Yikés (NA)
: Toggle "Target Champions Only"
Tell me why people shouldn't just rebind "Champs only" to the T key and use their left index finger for this. By using the T key this way; you keep your fingers in practically the same position with no noticeable strain, your finger's reach is unaffected (could argue improved since your index would be able to hit 6 easier), and since nearly every targeted ult in the game can't target minions anyway (only exception is Cho'Gath) it's irrelevant that you can't use R+T together. (Not trying to come off snarky, trying to understand why adding what would look like clumsy toggle mechanism that would require some UI element to track would be a better solution than the one I've been using for years without any issue at all that's so simple to use)
: Change Garen's W stacking on ARAM
I'd just prefer they changed W so that ranks 2 through 5 given Garen enough stacks to gain +5 to each resistance type (and possibly remove double stacks from ARAM/other off modes). W should be the "I want bulk and I want it now" rank up and is more interesting and adaptable than just a timed bonus. I honestly never understood the stacking mechanic on this. The bonus is capped at a relatively easy to obtain max for a standard SR game. They should make it more borderline and less swingy - since Garen's base armor kind of suffers for it.
: A few things I at least hope would stop them from doing that: - The item itself gives no damage - Mistiming the active even slightly would, given that it reduces your own damage, *be* the fuck-up - The active doubles your max HP *capacity* and then doubles your current HP inside of it, making it less effective the more damage you've already taken - GA no longer gives MR, and gives less Armor, but also now gives AD, so I feel like they'd rather take that, it being more reliable Just as a side note, you wouldn't happen to know my friend Majestic Glaceon, would you...? I don't suppose so, since you're on EUNE and not NA, but I feel compelled to ask.
I might still consider this item on Olaf or possibly Darius, since True damage can't be mitigated by anything currently.
: Old Taric was so stupid. He was an alien from outer space. On his home planet his father was the greatest healer of their time so he, taric, made a deal with the summoners of Summoner Rift to Summon him to the battle field to heal everyone and in his free time was praised as a star with a secretive gender preference. That was legit his whole story.
Wasn't talking about his story, more along the lines of his personality. Quiet serenity was replaced by bravado. I find that sad.
: Old Taric had dignity?
It was a certain kind of dignity. ... Albeit a very dainty one.
: So...Is Lux just Not a Commander Anymore?
Agreed. I'm also confused about the Galio update. Now he sounds like a stupid version of Vi... It reminds me of what they did to Taric. Apparently reworked champs aren't allowed any dignity anymore.
: The old lore was a lie, You werent a summoner actually settling the politcial and military disputes of Runeterra... because if they were, it would mean that over 100 MILLION summoners would be doing that, at the same time, controlling champions only. Do you really think that Runeterra has 10 Million of politcial and military disputes in a MONTH? The ammounts of magic that they would waste in doing that? It makes no sense at all. The matches that you played in the old lore had nothing to do with the lore, those matches werent canon, at all. The only time were the game ACTUALLY did something, was during the Ionia VS Noxus match, nothing else... and if i remember correclty, in that match no player was controlling the minions and monsters, a thing that the summoners should do in the game were actually canon.
To be fair, you run into this issue with any multiplayer game. I mean, imagine how many times a single quest is completed in an MMORPG. No, canonically there weren't really 528,659,139 wolves that were killed since they were all threatening basic town #1 - but canonically there was a wolf problem. Same thing with League matches - there weren't 100 million a month, but there were (supposedly) matches that were held that did settle particular disputes. Like with the mmo quest, the details and specifics can vary largely from actual gameplay. Honestly, applying such a literal, technical sense to a widespread multiplayer game like this just seems silly to me. Also, a side note, I think it was _apprentice_ summoners that worked the minions. That would make for a rather lame intro to the game, no? ~.^ My only problem with the lore right now is that there's nothing much about the world itself. It feels like a series of standalone stories with a few crossover sections sprinkled in. This has always been an issue, but at least the old Institute of War and summoners could provide some sort of agency over it. As of this moment, what would happen if a war broke out between Demacia and Noxus? Whatever the writers would feel like, and then the details would fade from memory and be irrelevant the next month. Sure, characters may grow and evolve occasionally, but there's not much that actually changes about the world itself. Few events really matter in this universe so far.
