: Perma ban
"He started it" and "What he did was worse!" are not appropriate reasons for toxic behavior. Not in league. Not in life. Anyways - you most likely get a ban before this (a 14-day ban) which would qualify as "some other punishment". When you received that suspension you were told that any further toxic behavior would lead to a permanent ban.
: Is picking a new champion INTing?
Step 1. Identify what "Int'ing" is short for. (Intentionally if you needed help). Step 2. Look up what Intentional Means. Step 3. Ask yourself if the player was intentionally feeding kills over and over. Step 4. Realize the Answer to #3 is No. Step 5. Use acquired information to answer your own question. Step 6. Thank evolution for higher level thinking.
: How Leaving One game Destroyed my week
One game lost is a ton of negative time for the remainder of the people in your game. You are responsible for managing you time. if you got a lengthier punishment I'm guessing this isnt the first time that this has happened. Just manage your time better. if you only have time for one game safely, then just play one game. its not great but again, it's on you to take responsibility and make the correct decision. If you enter a game and leave 10 minutes in, even if your team surrenders at 15 minutes, thats still 5 minutes for each player at 5v4 which is not a fun experience for your team at the very least, and all nine players at the most. This means that there are is up to 45 minutes of uneven gameplay total because of your poor time management. That doesn't count other consequences (LP loss, etc) that may come of it.
: 10-Chat Game Restrictions
You have several more chances to not be toxic. However, your transgressions will end up hurting you in terms of receiving rewards this season. Learn from it, keep it in mind for next season. P.S. Just use words. The icons aren't helpful and just make it more annoying to read.
: Riot report feature just doesn't work
Being angry in a game is fine. Flaming teammates or being negative in chat is not, which is why Im guessing you got the chat restrict. You can just report the other players and move on. It sucks that it happens but it does. Negative/Toxic/Troll players are more likely to be on the enemy team than on your own. Keeping that in mind can really help you deal with it better when it happens.
: why cant i report from champ select?????
Couple things you should know: 1. You can take screenshots and submit them to Riot Support to report someone that way. 2. You only need one period or question mark at the end of a sentence. Hope you learned something!
: Punishing Trolls In Ranked Games
All of these have already been suggested and already shot down for a variety of reasons. Searching the boards will get you more in depth explanations on why these aren't going to, and shouldn't, happen. 1. LP forgiveness + Most harsh LP penalties: Promotes harassment and overly punishes times when emergencies or things out of your control do happen. A single power surge could send someone from 90 LP to 0. 2. ELO Hell/Prisoner's Island - Riot has continuously said that they will not create a prisoner's island and nor should they. If you can't play nice in the community, you shouldn't get to play at all. You agreed to ToS and Summoner's Code. Toxic to other Toxic players is still Toxicity.
Tokishi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kuthillick,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=aPhKoyRF,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2019-11-11T04:39:10.889+0000) > > The punishment process for that simply takes longer because it is harder to automate. There are bans for intentionally feeding, griefing, etc. Also - 42% is an extremely high amount. Either it is a super low sample size or there is some other variable that isn't accounted for... or it is false information. 42% AFK rate is roughly 700% higher than the average AFK rate for your level which is roughly 6% according to leagueofgraphs. maybe not automate it then? Or dump a lottt more money into fixing it because they have other competitive mmo games on the way and griefing is only going to be worse with team kills lol. Sample size is 200 games give or take for this season. Then again, there are a lot of DC problems this season that could add into it
That was kind of my point. Since it's harder to automate, they have to do more manually which obviously takes more time. Even with more money thrown at it there is most likely a TON of reports to get through each day. Even if you narrow it down by reports the system deems valid, accounts that have been flagged on multiple games, and other criteria, there is still going to be a ton of cases to go through each day.
: It's a targeted ability. Works the same as Lucian's Q
Except I believe it can also target allies, wards, and towers. It's not technically a free firing skillshot. It is a basically a beam that goes from you to a target and then extends beyond that target in a straight line, continuing upon its straight line trajectory.... but the beams hitbox all appears at once.
Tokishi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kuthillick,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=aPhKoyRF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-11T02:20:37.708+0000) > > Riot has repeatedly said that they do not want to create a prisoner's island for these types of people. Negative behavior can also wear down or tilt players that are negative as well. It doesn't make it better simply because they are only effecting other negative players at that point. meanwhile, they let griefers and rage quits off the hook and think that it doesn't wear down players trying to climb. 42% afk rate in my ranked games this season. Pretty much just given up on Riot
The punishment process for that simply takes longer because it is harder to automate. There are bans for intentionally feeding, griefing, etc. Also - 42% is an extremely high amount. Either it is a super low sample size or there is some other variable that isn't accounted for... or it is false information. 42% AFK rate is roughly 700% higher than the average AFK rate for your level which is roughly 6% according to leagueofgraphs.
klin537 (NA)
: ? >It doesn't make it better simply because they are only effecting other negative players at that point The alternative is them not being able to play at all. I think if you ask these people whether they'd rather play while surrounded by other toxic people or be banned, many (at least the ones who spent money) would want to play.
