Critty92 (EUNE)
: What are the best support runes for punishing aggressiveness from enemies?
If your problem is simply having issues with staying alive, then stuff like Bone plating comes to mind, as well as simply opting for tankier starting stats. If it's really about punishing aggressiveness however, Presence of mind from the Precision tree comes to mind. A lot of enchanters (and in your case, all champions you play) have very powerful ultimates and being able to refund a part of it's cooldown every kill/assist is very useful, especially with how easy it is to rack up assists on them. Couple that with Transcendence and you'll find that your ultimate is very often up when you need it. If you do go that way, I usually pick the Legend: Tenacity rune as second rune. Fully stacked it gives you 30% tenacity, which is pretty useful if you're scared of being picked off from deadly CCs. Alternatively Cut down can be used if you like being more aggressive.
: So.... I'm guessing we're going to see Taric/Sona Duos for awhile.....
Assuming I understand correctly, your proposed change is to make it so Sona cannot benefit from Taric's Relic shield if she has a Spellthief. That wouldn't actually fix much. If the change makes it so Taric can proc Relic but Sona doesn't get the gold from it I doubt the strat would be affected much. If they go harder and make it so Taric can't even proc the relic stacks in that scenario, this simply forces him into the coin line while simultaneously opening the possibly for people to grief their Relic-using support (which would be pretty rare, but Riot does try it's best not to leave those scenarios in). I still believe that the simplest way to fix funnel potentially forever is to make it so any solo exp gained when owning a support item count as duo-lane exp. Support being the only role in the game that is expected to never gain any solo lane exp, it is a simple answer to the problem. Even in the extreme case that this somehow affects supports enough to lose them multiple levels per game (which I highly doubt), Riot could come up with ways for supports players to get that exp back somehow. Honestly, the role needs a proper way to gain experience anyway.
Nhifu (NA)
: I hate how AP shyv is the only viable build on her.
I hate how much I like this current build on her thematically. In a weird way, the whole change into a dragon to play hit-and-run tactics as you try to burn the enemy to death feels so much more like a dragon than barrelling through the enemy team while hoping you don't get kited. I wonder if the idea couldn't be expanded upon in a proper rework that merges both playstyles.
: Can we get some oil for Morgana’s elbows?
I dunno, they feel kinda campy/edgy and I can't say I don't like them, though I can see why people would get annoyed. What does annoy me is her fast running animation. It just feels ... like someone pretended to sprint in place and they just went with it. I feel like the typical "lift front of dress to run without worry of stepping on it" kind of animation would have been much better.
Xavanic (NA)
: So model update = ban worthy?
Many people dislike playing vs Morgana. Usually, this falls under the "Well I hate her but she doesn't see enough play to ban her so I'll take a chance" but obviously, with her visuals getting an upgrade a lot of people are going to want to try her out so that argument falls flat. People are simply being smart.
: Why in the name of God low Gold elo now feel like playing with inting, bronze and feeding kids ?
It's actually a new feature. Riot has heard for a while now that Ranked is hard to get into and stressful, and they've finally answered! By having it so one team always has a toxic player, one no longer needs to worry about his own performance through the games. Doing poorly? No worries, your jungler already left the game after a failed gank. Doing well? No worries, one of your solo laners has decided to afk in fountain after a ks. And sometimes, the same thing happens to the enemy team! So at times you'll be getting stomped and still win (for free)! As a way to nurture pride and accomplishment, each player can now focus on his own individual improvement. Because the rankings themselves sure as hell don't mean anything.
Moody P (NA)
: Enchanters are neglected more than anyone else
Enchanters are never going to be allowed to be good design so long as that design is reliability. You can't make a whole class of champion be good at unavoidable poke with point-and-click peel and buffs. Well you can, but that creates the current situation where that poke never feels good and those buffs and peels cannot be truly impactful. Alternatively, when that statement isn't true, the nerf bat is never far. Even Nami, a champion I would consider as the closest to a balanced enchanter, has unavoidable damage, healing and buffs. Her CC is the only part of her kit with true counterplay. Whatever kit this new enchanter is gonna have, I hope I can completely screw it up. I hope I can get mad that the enemy played around my abilities perfectly. I hope I do more than press a few buttons on my carry and hope the enemy isn't fed enough to kill him through it. I hope to see the enemy tilt in all chat as I flex over them with actual skill rather than abilities my champion has. And lastly, I hope Riot takes this opportunity to rethink most, if not all enchanters currently in the game.
