0tsiM (EUW)
: Placements for new/fresh lvl 30's in Season 10 is even worse than Season 9? (Any devs can confirm)
: I too would like answers to these questions. Riot had stated that the gold punishment for junglers killing creep last season was a messy Band-Aid until they could find a better solution. Then they turn around and apply this to Supports. Like if it was bad for one role, why the fuck would you shift it to another role?
> [{quoted}](name=Oleandervine,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Utz8tlQa,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-13T20:38:37.888+0000) > > I too would like answers to these questions. Riot had stated that the gold punishment for junglers killing creep last season was a messy Band-Aid until they could find a better solution. Then they turn around and apply this to Supports. Like if it was bad for one role, why the fuck would you shift it to another role? It was bad for junglers because you had duo's funneling the jungle and the lane into a single hyper carry. That's not a concern with supports. The fact is - if you play a support you are supposed to make due with less income - that's the whole point of the role. The other team's support has the same challenge. It's not up to you to out damage their mid laner. Its up to you to bring more value to your team than the other team's support. That's why so many supports have CC abilities that are valuable regardless of how much gold you've earned. We've come a long way since early seasons when supports had much much less to work with. If you are expecting to keep pace with your carry's gold income you will always be disappointed and maybe support is not for you.
: Smurfing is much more rewarding than grinding games on main
By that logic, why not just always play against a comp team and have a 100% win rate? I'll never understand how beating players who are below your skill level is fun - at least for someone with a functioning self esteem.
: You want to know the definition of "Delusional" ? being the only person to go positive....and not moving to help your team....and blaming them. but hey...you do you bo!
> [{quoted}](name=SirXerath,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=Mvlps4XE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-09T01:56:55.927+0000) > > You want to know the definition of "Delusional" ? being the only person to go positive....and not moving to help your team....and blaming them. but hey...you do you bo! That's not even close to what delusional is / means.
Vuuduu (NA)
: Tired of Preseason Being Terrible
I agree - there is a whole lot more YOLO in preseason and it leads to weird games with much higher rate of snowballed champions than usual. I don't agree that this is what's making you lose so much / get demoted. There's players like that on both teams and it evens out in the long run. In fact, if you view yourself as "serious" then there are 5 chances for reckless/tilted/just-dont-care players on the other team and only 4 on yours. Look for opportunities to cash in on the other teams issues and you'll start finding your wins.
Yeah there was a clear shift in the distributions this season with a lot more mid level players in the gold bracket than before. I think its probably some decision Riot made to create an illusion of progress. Get those career Silver players into Gold and bump their confidence / re-invigorate their interest in the game. Easy money.
: tanking is no longer a good strat at all, and i feel like tanking players need more comeback
> [{quoted}](name=Summoner SpeII,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=Ut9XlJ0k,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-16T20:10:42.545+0000) > > there are just so many different comps in teamfight tactics If there are so many different comps > you are almost guaranteed to run into a counter to your comp when you are about to die. Then the chances of running into a specific comp that counters yours would be low You contradict your own claim
VonCesaw (NA)
: Trapped in a losing game
I think most people here are making a good point. And besides all of that - even if you really don't care about the loss - you have to respect that you committed to play a team game, and if the team doesn't support a surrender by 80% majority then that means you have committed to finish the match. I think this is a fair expectation. If it's not for you, perhaps seek out single player games.
VonCesaw (NA)
: Trapped in a losing game
If you ever feel "trapped" in a video game then I don't think you are approaching with the right mindset or playing for the right reasons. There is always an opportunity to improve as a player even when the game is a likely loss. There is always the chance to make a nice play and create a fun moment. And besides that, a 10% chance is significant. Quit 10 games like that and you're trowing away a win. When you figure to move up a division means you have to win about 8 more games than you lose over the course of even a hundred games ... why would you throw away one win for free?
Anatera (NA)
: "We don't take action based on a single game"
Wouldn't it just be easier to act like a civil human being and not have to worry about "actions being taken" regardless?
dxDSmiley (EUW)
: How to prevent the frustration from people going afk in ranked.
It doesn't matter. In the long run if you never AFK yourself, you will actually win even more games than you lose because of AFK'ers (remember this can happen to the other team too) so the system is actually working in your favor. Sucks in the moment, especially if you're ahead - but its not really that punishing and way to open to abuse if they try to start compensating players.