Then quite frankly they shouldn't have violated the ToS. The ToS and Summoner's Code isn't "follow this or you don't get to play with the good kids". It's "Follow this or you don't get to play with that account."
klin537 (NA)
: i have an idea to replace permbans
Riot has repeatedly said that they do not want to create a prisoner's island for these types of people. Negative behavior can also wear down or tilt players that are negative as well. It doesn't make it better simply because they are only effecting other negative players at that point.
Void2258 (NA)
: Can't play, everyone is dodging for Senna
: Sir, I did no such things! I am but a fellow bystander commenting on justice. My stance is that the punishment is too severe, understanding that this is how the system is currently set up. In other words, I understand that this is the punishment called for according to the ToS and that he is guilty. The OP states the same. I say it should not be so harsh a punishment.
My bad. I assumed it was the OP responding. In that case I refer you to Zero-Tolerance. It means well... Zero tolerance. He already received a suspension and told that he would be permanently banned for any further infraction. Not only was he negative, he used a phrase that the system punishes even harsher than most other forms of toxicity. There is no place in the game, or life, for that phrase, among a couple others. While I am not sure if I would support an instant permanent ban or lengthier initial ban for the use of that phrase, using it after a previous suspension and a warning is despicable and should definitely result in a permanent ban. If the OP feels like they are able to refrain from blatant toxicity moving forward he is welcome to make a new account and go from there.
: The irony of this intolerance. Yes, let's glorify the unabashed punishment of irritated people. Let's wave the ToS like a holy symbol to smite the evildoers. I would point to this as an example of SJW behavior. Now I'm not trying to annoy you, but pushing a point that I'm going to keep pushing in hopes that some of you wake up.
Right... except instead of a holy symbol it's literally something you agreed to in order to play the game... and then proceeded to violate it. It's not something that I believe in that I think you should too. It's something you agreed to. If you thought it was so unreasonable, don't agree to the terms. You are pushing a point that you broke the rules you agreed to and now want them changed retroactively to support your negative behavior. At the end of the day, you used zero-tolerance language after receiving a suspension and a ban previously.
: Account lost with thousands in cash wasted
Two main things: 1) Money spent shouldn't make a difference on your punishment. It shouldn't be a shield for you to hide behind or for you to use to try and get away with more. 2) You used a Zero-Tolerance phrase. Im hoping the term defines itself enough for you to realize what it means. While you may claim to have said it jokingly, you are talking through text, in an online environment. Sarcasm and jokes usually don't come across well and even if they did, that particular term isn't one you throw out as a joke. Ever. You were clearly warning on your 14-day suspension that any further negative behavior would be met with a permanent ban. Using a zero-tolerance phrase is definitely considered negative behavior and using it may have been what escalated your first punishment into a 14-day suspension immediately instead of the regular gradual progressions that happen with less egregious violations of the Summoners Code and ToS. Should anyone ask, I would be happy to refer them to this post so they can see the system is working as intended and to push for a change to make this happen more often.
: Time For A New Ranked System
Systems for LP Loss forgiveness create a ton of issues including artificial LP gains throughout the system and it promotes harassment along with other issues. Individual rankings are tough to do because people will have different views on what is most important in the game and it is afterall a team game. You win and lose as a team. In regards to toxic players, AFKs, Leavers, etc, you are more likely to benefit from them in your games rather than have them negatively impact you. With 5 players on the enemy team you have no control over and only 4 players on your own team that you can't control, 55% of the time a player negatively impacting the game will be on the enemy team and 44% of the time they will be on your team. Im of course assuming you have control of yourself and aren't flaming or harassing teammates which could skew these numbers.
Emikk431 (NA)
: Can I be banned for this????
Sounds like you had previous punishments too. On your 14 day suspension it should have clearly said that ANY negative or toxic behavior in the future would be met with a permanent ban. While these aren't the worse logs I've seen they are negative. You have griefing/giving up (ff15), direct insults (you fucking degens), and calling for reports on other players. All of those are considered negative behaviors. Also it doesn't, and shouldn't, matter how much money you've spent on the game. Negative behavior is negative behavior and should be punished as such.