: My issue with Sylas
My favorite part of playing against Sylas is slowly looking at the pool of support champions asking myself "which of these characters am I okay with him showing up to steal and kill us with" as the timer ticks dangerously close to 0. I used to think that answer was Karma until I realized picking Karma really only meant the enemy team had a permanent, stronger Karma on their team. I don't know much about balance or how balance-able he is as as concept, but it kinda sucks that all supports have something useful to steal AND Sylas has the gold and position to use it better.
: Ya when I play nami the adc thinks i have unlimited mana and takes harass cos she thinks ill just heal her back up, then when i have no mana were fucked in bot
"They picked Brand could you play Soraka?" Sorry, playing with 100 health at all times as I'm desperately healing your ass is as far away from a fun time as it could be.
: I feel like everyone who thinks this didn't play back in season 3. Gold for supports was practically none existent back then and it is so much better now. I think what I see supports average in gold is fine currently.
Fake argument. Supports having worst gold income in the past doesn't suddenly make the hotfix fine. Gold income also isn't the issue as much as the changes simply feeling uncomfortable. The changes are rough and not thought through. This is shown by Riot saying in the patch note itself that this should (hopefully) be a temporary change as they look into it further, by how it's already been broken again where a bot laner takes the items, and by how easy it is to fall massively behind in your quest without playing wrong yourself.
: just had a draven disconnect for a few minutes in the middle of the laning phase, which was great because with the new changes I couldn´t even progress my support item, so I just bit the bullet and farmed wave after wave despite the penalty knowing that I wouldn´t be able to use my support item anyway. Feels really rewarding! I mean, having an afk is bad enough, but being punished for doing anything else besides standing still and soaking up xp is the icing on the shit-cake.
My favorite part is how inept a lot of support champions are at last-hitting anyway. Like yeah sure I have to last hit if the bot laner can't while 2 people are sieging me AND I don't have the proper tools or base AD to last hit anyway.
: if my adc die i will try to defend and push the lane. sometimes you have to sacrifice your wards timer for the better good for your team
Sacrificing my ward timer cost us one of our only chances at a comeback but thanks for reading all the way through.
: > [{quoted}](name=PrincePapa,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iufaQyId,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-15T04:40:36.626+0000) > > It's definitely is a rushed change, and I'm hopeful about the fact that the patch note itself mentions that this might be temporary as they look into better options. > > With a bit of luck, as more people discuss the changes and report their experience, Riot will find the proper way to keep Support items out of other role's grasp. btw i hate downvote without responses i mean if your concerned about something people shouldnt downvote something without supporting their statement.
It's definitely a shame, especially on threads where someone is trying to have a discussion. Y'know, if I'm stating an idea and it's bad, at least convince me why otherwise no one is progressing. Luckily this thread is less on the discussion side and more of a "These are the risks of this new change". There's really nothing to disagree with so I'm just hoping someone at Riot reads this and makes a mental note of it. Still, I too wish these boards were used properly. But this is the Internet.
: i hate support nerfs due to how some people the procs should work like a link not just X range if you run out of procs you can collect extra minions without timer penalty if your adc is basically none existant due to thresh or blitzcrank 0 counterplay rushes.
It's definitely is a rushed change, and I'm hopeful about the fact that the patch note itself mentions that this might be temporary as they look into better options. With a bit of luck, as more people discuss the changes and report their experience, Riot will find the proper way to keep Support items out of other role's grasp.
Rioter Comments
: I strongly doubt support income is going to change that much
The changes could be a buff for all I care and it would still leave a bad taste in my mouth. Part of the fun of roaming or being isolated in general as a Spellthief support was using those Tribute stacks on anyone we met. Often that would be when warding, removing wards or just trying to scare so enemy off a lane. It would happen quite a bit, but really it was somewhat pointless as far as poking goes : Most enemy champions either have the bulk and/or sustain to brush our actions right off. That's where tribute came in, giving us a reason and reward for taking the risk and time. This change really is simply another slap in the face of "you're not allowed to be a champion without a team member". Now interacting with the enemy in those scenario is either useless or suicide. If my team isn't there, then I should just stand back and look pretty. And the damage was quite good in 1v1, especially in those early roams where you might harass the enemy jungler : Spellthief being 39 magic damage, Frostfang 54. That's a pretty big chunk especially on a role with no consistent dps to speak off.
