Kygen (NA)
by graphics i mean things look smoother in my opinion when you change to the kr version on the NA servers. For example, the player names seem thinner in the kr version, while the NA versions seem bolder, also in my opinion i think the gameplay is smoother when you switch to the kr graphics, but ty for answering me! :D if you dont understand me then please watch this video he explains it alot better then me
C4conut (EUW)
: Refunds
that would be a no, since that was your decision to flame or feed/ be toxic while using money on the way, sorry
Tinlegs (OCE)
: Please Review my Case #23334629. I did not use Scripts / 3rd Party Programs.
Not gonna lie im in the middle since i cant watch of game of yours since you are banned, but it seems that you are a one trick mf on This is a champ very easy to script on as i believe that you can move side to side simply cause of your w, and lets not forget about the rights of having perfect ults in the middle of a fight, but there could be a fact that you were being harassed. Im mostly leaning to the side though since 3rd party bans are very accurate and name spelling doesnt matter names arent case sensitve. Theres also the fact that youre bronze 1 and you wouldnt be banned for scripts by simply dodging one spell
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Dankstin (NA)
: Youtubers/RIOT: You need to emphasize the importance of ZONING!
i can see your point but in the end some people dont want to be competitive unlike you, they dont try as hard to get out of bronze but at the same time if they join a ranked game they better try as hard as they can and pick the champs that they are most comfortable with, they shouldnt pick a champ that they are unfamilar with, you do that in normies :P


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