: You realize that people will just make up a new word to insult people right? Words are words that is the point one mention of the word brain damage is the exact same thing as calling someone stupid which isn't even mean. It's something you say if you are upset. People get tilted when riot matches them with a troll. To get rid of one's honor when you mention one slight thing that is taken out of context from the whole picture is bs. The amumu and other players like him who say that you are terrible and are sarcastic are worse then the people who are being honest. I was stating a fact he didn't even get a simple meta thing in mmo's properly and I was salty so yeah one game tilted me because they have trolls who bait people and it's not their fault when the other people are clearly ruining the community by edging others. Simple fact is that riot doesn't want to put more effort into looking into cases when they see one key word and look at another person who has actually been reporting and causing the offenses themselves.
Riot looks at things in a vacuum. It doesnt matter what the other people were doing or saying, your actions are you own. No one else is forcing you to do them. Take responsibility for them.
: Why isnt Yasuo...
I'd like to know this too. Im guessing Riot has a long WINDed explanation for why not.
: Perma bans and how they shouldnt exist and how unfair they are
Permanent bans are almost always preceded by multiple other punishments that should act as warnings for you. If you decide to not follow the ToS and Summoner's Code even after these punishments that is up to you. Whether or not you believe it is too harsh or not is irrelevant. You agreed to the ToS. Also - money shouldn't have anything to do with it. You are paying for access to the features of the game. You don't own anything. Similar to renting an apartment, if you break the rules of the lease, you can be kicked out. I'm also guessing your "opinions" were voiced in a toxic way in a decent amount of your games.
pwc2016 (NA)
How would you propose they fix this? None of this is directly under Riot's control. This seems to be more of a Rant in its current form and should probably have been posted in that particular board.
: Riot Please consider
Naming and shaming is against boards ToS. Please remove the name from your post. Also the boards can not help you with this. You can submit a support ticket to Riot for them to look at.
: Spam Pinging
If you have to ask maybe you shouldn't do it?
: Is This permaban Worthy?
If he received a 14 day ban before it clearly said he would receive a permanent ban for ANY continued negative behavior. Just because you don't run it down and intentionally feed doesn't mean you are exempt from any punishment.
: > You lost your promo's because of an afk? Learn from it and move on. Real talk, would you care to explain as to what are you suppose to learn from having an AFK on your team?
Vision control, macro movement, ganking, taking advantages of odd man situations you manage to find, base defense, different mechanics you need to work on. Just because you are at a disadvantage being a man down doesn't mean the game doesn't have value for you to learn from. I focused on practicing my "Target Champion Only" toggles throughout the game, something I usually don't do much during a standard 5v5.
Rioter Comments
Robb1n (EUNE)
: What it takes to climb elo?
Realize you are more likely to have "ultrafeeders" on the enemy team on yours. Focus on your own gameplay.
Korahor (NA)
: unbanning
No. Just no. This has already been suggested as well by many other people. Forum searches exist.
: Permanent bann
Permanent means permanent. This is hate speech. While you might not be aware of a specific list of what is zero-tolerance, you still chose and used that word for a specific reason and it wasn't an altruistic one. You most likely received multiple warnings before this as well. It doesn't matter how much time or money you have spent on your account. Hate speech and toxic behavior deserves to be punished and looks like it has been in your case. If you truly want to keep playing you can make a new account, change your behavior and mindset, and keep playing, but the account that was PERMANENTLY banned is gone well... permanently. Funny how that works.
: Doing the exact same thing as other players
Context doesn't matter. Just because someone was as bad or worse than you were, in your opinion, doesn't give you a pass on your behavior. You are responsible for your own actions. You were negative and toxic. You deserved a warning or restriction.
: Riot should offer players: The Ban Buffer
No. Absolutely not. You want your buffer? It's called the 14 day suspension. This is just saying if you can afford you can get away with toxic behavior for a longer period of time. People want to preserve their investment into the game but in the long run it doesn't have an impact on their ban status. That is vastly different than straight up paying to get out of a situation brought on by your own consistent poor behavior. There is a large difference between the two.
SirEnds (NA)
: ***
He's also from EUNE so it may not be his first language. I was still able to understand him. I've honestly seen worse from people from NA
Tinyk (NA)
: 14 day suspension no warning?
If you split this up into a 3 book series with novels it might sell better than a single larger volume. Food for thought. Also - 14 days seems extreme for a first time punishment but honestly if you keep going like this you would end up there probably anyway so... cutting out the middle man I guess.
: The toxicity in this game is so high it's like secondary entertainment
Thats actually how Ive started viewing it. I just laugh and keep playing. Although I have been known to say "Thanks for the entertainment. My TV is broken and I can't watch Comedy Central. Although I think you're more amusing!"
: Why is Riot making card games instead of fixing League
You think they have the same team working on both of them?