: How to fix no farm support item top laners the right way
Probably a fair enough compromise. It still enforces the changes without removing the rewards from actually interacting with the enemy post laning phase.
: Fixing support. the painful way.
Not that it can't be done but Riot has been pretty insistent on Champ select not affecting the game once it has started, which I can't say I disagree with. I persist in thinking that implementing a Solo Exp cut from minions and monsters on the support items would easily keep it away from every solo laners, as most of our exp gain is duo exp anyway. Duo exp itself being a 35% cut, I'd imagine something between that and 15% would be good enough. It also gives an easy leverage point if it starts being used again. At that point, all you really need to care about is the bot laners using them, which is still better than every role. From there, you can create items that can only be bought with a support item in the inventory and start giving supports option without fear of abuse from other roles, items that can even potentially solve any issue that might be created from cutting a support's solo exp gain, especially for mage supports that might be feeling bad about going to a side-lane every once in a while.
: I disagree with them making procs add to the delay on when you can actually get money even when an ally isnt near by. Thats really the only bad aspect of this because otherwise all this really does is put the other gold gen items in the same place as the Relic Shield line which (despite being annoying when allies won't let you freaking last hit) has worked fine for gold gen on melee supports.
This might be worth looking into but I feel like removing the delay might bring some unfortunate results. Say something like Cass bot with a constant roaming Bard to double dip in both cs and Spellthief procs. It's an odd case scenario and maybe being worried over nothing but Riot might just want to kill any possible strat before it shows it's head. As for putting to Relic's level ... That's the issue really. Relic shield is by far the worst item in the game as it relies completely on my team to use it (kinda doesn't help that even if they want to let me proc shit that the item sucks at it but that's another discussion). It's not like Relic can't be fixed either so fairness is not an argument. Relic, or maybe it's upgrades, could mark minions instead of executing them (melee only), so that they only need to die in X seconds after being hit to get the effect.
: my bad, I meant riot´s solution putting a range restriction on the gold generation. I would take your approach over that in a heartbeat.
Oh that's fine then. I don't even think the "Fix" was announced before I made this post so this was simply a misunderstanding based on timing. And believe me, the current change has me ... quite disappointed.
: Why the support item hot fix isn't bad
I think it's easy to look at it and say "Well you should still get about as much gold" and honestly, I would think Riot ran the numbers and made sure that really, supports aren't too affected by this. Hopefully anyway. The issue here is that it's taking away a lot of gameplay opportunity more than anything. Enchanters can no longer progress their quest if their bot laner dies (something I used to wish they would allow tank supports). Poke supports have lost the proc damage when defending plates. They also lost the reward for going out of their way to poke roaming champions when roaming themselves (damage tends to not be relevant so the gold was nice). This change to me is removing a lot of the little things that I knew I could do to get slightly ahead and removing that option. Instead now it's "Only poke when an ally is near" and even if that meant that I got the same amount of gold, it's simply boring. It's akin to changing the jungle and making jungle camps only give gold if you have a jungle item, then buffing gold gain from CS. The goal being "We don't want you to lose gold, we just want you to not counter jungle as a laner". Laners get the same gold so they shouldn't complain right? They lost the ability to steal money from the enemy while aggresively pushing to snowball their lead and instead just get that lead from ... csing better. See what I mean? The loss of gameplay options is more frustrating than whether it is a gold nerf or not.
: How to keep support items away from the other roles(along with other benefits).
I don't know what your suggestion even is but I tend to delay fully upgrading my support item until I've got 1 or 2 items. Rushing Athene on enchanters usually gives me so much more lane presence than bad stats and a fourth ward. I'll usually get Athene/Mikael, Boots and Ardent before upgrading.
: I don't see how the changes particularly effect these champions. If your adc dies to a particularly aggressive lane, I don't think the optimal strategy is for you to then try and poke them? Enchanters probably haven't been affected by these changes at all as they spend almost the entire game within this range threshold of their adc.
