Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: PBE exists You can test skins there
Not everyone has access to PBE...
darkdill (NA)
: Ahri - by Sakimichan
Glory97 (EUW)
: if you dodge e and q and still die, then ahri is either super fed or you should have backed a long time ago. I do agree that ahri might be a little too strong atm, but i don't think your idea is the right approach of nerfing ahri.
: Ahri is getting nerfed. WE DID IT BOIS.
: How to fix the boards "bandwagon" effect.
Almighty (EUNE)
: Yasuo fanboys be like: _"That's balanced and fine!"_ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} _**Almighty.**_
: The whole is more than the sum of her parts. Actually, to take a champion one has fault with, and then to claim that they are "OP because X" is honestly a fallacy of composition in and of itself. Champions are not OP for any one thing, it is always the totality of their kit, available masteries, available runes, available items, the current meta, the state of their counters, and the state of the champions they counter. I cannot give you what you ask for, because anything I would say would inherently be false, and an oversimplification. This method merely allows one to gauge powerlevel in a purely relative way to the rest of their cohorts, and so it cannot show anything so specific as what I take you to look for. However, looking over the statistics there is one glaringly obvious discrepancy between her and other champions, she never at any Elo, in any region, or at any level of champion mastery loses more than she wins. People in bronze all the way to challenger with 0 games on her, do not get below a 50% winrate unless 48 or more minutes into a game; note, don't commit base-rate neglect, that only happens the rare times games go over 48 minute; those same people maintain an average winrate of 51%. Wanna know something even crazier? According to League of Graphs, just 10 games on Ahri raises your winrate to 55% and the difference between 30 ranked games played and a hundred is less than .2% higher winrate. This leads me to suspect that Ahri is just far to safe, way too forgiving, and overall a champion that is far too easy to get near the maximum amount out of. Statistically, playing 70 more games on her affects the average players winrate insiginificantly, and people who have never played her before out perform others and win more than they lose despite her being supposedly skillshot reliant and have a high-risk, high-reward playstyle. It would seem the reward is too great, and the the risk too low. Fuck it, you want me to name something? Go to any stat aggregate site, and look at her winrate history. What you'll see is that she has not fallen below a 50% winrate in the last three fucking years. What you'll also see, if you look at her playrate across the same time, is that it increased pretty dramatically at the same time, and then since then has only fallen below 10% twice. Bare in mind, that previously her playrate averaged between 7.5% and 5% almost never peaking above 10% except when she got released, or similarly tied to non-balance events. This all happened with the patch that introduced the movement speed on her Q. If the risk-reward ratio is skewed, and the statistics have been pointing to this problem ever since she got a significant amount of free safety, mobility before 6 and not tied to her ultimate (which used to be a big weakness for her, and she was often camped at early levels ala Kassadin to exploit this), and offensive utility by getting another gapcloser to dive/stick better and land her other abilities easier. . . maybe we should just remove all that, don't you think?
