: Frankly it's frustrating when the game is down to me and 3 other people, usually I'm running woodland/druid/assassin/something else and the other 3 have an olaf with a bt. a lvl 1 olaf with a bt is enough to 1v9 my entire team. -_-
I haven't seen Olaf be the reason for 1st place in a VERY long time. It's usually predator poison in my games or mages, hardly anything else.
: Instead of making 9 sorc just more damage, it would have been cool to see spells do 10% true damage or something to allow sorcs to deal with dragons claw/dragon buff besides veigar (which they also nerfed the consistency of getting golden). Seems like a trap as is unless you do the cheese sorc vayne move.
Honestly 10% is very little and the 175% additional damage would probably do about the same amount. 20% or something higher seems more appropriate for such a crazy attempt at 9 sorcerers (basically tankless).
: Ahri doesn't do true damage in this game mode
She does- It's just not displayed in the tooltip for some odd reason (at least this is what Scarra has said, and he plays 12 hours a day and looks at stats).
OneTr1k (NA)
: Question about Neeko's help: Does using Neeko's help bypass champion pool size? Does it count towards it? Does it count but also have the ability to go over the maximum?
Intuitively it sounds like it adds/bypasses the pool. Otherwise, it would be un-usable in some instances, but of course the world of TFT is crazy and so not sure anyone knows.
Fuuton (NA)
: so still no Glacial nerf? where is the counter play to not being able to move or do anything in battle?
I haven't seen someone complain about glacials in a very long time lol
: Wait so wild teams completely shut down yordles? Is that intentional? Like if you have 4 wild the yordle buff literally doesn't exist
Probably an incentive for people to finally go full Wild build. I mean we have all done it a few times, but it's so rare and Nidalee is one of the most hot garbage champions in the whole game once you get past Wolves. Wild probably has potential to be abused some way right now, but it's balanced out by being heavily item dependent, having poor synergy, and barely being picked. If you attempt to transition to Shapeshifters without at least 1 warmogs, you're basically guaranteed lower than 3rd place, and that's still a stretch. There's a reason wild is almost never in high level games.
: TFT Update: Powerful Punch-Ups
Isn't this whole thing sort of a Sorcerer build killer? I'm a little unclear on backhand: It says spell shield, stun whoever pops it, but then it says eye for an eye. Does this mean the ability will still do all it's damage and effects, but in return the attacker gets stunned? Or is it it blocks full effects of spell AND stuns? Seems a little broken in the second scenario since Sorcerer builds kind of rely on killing the enemy carry with an ASOL or Karthus ult. If a draven fully blocks the blast AND stuns them, I truly see no way Sorcerers winning any game as 1st place. Additionally, there's an item that blocks CC every 5 seconds now. If the backline Draven (or whatever hyper carry) isn't able to get Vi ulted or cc'd by {{champion:113}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:31}} , then I really don't see Gunslingers/Blademasters losing if they get either of the items. There's also some crazy ass items in here that only help Auto attackers and not Sorcerers, such as Glove + Recurve bow.
: The in game match making needs fixed badly. Also, I seem to be one of the "lucky" players who gets 3g, 1 item openers 3 out of 4 games. This would be fine, if I got compensated with more items later in the game, but alas, I am only getting one component in the later creep rounds too (or, with lots of luck, gold from krugs AND raptors yay!!) I am not saying everybody needs equal items, but pls, the varience from "high rolling" items to "low rolling" items is soooooo vast! Nobody should ever have more than double the completed items you are able to make...
Agreed. Apparently there is a system in place where you're supposed to have a much higher chance of getting more items during wolves/raptors if you barely get items in the beginning, but I quickly realized this method was nearly useless and the chances arent even that much higher. Getting 1 item in the beginning, gold in krugs, 1 item in raptors, and 1 during wolves does not feel good at all when opponents get 2-3 each round. It's also supposed to work the other way where too many items means higher chance of getting nothing later, but I had a game where I got 3 items from the beginning, 1 item krugs, 2 items wolves, then 3 items raptors. Seriously it's so unfair.
