: Someone tell me the counterplay to Rengar killing you in .2 seconds.
.2? thats some baby shit. Every time I've been killed by a rengar its .03 or .00 seconds
Tailypo (NA)
: Ranked matchmaking is a mystery which unravels as u climb. Or something like that. Enjoy.
Enjoy feeders, afk's, intentional running it downers, and all the 0/10 yasuos you can take
: I mean looks like youve played 10 games of ranked this season and got gold 4 huh :^) ? I know you were gold last season, but by how the system has been in the past it NEVER starts you at the same rank you were last season. Just some food for thought
LMAO you're right. What a fucking hypocrite
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Really? This was the game that made you uninstall? I've had games where my entire team was 15+ deaths
The game before this had a teemo that had 1 item complete at 25 minutes
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rujitra (NA)
: Because every couple months when Riot does a large ban wave you'll have dozens, if not hundreds, of players who thought they could get away with it come complain on the boards.
See that blue oval? Just says bootlicker on my screen. Riot doesn't do shit about botted accounts and the reason I know that is because of how many players I've played against advertising for account buying services and smurf accounts. We literally aren't playing the same game if you don't think bots and smurfs aren't a reason why NA region is hemorrhaging players.
rujitra (NA)
: 1. The boards moderators are boards moderators. They do not handle in game actions/account activity. Period. 2. The boards rules do not change simply because you think they "deserve it". That being said, the moderators tend to allow it if it's about a popular streamer. I am not sure whether this fits that definition. 3. There's no reason for you to have posted here - the boards cannot do anything about this, period. If you want to report it to Riot, why do you not just report it to Riot?
probably because reporting to riot doesn't do shit about stuff like this, they wont ban this guy for having a botted account, and they wont ban him for smurfing. so why do you read these threads exactly?
Rioter Comments
: how do u deal with trolls especially in ranked?
Riot isnt going to handle trolls because if you're getting trolled you're most likely typing... if you're typing you're getting banned... and if you're getting banned you're going to make a new account and spend more money. Your best bet is to just stop playing this fucking game and let it go bankrupt from players leaving in mass due to shit matchmaking and trolls not getting punished. I'm beyond fucking done. My last 2 ranked games had trolls in them and im thinking about going in games, and typing until i get perma'd on all my accounts. Then I'd never play the game ever again.
Rioter Comments
: Every relic adc support can agree on this
As an adc, I rarely see relic supports because all the ones on my team are just autofilled midlaners playing lux/karma/morgana
: It doesn't have to be Kass. It could be any assassin. Talon, Zed, Rengar, Diana, LeBlanc, Fizz, Kayn, and some others can all one shot a fed adc no matter how fed they are unless they happen to prepare for the assassin by building a defensive item to counter. I see maybe only 1% of ADC players ever think about building a defensive item to counter the enemy assassin though. Most of them just go "Rengar is broken, please nerf" without ever actually buying things like Tabi, Guardian Angel, and Iceborn (outside of Ezreal).
Tabi doesn't stop you from getting one shot by Rengar/Zed etc, GA revives you so they can kill you again, and if you're buying Iceborn on any adc other than ezreal, you're not going to be doing damage.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: The state Ezreal is in is disgusting. Riot is blatantly overpowering that champion to sell skins
Try playing Ezreal, you'll quickly find out what his downsides are XD. Sincerely, an ADC main.
: teach me how you do this so I don't have to /muteall every game
Here's the reddit link to the instructions. It's extremely simple to do! https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4fzr61/guide_how_to_appear_offline/
: Temp bans
sometimes "just dont type" doesnt work. I went as far as blocking league's chat IP address on my firewall. No chat comes in or out. I cant type, and I cant see what you typed either. I can't get tilted anymore. ggez
SirEnds (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=n9UkEVOg,comment-id=000500030000,timestamp=2019-05-14T14:18:29.563+0000) > > You are the reason many players post on the boards on an alternate account from their main. what is that reason??? i dont see anything wrong with looking at someones match history? In my opinion, if you want to say something about a game you recently played then why not post it on the account you played it on?
I'm with SirEnds here, how can we know you're not lying or presenting a strawman when we can't see that you actually won or lost the game? Idk how you keep your specialist title the way you condescend everyone on the boards. Pathetic.
: here's a stat...I've completed a 4th full item only once in my last 26 non-support games.....
Are you counting tier 2 boots as an item or not? Most games that I have show 4 items and sometimes part of the fifth item and I'm only silver 4...
: Took a two week break
Idk why you dont just soft int games, its not like ranked means anything anymore. I have a 33% winrate bronze 1 and I'm still having fun. Team fighting? just throw the game and go next, who cares. I just see ranked as an extension of normals now. More than half of my games have had smurfs in them btw
: The thing is, I am not even talking about just those champs. I don't want to deny someone Aatrox or Yi just bc I hate playing against them in ranked or normal. What if you liked someone that ALWAYS got banned? That wouldn't be fair or fun. Yeah some games are a drag bc the other team is full of amazing characters, but that's part of ARAM.
If they're always banned there's probably a reason...
