Bread Pit (EUW)
: Can we replace the RNG spawn of Elemental Drakes with a voting system?
I'd much rather it be chance than being able to influence a team's side of having an advantage or disadvantage due to team composition. It'd be unfair in some cases, and abusable in others. It'd be nice if each champion had a small % of causing a certain elemental drake to spawn, though, like Soraka giving a 5% increased chance of Ocean Drake.
: Is Kai’Sa ever going to get meaningfully changed?
I've been preaching since her release that she's busted. I ban her every chance I get. She's incredibly unfun and frustrating to play against. I just don't know how they could nerf her since every single one of her abilities is overloaded and would likely shift her balanced terribly if something got removed, otherwise she's going to be in a limbo of too strong, too weak. Riot needs to stop overloading champions and give them meaningful weaknesses like they used to.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 11
Hello Meddler, it's been a long while since you've mention this but are you able to tease us with the upcoming changes to support items? I remember early in the year you said there would be substantial changes to support items that likely wouldn't go live until pre-season. I'm eager to know what changes are coming, if you can tease any!
: Hey look at this poor design and my brilliant suggestion is instead of fixing the design issues use a little duct tape to temporarily fix it! whats that you expect quality? well guess your an eyeist or if a male sexist! bam! Is that how your thought process works?
>well guess your an eyeist or if a male sexist! bam!
: Why is Garen winrate dropping so fast
He got some substantial changes. A lot of people are going to want to play Garen, new and experienced, so his win rate is going to inflate in either direction (higher win rate or lower).
Myrmiron (EUW)
: ***
If someone doesn't ban, it's whatever, but it would be nice and considerate of them to offer a team mate a ban pick if it would help that person and the whole team win.
Kanzler (NA)
: I would just like more maps for ranked 5v5. Imagine how different metas could exist with different lane patterns and terrain.
I remember they were trying that with some magma-themed skin, but they ultimately scrapped it after a long while.
Kovorix (EUW)
: Oh yeah give them ideas to make more cash grabs instead of balancing the game.
I mean... The *entire* Riot department isn't working on game balance. That's the balancing team, which Meddler is in charge of. There's different teams for different aspects of the game, you know? Not to mention, you're not being forced to purchase cosmetics. They're purely cosmetic and often times don't affect the game's balance other than a very, very few skins with deceitful animations.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: We had the option for custom maps, unofficial, but we still had it. Then, Riot and their Overlords decided that giving players some freedom was "hurting their business" and if you use them, you might as well delete your account.
Yeah... I miss using the winter themed skins for them. :\
Rioter Comments
5050BS (NA)
: Riot Bring back Honor for enemy
I was disappointed they got rid of it, since they want to promote sportsmanship between both teams. Getting rid of honoring enemies isn't in the spirit of being sportsmanlike. :(
Rioter Comments
: That's blatantly false. If I build 6 duskblade, that's a Max of 126 armor negated. 2 tank items negates all of that and then some (thornmail + iceborn, for example). No matter how much lethality you build, it's possible to build enough armor to compensate and then some. Assassins that don't do max health damage can't kill tanks precisely because of that, as once you factor in armor their abilities do next to nothing. The real issue with damage creep is adcs, because it's plain bs for one item(bork) to give ad, as, life steal, a slow, and max health damage. Take Vayne for example: Build bork and shojin, at level 9 during ult you have q on a 1.12 second cd, reduced every time you auto, and q is an auto reset and damage steroid. Every third auto does 6.5 percent max health true damage, plus 8% max health physical damage every auto, and each q auto does 170% base damage. You have 105 bonus ad(assuming you have one adaptive damage spell shard), 180.9 ad total, and about 1.2 autos per second. Let's say you're fighting galio, also level 9, with 120 bonus armor(plus 12 from stat shards), for a total of 179.6 armor. Assuming you auto, q auto, and then auto, that's 102.379113 damage for aa1, 147.668813 on the second, and 187.977613 on the third, for 438.025539 damage in a little under two seconds, or about 210 DPS. As we're assuming galio has base level 9 health, or 1316.9 health. It takes Vayne about 5 seconds to kill him (remember, her attack speed is about 1.2, and q is a reset). This is with both parties at 2 items, level 9, so this should illustrate why damage creep is an issue for tanks: an adc, the exact champions tanks are supposed to be tanking against can kill a tank in 5 seconds. Admittedly, Vayne is rather good at tank shredding, and galio is building sub-optimally(he doesn't have thornmail or the like) but this is still an issue, because tanks can't... tank. An adc can cut through them like butter, has the mobility to dodge most if not all of their cc, and then heals from the damage they're doing (and this is ignoring runes, beyond just stats). Tanks have low mobility, about as much cc as mages, who also do more damage, can be bypassed by any decent assassin (Zed, Kayn, kata, Akali, Qiyana, to name a few), die in seconds to any dps that knows what they're doing, has little individual utility, and in teamfights won't last long enough to actually tank much. Damage creep renders tanks useless when mages can provide the same cc and kill you, while juggernauts can provide both survivability and damage, and while they have less cc it's usually enough to get by.