: Those nerfs to Graves and Gangplank... guess Pirates are off the table until MF at tier 5. GP's ability is the only thing that made him viable, and Graves is back to be melee-only since RFC is wasted on him now. At least Lucian is getting some help so Gunslingers weren't ruined as well...
Not sure Graves is back to melee only. They said the spread was narrowed, not removed. It was honestly ridiculous how he could attack half the map with two RFC due to the spread being like a fan. I'm pretty sure it still does AoE, just not as much as it is now. I'm thinking it will still hit the 2-3 people behind the initial target.
hypnoso (NA)
: Please fix facing the same person in a row.
YES. I don't understand why in a previous patch, Riot said they fixed this and said something like "Fixed round opponents; it's nearly impossible to face the same person twice in a row now." Though I feel the problem got a LITTLE better, it still happens way too often to be considered a fix.
: The bugs regarding some units sitting stationary and idle for extended periods of time during combat are frustrating.
I love Aatrox cuz he's a Daddy but holy fk he loves to stand still for no reason and lose me rounds for no reason. Same for Zed...
: Qiyana has had probably one of the least-hyped releases in a long while now; especially compared to prior champions, I've seen barely anything to promote her or excite people for her, because TFT is the same patch.
Mmm i disagree. She had a whole cinematic, an entire region added for her in the entire lore, and some cool gameplay stuff. People prob just don't wnat to play her i think.
: Admitting that you're stealing someone elses creativity doesnt hold any merit outside of honesty, it is still a lazy move
I get that, but it doesn't really change anything unless they did it illegally. If people want to try LoL Autochess but not Dota Autochess, it seems like it's only beneficial overall. It being "lazy" really doesn't have anything to do with anything, especially since it probably won't hurt Dota Auto Chess and could potentially benefit it. If ripping this idea does hurt DOTA financially, then I will change my stance.
Kazekiba (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kruton,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=NisWnwVl,comment-id=000800000003,timestamp=2019-06-10T16:23:37.465+0000) > > I have no idea what you even meant when you said "Instead of making our game tolerable outside of China again.." G2 just won an international tourney. Many feel like League is more exciting and enjoyable to watch compared to old iterations, and it's slowly balancing itself out. Strategy and slow pacings being thrown out the window favors the regions that act on the fly: News at 11. How does watching Europeans playing the game make actually playing the game more fun? Also, remind me who won Worlds. Riot's been catering League to Chinese audiences for ... 3? years now, at the expense of everyone else's enjoyment. To be fair, thats the smart business move since China alone makes up a larger audience than EU+NA combined and maybe throw a wildcard server or two in the mix. Doesn't make it a better game though, and if it leads to LoL dying on its feet? At least we have Autochess to be interesting for 5 months before that too, drops in popularity like, well, everything else.
> Riot's been catering League to Chinese audiences for ... 3? years now, at the expense of everyone else's enjoyment. While I agree generally they are certainly trying to please China for their huge market, I think NA and EU players have never been more into the game than now. Before last year's mega patch, the game was still very LCK style - Slow, methodical, team orientated. While Koreans enjoyed this, the rest of world were getting bored with it. I remember Reddit constantly saying "game is boring now" or "tanks ruin the game." Ever since this new style of playing where picking a tank is usually less viable than a carry, I feel like NA & EU players are having MUCH more fun. The recent metas have had the biggest champion pools ever, with only J4, Akali, and Sylas remaining as MUST PICK/BAN. To me an example of pandering to China would be Blizzard's Diablo mobile game announcement since the amount of mobile gamers there is significantly higher than NA and EU.
