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Kei143 (NA)
: it takes ALOT of games / time to have your leaver buster punishment tier drop. If you've been AFKing in the past, this is a continuation of that punishment. FYI, standing around in the foutain and clicking occasionally or just AFK farming in the jungle counts as AFKing if someone reported you for it.
I dont afk in games ever like i said this is the first time I have been dced from a game completely in my past who knows how many games so again idk why i got a 20 minute low priority queue
FrankerX (EUW)
: "community still toxic" the community isnt toxic. when you get 20min leavebuster you leave a lot. i had to afk in 4 games last weak and still didnt even get the 5min leavebuster. so stop lying to us because we know it better.
Look at my match history there is literally one game that i can see within my last 20 that i left at all every other game was played til the end
FrankerX (EUW)
: wow you only afked once in the last 20 games... woooow...
Yeah once due to internet literally shutting down on me not allowing me to reconnect lol I dont leave games or dc on purpose ever I aint that guy good to know community still toxic gg riot gg
Kei143 (NA)
: you've been AFKing alot in recent games. Like .. ALOT.
Except for the fact that the only game in the past 20 that it has happened was my last game
: u been bad=uget bad.
More like my internet literally died on my last game causing me to not be able to reconnect until it was too late and now i ended up with 20min priority queue times
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: whats the most freelo champ right now?
Pretty much most tank top laners
: Wait did you do it 2d? That doesn't look like Minecraft at first sight.
Well it is techincally 3d cuz minecraft blocks are not flat... but i do it in a 2d perspective
: Oh my gosh it's beautiful! I love it! I used to dump hours and hours, days on days, weeks on weeks into making pixel arts on Minecraft (in survival mode, mind you), and my friends always picked on me for putting so much dedication into little shit like that haha :p anyway I think it's awesome! Well done. Five stars for you {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thanks haha :) I do it in creative... And yeah it takes forever on some pixel arts but it is totally worth it in the end
: I DID A THING This is also a thing i did a little over a year ago
: How about a high definition mosaic of all the champions together using pictures of League cosplay (in Minecraft pixel art still). {{champion:48}}
I do not think i have the time nor the resources to make a picture like that to start with to be able to go off of...
Lol was looking more for feedback/ideas for another one but thanks
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: I tried runeglaive Ezreal
You are supposed to rush the runeglaive for the wave clear... you rush a sheen into runeglaive that is your issue right there... plus people did runeglaive ezreal for the %mana regen on every spell hit
Splouge (NA)
: Mystery champion problems
Yeah you get a skin if you have 10 or less champions left...
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: Idea for jinx nerf
except jinx has pretty much no escapes at all yeah you can throw flame chompers but they take 1 sec to arm twitch can go invis and run away and tristana can jump away and at 6 knock you away as well...
: Community Mixtape: The Yordles
This is amazing to see this channel talked about on here the yordles are amazing
: Help choose a name and win some RP!
: > [{quoted}](name=Kyleman143,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ARAEnn5I,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2015-03-27T18:49:10.839+0000) > > Except they didnt hit him hes now broken in top and jungle They did hit him, quite hard actually if you read the patch notes....they switched the active and passive of his W and made it % of missing hp rather than % of total hp. You're right was broken as hell building his jungle item/ triforce then getting bork and building tank but i find now with the change on his W you need to build a lot more attack focused in order to keep his damage at the level it was at instead of buying warmogs i have to buy frozen mallet, instead of buying banshees i have to buy wits end, these severely hurt him as a bruiser since he's no wheres near as tanky as he was before. Also note that if he gets ahead he is a very snowbally champ and can very easily pull ahead and become a massive assassin force coming from FOW, but if he falls behind it is very hard to be effective and come back unless the other team gifts him kills. I would like to add that before you make rage posts like this you should play the champ to see how to beat him, because there are lots of counters if you misplay him. I personally still build him to 40% cdr which doesn't actually make him that much stronger other than keeping my W on most of the time. On top of that with the changes on his W he is super weak early and very item dependent.
Even with him having to build more damage based he now fits back into the assassin role rather than staying in the bruiser role he was in and i have played fizz i know how to play him and i know he does have weaknesses like how you stated he can fall behind early but IMHO if he is played right now even with the changes they made to his W he is still stronger then he needs to be but thats just my opinion on him
: He was broken in mid lane for three seasons. Just the fact that they finally hit him gives me hope.