You need to learn to paragraph.
Keyru (NA)
: Arcade 2019 Mission List and Dates
> ULTRACOMBO [Matchmade only]: Arcade 2019 Orb and 60 Arcade 2019 Tokens > Destroy 60 towers as a team ~~OR ~~Earn 300,000 gold I think you forgot to put a strikethrough OR. This is an absurd mission now lmao... It's like every position but support is considered for every mission that Riot throws at us. It's always a pain in the ass when you prefer and usually only play support, and you have to earn all these gold or inflict all these damage for missions.
: Tanks need some new items.
Lethality just needs to be toned down. It's too abundant, and they're all too amazing that you can't go wrong building them under any circumstance. You've got enough Lethality to murder squishies, and more to melt tanks.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 28
Any plans for Lissandra? She's been struggling since her nerf that shipped with her passive update, her other nerf, and her other nerf (all due to Aftershock), and now it's apparent Aftershock is still the culprit for other champions (Lux). It feels unfair that Lissandra has to deal with it while other mages are being affected poorly by Aftershock.
: Damage Text Color Change
It's hideous, but we just have to deal with it like we have with all the other changes Riot ships out. They're too proud and haughty to admit they're wrong most of the time. It's such a rape culture with them, forcing crap on us even despite the community saying no.
: Kog's at 48% wr with a 0.8% pick rate in diamond +
I forgot Kog even existed lmao. Wow.
: Yuumi is obscenely unfun to play against
I think the best part is: Riot said the problem with enchanter supports is that they're non-interactive. So what do they do? Make a enchanter support that is non-interactive 95% of the game's duration.
: Damage Text Changes
Why not implement this, *and* give us the option to change the color coding as we see fit for ourselves? Blue for magic is going to bother me to no end. I love purple, it's my favorite color, and associating it with magic, my favorite playstyle, has always pleased me and it's been this way for so long. Stop forcing change on us without considering giving us the option to make our own adjustments as well. It's unfair that you guys always act like you know what's best for us when not everyone's the same or you. :\
Blåsigt (NA)
: Can someone inform me about the whole issue with the aftershock keystone- was it really that overpowered that they needed to rework her entire kit?
Her passive was reworked because it was perceived to offer Liss and her team nothing of value. They nerfed her Q, W and R's damage to compensate her new passive, however, which meant Liss had to take more risks going in with less damage, which wasn't that high to begin with. Aftershock helped Liss to survive this, and gave her a bit of an oomph to her damage as well, and as a result she became 'strong' and received multiple nerfs that have put her in a lackluster spot since.
: Her q has 190 base damage rank 5 lmao If this change went through they’d have too severely lower the numbers
But why? It's on a 4s cooldown. The average mage does 250 damage with the same cooldown, and theirs reach much further. Lissandra lacks damage.
Rioter Comments
: Sylas is way to over loaded
The past dozen champions are overloaded if we're being honest lol. Riot stopped caring about quality over quantity. :\
: Zyra's Midlane problem
Riot's already determined and settled with the decision that she's a mage. :\
Sir Gusi (EUW)
: What's your most hated champs to play against
{{champion:555}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:145}}
: Your argument is irrelevant in this case because I was in a party with the Lulu and Ashe who were both confident that I would carry.
No, my argument isn't irrelevant, because I was talking about these situations as a whole, not your situation in particular.
: Just yesterday I had a game where my mid, adc, and support went a combined 5/40/25. The game was essentially a 2v5 and Jax and myself were able to carry. At 28 minutes, the score was 24-47 with a gold difference of 11.3k, one of our nexus towers was down, and the enemy had 3 cloud drakes. Should have I surrendered? Well the answer is no because I won that game. I would not have won if I quit to cater to my teammates who wanted out.
It's awesome you won, but it was just a Normal and imagine how you were holding three people who clearly weren't having fun, having a miserable time and wanted out but couldn't because you and Jax held them hostage to their own misery. Yes, it's awesome you won, but winning's not everything when people are miserable and not having a fun time at all, especially when there's less at stake other than time in normals.
yukumari (NA)
: Riot is sending mixed messages with Janna.
>What did they think was going to happen when they arbitrarily made her passive give bonus On-hit magic damage based on her movement speed? I think it's more along the lines of what did they think would happen when they gutted her shield during laning phase and left her in a spot where she couldn't do damage if she chose to focus on shielding, which already has a crippling cooldown and decay. People found other ways to play Janna better without having to give up too much with maxing E, and so Comet + Zephyr + Passive became a thing.