You seem to forget, Ahri had her E amp (mini DFG) Removed and changed in for the MS on her Q, This change cemented her into the role of a kite mage, Ahri does BY FAR some of the least damage compared to other mid lane assassins / mages in this current meta. I'll be honest, I would have NO problem if they removed the Q MS and put the E amp back on, you know why? She would be broken as shit. She would be like before they gutted LB. If you remember, LB had 1: To much damage 2: To much range/utility with E 3: To much mobility for her damage. So if we took Ahri's Q MS away and added the E back... she would be broken, not gonna lie she would be broken to shit. However, you sit there like "Just remove the Q ms and that's it?" Then what is Ahri? Can't be a mage, to low range abilities. Can't be an assassin, she has to low damage. Can't be a kite mage anymore. And since you aren't gonna be playing her on hit/atk speed... What is Ahri? The way Ahri works right now, is Kite mage first, Assassin if fed. However you need to keep in mind... Syndra is a mage first, and a one shotting assassin if fed. So is Viktor And ryze And most mages come to think of it. So If you take away Ahri's Q ms because she is to safe (Even though she is a kite mage as it stands) (Again I'm not completly opposed to taking it away) You had better find a way to buff her or change her again no? Else she losses her identity. And no one wants that... Well... a few people do but those are salty Bronze 5 players Thoughts? Also It's kind of nice to talk to someone who isn't like (Fuck you you are wrong)
: Alright, to begin with, "OP" has become more of a buzzword than an actual definition, so it comes down to what you mean by it. Now, I know some people take it to only mean "gamebreakingly busted/freelo/easy wins" what have you, and under this definition you would then need to reach some form of consensus and honestly its a useless, subjective definition. I take it to mean "this champion is out performing 90% of the roster and is clearly more powerful than them, such that their higher pickrate/winrate/banrate/etc is statistically significant to the point where we can be 95% or more sure that it is not due to random chance, but a noticeable difference in power-level compared to their peers." Whats great about this, is that statistical tools can then be used in support of this argument, and the resources available to us from aggregate statistic sites can then be brought in to the discussion. With that said, I would direct your attention to this passage: > Ahri has many times the pickrate she should have, with no diminished winrate ***(seriously, at no point in the game, at no amount of experience-- even 0 games played, and at no ranked level or region does she ever drop below a 50% winrate despite being one of the most picked champions in the entire game)*** to show for it. There are 10 picks total, and over 135 champions. There are also bans to consider. All told a champions average play rate and banrate should approach 7.5% if they were truly balanced, yet ***hers is over 3 times that.*** *She is literally crowding out diversity of picks*, and there is substantial, significant (the odds of it not being statistically significant (i.e. its just by random chance) are less than .001%) statistical evidence that very strongly supports this claim. There are 136 champions Ahri is 2 out of 136 in winrate -she's in the top 1.5% of winrates Ahri is 6 out of 136 in playrate -she's in the top 5% of playrates Ahri is 16 out of 136 in banrate -She's in the top 12.5% of banrates No other champion comes even close to these numbers, Ahri is the best performing champion in the entire game, currently, from these statistics-- and not by any small margin either. So much so that it can be concluded with 99.99% certainty that she is significantly stronger than the average of all other champions.
Let me rephrase, tell me what part about Ahri that is overpowered
: There is a massive difference between someone killing diversity by having to be played around and being accepted as part of a system as they have been there for so long (look at Ahri, Janna, Lee Sin for perfect examples of this) and someone else arriving onto the scene and choking out diversity that way. In the later example, as with Camile's release everyone's reaction is a knee-jerk response which is seen in a vastly inflated ban rate, even after significant nerfs and changes to the point where Camile was no longer substantially negatively affecting games, yet still saw one of the highest banrates. If you study the fields of neuropsychology or behavioral economics, this doesn't come as any surprise as it is a well modeled and well documented heuristic error that has to do with the relevant time frames the human mind uses to compare present and future events/expectation to, and the discounting affect we have over time. Basically, it becomes a matter of reference point. If you look at League from its release to now, you'd see that Ashe and Lee Sin are probably the two most oppressive champions in the history of the game, but if you only looked at the first two seasons, Xin Zhao and LeBlanc's releases would perhaps seem to be the most oppressive events, ignoring the huge design problems Ashe caused for virtually all melee champions, and their kits, giving us monsters like Lee Sin to try to not be kited by ranged with all their escapes, CC and self-peel, which later caused mobility and self-peel creep in ranged which let to even worse abominations like release Ekko with three gap closers, three slows, a speed up, a shield and an AoE conditional stun, plus a % missing hp and % damage taken instant heal and I-frame. Ahri has many times the pickrate she should have, with no diminished winrate (seriously, at no point in the game, at no amount of experience-- even 0 games played, and at no ranked level or region does she ever drop below a 50% winrate despite being one of the most picked champions in the entire game) to show for it. There are 10 picks total, and over 135 champions. There are also bans to consider. All told a champions average play rate and banrate should approach 7.5% if they were truly balanced, yet hers is over 3 times that. She is literally crowding out diversity of picks, and there is substantial, significant (the odds of it not being statistically significant (i.e. its just by random chance) are less than .001%) statistical evidence that very strongly supports this claim. To surmise that all of that statistical information is invalid because her banrate isn't as high as you think it is, is pure confirmation bias, or else foolishness. She's the 6th most picked champion in the world with the ***motherfucking 2ND HIGHEST WINRATE*** with the 16th highest banrate in Gold+. She is an outlier of balance in every statistical category, and when you combine these together she is absolute, and 100% over powered compared to every other pick. For comparison, she's 2nd in winrate, Ivern is #1, with about 1% higher average winrate, but less than a quarter of her pick rate. Remember too that pickrate and skill level are inversely proportionate and that as such, pick rate and winrate are negatively correlated. No other champion in the top ***fucking 25*** highest winrate champions approaches her pickrate. Infact, other than Yasuo (21st by winrate) not one of them has a 15% or higher pickrate. What more evidence do you fucking need to get through your confirmation bias?