: Thanks for the response. May I ask in regards to negative players are more likely to be on the enemy team then my own? And is this going to be more frequent if I climb any higher? Thanks
Honestly no clue if it will be more frequent as you move up, but I think at a certain point it drops down pretty drastically. And the reason for why they are more likely to be on the enemy team is simply math. There are 9 players in a given game that are random variables. I am assuming you are not a random variable in your own game and have control over your own actions and behavior. Hence 10 players in a game minus you (1) is 9 people remaining. 4 of those players are on your team and 5 are on the enemy team. Hence the theoretical ratio of negative enemy players to negative allied players is 5:4. There is an inherent negativity bias generally found in people so you are more likely to remember the games in which you were directly adversely effected as opposed to directly beneficially effected. These ratios are also simply theoretical and will vary with sample size unfortunately but taken over a large sample size the results will tend to approach the theoretical. Sorry if that is a little long winded but knowing the math actually helped my mental quite a bit (even though Im just a scrubbie bronze now). I was able to climb from Bronze IV to Silver II in half a season with this improved mental.
: Ranked Players
Unfortunately all you can really do is maintain a positive attitude and move forward. Report as you feel like is needed but often times it is out of your control. Just remember that negative players are more likely to be on the enmy team than on your own and just move on to the next game. Good luck!
itaiIKi (EUNE)
: Can you say stfu?
If you have to ask, maybe you just shouldnt say it.
: being banned want to speak
Posting your chat logs that would have been provided to you will really help us understand more.
Rioter Comments
Gall (NA)
: Not online :( ?
Sorry was having issues with twitch code. Fixed now!
Rioter Comments
: This is unfair
There is a difference in "feedbacks". For example: "Hey man, Jax is really fed right now. We should try to CC him as a team instead of 1v1ing him" is a lot different than: "Wtf r u doing??? Jax is so fed stop dying you r*****". Both are feedback but one is toxic, the other is not. Also - trash talking your teammates? That's a new one but I'm guessing your "trash talk" is coming across as flaming and since you have been repeatedly banned, you should know, or at least start to know, where the line is. You don't instantly get banned for chat in game. It is all about what you say and how you say it. You agreed to the TOS and everything it contains, including behavior in game. As for people getting banned, just look at this forum. Posts everywhere about people getting banned.
: how do i get out of low priority que
if you have lags and disconnects frequently enough that you are getting punished for it, league may not be for you. For lags and disconnects, you are negatively impacting the time of most likely 9 other players. Even in a FF@15 situation, 15*9 means that 135 total minutes of time are negatively impacted by your net per game, let alone your own. I would suggest fixing any issues you have, getting another provider, or trying something like TFT instead of League.
: when I report people, I don't get the notification that says they have been reprimanded
You don't always get a notification when they are punished. You only receive a notification under a certain set of circumstances.
: so riot..did you just stop trying to punish toxic players?
You are correct. They no longer ban people, hence why this particular is so devoid of people complaining about bans and such. On a more serious note - of course they still ban. Come on man. This is a game that asks that players be over 13, has a semi-functional language filter, and other tools to help protect your kids from that type of behavior. At the end of the day though, MOBAs, for whatever reason, bring out the rage and toxicity of people. While Riot is working on trying to moderate the behavior, they simply can't do it at instant speed at all points. Whether you enjoy it or not is up to you, not Riot. There are plenty of other games out there that are more child friendly, depending on how old your kids are. Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, FIFA, etc. Even Heroes of the Storm has a slightly less toxic community while still maintaining the MOBA feel. If you insist on trying to make LoL continue to work for you, I would suggest finding a gaming community that you can play with and have a full premade party to reduce the toxicity around you. When I was having a little trouble with the toxic behavior around me I just played as premade 5s for a little and it was a lot more enjoyable. Alternatively if you have at least two children you play with you can always play Twisted Treeline.
Infested (NA)
: why is it when you fall behind in game and get flamed and talk back, you still get suspended?
Context is not taken into consideration and nor should it be. You are responsible for your own actions and have tools available to you to help you block out this stuff. If you don't know how to mute you can google it. Also - just hold down tab and click the speech button by the players character picture. It sucks that people harass and flame and are generally toxic, but by responding you are just adding to the problem. Mute, Report at the end of the game, and move on.
: You can't always get what you want.
But if you try sometimes, you get what you neeeeeeeeeeed!
Manxxom (NA)
: Reported for doing bad and being called inting...
Unless you were intentionally INTentionally feeding or were overly negative, you are fine. Reports need to be valid to count towards your punishment, so people reporting you for just having a bad game will be thrown out. Just keep your head up and try to maintain a positive attitude. Bad games happen, learn from it and onto the next one!
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