Kazekiba (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mirio Togata,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=NisWnwVl,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-06-10T15:25:32.538+0000) > > People saying that this "ripped off" autochess, I think you forgot that league also "ripped off" dota. It's a genre, and if a genre starts becoming popular of course more of it is gonna pop up. Difference is League started as a Mod of DotA, built by the people who designed DotA All-Stars, so they could explore a game that had different mechanics inherent to its design. Like Flash being a free slot instead of an item and no turn rates, etc. Guinsoo and Tryndamere broke away from the game to make a mod, said mod was super popular so they made it its own game. This is just taking League's IP and shamelessly wearing someone else's mask with it. Like they did with Overwatch, and tried to do with Nexus Blitz (particularly Bardle Royale). This isn't creativity or originality on Riot's part, nor is it popular demand. No one: I wish Riot would make a League Autochess Riot: Hey let's steal someone else's idea to make money instead of making our own game tolerable outside of China again, or make a new game!!!!
Only opinion of yours that I agree with is that they are clearly imitating Dota Auto Chess, but they even admitted to it in this article so it's not really a huge deal. The Overwatch comment is just... ridiculous. I'm assuming you're talking about TF or something similar. Ridiculous to assume no other company is allowed to make a similar game. I'm sure MANY of us, including myself, are excited for this LoL Auto Chess. I heard of Dota Auto Chess and had 0% interest in playing it because I don't want to download it. Now, I'm 100% sure I will try this League Autochess since it's conveniently in the client. If anything this may get Dota Auto Chess even more players unless League completely outshines them. I have no idea what you even meant when you said "Instead of making our game tolerable outside of China again.." G2 just won an international tourney. Many feel like League is more exciting and enjoyable to watch compared to old iterations, and it's slowly balancing itself out.
: I'd like to disagree with all of this. warbands are that 2/10 yasuo that thinks he's faker and tries to 1v5
That's what I said though
: Trials Standings: Week Two
{{champion:127}} Council {{champion:35}} Faceless {{champion:427}} United {{champion:145}} Warband
M3draut (NA)
: let get that purple bread
-Council are a bunch of nerds that think they're smart -Faceless are a bunch of edgelords that think they're "so random" -United are a bunch of supports that are naive -Warband are a bunch of try-hards that think they're good, but hey we're winning so HEH, EAT IT
BigBad (NA)
: Council is too big brained for you fools. Don't even see that this is just strategy. We are exactly where we want to be.
I was going to join council until I saw all the comments and realized it was a bunch of people who think they're smart but in reality are not. We Warbanders might be a bunch of try-hards who die as Vayne trying to 1v4, but at least we got heart, and heart counts HEH {{summoner:12}}
: Omg wat owo i didn't actually think United would be winning, i thought we'd be last place cuz everyone makes fun of United xD i took the test twice and got United twice so i'm happy i'm United {{sticker:sg-soraka}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Congratz to you hufflepuffs! I'm just glad Faceless and Council aren't winning :)
Deusraix (NA)
: The Faceless are biding their time.
Nurdz (NA)
I'm Warband but honestly if any team were to beat us, I'm glad it's United. I thought it would be the least picked with the nicest people.
: Hunter's potion is for bronzies that have no clue how to properly path
lol so you think pretty much all pro players are bronzies.. you sound like an iron player loool
: Tahm was sitting at a 43% winrate as a support, if anything, his devour was the only thing he had going for him. This is just gonna shift him from support to toplane. Why did they have to gut my boi like that...
Like @NotAKoreanl said, this is for pro play. If you watch a lot of pros in any region, there are so many times a Tahm saves a "mistake" and the play goes unpunished.
: This is a massive buff to Tahm. How do you look at that and think, "that's a nerf"?
For support, it's a huge nerf. For top lane, not bad.
: Why weren't these changes all in preseason so that they could be practiced and applicable when the season actually began?
lol wait til you see the changes they made for ADC's in patch 9.3... it's drastic
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: Okay, 100 Mana on Taliyah's Q is Overkill
I believe it's because it only costs 1/2 the amount when you're in threaded earth.
: Patch 5.12 notes
Riot, are you not going to fix the Chat-HUD scale bug? It's been about a month now and anytime anyone has reinstalled league, the chat and HUD size changer have been linked together, so if you slightly change the HUD size, the chat is pretty much illegible. I've had to keep my HUD size at max for a month and it's really annoying. I already made a thread about this issue, and a lot of others also had this problem. I write this only because I hope the problem is known (which I'm afraid is not because it only affects people who installed league after the 5.11 patch). I'm sure the bug is really complicated so may take a while to fix.