Jesus... I read all that too. But... can you give a few examples of why she is "overpowered" Cause I see none, (I see a lot of shit I wish I saw more on these boards good job) But still no "This is why she is OP" I don't go of pick bad win rates etc, there is little point for me.
: -Stares at Ahri icons- You sure you guys aren't just pretending so your main doesn't get nerfed? Every single time I see someone comment "No need to nerf her at all! She's just fine!" They have the exact same icon. Lol Just what I'm noticing, not saying it's true.
"OMG YOU MAIN THE CHAMPION!?!?!? FUCK YOU YOU HAVE NO IDEA ON HOW BALANCED (said champion) IS BECAUSE YOU ARE BIASED EVEN THOUGH YOU CLEARY KNOW MORE ABOUT THE CHAMPION THEN MOST OTHER PEOPLE CAUSE YOU ACTUALLY PLAY (the champion)" Fucking christ are you all that blind? First of all, yes, I main Ahri Second of all yes, I believe Ahri doesn't need to be nerfed, Changed? I guess if you must. Nerfed? No. So here is what I think. Riot will not nerf Ahri. Here is also what I think. If she were to get a change, it would be removing the Q ms and getting the mini DFG on her E back. But oh wait... Riot changed the E DFG to the Q ms to make Ahri a kite mage... almost like she would be shit without having some compensation. Riot LITERALLY, Took away damage and made Ahri a kite mage. "But Ahri can one shot me" Any mage these days can one shot you... is it really that surprising? Lets break it down. "Ahri has sustain" Pitiful sustain when you look at the scalings,, also, it means it is a 0 damage passive on someone you claim is an "assassin" "Ahri's Q does True Damage." Yup, on the return trip of her ball with a 35% AP scailing and low base damage. It's a good ability. "Ahri's Q has MS Buff." Again, yes, Honestly I wouldn't mind removing it to give Ahri her DFG on E back, but without it she would cease to be a champion if there was no compensation. "Ahri W is lock on 0 counterplay" Ahri has to be at 550 range to get all orbs to lock onto you, even then they do reduced damage after the first one to the same target. 40% AP Scaing then 12% AP scaling on the rest of them. "Ahri's E" No, you don't get to complain about this, thin line skill shot that is only CC. Her Ult has 0 CD and three dashes and one shots me. One shots you? 30% AP scaling. To low cd? Ult cd is 110 / 95 / 80 compared to Syndra's 120/100/80 So it really is a negligible difference. Three dashes... yup, three dashes. God if only people would understand that... Don't get me wrong, I'm biased to shit cause I main her, but I also look at her in general, she is a kite mage, can't kill when behind, and if she gets a lead (Like any other champion in this game) She can one shot you. But hey what the hell do I know it's not like I main the champion or anything.
