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: Who's at fault
I like your guy's input but if you read the very last sentence on the rating "online interaction not rated by the ESRB" it kind of makes it invalid what you all suggested based on toxicity and reporting its literally up to the community it's like riot barely wants to put their nose in any action unless they have to
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pwc2016 (NA)
: Can't play this game anymore
I would like to say that I have noticed 1 out of 3-5 games you will have that 1 or 2 bad apples that are there to ruin your game or they're simply bad. And if they're supposedly bad that's just riot telling you that your forced to carry your team based on the previous skills you inputted in the last game. Cause if that's the algorithm then wtf rito I don't wanna carry. I just want a decent team. If I carry so be it but dont pit me with people that aren't in my skill level. I can deal a couple losses if I went up against a decent team to match. And I'll admit there are times I tunnel vision and start to int but gotta take in account usually the anticipation from the said team is really high if your assuming at least a lvl 2 or 3 gank or if no pings were warranted there should be some bounce back reward. The extra gold won't cut it if say a mid lane got 3 levels ahead of the entire group then finally gets shut down but doesn't make a difference because they start to snowball even harder
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: Just played Akali - Here are my thoughts:
Now with the new patches dumbing down on some items and runes. Electrocute and such is getting nerfed. I think riot planned on making akali like this but to also round out the outside structure of the runes and items. And its not all just because of her too. Talon is cancer as much as zoe is too with just 1 ability


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