: Question: what does the data say about how snowbally the game is now?
I think the shutdown gold rewards have been a good way to keep the other team "in the game" even after somebody snowballs, assuming they can get the shutdown before too much damage is done. It is definitely a volatile game right now, but its actually that high pressure situation that I like about league. Champs who are designed to be strong early need to be rewarded for taking that risk and succeeding. Especially since if they miss their window it can be very difficult to stay relevant. It can be frustrating when you're on a scaling champ and your mid laner just won't settle down and stop feeding - and you see the game slipping away before you ever get to reach your impact point ... but I guess that's part of the game, and it works out both ways in the long run. I'd be curious to see stats as well if there are any. I'd bet that a one-sided game with a fed champ @ 15 minutes goes to that team 75 or 80% of the time. One thing that bugs me is when an opponent snowballs and my team tilts / "gg's" immediately. As if there has never been a comeback win in the history of league. I've been called "selfish" for not surrendering and "wasting time" because I generally refuse to surrender. For me, if there is still an 8% chance they make a series of mistakes and we get back in the game - then I'm going to try for it.
: we really need to do something about smurfs.
hmmm, its hard to say for sure - though you might be right the two of them have been losing a lot together. Perhaps they are just playing YOLO or maybe they really are tanking. Just think of it this way though ... every game you start there are 4 other players on your team who might throw the game - and 5 players on the other team with the same possibility. So really the odds are in your favor. Its annoying when it happens, but in the long run you are going to win more games than you lose because of this type of player.
: I.. already don't like facing Senna
she's rocking the 3rd lowest win rate of all supports in plat + if you haven't figured out how to expose her weaknesses, you are in the minority.
: we really need to do something about smurfs.
The Darius in your game is 4-6 in the last 10 games. That's one win away from .500 average. I don't think he's deliberately tanking, I think hes just playing like a bronze 4. Self centered and focused on kills not objectives. Sucks that it ruined your game - but I think that's all it is.
koshkyra (NA)
: Riot is sacrificing the identity of the support role to make it more “fun” and appealing.
> [{quoted}](name=koshkyra,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8pRrWpWE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-11T21:44:39.534+0000) > > Support is supposed to be about protecting your allies, not doing massive damage. So stop condoning “damage supports” just to make the role more appealing to people who dont play it. The other 4 roles are already fully damage-focused and now its going to be all 5 if you keep heading in this direction. > Awww ... somebody keeps getting out DPS'd by their support and is feeling inferior ... Support is anyone who can contribute to the team without CS'ing. Used to be that was only CC classes - since meaningful damage needed items and items need gold. The role has evolved to include more diversity and this is a great thing. It means more players main'ing support, which means shorter queues and less auto-filled games.
: Just another complaint about matchmaking that I really hope is addressed in the preseason.
I agree, I'd also rather wait longer and ensure that every player in the match is very close in skill. Looks like you had very little chance right from the start. Only thing you can do is have faith that over the long run this will work out in your favor as often as it works against you.
: Just had a match against a grandmaster, master, diamond and 2 plats.
How can we form any opinion on this if we don't know what your team had? Looks like you're not even posting on your main ... CD8 is Gold 3, so we can't even check op.gg Without any other info - this just comes off as whining.
: Do you think Pyke's 80 percent heal is a bit much?
He's hard to kill in lane - so what - that's part of his identity. Don't poke him, poke the ADC. Plus - you don't have to kill him at all in lane to win. Come out of lane 0-0 and he's too gold starved to contribute much of value. Meanwhile if you're on a more traditional support you can pull much more weight than him in mid-late game team fights and push that advantage. You can't look at just one aspect of the game and deem a character OP.
: I Need human assistance
Maybe you need to respect your teammates like humans first, then you might deserve human assistance.
Voidner (EUNE)
: If i ever see someone saying that Ranked isn't coinflip im gonna slap him in the face really hard
> [{quoted}](name=Voidner,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EmgkR3PE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-03T14:21:13.638+0000) > > Imagine a scenario where im the adc as Jhin and my support is Thresh. He gets caught by enemy Blitzcrank and Kai'sa kills him. This happens multiple times. When Thresh realises he has done enough for our team he decided to go afk and then he comes back to go top lane and steal his farm or something. I am solo bot lane vs a Blitz and Kai'sa. > > Explain how am i supposed to carry In your world does one hypothetical scenario sum up every possible outcome of every possible game?
emceladus (EUNE)
: The Uderwhelming Ranked Queue
Play for fun, its just a number.