: Why would riot here you out with a title like that
Why would anyone listen to you if you cannot spell?
: Is the movement speed really the problem? I think the problem is that people need to learn where ahri can kill you and that killing her isn't required to win the game. The problem isn't that she's too strong. It's that people aren't willing to learn how to win against her. On a side note. As an ahri main I very rarely lose when I'm against an ahri. A weakness I've noticed is that you can kill her before she kills you. Her damage doesn't come out as fast as other burst champions. If you REALLY REALLY think she needs a nerf. I think it should be to her ultimate's cool down. That way people have more time to punish her for using it. But yeah.. Git Gud
AmazoX (EUW)
^ You need this icon (The Ahri one) You need to have Ahri as your background on your computer You need to have Ahri's lock in voice in Japanese as your ring/text/notification tone/noise You need to accept that Ahri will slowly over time rend your soul to her desires. You need to accept the fact that Ahri is not only the best champion but also the Only champion, it's just that other people don't realize it yet.
: I miss the old Maokai
Aeszarck (NA)
: Your 3 highest Mastery Champions read the Boards.
{{champion:103}} "Humans are so ignorant... I must rethink my change." {{champion:69}} "People still think I need nerfs?" {{champion:1}} "Why do so many people hate on my? I'm just a little kid with a burning teddy bear"
: "Rito forces a 50% w/r and puts inters and trolls into my games if I'm on a win streak"
: ahri is cancer
It's funny cause she isn't gonna get nerfed cause she doesn't need it XDDDDDDDD (Yes I main her) (And guess what) (IT DOESN'T MATTER XDDDDDD) (Inc downvotes even though I couldn't care less) Cause I'm not wrong, she isn't getting nerfed
: Congratz! Meanwhile I'm at 750k on Taliyah Play Taliyah to level 7, she is REALLY fun. If you like at least ONE of the following, Taliyah might be a champion for you. - You like to help/snowball your team - You like Toph from Avatar - You like to hit enemies with hard things, preferable rocks. Good luck, have fun.
Are you master though? (Too lazy to check)
: I hate Elise
: Ahri icon, match history has almost half the games being played with Ahri. No bias there.
: Ahri has the second highest winrate of all mid laners, with the highest playrate.
It's funny because Ahri isn't gonna get nerfed because she doesn't need it. LUL
: A Question. For all of boards.
God bless you and this post holy dude
SpicAlyce (EUW)
: [Fanart] Broken charm (Xayah)
Wow... That's really good
Firya (EUNE)
: riot are not gods. if it were a perma, i would contact my credit company and do all i can to gell all the money i spent on the game back. i like the game and was willing to put money in it. if im not receiving the same respect i will get it back. since its not a perma ban i will let it slide but i wont spend another cent on this game ever again.
I'll even save you time 2.2. What happens if my account is terminated? (No LoL for you.) If your account is terminated, you’ll no longer have access to it, including any of the associated data or content (e.g., champions, skins, Riot Points, etc.). You’ll not be entitled to any refunds and we’ll have no liability to you. We also reserve the right to terminate any other accounts you may have created (also without any refunds or liability to you). You understand and agree that using the Riot Services comes with the risk that your account may be terminated or suspended and that, whenever you use the Riot Services, you’ll bear this risk in mind and always conduct yourself appropriately.
Firya (EUNE)
: riot are not gods. if it were a perma, i would contact my credit company and do all i can to gell all the money i spent on the game back. i like the game and was willing to put money in it. if im not receiving the same respect i will get it back. since its not a perma ban i will let it slide but i wont spend another cent on this game ever again. Take a gander
: 3 seconds on the wikipedia page for Succubus > In modern representations, a succubus may or may not appear in dreams and is often depicted as a highly attractive seductress or enchantress; whereas, in the past, succubi were generally depicted as frightening and demonic. > a succubus _**may or may not**_ appear in dreams > A succubus _**may take a form of a beautiful young girl**_ but closer inspection may reveal deformities of her body, such as bird-like claws or serpentine tails. Ahri takes bits and pieces of Succubi lore and Kitsune lore. I don't know where you're pulling your information from but it's not like there is a checklist to decide whether or not something is or isn't a succubus. A lot of what Ahri is matches up with the short descriptions provided by Wikipedia. Also, on the recent topic of "why are there no old lady champions?" From the Kistune Wikipedia page > some folktales say that a fox will only grow additional tails after it has lived 100 years. Ahri confirmed 100+ years old. There's your old lady.