Depending on the lane you could proc a fair amount of stacks just from defending some plates. Especially if I know the enemy will back as soon as my carry gets to lane, I'll just spam my mana away to get as much gold as possible before backing at the same time as them. Most enchanters not named Sona are actually quite hard to dive and this is a pretty big nerf to them, at the very least to their enjoyment. It's not like they have wave-clear so proc damage was the only thing protecting the turret. Now I'm better of backing every time and blame whatever tower damage on my bot laner.
: Wtf? Support items? Just wow.
I really believe Support items should cut your Solo Exp Gains by 15% rather than this. I hate how this is essentially a Spellthief nerf. Relic is still Relic (which is still terribly unfun), and while I have stayed alone in a lane for coins before, I'm never actually able to get them as the enemy will zone me off (and if there's no enemy, I'm probably last hitting or trying to, so no coins). Though I do wonder how the leash will affect coin drops. It had a pretty wide leash before and could sometimes get a coin or two when roaming mid, don't know if this will still be possible. But for Spellthief? No reason to poke if my Bot laner dies. No reason to poke the enemy support who's roaming through vision. No reason to poke if I'm visiting top as Zyra to do some wave-clear. Spellthief procs amount for a surprising amount of damage that is just lost the moment I'm left alone.
: You know, there are all already a lot of interesting suggestion made how to tackle the support item dilemma. And even though it´s questionable how fruitful those changes would be, at least people try their best to improve the game for everyone. But guess who doesn´t bother and just throws out the first half-assed bandaid fix that came to mind. Always to the detriment of support players just to appease the masses, who couldn't care less about that role. Not that it´s the worst nerf in history ( but for real, how am I supposed to play bard with those stupid limitations that go completely against my champion´s playstyle? ) but this practice of carelessly kicking down on a minority of the playerbase just to make a majority of the playerbase happy is just insulting to the few players that decided to stick to the support role and this continued neglection will just drive away more and more players from that role. but I guess this is where auto fill comes into play.
I've been maining support for as long as I've known a meta existed. But sure throw your assumptions around. Anyway, let's have a proper discussion : How is reducing the solo minion/jungle exp gains from a class that doesn't farm a half-assed bandaid fix? What if , instead of making all solo exp gains the duo values of 65%, made it 80? 85? How much solo exp does a support soak up in a game? Not that much I'd assume, maybe 2 levels in the worst case scenario, but realistically I'd be surprised if it even made a difference on average. Though let's say most support players lose 1 average level per game from this change, couldn't something be done item-wise to balance out this issue? You've lost me at Bard though. Are you solo-laning as him, as support? This change wouldn't affect your roaming nor your chimes. Nor Solo lane bard for that matter unless you bought support items.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dorans Pants,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hLVh3eNK,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-02-12T18:23:47.397+0000) > > You know, there are all already a lot of interesting suggestion made how to tackle the support item dilemma. And even though it´s questionable how fruitful those changes would be, at least people try their best to improve the game for everyone. > > But guess who doesn´t bother and just throws out the first half-assed bandaid fix that came to mind. Always to the detriment of support players just to appease the masses, who couldn't care less about that role. > > Not that it´s the worst nerf in history ( but for real, how am I supposed to play bard with those stupid limitations that go completely against my champion´s playstyle? ) but this practice of carelessly kicking down on a minority of the playerbase just to make a majority of the playerbase happy is just insulting to the few players that decided to stick to the support role and this continued neglection will just drive away more and more players from that role. > > but I guess this is where auto fill comes into play. Riot needs to bite the bullet and implement role binding for items, or lock a specific summoner's spell to the support items. Something has got to give, because it's been nothing but abuse of support items by other roles year, after year, after year. Firsit it was mid laners taking Spellthief. Then it was top laners abusing the Ancient Coin. Then it was Junglers abusing Spellthief. Then it was ADCs abusing Relic Shield. This shit HAS GOT TO STOP. Riot has been guffawing and doing every option EXCEPT the only option that will work - locking out other roles from even picking up support items.