: Chat banned for? ?? ???
When will people learn ... it doesn't matter if you don't agree with someone else's choice. If you harass them you can (and should) be punished. You called them "a minion" - that's not questioning a champ select that's an insult. You give up easily "just open it" - negative attitude helps nobody It's a mild case of harassment but it is nonetheless against the summoners code. If they AFK'd, just report them next time. Also this is more than likely the one report that tipped the threshold and earned you a chat ban, but odds are you had established a pattern of earning reports from teammates leading up to this in order to trigger the action.
Critty92 (EUNE)
: Which supports counter Blitzcrank the most
Morg is great for taking a defensive stance vs Blitz since you can nullify his hook with your sheild. Or you can play a tank that out classes him and dare him to pull you. Then thank him for getting you close to their ADC and do your thing. When you have to pick first, and you're stuck with a healer like Raka or Nami into Blitz ... One thing to remember is that once hes landed his combo he's kind of done anyway, so if your ADC gets caught - throw everything you've got at the enemy ADC and try to back them off. Don't waste CC on blitz even though its tempting because he is likely closer and stationary. He's only got auto attacks left anyway. Unload onto their ADC and keep them busy - since that's where their real damage is going to come from. You may lose the trade but you should both survive. If you're about to get caught yourself. Use flash early - don't hesitate. Nothing worse than taking 70% of your health in damage - and THEN flashing to get to safety. If you have flash up use it as soon as you see the hook is destined to land. And when he misses a hook go as aggro as possible. Zone them right out of CS. Its a stressful match up for sure (I tend to ban blitz if there is no other counters to my pick). But if you come out of lane even, Blitz offers much less than you do in the late game so you can consider it a small victory :)
: Good ward use
In my experience Wards are rarely used to create ambushes ... although its nice when you pull it off. The main thoughts when placing a ward are well summarized above by Kaioko and you generally want to use them for informational / warning purposes. Another thing worth considering ... not just where to ward but when. If you're bot lane and you just saw the enemy jungler on the topside of the map - you might consider holding on to your ward a little longer (as long as you can see their mid in lane). If you drop in the river now it will run out before the enemy jungle paths down to bot anyway.
: Matchmaking - how not to be able to do maths
Looking at OP.gg right now: Last game reported was 20 hours ago. Gold score was 73K to 71K. Kills were almost identical too. Yeah ... what a stomp. Game before that gold score was 54K - 46K. Game before that gold score was 54K - 45K. Game before that gold score was 67K - 61K. These games are tighter than many Pro matches. You have to understand that in most games one team is going to get a lead, and if they play smart - they will build on that lead. That's the nature of the game. Early risk / success is rewarded. But none of your games are runaway stomps. No idea where you came up with 95%. Find something else to complain about.
Tollymon (EUW)
: Let's discuss matchmaking and queue times
Maybe they should implement an option where you can indicate "I'm willing to wait longer in queue to get my role" without changing the algorithm for everyone. Win-win?
: someone lied and said i told him to kill himself, when i didnt.
Looks like system is working as intended. History of poor behavior. Recent example of poor behavior. Appropriate action taken.
: Ranked...
It sucks in the moment when you lose LP, but you have to realize that over the course of the season you will gain free LP in the same way (in fact even more often - if you yourself never AFK). So this system is actually helping you climb.
: What is everyone's problem? Talk to me.
