to get to that amount of a shield. Not absolutely unreasonable... for full tank Nunu that's going to be doing at full channel 1275 damage if he builds no AP. Neeko gets to do, with this build, 1387 damage. And get the shield. And that's the shield with no enemies around. For EACH individual enemy she gets an additional 80 shield. Let's say she's ulting in 3 champs, at level 16 I wouldn't say that's probably unreasonable. (Hey I think it should be noted here that if Neeko goes in a brush and decides to use her passive, she could be disguised and get her 1.25 window from a brush anyways and negate ANY chance of you noticing) That means she gains an additional 240 shield. Nunu would have to acquire an additional 480 bonus health to get that amount of shield, again, doing less damage than her at a FULL 3 second channel. Also Neeko's ult is apparently un-interruptable and completes its channel through everything. Please, I want to hear your delusional defense of this, because this is absolutely disgusting especially if you're going to try to compare it to NUNU.
ODiiiiiN (NA)
: 3 second bro? why u dropping fake news here? its .5 seconds and IF she hits the last target its like 1.5. Which means it needs to go through a bunch of people first for the last person hit to be held for 1.5. In other words that person would already be far from her. Her root is only good so u can land a Q real quick other wise she would never hit anything. The whole rest of her gameplay is trying to scooby doo people to get her ult off.
Are you being facetious or lying? If she gets at least 2 targets first the root is 3 seconds at rank 5.
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ODiiiiiN (NA)
: by taking them out of context? You're acting like its all about numbers and not situations. I could say having 5000hp is op. There's your data... but did I mention I have 0 armor? She has stronger abilities to compensate for not having dmg on her W and barely nothing on E. Its a lot like Zoe.
Yeah she only has a 3 second root to hold down the enemy to get her e damage off dang no damage i cri evry tim
: {{champion:20}} ult does a lot.
If she's disguised you can't see the channel. Nunu also doesn't get a shield from the AP and he has to CHOOSE to build AP to do a ton of damage. Her primary build is going to be AP.
: Please don't release Neeko with
If she's going to be an assassin, get rid of her fucking shield and slash that utility. If she's going to have a massive shield and utility, nerf her damage. _<Removed by Moderation>_
: Don't forget Yi Yas Tryn were probably all running Conqueror so your armor's meaningless.
Don't forget he said "last year"
: Why is everyone triggered over Neeko being lesbian???
da kurrent yeer ! That aside, yeah you're right. It is irrelevant and serves no real purpose. But, beyond that, it's actually detrimental to her as a character. Given that she's the last of her species (at least to her knowledge), she's actively choosing to end all possibility of her genes continuing on in order to be a lesbian because someone at Rito decided they wanted a lesbian for some reason.
4e4os (EUNE)
: Runes are not the problem,the problem is how much gold everything gives you nowadays.
They're not a major problem but they need work, still. I think plating needs meaningful changes to how much it distributes and I plan to theorycraft some numbers and make another post, but something about shifting more gold to later plates to do what the changes were meant to give, an advantage to someone who's really really pushing the tower as opposed to giving a bunch of gold to someone who's kind of passively pushing.
: I agree with all this, but could you clarify 'backloading'?
Absolutely. I'm referring to this in both the general game and in team fights so let me go ahead and clarify each For team fighting, or fighting in general, frontloading is really clear. You put your items and abilities all in at once and do a bunch of burst and that's most of your damage. You get a bunch of damage out and that's about it. Assassins are characters whose damage should be frontloaded. However, I think that carry champs, especially adc's are dps and therefore should have their damage spread out better across a fight and probably even more shifted towards the back end of the fight, when everyone's lower and everything's been set up for them. In the game sense, I'm referring to probably a concept of early vs late game but just using this terminology. I think that there are champions (again, assassins are a good class for this and others work well) who come online pretty early and as long as they can stay up, they're fine but they don't scale well and fall off if they let others do their work. In backloading here, I mean champions who ought to scale up as they get items and levels, but shouldn't necessarily just be fine by themselves early. Stuff like Vayne, in my opinion, should be dumpstered early when she's by herself no matter what she's against and really shouldn't be fine until she gets her levels and items. I think the adc changes were probably better towards this goal insofar as it tried to make them weaker early and scale later but I don't necessarily know it was the best implementation. I think more work is needed into that, because marksmen are (rightly in my opinion) some of the strongest in the game without contest late, and should have opportunities to be shut down and kept down. I think an item like {{item:3095}} is really problematic for both of these because it gives a great 1 item spike to a whole host of marksmen and makes to frontload a lot of the damage.