: I think the main problem, is that its too easy for enchanters to protect their adcs through shields and heals. If more of them needed to actually hit skill shots (not necessarily on enemies, but on the adc for instance) it'd make them feel a lot more fair. Imagine if you could miss a janna shield, or soraka heal, etc. It'd allow you to put a lot more power into their supporting capabilities, instead of just making them bad at everything
And then you'd have a lot of people even more frustrated with enchanters as a whole. Having to skillshot enemies can be hard enough, having to skillshot your allies on top of it would be too stressful. Enchanters are naturally squishy, immobile and lack the means to protect themselves unless they choose to sacrifice saving their allies. Their damage is naturally low too, compared to other supports. They give up a lot to be able to do their jobs, and they already got nerfs to ensure they couldn't solo lane. Enchanters are in a great spot. People just don't like being denied kills, and that's going to be frustrating no matter how you approach it.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 24
Curious, since there's been no mention or changes going forward, but has changing Karma been scrapped entirely or are there still changes planned for her in the near future? Personally I'd love to see the old Karma making a return, with how perfectly her kit reflected duality while also being great as a mage and as a support. Her current W would excel with her old kit imo, as well as a mix of her old and current passive.
Rioter Comments
: Can we buff grievous wounds?
I would quit League if they ever buffed Grievous Wounds as an avid Soraka player, *unless* they brought back Wish removing Grievous Wounds like it used to. Please don't buff Grievous Wounds, Riot. It's easily applicable as it is.
Esdese (EUW)
: I recall hearing a Rioter literally asking everyone why people want death recap at all. This is how far their ideology has gone to.
Honestly an incredibly stupid question. If I'm playing a tank, I'd like to know what source of damage was doing the most to me: physical, magical or true. As a non-tank, it can be nice to know what murdered you so much so you know who and what to avoid next time. It's amazing how Riot has come so far with such simplistic, narrow-minded ways of thinking.
: I think it would be hard to notice since his W makes a big bubble
It would create a lot of visual noise too, and would be hard to appreciate in the chaos.
: Malphite changes coming to PBE
> We're doing a quality-of-life pass for one of League’s oldest champions This is super awesome, but can we expect more modernization and tweaks for the rest of the older champions that aren't as great as they used to be? They didn't age well at all, for the most part: Tryndamere, Annie, Fiddlesticks (his 'new' passive was a huge downgrade from his previous imo), Zilean, Shaco and Twisted Fate. I feel like these heroes have fallen behind times, and rely on their opponents outplaying themselves more than outplaying their opponents themselves.
: Give us the report button in Match History.
Match history and recent players. I've had a few rare instances where my client either froze and crashed, or it skips stats automatically and I miss the chance of reporting a highly toxic, offensive player. :\
: That's really easy to say but it's who I am as a person I am direct and I don't tolerate bullshit which is omnipresent in this game. Making the rules clear for 48 million players is actually easier than changing who I am as a person
Who you are as a person and having the responsibility and maturity to control your actions and behavior are two entirely different things. Being direct and not tolerating bullshit is fine, but you're actively seeking out to flame and berate other players. You have a lot of self-analyzing to do, because who you think you are, and reading those chat logs, it's just a huge yikes. Learn to control yourself and what you say. You got banned because people got tired of putting up with *your* bullshit.
: Because she can’t auto attack nor cast spells for 1.5 seconds. Also the CD got gutted.
Still sounds like a fair deal to me, that it shouldn't do damage considering how oppressive and overwhelming her damage is outside of her ultimate.
: > [{quoted}](name=Krys Star,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Mqe99uLk,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-04-14T22:52:50.718+0000) > > What I'd like to know is why they gave Kayle's ult a bursting damage effect. Her ult was fine before without the damage, now her ult is just overloaded. Invulnerability for a good amount of time followed by a burst of damage with scary scaling in a large area. ***Why?*** because before she could just auto and cast spells while her ulti is up NOW she has to channel that ulti. which do you think would be worse to play against with her new kit?
Considering how overwhelming and oppressive she can be, I'd say it's a fair trade that her ultimate doesn't do damage. It makes absolutely no sense at all, and it's only 1.5s that she's unable to deal damage. It's completely unnecessary and it wouldn't hurt her one bit to lose that damage. All of her damage comes from her passive, after all. Her ultimate is just extra icing on the cake.
Hayoi (NA)
: I really hate Kayle's new gameplay design
What I'd like to know is why they gave Kayle's ult a bursting damage effect. Her ult was fine before without the damage, now her ult is just overloaded. Invulnerability for a good amount of time followed by a burst of damage with scary scaling in a large area. ***Why?***
>Kayle AD lowered from 52 to 50 Armor lowered from 28 to 26 Attack speed ratio lowered from .695 to .667 Divine Ascent (Passive) ranks are now based on Kayle's level rather than skill points Granted, they're just love tap nerfs. But... it's kind of something. Not really...