This is pretty much where this idea came from, really. And I said duo exp but really, I'm pretty sure they could simply tack on "Solo experience gained is reduced by 15%" and that would keep a lot of solo laners away from the items. Alternatively, removing 5 to 10 gold off of every cs someone with the item takes would have similar results And from there, the support starter items become our "Smite", where Riot can create items and say "Only people with any of the support items can buy these items. Once you've properly locked in support items to the role, you can then create solutions to the problems that were created. Mage supports are struggling because they can't solo lane for a few waves to get a small boost? Give them more efficient items to make up for the loss. Supports are too often left behind in levels? Give them an item that ups their ult level by 1. Too susceptible to late-game poke unlike other classes? Give them proper regen options.
: It shouldn't create a bounty for the opponent, since it's based on gold earned. If it does that's probably a bug of some kind.
Reading from the wiki, it states that bounty gold is based on average gold .... gained from minions and monsters. So by that wording, it should create a bounty and is working as intended as far as current patch is concerned.
Paroe (NA)
: Isnt this just a strategy because vision is so important? Riot could just give us back sightstone as the main component to T2 support items to transform them into eyes, honestly. I miss the actually useful benefits to completeing the item quests. Would love to have them back, and be tailored a little more.
Honestly it seems like a mixture of vision and lack of drawbacks (done well you don't really lose gold and might even end up on top of your opponent). And in the world where it **is** for vision only, Riot doesn't have a good track record for keeping those strategies viable for long.
: Bounty is based on ***GOLD EARNED***, not just CS. It's your income from CS versus their average income for each of the 4 lanes (top, mid, bot (including ADC and support together), and jungle). You're still earning gold, so they don't get a bounty just for CSing against you.
Are you sure about that? I think I remember the Desk talking about how it could create bounties for doing so. Just asking, not arguing.
Rioter Comments
: FYI: Denying the Cannon from your support with Relic Shield is worse than them stealing CS
I hope damage eventually gets so high that supports can no longer proc the relic line to begin with and Riot is forced to rework this god-awful mechanic.
Moody P (NA)
: I hope new Enchanter isn't another shield/heal bot
Whether they give them a shield, a heal, both or neither, I just hope they do it in an interesting way. I think the enchanter role has a lot of unexplored potential that is often wasted on a too tight image of what an enchanter is. If this new champion's teamfight gameplay is more than just "Point-click your buffs on the carry, throw your CC on the first target in range and stay far away from everything", I'm sold.
Emo Twink (OCE)
: Can Yasuo Get Some Removals like Irelia/Akali?
I want windwall to stop blocking skills when we're both on the same side of it. There's really nothing sensible about me trying to attack a Yasuo through a windwall that's behind him. With how massive the wall is, it really doesn't need as thick a hitbox that it covers such a wide area not covered by the animation.
: Tahm Kench should swallow enemy targets that die from his W damage.
A few gameplay concerns come to mind, nothing too serious though. Should it have an executed symbol like Pyke where only Tahm sees it and should Tahm only swallow them once the timer runs out (or the player chooses to "spit") so as to make it still cleanse/QSS-able (assuming it currently is). I don't remember if spitting an enemy champion does aoe damage so one more thing to potentially consider. Those things being said, that would pretty sick. It might make me KS every kill I can, but that is a sacrifice my teammates will regrettably have to make.
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: > [{quoted}](name=CaptainMårvelous,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Uolabw45,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-01-21T01:24:26.443+0000) > > The main difference, however, is that only one class of champion got updated (in each case) and even then, their armor/mr/etc. values vary greatly depending on the champion. > > In Phreak's case, the idea would be that each champion's class has specific stats. So regardless of if you're playing Caitlyn, Ashe, Vayne, (maybe) Graves or Lucian? All of them have the same stat spread save for HP-stats. Not saying this will be better or worse, mind you, but pointing out it would likely lead to more differences than the example you listed which isn't really applicable to Phreak's example/idea. It's completely wrong though. Lucian should move faster than Caitlyn, he should also have more armor. Why? Lucian is a duelist and Caitlyn is a seiger. You can't just say "well they are marksmen", without looking at their finer points. But then, let's say Lucian vs Vayne? Who should have more armor? Vayne's dueling potential is around conditional strength (impale, final hour, silver bolts), so she should not have as good defenses as Lucian. Then there's other factors. Perhaps a sieging champion such as Caitlyn should have good Magic Resist - Since the main counter to pushing would be aoe magic damage. Every stat is conditional on champion design.