: >I should not be shredded like paper when I have over 300 armor and mr This doesn't exist, need video proof. And yes, if you facetank the enemy team grouped as 5 for stay in the ADCs range for 15+ seconds you should be dead or taking lethal dmg. >Remove some damage from tanks. The more damage you can take, the less you should deal. What tanks are strong right now? You mean Sion? That's one champion. For all the other tanks, don't tank their attacks for 12 seconds as {{champion:21}} and start kiting. No tank is building full defenses and oneshotting anyone. >Also, make them more squishy and more shut-downable. They already are?? like who are you even talking about? I can get {{champion:96}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:98}} but nobody plays a protect the kog comp anymore. Are you talking about lifesteal or their defenses? This just looks like you're saying "Me, as a 0/5 {{champion:103}} should kill a 4/0 {{champion:119}}" >SR doesn't need to be over in 20 minutes most games are closer to 30 minutes
> This doesn&#x27;t exist, need video proof. And yes, if you facetank the enemy team grouped as 5 for stay in the ADCs range for 15+ seconds you should be dead or taking lethal dmg. 15 seconds? I'd be lucky to survive for 5, let alone 10. Stop exaggerating. > What tanks are strong right now? You mean Sion? That&#x27;s one champion. For all the other tanks, don&#x27;t tank their attacks for 12 seconds as {{champion:21}} and start kiting. No tank is building full defenses and oneshotting anyone. Sion, Urgot, Ornn, Cho, any champion that can build full tank and 1v1 a carry who isn't miles ahead. > They already are?? like who are you even talking about? I can get {{champion:96}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:98}} but nobody plays a protect the kog comp anymore. Are you talking about lifesteal or their defenses? This just looks like you&#x27;re saying &quot;Me, as a 0/5 {{champion:103}} should kill a 4/0 {{champion:119}}&quot; I don't necessarily mean shut down from ahead, I mean prevented from getting ahead if they're behind. You're kind of missing a whole big point of mine, which is that the effect a lot of carries (i.e. not assassins) should have on the game should be backloaded behind items and levels. Other than exceptions like Draven, who's fine and predicated a lot on getting ahead and snowballing, champions that are so impactful shouldn't be allowed to be ahead when nothing or far behind. If I'm 5/0 on a carry and my enemy is 0/5, he shouldn't be able to 1v1 me and should have a harder time catching back up. He should be getting to the item spikes (2 item, 3 items) significantly after I do. I think that getting to even should be possible by playing safe and trying to scale but a weaker carry shouldn't feasibly be able to teamfight with us when so far behind. Think of a champions potential on a graph where the x axis is time and y is potential from 0% to 100% over the course of a line. For characters like Assassins, their line graph should spike up pretty quick and then keep growing but much slower comparatively over the course of a game. For carry style champs, their graphs should be much slower out of the gate and scale up respectably as the game goes. But you should be able to stretch that graph out more by putting them behind. Right now it feels like for a lot of champions that no matter what their graph stays pretty consistent and once they reach that 50% point (let's say, I don't really have numbers of course) they become unstoppable and them getting there is consistent. > most games are closer to 30 minutes > > I personally think around 30-35 for high elo is better. I don't really care about whether bronze players can fumble around and refuse to close a game out for 30 minutes, I care about when the game is being played at its best if the game is around 35 minutes or so.
: most of these have already been in the game for a while
What are you talking about? Damage is sky high, pen is still omnipresent, tanks still take too much damage for how little they should and deal too much, there are still painfully few defensive options, especially pregame, squishies still have a lot of their damage frontloaded, in fights and in general in games and the 6th problem I have is from this patch. It doesn't feel like they've added time, just that they've repurposed the time that was already there. The new changes to laning phase should feel like an extension of time, not a repurposing. And lastly, the new rune changes aren't balanced, not yet. Stop lying.
: > [{quoted}](name=Krupaz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=suZTvEsE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-11-23T18:31:27.484+0000) > > Read number 4 dummy Ahh so its illegal to emphasize a point. Are you a child?
No, but you pretty clearly ignored one of my points. Whatever. The line reads "the more damage you can take, the less you should deal" but that wasn't emphatic enough for you.
: Well in order for this to happen, you need to take a ton of damage away from tanks too. Like Urgot and sion can build full tank and contend for most damage in game. Wtf is that about?