Rioter Comments
: Yea * Mikael's crucible is in need of a rework. Overly ping reliant and can be made to better work for players of all skill levels * Ohmwrecker - tower disable hasn't proven to be a healthy mechanic and the item has nearly 0 users currently * Wit's end was this recently - if our 9.7 changes don't give it a more used niche it would fall in here Some opportunities that we would like to pursue with freed up space * More choice and options in lethality builds * An ap bruiser / ap melee item * All around cleanup of support items, get some more choice in there and dont force players into 5 actives in one build
Have you considered changing Ohmwrecker to be a tanky support item that grants a targeted tower within range the old school summoner effect of Fortify? Tower granted invulnerability as well as increased attack speed and splash on attacks. Give it a moderately long cooldown, like 150s, make it build out of Kindlegem, Cloth Armor and Null-Magic Mantle maybe? Also I do hope you plan to introduce and expand on support items. Support itemization is always so stale and unexciting. I find myself buying the same 3-4 items every match, with the occasional, *very rare* chance of mixing it up with only one other item. I don't see what's wrong with Mikaels that is requires a rework, I absolutely love its active, but it's incredibly situational because of its one time use. Having it grant 50% tenacity for 3s after successfully removing a cc could make it amazing. Its cooldown is ridiculously long too, however, and I think 90s would make it better. I'd love to see a support item that lets you link with an ally similarly to Zeke's Herald where, after building 100 stacks with your targeted ally, your next heal will cause that ally to be shielded for the heal amount after a 3s delay, or your next shield will cause that ally to be healed for the shielded amount after a 3s delay.
: Item Shop Cleanup
>What items should we remove? Unhealthy items, meaning items that: >Massively reduce or remove counterplay against a champion Unless I'm reading this wrong, and I'm sure I am, but does this mean Executioner's Calling? At least with Morello's, Mortal Reminder and Thornmail, you have to invest money into them to make use of its Grievous Wounds (with Bramblevest/Thornmail requiring you to actually basic attack the owner). Executioner's calling just feels so blatantly unfair in that you buy it and that's it, the enemy champion dependent on its healing is shut down at the simple cost of 800g. It's an unfair advantage with a ridiculously long duration given how easily applied and purchasable the item is. A duration of 1s would be more than enough for such an item that has no restriction on it, whereas Morellos requires the use of magic abilities and Thornmail the use of being struck.
DeusVult (NA)
: Vayne's high play rate shows what a problem her overall design is
They should revert her recent buff, change Silver Bolts to physical damage, converting to true damage during Final Hour, and voila. She's much less oppressive and bullshit to deal with... but she's still bullshit either way.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Fix your broken game, Riot
Honestly, half of the skillshots in this game have a deceitful hitbox. Thresh's hook, Morgana's bind, etc. etc.
Terozu (NA)
: What really irritates me about Yasuo is that he's supposed to be a late game champion.
A lot of late game champions are great early these days. Look at Vayne as a prime example: she used to struggle to get past laning phase, now she gets past laning phase without much difficulty.
: The way we've been thinking about topics like this is that a very low ban rate more means that he doesn't need to be nerfed, not that he NEEDS to be buffed.
I'm treading on egg shells by asking this, but what about Yasuo? I'm sure thousands of Yasuo players are frustrated they can't play their favorite hero in 80% of matches, and although he may be balanced, he's extremely frustrating and stressful to play against. I've never once had fun laning against Yasuo. He compels me to just quit the game and play something else whenever I have to lane against him, whether the player is good or bad, that I just ban him if I'm going mid or Zed if Yasuo is already banned for being equally frustrating and stressful to lane against. Regardless, Yasuo needs help so that players can enjoy playing against him, and playing as him. He's been in a terrible spot since his release, and it's shocking that he goes unnoticed each year instead of receiving the help he desperately needs. Remove his double crit chance, or at least move it onto his ultimate (33% / 66% / 100% bonus crit based on rank).
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 6
Have you ever considered giving Caitlyn's Ace In The Hole the ability to critical strike? 50 extra damage to Ace In The Hole just seems like it would only be effective during laning phase and maybe a little after, whereas it being able to critically strike would make it an ultimate worth fearing in mid and late game. Even giving it a penetrating effect, dealing 75% reduced damage after being intercepted, reduced to 50% at rank 2 and 25% at rank 3 would be so interesting and make it both worth of being an ultimate and compliment Caitlyn's role as a sniper. Maybe even having attack speed increase the speed of her ultimate so it's harder to intercept in the late game. Either or both would be amazing, imo!
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