I believe it is the result of a generation that has grown up with internet anonymity. Its so easy to act like an ass and never face any real repercussions. That, coupled with low self esteem causes these kinds of players to lash out rather than face the idea that they made a mistake themselves, or simply the fact that even if both teams play well - someone has to lose. /mute all is a blunt solution but it does work. I've used it during rough patches where I don't have the mental strength to resist getting pulled into petty arguments defending my choices and plays in game. I will never start flaming someone for a bad play. But in the past, I have argued with people who have a shitty attitude. If you're blaming the Jungler for you problems, or spam ? pinging your teammates all the time when they miss a skill shot - that's what I can't tolerate. Unfortunately this approach "feels good" in the moment but typical makes things worse and probably results in a few extra losses because the toxicity snowballs. I was stuck Silver for about 3 years, and it was changing my approach to toxic players that suddenly bumped me through Gold and into Platinum last season. I finally resolved to simply treat them like another game obstacle and recognize that the other team has them just as often as yours (more so if you consider that you are not toxic so your team always has 1 well behaved player). Sometimes the hardest thing is to let them rage, let them think they are right, but not engage with them ... and not derail the team or tilt them further by arguing or even talking to them at all. In my experience there is no reasoning with these kinds of people - and trying to only makes things worse. Its really shitty that these people exist, but you have to endure it, survive it, and hope that you never get matched with them again. Even still, it wears on me and affects the overall enjoyment of the game. You can shut them out as a means to an end - but you're right there should be a better way to curb this behavior. We used have the Tribunal - but I think the implementation caused some people to not take it seriously - rather to condemn as many people as possible. I'd like to see Riot take another crack at that system. I guess you can always play with pre-made teams :)
> every. Single. Time Oh really? Your last 4 matches on op.gg: - you had 5 unranked, they had 5 unranked - you had 5 unranked, they had 5 unranked - you had 5 unranked, they had 5 unranked - you had 2 silver 1 gold, they had 3 silver (advantage your team) Please quit your bullshit
: Impossible to climb due to AFK's
What now you're complaining about the LP gains also? I feel sorry for you. Do you approach everything in life like this? Complain and blame everything else for your challenges? I hope not ... Simple fact you keep ignoring: If there are trolls/afk's in the game, they are going to be on both teams. Figure out how to stay cool and you have an advantage over all of them.
: Very very rarely. Past 3 games losses 1 i had a support that threw and trolled and the other 2 ppl afk
> [{quoted}](name=IstackPlus12,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=PgRgUihv,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-04-03T20:05:24.492+0000) > > Very very rarely. Past 3 games losses 1 i had a support that threw and trolled and the other 2 ppl afk The fact that you answer this shows that either your sample size is way too small, or your perception is off (i.e. you remember games where you had an AFK but you forget games where the opponent did). Like Gatekeeper said, the other team is even more likely to have an AFK than you are (they have 5 players who might AFK, you only have 4 - since you never will). In the long run, the fact that AFK'ers exist in this game is actually helping you climb (assuming you never do it yourself).
loveroo (NA)
: Wrongfully Banned
Perhaps somebody that you duo queue with on a regular basis was scripting and since you both benefited from it you both got banned? I'm not sure if Riot extends bans this way or not - but worth maybe checking your common friends to see if anyone else got banned too.
: No I understood it. It doesn't matter what phase of the game you're in, if they see your support with 4 orbs swirling around him and he's trying to last hit minions but they don't let him...they're still doing it wrong and it's still their fault.
> No I understood it. It doesn't matter what phase of the game you're in, if they see your support with 4 orbs swirling around him and he's trying to last hit minions but they don't let him...they're still doing it wrong and it's still their fault. If you really understood it, you wouldn't have singled out the ADC. Try again.
: I'm always stacked against, all ranked games except two
One note (the game doesn't tell you when a player on the other team Disconnects (if it did you could immediately use that information to an even further advantage) which is why it might seem like you get all the D/C's. More often then you realize the other team while have a brief dc or even a long one and the other team wont say anything (again they don't want you to know that their jungler is MIA.) As for playing well individually and not winning games - two things to think about. 1.) Play lots and lots of games, and eventually the good luck and the bad luck evens out and statistically you will advance. 2.) Need to progress from having a good individual score into carrying your team. A lot of people associate carrying with having a good KDA and getting the most kills or doing the most damage, but a real carry can actually elevate their teammates game. Part of that might mean taking a more rounded champion that brings utility to the table and can setup kills as well.
: Support is ok but I prefer to carry, don't get me wrong support is a great role. True about the ADCs though. I'll try out some more supports. My favorite is Thresh.
> Support is ok but I prefer to carry, don't get me wrong support is a great role. True about the ADCs though. I'll try out some more supports. My favorite is Thresh. You can actually carry silver games from support. Especially the AP supports mentioned by the OP. I've used Zyra to get from bronze 5 to Silver 1 and hopefully into gold. Its fairly routine that I will do the most damage to champions on either team with no CS (albeit much of that is in the form of poke / AOE). The good thing is though with her roots and knock up you still bring utility to the fights as well.