I think you're missing the point. First, he actually started the video saying move speed was one of the stat that was fine fluctuating because it's an obvious one : faster champions feel faster, slower champions feel slower. Second, his point wasn't "Lucian and Vayne should have the same overall tankiness of whatever the decided line for ADC is" but rather that if Lucian is to be more durable than Vayne (which everyone should agree on as he doesn't have stealth and CC), that them having similar armor stats but having a higher difference in HP would make it much cleaner and easier to balance. I'm not sure about your Caitlyn example though. If anything, she should be weak to Magic Damage as a form of counterplay. But the thing is, as Phreak mentioned, while there's plenty of mages that can waveclear, there's definitely a few AD champions that can do the same now. And in that case, there's no reason why she should be more durable to Oriana's W rather than a Sivir Q. Rather, it'd be a lot simpler to balance if her total HP and regen were on the lower spectrum in order to force her to pay (or slightly higher so she can deal with it, in your example). Basically, the state of the game has changed to where poke, AoE and single-target focused damage all come in various forms of Physical, Magical, and sometimes, True damage. There's no reason for Sion to be drastically more vulnerable to Magic Damage than Maokai as neither were designed to be particulary better at either. Rather, if Sion is meant to have lower resistances because of his HP stacking, then that should be shown across both stats.
: Phreak on Champion Base Stats
To give a bit more detail as to how base stats wildly fluctuate : {{champion:497}}'s armor stat essentially scales as hard as any other melee bruiser or tank. His MR, on the other hand, is given the ranged champion treatment and so scales likes absolute crap. There's no design reason for Rakan to be better vs AD than AP, but for some reason he would have an easier time eating Talon's burst over Diana's. While this melee/ranged issue is more unique to Rakan, this armor/MR discrepancy does plague a lot of supports, with a lot of them having moderate to high armor but poor MR scaling, which may very be why the likes of Brand/Zyra/etc are so overbearing at times. Then you have champions like Anivia who have abysmal HP but surprising armor growth, which again, has no real reason but means AP assassins can kill her faster than AD because of .... well, no one knows. This isn't to say that Rakan/Braum/etc shouldn't be susceptible to poke, but that there is no thematic reason for them to be good vs either type of poke. Rakan shouldn't take significantly less poke damage from a Caitlyn Q than a Veig W, scalings and base damage aside. Phreak essentially argues that their levels of armor and MR (for all champs, really) should be more balanced with each other, outside of obvious exceptions, and that HP and HP regen are much better tools at levering a champion's tankiness and/or ability to sustain poke.
DeusVult (NA)
: Pyke is the only assassin that actually works as a balanced assassin
At the risk of getting some downvotes, I just wish his ult wasn't a skillshot. I find it weird to have this champion who's power fantasy is all about resetting through a fight executing low health targets except that very fantasy is gated by a crap hitbox and widespread mobility, either being dashes, flashes or simple movespeed that I never feel confident in using. It also severely cripples his fallback pattern in scenarios where he either can't or doesn't need to assassinate, as the E into Ult behind someone combo is so finicky to land you may as well never rely on it. I'd even argue that initially it was probably a point and click skill. I wonder if they could remove the AoE part of the ult, hit is passive sustain a bit, maybe lower range and let his ult work similar to Shunpo to make up for it (perhaps lock the directions to an X pattern so it's not hard to guess where he'll go). But it would feel weird to have such a big change after such a short time. But yes, overall, he's by far the purest representation of an assassin.
: Is there any reason why Fizz isn't disabled in URF?
Riot wants a permaban list but doesn't actually want to manage it, so they put two problematic champions on it years ago and never touched it again. That or it's bugs, but if it was the case, I don't see why they don't just add a small reminder each time that these champions are simply too buggy for the game mode. Although even then, I feel like depending on the bugs in question, you can reach a middle ground and just modify their kits slightly in URF to remove said bugs.
: Why Sona is still Disabled, Can we have actual stat of Sona winrate in urf? because...
The best part is Kai'sa Q is basically Sona's but with relevant damage. And if sustain is the actual issue, why not just remove the healing part in URF mode? Alistar has his ult damage reduction reduced so it's not like Riot was against balancing certain abilities.
: No on the Mikhael's..... just take tenacity runes and go AP/Athene's. Much better CC tactic.