Elikain (EUNE)
: Fight Till Figs Yelp I am 100% sure that's what it means.
: Assassin's Rework: Winners and Losers!
AP Rengo also won. Not only is his damage combo available 100% of the time essentially, but with Stormraiders Surge and damage reduction from his W you can get out safely in most situations. Losing CC immunity will definitely hurt, but I'd bet it's still very manageable.
darkdill (NA)
: Should there eventually be a Thief Champion? Help me design one.
I always thought it'd be interesting if there was a middle child from the Crownguard family who was a Chaotic Good radical fed up with the rigidity of Demacia's suffocating laws while seeking to expose corrupt nobility. What better way than to do that than to steal important documents and break into places you shouldn't be in order to spy on someone? You know, it's always the middle one that acts out so he's not looked over. Or maybe the fact he's looked over is what makes it easy for him to be such a sneak? His older brother is the paragon of his country and his little sister is prodigy. Pretty stiff competition imo. Would make for some juicy drama too imo. Would also open the sibling up for being a thematic Marksman/Assassin-esque champ (Garen is Fighter/Tank, Lux Mage/Support, and mid-kid is Assassin/Marksman) to fill out the trifecta of classes. ANYWAY I'd like to see a champ that mainly throws daggers (including AA). Sure, Kat and Shaco throw theirs but they're still fairly melee (Kat admittedly PBAoE, but it's still point blank). Passive - Thief's Mark Marks enemy champions as an on-hit effect. At 4 stacks, getting into melee range for an auto attack deals bonus damage and by passes % armor (both bonus damage and % arpen scaling with level). Q - Premeditation / Dagger Rain First Activation - Enter a state of focus, disabling auto attacks for up to 5 seconds - gaining the Premeditation buff. Secondary Activations - Mark a target to throw a dagger at it after Premeditation buff ends. Can mark up to 3/4/5/6/7 times based on skill rank. Each dagger applies onhit effects and can be blocked like a skillshot (though hones in on initial target). Enemies can see who has a mark on them. Once all marks are assigned, casting Q again ends Premeditation prematurely. Once Premeditation ends, a dagger for each mark is thrown in the same order they are assigned. Daggers are thrown over a 2 second period - can be interrupted by CC by has a better range than basic AA's and you are able to move while throwing daggers. W - Swift Feet Passive - Gain bonus movespeed for 1 second that decays on-hit. Active - Gain a movespeed boost when running AWAY from enemy champions. Because a thief has got to troll a little bit and kite. E - Sleight of Hand Activate to gain attack speed for a short period of time. Every 3rd attack while the buff is active will throw out a second dagger, dealing additional damage and applying on-hit affects again. R - Phantom Strike Dash to a target enemy and perform a melee auto attack (deals no extra damage in itself). Can be cast a second time to dash in a target direction and gain invisibility for a short period of time. If this actives the passive, the cooldown is lowered and eventually refreshed at rank 3. I think a hit and run based champ would be the best route, and hitting when someone's vulnerable.
: Jhin visits his therapist
> [{quoted}](name=Melledoneus,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=wXMKR7Ue,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-24T07:27:53.409+0000) > > #_**3**_ minutes later... Downvoted.
: I'm so happy you replied to his post before it was deleted... That made me laugh so hard.
: Which did you buy first? Might need some experimenting. Also if ur at 748 stacks why tf did u sell it. Just use it once more and then start stacking the Manamune.
Well that's the point of this thread. He has to sell the staff to ensure he gets Muramana with the first round of tear stacking since if you have both Tear items they "share" the mana count.
: Akali has a small delay on her shroud, so I'm guessing she actually already was placing it when you silenced her, which doesn't cancel abilities while being used, except certain ones like katarina R or malz R. The only champ who can ult while silenced is Tryndamere (which I don't understand in the least). Garen's ult is sort of weird when it comes to those things. For example, half the time someone flashes when I ult, it kills them, the other half it cancels the ult, so I don't really know why the ult didn't kill Akali.
It's a question of vision. If they move outside of your vision during the cast time, Garen's ult will not go off. Since Akali's shroud constantly recreates invisibility for herself, it essentially cancels the ult cast each time. This is a standard mechanic of spell casting I believe, at least for targeted spells.
: It was before - when it's a high ticket AP item, every mage -has- to buy it, like old Rylai's.