: RANKED: The Silver 5 and Bronze Curse that cannot be broken.
> They are more content with blaming others, than improving their own game You just opened your own post by blaming others for your losses, now you're criticizing them for doing the same. Double standard? >Whenever I get a winning streak, and perform extremely well in my role, I get an amount of LP that's insulting. 10-14 per match. Then when I lose, I go back so hard that it's unrecoverable. 20-25LP is lost per loss. It's impractical to win 10 ranked games in a row, just to get your MMR back where it should be so you can actually win a decent amount of LP. If you're losing more LP than your winning on average then your hidden MMR is too low for the division your in (i.e. the system actually believes your true ranking should be a division or two lower). Check lolnexus when your next game is loading and see who you are matched with. If there's a lot of bronze players, then your MMR may actually be worse than you think, not better. The way to advance is to first improve your play to the point where you are getting matched with equal or higher ranked players, then your LP gains will follow. The system has this built in "delay" to prevent players from skyrocketing into new divisions on a fluke win streak. Instead consistency is the key. For me this season, After improving my game in bronze 5, I eventually found I was always matched with Silver 5/4/3 players. By this time I was gaining 30 LP per win and losing only 5-10. Even at a 50% win rate getting to my series was inevitable. > Ok so given this rant, which is over, I would like advice, stories, tips or tricks to get out of Silver considering this flawed MMR system isn't going to be changed any time soon. I am calling upon Platinums, Diamonds, Masters, and Challengers to share on this thread. Not just for myself, but the other players trapped in the same pit I am in. I am currently doing everything I know how, as I mentioned above, including evaluating my plays to find where my misakes are or where I can improve. You have to find the one role where you have the biggest incremental contribution over the average player who takes on that role. Maybe you are a great mid player - but there are a lot of great mid players - so you don't necessarily add that much to your teams chances by taking mid. For me I found I could make the greatest difference from the support role - which is largely underrated in lower divisions. Also I can pretty much guarantee every game if I call support I'll get to play it. Take a very busy champ like Zyra or Karma who is constantly poking in bottom lane and it won't be boring. When you get good enough with a support you will actually elevate your ADC's game by helping them win the CS war too Now you have a direct influence on 2/5 of your team and if you truly are good enough you will find the wins will come. This season I climbed from Bronze 5 to Silver 1 doing this. Also, don't get suckered in by the concept of "ELO Hell". If you really are surrounded by trolls / noobs / afkers then so are your opponents. So for every game you play there are 4 chances for your team to get a troll (your 4 teammates) and 5 chances for their team to get a troll. Hence, regardless of skill you would be at an advantage more often than not. The fact is (hard to swallow sometimes) you are probably in the right division (if not higher than where you should be based on your LP gains/losses).
: Full AP Zyra Viable?
Shes still my favorite AP carry even with the nerfs. Her laning phase is pretty safe, and her AOE damage output is tops in the game. Plus you get the utility of a knock-up, a root, and plants that slow. If your mid opponent wanders, she is great at shoving the lane quickly to their tower. Even in a 1v1 you'll find that if you unload your full combo (including ult) you can surprise a lot of people. I find nowadays the trick is to focus more on CD reduction and magic pen, not pure AP. Max Q and W first. Mask is crucial, as is Void staff.
: This Might Solve Sejuani's Suckiness
I agree that she needs help through the early - mid game. Only problem is that her ult is so good that I think she's supposed to be weak in those other aspects. I still use her from time to time with fairly even success (Silver 2). I find if you do try to gank with her its best to initiate, get your slow off, and then just run the hell away. She looks and moves a lot tankier than she actually is which is annoying. That passive is underwhelming for sure. I hardly notice it.
Rezandra (NA)
: Speech Frequency Option
This is a great idea. Sometimes I have to mute my speakers when I get Veigar in Aram. Its only a short way? IS THAT A SHORT JOKE?
: Skin concept - Chess Master Azir.
Sounds pretty cool. I think the Bishop is probably the most appropriate piece for his soldiers given the way they slide across the terrain when he moves them. Rooks for the wall makes great sense too. I assume Azir would wear a crown to represent King (or Queen). When he slides himself to one of his soldiers he could say "Check". I'd buy that skin for sure.


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