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: Suck 1 riot.
A bold move to complain about a troll in your game, then avoiding the help offered to you to bring the alleged troll to justice. Really makes you think. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Riot, ur falling deeper and deeper.
It's always entertaining to see the alleged "non-toxic" people try to prove they're not toxic by spamming toxic messages on the forums.
: Patch 6.2 notes
Tyler best pay that $20 tho.
: A Good Death
Beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous writing.
: Relax, Riot has acknowledged this issue and are working on a fix. For now just decline their requests. The problem is much more complicated than you may think, so it will be a little while till a fix is implemented.
That's great thanks! So long as Riot is working on it, I'm good.
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: I Edited Arhi's New Splashes That Are In The PBE (Not Trolling)
The changes you made weren't necessary per se, but interesting to see. In my opinion, the original splash art has Ahri looking a bit more "alluring", for lack of a better word. Your changes made her expression seem distant, more or less. Not exactly easy putting this into words, but your work isn't bad. Sorry for being slightly incoherent. I'm not an art major either lol.
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: Rewards for positive play
I'm game for this. I haven't played often in the recent months though, so you may have to go back a bit.
: They are doing it... removing the silences... This time they took out {{champion:112}} and {{champion:91}}'s. Next thing we know {{champion:31}}, {{champion:9}}, {{champion:86}}, or {{champion:90}}.
While it might be true that many silence champions are disappearing, it's unlikely that Riot is getting rid of the cc. After all, they just gave the new Soraka an AOE silence. I don't think they want to get rid of it. They're trying to give silence to other roles. But yes, I agree with everybody's sentiment. Talon is dead. GG rito
: Cloud 9 and TSM debut the future of LoL esports
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: League still needs a Miko (Shrine Maiden) ala Reimu Hakurei
This. We need more Touhou in this game. Two champs aren't enough for this fanbase.


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