This. It's still a good defensive buy though. But that's what it's made for. DEFENSE.
: http://orig00.deviantart.net/54d0/f/2013/121/f/a/construction_worker_yorick_by_mattcomgo-d63sf3d.jpg
Dat Leona in the background though...
: What If
Oh, you mean like {{champion:106}} vs {{champion:26}} ? Or like how the Commando skins lower Leona's passive damage by 1 point? Or how {{champion:84}} /{{champion:85}} /{{champion:98}} have their max health lowered by 1 when on the same team?
: Make Champions Infinitely Scarier with a Non-Broken Change to One Ability.
{{champion:111}} Passive no longer has a delay period for reapplications.
Risen29 (NA)
: I hate ascension. I miss the expanded game rotation.
Ascension is far from mindless. What it lacks in strategy, it more than makes up for in tactics. Watching where enemies spawn, deciding if you need to break off from a fight to grab a relic or not, and your positioning as well as your team's on the map is pretty deep imo. There's no long term thinking, sure - but when you pull your team together from a 30 point deficit to etch out a win at 200-199? Damn, it's good.
Herim (NA)
: Quinn is toxic.
> [{quoted}](name=WhyEmSeeAyyLmao,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=I3TUFzWH,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-21T23:03:15.394+0000) > >Defend her against my salt. Just gotta say. This actually made me laugh. GG.
: Everybody Loves Yasuo!
I feel like this sums up people's feelings on Yasuo pretty well.
Terozu (NA)
: Jihn needs a 4th of July skin.
Oh god, please play "When the Saints go Marching In" during his ult. OH WHEN THE SAINTS (4 syllables) GO MARCHING IN (4 syllables) OH WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN (8 syllables) I WANT, TO BE IN THAT NUMBER (8 total) OH WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN (8 syllables). FOUR.
: Its 2017 why do trolls still exist?
It gives them some sort of feeling of control. They weren't able to carry so instead of facing reality of trying to improve themselves, they devolve into unsavory people who only want to watch the world burn simply because they made it so. The fact that they're the reason a team lost the game is all the control they need, and watching others flail around because of their actions only further feeds their need of complete, utter control. Well, at least for the worst cases. It's kind of sad to think about imo - to be so desperate for control that you no longer care about something you once held so dear. It should also be noted I'm a over dramatic.
: What I don't get about ADC's
Their defense is Lifesteal. And we tried tanky ADC's last year. Didn't pan out well.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kyrrion,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ozujQKW2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-15T21:03:09.901+0000) > > So Fighters are building one damage item then full tank? > > Sounds like the norm of the past 6 years or so I've been playing. Besides, remember what happened when the hybrid defense/AD items were good? Tanky ADC's happened. Honestly, they could just make those items melee only. Steraks should be that way.
True, but I think Riot doesn't want the game bogged down with too many "role specific" items. Overall I feel like melee/ranged only mechanic is a bit clumsy to fit into the item system League has. A few exceptions may be ok, but too many and it kind of starts feeling convoluted. I think the best solution would be to make more scaling of various stats. Where any Marksman is going to need some good crit to get the most out of their kit, where as fighters can use more of their base AD stat (such as TF + Sterak's using the AD only gained through levels + base).
: lol {{champion:223}} is pretty close. Otherwise I think that'd be too easily abused to troll teammates
I think he's talking about a mechanic where you CC an opponent, and your ADC is FORCED to attack that CC'd enemy.
Rewt (NA)
: Fighters arent really fighters anymore
So Fighters are building one damage item then full tank? Sounds like the norm of the past 6 years or so I've been playing. Besides, remember what happened when the hybrid defense/AD items were good? Tanky ADC's happened.
Joes (NA)
: {{champion:254}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:54}} You get the idea.
I cast my vote for {{champion:254}} . You can't punch Yasuo's face irl, but at least you can do it with oversized techno-gauntlets in game.
: Very well, you may have NA while I'm striving to become the numero uno Mordekaiser on EUW.
So question. Do you Morde mains ever just get together, sit down to have a nice cup of tea, and **_hue_ **at each other's jokes?