Read number 4 dummy
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Nylisa (EUW)
: > I doubt you mean it like that exactly or that you're a racist but if you're not a racist and you can talk like this about this, ask yourself why? Is interracial marriage wrong? Why do we call mixed-race children of some race, usually? Which one is it? The one that shows? What if the child of Neeko and whomever she procreates with dominantly shows her race? Do you see what I'm going for here? I think my only mistake here is that i used the phrase, **Race **in this matter, which clearly triggers some red flags no matter what. i should have gone with the phrase **Species ** which is the correct one to use here. my apologize for that.
I know what race means in this context, I'm using it as an analogy to human race. And I used race in my OP first, not you in your post. What I'm saying is there are possible analogies, especially if they can breed between races of Vastaya. The only way to guarantee none of her race lives on is throwing it all away by not trying.
Zapzya (OCE)
: Except we don't know how compatible she is with other races, she's not even really Vastayan, so who knows if they could procreate, let alone her and humans. She's also not really mature at all, so I don't think she would have any urges. Even if she could mate with male Vastaya, and if she was mature enough to understand the concept, it's not like she just won't do it because she's a lesbian. Whatever happens is up to the writers, and I don't think judging them on decisions that haven't made yet is fair.
They've stated she's about 20 as compared to human years. Unless she's mentally slow she should very well understand the concept.
Nylisa (EUW)
: Several people already mentioned this since last night, so if you think being the last of her kind as a lesbian is a problem, i have few things to point out : 1- let's not forget we are only assuming this means the end of the line for her race, by looking at this from human's standpoint. however we are looking at a strange race of unknown creatures, we don't know anything about their biology, their reproductive system etc, so who's to say they need a male and female to reproduce? remember Asari from mass effect universe? an all female race that can carry a child mating with another female **or** male of other races! or Yun from blade and soul universe. how do you even know she needs another person to do it in the first place? 2- If we really want to look deeper at this, being a lesbian isn't an issue here. there has been plenty of lesbians or suspected to be lesbians in history or even now, that carry a child for many reasons. you tell a lesbian you are the last of human kind, you need to reproduce or you are extinct and she says no, that's her choice sure, but she gotta live the rest of her life knowing she was the reason it ended. 3-So you asking why include this in her story? Same reason any champion would flirt with another. being attracted to other people and champions need a reason? problem with this line of thinking is that we put a 'its lesbian thing" filter on it. for all we know she is not compatible with any living race in Runettera now. so she can be curious about men, women, birds, plants, Mordekaiser (if she is into that kind of thing) if she wants but the race is gone!
As for 1 and 2 a lot of assumptions have to be made for these to be true. You have to assume that she is virtuous in any way for 2 to be true and for 1, just general assumptions about nature. By default you assume a male and female are needed to reproduce until evidence to the contrary is presented. For 3, we get into a broader discussion. Obviously I can't really go into this here because everyone would get into a tizzy, but what this sounds like is the "one drop" rule that some racists like the use, wherein having any one bit of another race "corrupts" your race and "ruins" you. I doubt you mean it like that exactly or that you're a racist but if you're not a racist and you can talk like this about this, ask yourself why? Is interracial marriage wrong? Why do we call mixed-race children of some race, usually? Which one is it? The one that shows? What if the child of Neeko and whomever she procreates with dominantly shows her race? Do you see what I'm going for here?
yeulx (NA)
: Technically they already did a gay character being Varus tho his was a little more lore related tho who really cares if they do it or not.. as long as its not in a way that will cause the masses to politically get riled up so what? your just blowing something out of proportion when it shouldnt be... its almost like we dont have a champion who talks about Sticking {{item:3135}} in places.. *keep in mind i do like evelynn* Who cares if shes lesbian, i personally still like her and ill still play her alot but also what if she bisexual ... what if the oovi-kats can reproduce with any race and sex through the help of their connection through sho’ma
Evelynn is a succubus. That's the point of her character, to make sex puns because shes a succubus. Neeko is the last of her species and so she's... a lesbian.
: i mean if she's the last remaining member of her species, i don't think there is any hope left for her species regardless of her sexuality
Yeah you're right instead of any of her DNA going on better just throw it all away hyuk hyuk
iiGazeii (NA)
: Sexuality doesn't contribute anything to anybody's character. It's a minor detail that doesn't affect anything about a character's personality, flaws, or skills.
So why include it? Why make the last member of a race gay? It just seems stupid and last minute, absolutely just "wait let's just make her gay guys"
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