: Matchmaking Broken
Casual games aren't much better tbh. I am a Bronze 1 and went up against 2 gold 4's duoed in botlane. 17 minute inhib down.
: Can you actually?
How can you take Ranked seriously when every game has a smurf on one side or the other? MM doesn't even work right and its been proven time and time again. There was a thread where a silver got put up against a plat 4 in ranked.
: Can't tell if complaining about smurfs which riot has said time and time again are ok, or you are just plugging CSGO :P
I actually used to play CSGO before the ranked reset. It was a fun time but I feel that part of my life is over haha, I cant flick headshots like I used to I'm getting old :c
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kyoia,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AToyT9Mn,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-04-02T12:43:34.757+0000) > > Given the way that the Riot balance team works, it looks like they're already bleeding. 2019 ranked numbers are HALF what they were a year ago Where are you getting these numbers from?
op.gg. April 2018 showed NA Ranked population at 1.2M. This year its 750k
Jamaree (NA)
: Because there are a decent chunk of players who don't have phones and no company in their right mind would just shoot themselves in the foot like that.
Given the way that the Riot balance team works, it looks like they're already bleeding. 2019 ranked numbers are HALF what they were a year ago
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Amane Misa (EUNE)
: How is this healthy for low elo players..Its just creates frustration nothing more.
I was silver 3 up til preseason, I've failed my Bronze > Silver promos twice now. I don't think im ever getting out of this hell hole
: The statistical probability of me going 0-3 in series playing as well as I normally do was 6.5%. That is assuming nothing changes in the matchmaking part of things. But something does change it seems.
Something does change. Once you're in promos the matchmaking skews the game against you.
: > [{quoted}](name=ValyrianBlade,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZQQKYJ4V,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-15T22:26:46.559+0000) > > Maybe it's the champions you play? > > i.e. I find the same with my teams, but generally I think it's because I play tanks top and waveclear mid. So if I'm top, I can peel pretty well and the idea may be that we outscale since I'm a tank and if our ADC catches up we'll win. If I'm mid, the idea may be that if I don't get killed I can waveclear and stall long enough for our team to catch up and make the game a coin-flip on one fight. > > That being said, I like it because I AM one of the players that generally doesn't want to surrender. More often than not I have time to queue for 1 game, I have an hour or so that I'm able to commit to playing. I don't queue for a game if I have less than an hour to play it out. So once you consider queue time + champion select + 15min to surrender - I generally don't have time for another game anyways. May as well do the best I can to win the one I have time to play out. i play in high silver/low gold, people of my elo have no notion of win conditions. They just vote no because "never ff xd".
At your elo you can still win those games. Enemy team makes a mistake and you wipe them and win.
: I don't know about you but this new ranking system S U C K S
Since the season started I haven't been able to win a game. I literally gave up playing ADC because even with 6-7 cs/minute I don't do any damage as an ADC. I honestly don't know how high elo players even win games if they're adc mains
: Rank matchmaking is garbage.
The problem currently is the botlane has no effect on winning or losing the game. If the enemy jungler ganks bot and keeps getting kills, him being a solo lane will get so much more further ahead than if the ADC got the kill. Solo lanes snowball out of control because of the jungler.
: Every game my bot lane duo feeds this season
The ADC class is dogshit right now. Want them to stop feeding? Gank bot as much as possible and help them get ahead. You benefit from it as well
: But adcs cry about everything just for the sake of complaining right?
you would too if you got to sit at a gray screen every teamfight just because an assassin exists and you can do fuck all about it.
Rioter Comments
: you have conviced me RIOT
sometimes /mute all is all you really need. Teammates can still spam ping you anyways until you disable that in the tab menu
l MrD l (NA)
: Pro ADCs - I need advice
Play safe but you're still going to die under your tower. When split pushing, pay attention to where these champions are on the map. ADC's are going to be dogshit until the crit changes come through in 9.3 patch
: That behaviour is terrible, I never said what they are doing is right. But you are not better than them with the way you act.
You get really tired of hearing "the ADC did no damage" at the end of every game when people dont understand that to even be able to do damage I have to be able to farm CS and not get killed every time I walk back to lane.
: So basically you go into the game with the mindset "this support next to me is my enemy". Sure, there are situations in which heal wouldn't have saved your ally and therefore using it would have been a waste. But if there is a chance that they survive thanks to that, there is nothing wrong with helping your ally out. You are on the same team, try to be a team player. There is the other side of the spectrum that people are grateful for you helping them out (and sometimes they even say it out loud _gasp_) and trying to keep up the moral is better than having the right to tell your ally "you shouldn't have get caught there".
Tell that to the "support" players who die once and then come back and use spells and aa the minions instead of poking. When I ask what they're doing they say "you didnt heal me so now I'm going to steal your CS". These are always brand/lux/zyra players too.
Rioter Comments
: Kinda what happens when u play a class of squishy champions designed around right-clicking people from range. They want to be able to do so with impunity, but that's fun for litterally no one else involved. Even their teammates since it means putting them above yourself 90% of the time.
