Tactrix (NA)
: Everything is bannable now, if you scratch your ass banned. If your teammate trips and falls banned, if you call teemo the devil... you would be right, but still banned. You get banned because you have too many champs and skins and they need you to buy them all over again.
Suitaro (NA)
: Amidst the toxicity, you became just as toxic. Reporting a whole team usually means you either expect too much, or they are toxic. Most of the time toxic people do a team report. Too much complaints, sum it up when needed to.
they were a 4 man. i told the first pick to pick me gp and he said ok, then he said to pick him nunu so i was like ok. He denied my trade offer and the other 4 team mates laughed like the four man they were
: Service tickets fix that. They have a player behavior ticket if you truly want to pursue it.
Xidphel (NA)
: You can get punished since is counts as harassment.
harassment would be if i was lying, the naut actually put in pub chat that i had called him the n word, which i didnt he just switched it around, if anything he harrassed me
: Asking is reportable and bannable now. Better than having the premades spam the "plz report x" every game.
: You probably *said* the bad word in game chat, and it got picked up by the bots that sift through logs all day. My black friend got banned for two weeks for saying "My ni‌bba" after I got a pentakill. The bots don't care about context - only content. I'm toxic as hell, but I learned that the only words that'll get you banned are black slurs and gay slurs. Someone once told me that mentioning suicide also gets their goats, but I've never seen it.
but i wasnt lying about him saying the n word in chat. riot can check champ select logs if they want to
: Well if you reported them then they are in danger as well. One report over several games wont hurt them, but if they are toxic or troll it starts to bear out in the numbers. Asking for reports however is now repeatedly given as an example to toxic behavior. So you have to just report them and hope others do in their other games. Allegedly multiple reports carry no more weight than a single one does for each game.
the funny thing is before i could report the naut and gp i got banned and it forced me to exit my client so they are home free
: The issue isn't asking, apparently. The issue is raving on and on about it, then getting reported.
but why a 2 week ban? why not a mute? my cousin got banned for 2 weeks for calling a player a %%% and he was unbanned the next day. this is totally different and should not deserve a ban?
Kush (NA)
: I guess asking enemy team to report toxic, trolling people is bannable now
: Asking is reportable and bannable now. Better than having the premades spam the "plz report x" every game.
The players couldve always muted me. And a 2 week ban for nothing is harsh. A mute is more understandable
: Asking is reportable and bannable now. Better than having the premades spam the "plz report x" every game.
so i get banned for asking? lmao and the guilt player plays? ok
Paroe (NA)
: 1) You were toxic 2) You were soliciting for reports and bitching.
how was i toxic? if its toxic to report another toxic player than what has this game come to
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