> A Mikael can be a nice buy if your carries tend to eat her ult too much. Not to be confused with "If **you** get ulted a lot, buy ...". Obviously, this means unless your allies are masochists that want to eat every Solar Flare they can, you should/could look to other items.
: So ARURF doesn't count as PVP Summoner Rift game towards missions?
I cleared that mission in ARURF myself. Either the mission had a secondary objective, you didn't actually win in 30 or it bugged out on you. That or they suddenly ninja-changed it since yesterday.
: How can you beat Leona as Nami ?
If you aren't, go coin just so you don't have to bother with trying to poke : You're really just looking to survive the lane. Which means do nothing but stand back, possibly behind your carry (at the very least not in front of him). As for the skirmishes themselves, if you feel bold enough, you can try to bubble the enemy carry and turn on Leo with your carry to punish her. This works especially well if your carry does more damage than the enemy. If he doesn't though, then you want the throw the bubble at your carry, potentially following up with your E on them to give them some kiting maneuver. Once Leo hits 6 you want to just stay far from your carry and make sure you can ult her back (and her carry, if possible) whenever she uses hers. Once you get out of lane things get a bit simpler as Nami scales better. A Mikael can be a nice buy if your carries tend to eat her ult too much.
Raoul (EUW)
: Why play Pyke at all when Blitz, Thresh and Nautilus exist?
I don't think he's meant to be better than them. His peeling is way too sub-par to replace the other 3 in a role who traditionally excels at peeling. He's really just meant to be a niche option if you happen to have plenty of peel already in your comp or you have someone that simply prefers an assassin flavor in their champion.
HàrrowR (EUW)
: I hate Pyke
You're not wrong, but oddly enough, he has some capacity to peel, it's just the meta doesn't allow it right now and the "assassin" branding makes it seems to people like they just have to play him as an assassin. Using his Q defensively while someone is on the carry and dashing to the carry to stun the target on the way back works pretty well, except it takes too long. Most of the time, carry's gonna be dead by the time either of those skills make it to the enemy. Still, I feel your pain. As someone who's being spamming Pyke and enjoying him, there's definitely plenty of times where I'm desperately trying to find a way to peel for someone and just can't do it in time.
Cunky (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=PrincePapa,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nxlgr5O4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-23T07:11:02.866+0000) > Idea 2 is .... uhh ... I don't know. I don't see how this is useful. With an animation on his W you can recall in his W, by pressing W and B at the same time so that the animations go off at the same time, like with Twitch Q, or even Shaco Q.
Yeah but his camouflage alerts nearby enemies which kinda defeats the purpose. Seems to me like you're always gonna be either already safe enough to recall or in a position where you should use your W to get to a safe area/get away from being spotted while recalling.
: Should i Main a Lane or a Role?
The new system coming seems less aimed forcing you to play one lane but rather protect you from autofill by giving the filled player a lower MMR than the one their main role usually is at. So basically, if matchmaking sends you to the top lane but you never top lane, you won't lose as many LP because you were clearly handicapped. Likewise, if you win, you'll win slightly more LP than usual because you've shown that you don't even need your main or even secondary role to win. As for your question, a deeper champion pool is always a boon, but if you do not enjoy playing any mage at all, then I wouldn't bother as your performance will likely be worst than if you picked an assassin. I think you should give various mages a look, if not all of them, to see if there is one you enjoy and can fall back upon, but at your MMR, knowing your champion, the matchups and general game knowledge is more than enough (if not the most important thing) to climb.
: Why was nunu's w changed to 20% ap from 40%?
Apart from the gold funneling stat, Meddler also mentioned that it's not something they're gonna keep once he gets his rework, so it's not worth the headache of really fine-tuning it when it's currently being used in unhealthy ways.
Cunky (NA)
: Could Pyke get some Quality of Life changes?
Idea 1 makes it too easy to zone enemies off minions, and then be rewarded for it. I think the current state is fine, especially when this nerfs him more than anything, as you really shouldn't be casting Q just for giggles. Idea 2 is .... uhh ... I don't know. I don't see how this is useful.
: ADC were never the problem it`s broken supports....
If you think Karma's busted you should probably tell that to her win rate, it looks like it missed the memo.
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