Except they didnt hit him hes now broken in top and jungle
: I love how Fizz gets so much hate, all for what, because he has a predictable "you can't touch me" ability? Yet Master Yi has the same thing, and Zed can hide in his shadows? My god, nothing will satisfy you people outside of an outright deletion
I mean im talking about fizz here and not just his e im talking about his entire kit as a whole and how it is broken
: Don't worry, be happy:
i already looked at that its not really that much of a nerf to his kit
FHMarshy (NA)
: No, he doesn't have nearly as much burst with AP unless he is really fed. His AD kit doesn't really allow him to BURST anyone, but more of a bruiser position like Jax or Irelia. Why is there a problem for Fizz to be tanky?
I did not say burst did i? he can melt people i didnt say immediately i meant he will melt you no problem in a fight and come out of it with plenty of hp
: Read the patch notes first, then come back and edit your post. He's being "nerfed" and AD Fizz is getting hit hard because of the DoT on W now.
They are slightly lowering the dmg on his w his ult still gives him bonus on hit dmg and his w is now going to do % of health missing which late game team fights is still over powered just means his 1v1 dueling potential is iffy at best early on
FHMarshy (NA)
: I don't see any points listed here explaining why you think Fizz is Op...... All you basically said was "Fizz is still OP".....
Fizz is op because he can be built as ap ad or tank and still melt anyone he wants his kit is the same as it was before but now works well with any build
: Lol. I usually get 35% CD on Fizz, building both Gauntlet and Frozen Heart with 5% from masteries.
Exactly fizz can be built as mostly a top lane tank right now and still melt faces
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: Riot. Listen to your community. Do NOT touch Veigar.
Well they need to do something to veigar honestly because he has a stun that lasts long enough for him to q r you and at later ranks can q r and w which is such a strong combo because two of them are point and click dmg... Yes DFG removal hurt him but he can still blow up an AP champ way too easily
: Part of it is just paying attention to the meter and using your big form while you have it to take over the lane if you haven't already. He's not the kind of champ you can play one game with and have a strong grasp of, similar to azir. Trust me, gnar is amazing and versatile, and this comes from someone who's annoyed to hell by the little bastard.
Darkened im sorry if my gnar has annoyed you but hes just so fun... And exactly what you said is true he can just take control of the lane he has an escape a slow two stuns when mega and on top of that he has a vayne passive as well he is just an all around champion and yes managing rage is hard but if you play him right going into what you know are teamfights and just poke with boomerang to build rage then go in right when mega is gonna happen and stun everyone it is so much fun and makes the enemy team cry and i recommend doing it!
Baogao (NA)
: Finding a Champion to Main
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: Just hit 30
I mean this is a pretty solid plan it is definitely a good idea to finish off rune pages first and its always nice to have a main champion like your go to if you can get that lane so like you said top is your main so try to get that as much as possible which isnt usually the case... other than that just improve on your less played lanes and be open to playing whatever comes your way when you go into ranked and always always work on the basics like csing warding and so on and you should be on a great path to starting ranked with the new season GL :D
BilloKel (NA)
: Giving up on League
For one its not always the server it could just be your internet connection in general causing any issues happening... Second they are working on their servers they are supposedly working on creating dedicated ISPs for the game which would reduce the ping time and potentially some packet loss as well so before posting things please research more thank you :)
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m932011 (NA)
: I got Spirit Guard Udyr from mine but I didn't get the Icons. {{champion:77}}
you lucky sob
iRatMax (NA)
: There won't be one XD
They will make a patch 4.20 just for the joke
: If you had to date a Champion for one day, who would it be and why?
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: League of Legends: No Mercy!
You can mute pings though... just thought id correct that fact for ya
: Tankiest champ level 1-3?
Malphite or volibear
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Azhliay (NA)
: Yasuo has Gangplank Syndrome
I really like the idea of nerfing just the early crit damage of yasuo because i mean ive played games where early game the enemy yasuo got no crits and i wrecked him and then there were games where he got all crits and goddamn did i get my ass handed to me and nothing i could do about it... I totally agree with a slight tweak to yasuo's q just to weaken his early game slightly while still allowing him to be the late game beast he can be
darkdill (NA)
: Jinx's nicknames for all other Champions
{{champion:103}} Cat lady {{champion:53}} Target Practice
: If I'm on a big win steak should I be worried I'll get flagged for boosting?
I went on an 11 win streak once before and i didnt get flagged... The only way they could count it as boosting i believe is if you were always getting wins while playing with the same people.. but im sure youll be fine
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