That's what the AD Carry role is though. Position 1. They need the most gold out of ANY role in league to be effective. If you're stealing CS as the support, or generally just messing up the minion wave and not poking the enemy laners or warding, then you're literally causing your ADC to fall behind and impairing your team. The faster you can get your ADC fed, the easier it is to win the game.
: yeaaaah im really tired of being an adc and the enemy having a spell that does a 1/4 of my HP at every point in the game. its so low skill and has no real counter because barrier is trash.
You could take cleanse but lets be real, if you do that your support is going to complain that you didn't take heal and use it when they fail trade and die while you sit at full HP killing minions.
: ***
Silver 2 is the 50th percentile. I'd say that they know the basics if they're better than half of everyone in ranked. Above average
: > [{quoted}](name=CJMasta,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bFTWeuqe,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-21T19:25:32.286+0000) > > I dont think you understand. Being put at bronze 5 is a blessing. Once you get to silver 5 you get all the unranked players who have never played ranked before feeding their asses off and causing people who have actually climbed to silver to lose games. I don't know man, I've had a toxic Lucian who didn't want to play with a Cho'Gath support and went mid after a few minutes (he was good bait, he died to Akali but then Akali died), while I was laning against a Malzahar top lane with Warlords Bloodlust. It was an utter stomp. ...
I'm pretty bad at league myself, but look at my op.gg account. Even in bronze as an ADC you can win if you know what you're doing. edit: Just learn how to CS and not feed and you will climb. If you're constantly better than those around you, statistically you will eventually get a team that can keep up with how good you are to win the game.
catamafia13 (EUNE)
: Too late. I already quit the game . You can check my op.gg profile if you want. And even if my favorite champions gets huge buffs i will not come and play this game again. Im playing this game for fun, but when some1 say "HAHA NOOB BRONZE / SILVER " and doesn't understand that im playing the game in a fun side... Last games i tryhard to ranked to show to those toxic kids complaining that I don't play ranked cause I can easy escape from silver / bronze but u need to play a full stress gamemode where you see every game on the chat "REPORT REPORT REPORT" so i prefer to play for fun in normals but now even in normals META is in every game. EDIT : I didn't even said that when I played ranked I was so stressed and my behaviour changed so much like i wasn't chill.
Have you maybe ever thought to yourself "Maybe I belong in bronze/silver and thats ok" Its highly unlikely that everyone could reach gold. Otherwise we'd have no reason to have a bronze or silver.
: Ranked "placment" Games
I dont think you understand. Being put at bronze 5 is a blessing. Once you get to silver 5 you get all the unranked players who have never played ranked before feeding their asses off and causing people who have actually climbed to silver to lose games.
MaeDoSan (NA)
: MF q is a lot like varus q when it hits you
I love it. Standing too close to those caster minions? It would sure suck if you took a cannon ball to the face! PEW PEW! Double kill!
grug (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=CJMasta,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ME10wyHK,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-02-21T10:40:35.776+0000) > > This shouldn't be ok though. 10 losses shouldn't put you in the same league that took me nearly 50 wins to get into. you're damn right its not OK. when i lost those 10 games on azir, i actually lost to bronze 5s for 3-4 games in a row which should have 100% put me in bronze after placements on a COMPLETELY new account with no previous ranked seasons played and only 4 normal games played. it was very weird because i won a game after placements and got +26LP which meant the mmr was high, I don't know what could have influenced it because I levelled that account by only playing 5s intermediate bots and 4 normal game wins which i won with scores of like 20/1 each game. your situation however makes sense when looking at your stats though, 58% winrate with 65 total games might be the cause of your frustrations. The system might think you're smurfing and therefore placing you with monkeys. you won 8 mf games in a row and a bunch of spontaneous win streaks, you may have even skipped an entire division ie b4->b2 which are trends causing mmr spikes. real smurfs will be able to 100% carry those 'rigged' games. if i had any advice to offer it's that you might want to start swapping roles with teammates more because a lot of times when players ask for role swaps its usually a serious matter. the most dogshit filled roles that players are afraid to play are top and support imo pretty much insta loss if guy's aren't comfortable playing those in bronze/silver.
I have no problem playing support. I can't play top though.
grug (NA)
: probably because silver 5 is the easiest division to get into l0l. i was 0-10 placements on an account in season 5 and 6, and got placed silver 5 both times. This season i tried playing azir with a completely new level 30 on 290ms ping for 10 games of placements, unfortunately i lost them all because the champ is very difficult to play with high ping. The result of the placements was silver 5 lol.
This shouldn't be ok though. 10 losses shouldn't put you in the same league that took me nearly 50 wins to get into.
: I feel you. I was S2 a week ago, then got a bunch of trolls/feeders/afk'ers and generally idiotic people that give up within 5 minutes. Now I'm S5 and its hell. I keep getting to S4, then demoted.
One game its mid feeding 5 kills before 7 minutes, the next game its jungle fail ganking and dying. I never had any of these problems in bronze 1.
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Vanic998 (NA)
: Or maybe ask riot to add something to the client that shows you your ping next to your summons icon.
This actually used to be in the game. You could see everyone's ping on the loading screen before the game started.
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