Meeks011 (NA)
: Wait a second, I just fucking played a game with a Caitlyn!
: Did you really just make a Drake n Josh joke?
LaceUp23 (NA)
: They have taken a long time on this lol. Jayce/Jarvin 4 (can't remember which one it was) got their bug fixed lol. Cait still waiting. Doesn't really matter to me, I can't buy and she isn't free xD.
Jayce! And yeah he got fixed fairly quickly. Oh well, must be a pretty bad bug on Cait D:
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Megayen (EUW)
: Should I main Annie in ranked?
She's one of the easiest champs to easily climb to Gold with, especially if you learn to use her mid. Her base and scaling are insane, and if you get a decent tibbers, you pretty much already won the teamfight. It gets a little bit harder though in Gold because people understand not to just group up for a perfect Annie-Tibbers stun. Either way, yes you should.
Nyaboron (NA)
: The login feature barely works currently, I can't imagine a drag and drop would be even semifunctional without me picking up a rune page and all of my runes being lost.
Speaking of login.. I have this weird bug where I always get connection failure when I first try to login, but always works the 2nd time after reopening league. Strange.
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: 1), yep, but it's hard to miss her E, and the shield will atleast allways hit herself 2) yep, but just as xerath that is compensated by an absurd range 3) not if you ad her shield to the equation. with shields, Lux actually is more tanky than Diana 4) the only real weakness of lux 5) not so much, 2 forms of longranged cc, high range to farm and her shield. She isn't an escapeartist, but there are lots of champions haveing more trouble escapeing ganks. Lux is more an underated sleeper op than a buff-worthy champ
> [{quoted}](name=Don Pavoni,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xdVVcf25,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-03-16T00:26:48.432+0000) > > 1), yep, but it's hard to miss her E, and the shield will atleast allways hit herself > 2) yep, but just as xerath that is compensated by an absurd range > 3) not if you ad her shield to the equation. with shields, Lux actually is more tanky than Diana > 4) the only real weakness of lux > 5) not so much, 2 forms of longranged cc, high range to farm and her shield. She isn't an escapeartist, but there are lots of champions haveing more trouble escapeing ganks. > > Lux is more an underated sleeper op than a buff-worthy champ Great points. I would say she is more of a sleeper-viable champ than a sleeper-op, but I just think this kit tweak would make her more appealing. It just makes little sense to me that she is used in 0% of professional games, especially during the time when Orianna type mid champs were the meta. I have waited for her to "rise" into the scene, but after 2 years of almost no play by pro's, it just seems something needs to be tweaked. Then again, Viktor just boomed this year out of nowhere it seems, and he was almost never used also. I love the current Lux, so I don't truly mind if her kit does change, but I just want her to get the attention she deserves! :p
: Lux doesn't need mobility, she is a perfectly fine kite mage as is. I personally never have issues with LB as I snare her as soon as she jumps in proceed to lay full combo on her. Yes she is squishy, which is why I almost always buy a RoA on her to give extra survivability. As for getting ganked just ward your lane and have some map awareness. Lux isn't a bad champion at all, just people have gotten into the mindset of having to play assassin style mid laners for the most part and that is what is killing diversity in this game, but I will destroy many of my lane opponents as Lux despite people thinking she isn't meta. The fact that she is frowned upon and ultimately underrated is what makes her dangerous in the hands of a confident Lux main.