: You should add epic music once someone reaches full build and pots up just for them
: Ahri support Concept
Maybe, just maaaybe if you're team is running a heavy pick-off team. Pop Frost Queen's, and if someone is misplaced, revealed, and slowed, you could potentially ult and Charm them to make an opening for your team to get a quick kill. You would need jungler support for the early game to get an advantage in lane, and from there you would probably need to roam mid to gank to retain usefulness (and let your mid roam down bot too to help keep lane dominance as well as dragon control). If you aren't using her mobility, you shouldn't pick her as that's all she really has over other support picks. And a lot of that is much more easily said than done. Other than that, I see it being really hard to justify.
: Alright riot, good job making a killing machine jump half the map
Hrm. Wouldn't a {{item:3003}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3027}} {{champion:267}} give a better movespeed boost than Kayle - since it can reach a flat + 520 using her ult for double her passive at 1k AP which is then subject to all of the multipliers added?
: As it is currently, CC negates WW ult's suppress (I'm not even sure if that part's true), but not the damage. Fun fact: There's only two things that negate WW ult's damage: Invulnerability, and WW dying. Fun fact 2: If WW is in revive state ({{item:3026}}, {{champion:26}} ult, etc), he doesn't actually count as dead. Meaning the damage continues.
Looked further into it, and the damage stops if you leave WW's range. This also applies (applied?) to Malz's ult. They made that change for offensive suppressions to stop them from being hamblasted by QSS/M-Scim. Still doesn't stop {{champion:12}} from ruining his day. Or pretty much any other support as most people will have an instinct to run away once WW gets CC'd.
: I really hope the Warwick rework removes his 5 on-hit ult.
Except Shyvana, Koggles, and Hurricane have already corner on-hit effects down way before WW. WW is ridiculous because of his passive and Q sustain. That will always be why he's broken. No one is scared of 5 on-hits in a little under 2 seconds that can easily be CC'd out. Heck, I'm sure an AA-Q-AA-TH from Shyvana accomplishes much more in much less. True, there may be some Muramana cheese now and then - but Jayce already got to that already anyway.
: Almost every physical on-hit effect, as defined here http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/On-hit_effect There are some exceptions though, like Udyr's Q.
Yeah see, that's what I'm talking about. Things like Jarvan's passive and Aatrox's W are on-hits that don't apply lifesteal because they're actual on-hit effects and not simply AA modifiers. This is also why Muramana and Titanic Hydra don't apply lifesteal while Sheen does (it modifies base AD through activation). There isn't a consistent on-hit effect that provides lifesteal aside from BotRK - all of the ones that are listed are tied to an activated ability. This is also why Poppy's Passive and Nidalee's Cougar Q apply lifesteal while doing magic damage. Those abilities modify the AA used. The general rule is this: If it's an active ability and it modifies the damage of an auto attack, it'll lifesteal. If it's a passive effect (whether a permanent buff like Aatrox's W or a temporary one like Koggle's W) it's a secondary on-hit effect and won't lifesteal. I don't see why this needs to be changed.
: Since every physical on-hit applies life steal, why not magic on-hits too?
Define on-hit. Because by themselves, on-hit bonuses have never benefited from lifesteal - which is why BotRK explicityly calls out that it's an exception. Or are you talking about ability bonuses that modify a basic attack?
: In what way is PD Mallet Yasuo healthy for the game?
In what way is Yasuo in general healthy for this game? ~.^
Igglet (EUNE)
: I honestly love the fact that Mages are now viable in the Bot Lane.
Back in my day, Caitlyn would boast about going mid with no teleport. I wonder if anyone else would remember that song from the Summoner Showcase... Hell, I wonder if anyone else remember Summoner Showcase itself.
: APCs in Bot Lane
I wonder if {{champion:268}} could work. He can apply a slow with Q with a pretty good range - making it easy for a support to throw some CC (Nami bubble comes to mind) and then get some decent damage.
: But her passive doesnt have a cooldown... it's AS reliant
Wit's End. More damage on-hit, boosts damage of all other abilities, more passive procs, and more tankiness - and relatively cheap to boot.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kyrrion,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fQVo7LGq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-08T02:35:41.876+0000) > > Knockups/knockbacks are treated the same way essentially from what I know - so when she does E you to push you along, that technically counts as a hard CC. So why is knock back not labeled in the keystone? That's my point. Cause a knock up and a knock back are quite different in terms of displacement when it comes to spells. Like Yasuo ults off of knock up and not knock back.