: Also by definition a succubus is a demon, Ahri is vastayan. :p
Ahri was based off the Korean's Mythological Kumiho, not a succubus, but in game, a vastayan! (adding clarity don't hate me ;-;)
: If Ahri was changed to be a male character...
I would stop playing league tbh xD I got into league because I was writing a book about Kitsune/Kumiho's from their mythology (found Ahri, played Ahri, playing Because of Ahri) I would quit.
: The face an Ahri makes when she gets a penta
: Ahri's newest lore good or bad?
I like it a lot compared to her old Lore
Paquay (NA)
: You can mute people for a reason...
I just... /muteall at the start of every game so I'm NOT tempted to type in chat
NukeTuKe (NA)
: Does anybody have champs that don't click in your head?
{{champion:67}} It took me so long to get used to this Champ... and you know why? The way her Q works. Right before I started to play {{champion:67}} I played {{champion:92}} Two same and different mechanics, so idk probably because of that. I can pay her now though... top lane... {{champion:67}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3022}} Being the core items...
Rigaroom (NA)
: New Ahri lore, oh nooooo.......
I love the new lore tbh...
QaznGod (NA)
: Just rage quit first time ever because Yorick
> I literally have cancer now Man you gotta get some help
: ^ this. and i still hate this champ with a passion to this day. two others i can name that i despise laning against are pantheon and jayce. if you're against a skilled opponent of these champs its extremely cringe. ignite pantheon top is about as fun as finding a bag of flaming dog shit on your front doorstep when u leave for work in the morning
NukeTuKe (NA)
: What was your problem champion when you first started playing league?
{{champion:13}} Before latest rework Ryze *shudder*
: What goes through your mind when you pick a champion?
{{champion:103}} I feel like wanting to play for fun today... *enemy locks in yasuo* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
: Things your teammates do that tilt you?
When I ping MIA a couple times and say it in chat and my bot lane plays at enemy tower with no wards WOOOOOOO solo queue will never change : ^)
: How the support feels when the Marksman actually complements them
I compliment my support a lot I see this a lot I do that when I am complimented +1
: Nami is cute.
Glîtchy (NA)
: Counters to my champ pool?
: 1. You handpicked a single chat log to show from your reform card. Multiple were given. This wasn't the most recent game given, or the most severe. 2. This is your 6th penalty. When you got your 14-day ban, you were told that the next penalty would result in a permanent ban. You should really post all logs given, and present the question 'should this result in a chat restriction', because that is what is in question here. Presenting a single hand-picked log, without providing historical information about the state of your account and asking whether that 1 log should result in a perma-ban isn't really the analysis.
: This change would be cancer
This describes the boards community eagerness to discuss IDEAS in a nutshell...
Rioter Comments
: [Skin idea] Dragon Princess Cassiopeia
: Cassiopeia skin NOW.
: why is pantheon still a champ?
>hes been broken since last season and hasnt seen any nerfs to his bullshit passive that blocks turrets/autos HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA Oh god WHAT?
: Tell everyone how to beat your main.
Sanngriðr (EUNE)
: the post asked for what champ needs to be reworked based on peopels oppinion if you dont like it you can play a few more hundred games on gold then talk to me. Yes im salty btw for Vayne and Kayle only the others are toxic but manageable.
Oh no I've been ranked shame by a rengar abuser Whatever will I do
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