Though I agree in many of your points and I win my lane about 90% of the time, I can't help but think you are a bit biased. I think the fact that you and I don't face off against Master tiers or Challengers makes our perspectives of winning with Lux very limited. I see that you are a Silver, and generally, they are easy to predict in my experience (I'm sincerely sorry if that sounded offensive, not my intention). Also, as you said, people are mainly just using assassins and it is indeed killing the diversity of the game, so bringing in this jumpback will give Lux a larger opportunity to survive and win against these assassins, thus changing the meta again. I do appreciate your comment though, and enjoy that there is another confident Lux player out there!~
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: Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, revealed
Since nobody seems to have anything positive to say about this champ, I guess I have to: THIS CHAMP AND HIS KIT ARE FREAKIN' AWESOME! I'm actually quite excited to use him
: Patch 5.3 notes
Kennen still has an ability description bug. His "E" says he's gains 330 speed (or 335, I forgot), yet he only gains around 220ish. Rito pls.
Rioter Comments
: Note: I'm am directing this to competitive gameplay and ranked games (especially Diamond) Dear Riot, The following was patch was great and I think the Riot team is heading the right direction, But! You should really focus on fixing the following REAL problem in the game. At least 5 or 6 of the following champions are played/banned in EVERY SINGLE GAME: Braum Irelia Jax Kassadin Kayle Le Blanc Lee Sin Lucian Lulu Nidalee Twich Yasuo ..The same champions are banned EVERY SINGLE GAME (usually Kass,Kayle,Jax,Braum,lb,Yasuo,Nid,) League really feels like there are 20 champions in it instead of 120... Why is this so? Because these champions are better than other champions in almost every way (aka Tier 1 champions) There are about 20 more champions after them that are just below tier 1 (Kha,Elise,Rengar,Evelyn, etc) You can see this for yourself really...Open league, go to the home-screen, and look at the 5 spectating matches that are going on...again same champions... look at LCS and pro matches...same champions... When I see a Cho Gath,Sion,Olaf,etc all of the sudden I get so happy to see something new in my game... my games are usually very dull; I want to see this dealt with...I have a dream that the fact that champions are divided into T1,T2,T3 champions will be no more. I want to see myself playing are game and having no idea what the enemy team and my team are going to pick. I want players to pick champions based on their very own style of gameplay and not based on how strong and useful a champion is. I wish to see this game really shine and this issue stands in the game over all Sincerely, a fan. ChilePerson -D1
While I somewhat agree with you, the TRUE issue doesn't lie with League and its champions, but with the mentality of most players. Let's not forget {{champion:75}} . He was BARELY used in 2012, even when he was extremely OP (his slow was monstrous, and it affected your MS equally as your AS). He was used as much as Poppy is used today. I know to new players that might sound crazy, but seriously, I remember looking at a bunch of stats of champions, and he was used in roughly 4 percent of games. Why? I can only guess that he was not considered a fun champion and people thought he sucked because no one used him. In 2013, he suddenly became one of the most picked champions, especially after (Diamond?) used him at a tournament. They had to nerf him immensely just to be on par with the other champs. Same thing happened a long time ago with {{champion:102}} . Anyways, my point is that almost every champion has their perks and advantages, it's just that metas serve as an unwritten law for players, and playing "odd" champions can almost be taboo because you may get negative comments just for picking the champion or having one bad game with them. {{champion:99}} is my favorite champion, and I normally do very well with her, even though right now she is considered Tier 2, maybe if Tier 3. Same goes for Sion. He can be an AP devastation to mid opponents, and even carry games if he roams successively. But like I said initially, I do agree with you on certain points. I find tournaments kind of boring when it's the same bans and picks almost every game. Some champion kits are definitely way better suited to the game as a whole, such a Lucian, who has an escape move, burst, and utility. You do have to consider, though, that league and tournaments are very impressionable. Many players tend to play what is known and "proven" effective. As a final note, I'll just say that if league truly wanted to make each champion equally appealing to everyone, then the champions would get kind of boring. Take Brand and Kennen for example. Brand can get caught by the enemy jungler much more easily than Kennen, who has an escape move. To Brand's advantage, though, he has AoE and huge burst in exchange for a escape move. Technically you can consider Brand's stun an "escape," but it has a much higher risk since you must combo skills and land a skill shot. Each champ has their own advantages and disadvantages compared to another champion, thus making each champion appealing in a different way.


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