> [{quoted}](name=Azrael Evernight,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fQVo7LGq,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-01-08T02:41:00.937+0000) > > So why is knock back not labeled in the keystone? That's my point. Cause a knock up and a knock back are quite different in terms of displacement when it comes to spells. Like Yasuo ults off of knock up and not knock back. Because both knockups/backs put the champion in a status of "airborne" - which is essentially the mechanical term for a knockup. They are literally the same thing, we just call them different things for ease of understanding. Think of it as Fighters being broken down into Juggernauts and Divers - replace Fighters with Knockups, Juggernauts with standstill knockups and Divers with knockbacks. I also believe Yasuo should be able to ult with knockbacks, but I don't play him nor will I ever care to. He can also ult off Nami bubbles which are considered a suspension, so CC as a whole could probably be cleaned up a bit.
: Courage of The Colossus with Poppy's Heroic Charge (E) actually isn't suppose to work.
Knockups/knockbacks are treated the same way essentially from what I know - so when she does E you to push you along, that technically counts as a hard CC.
: Wolf Camp Lost Their Identity
Wolves are your favorite pair of jeans that fits _just_ right. Yeah, they're nothing special but damn if they aren't reliable in almost any situation.
: You mean like Yi's Knife Boots?
: Can diana become an assassin please?
Nah, I like her tanky build much more. Her passive hits hard and her stickiness, especially with full CDR, is insane making AA's pretty reliable.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kyrrion,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3w1VfTI5,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2017-01-02T03:09:20.012+0000) > > So you've never seen Ezreal E out of a Blitz hook before? it's like you aren't reading hat i am saying at all. When Ez does it, he simply ends up snared where he jumps because he jumps before actually gets snared. Fiddlesticks does not jump before the channel ends and thus should not get to jump. how much more precise to i have to be before you get the difference?
It's like you aren't reading what I am saying at all. If you hit Ezreal DURING the cast time, he will still jump. If you hit Fiddlesticks DURING the channel time, he will still jump. Ezreal does not jump UNTIL the end of the cast time. Fiddlesticks does not jump UNTIL the end of the cast time.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kyrrion,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3w1VfTI5,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-01-02T02:35:12.519+0000) > > Works just like Ez's E, but drawn out. > > Snares PREVENT the spell from being cast, but does not interrupt a spell already in the process of being casted. Except Fiddlesticks Ulti movement command doesn't get issued until the channel finishes, unlike Ezreal E or Kassadin Ulti. Again, a good comparison is TP or TwistedFate ulti. You don't actually interrupt the channel, but when their channel ends , if they are snared, they wont actually go anywhere because the snare prevents them from leaving where they are currently standing. So, why is Fiddle's ulti different in this regard beyond him just not being properly monitored by Rito due to his low play rate? Logistically, a snare should make Fiddlstick ulti in place while he is snared.
So you've never seen Ezreal E out of a Blitz hook before? Ezreal's E has a .5 second cast time. If you CC or do ANYTHING to Ezreal in that .5 seconds after the E cast time starts, Ezreal will blink to the target location regardless of whether he is stunned, rooted, or anything. Other than death, that is. Fiddle ult works the same way, just the cast time is a channel time and subject to hard CC.
: Why does FiddleStick's Ulti Ignores Snares.
Works just like Ez's E, but drawn out. Snares PREVENT the spell from being cast, but does not interrupt a spell already in the process of being casted.
Nope. He's sad and lonely. Depression, the mental illness, is entirely different. Once it has a hold on you, it's hard to get away from it. It will weigh you down and hollow you out. You won't have any particular reason why everything seems so dark and cold, but it is. It envelops you, it consumes you. You will go through the daily motions purely out of habit. Your mind will constantly remind you that everything you do is pointless, everything you are is meaningless. You are empty, you are nothing. The only thing left is agony.
: What's Nautilus' role in League's narrative
Nautilus is the incarnation of depression. A spawn from the deepest recesses of the human mind. Slow, unforgiving, and eternally empty. He wanders the world at his slow pace because that's all he has ever known. No hope, no happiness, only trudging onward blindly simply out of habit. Anything caught in his path has little chance to escape. Once he pulls you in, slows your life to a crawl, rooting you in place as the world moves forward and leaves you behind. Nautilus's connection isn't just to the darkest depths of the ocean.
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