Addam (OCE)
: Smurfs are ruining the ranked system
As a D2 smurf, we mostly smurf because Riots banning system is insane. Any ounce of negativity results in punishments, which is stupid because you can just mute someone lol. I tend to lose faith in my games, "GG we lost, bot lane fed too hard" = Ban for negativity. I dont int, I dont afk, I simply get banned because I take the game too seriously wanting to win every game, thus I get mad at team mates for intentionally losing the game and intentionally not listening, yet they get off the hook to any punishment. If they just got a *Play 5 normal games till you can play ranked again* as their punishment, then I probably wouldnt be so negative.
: 17: Don't play Jayce. Just don't.
Dont because hes bad or dont because jayce players are bad?
: Something ive noticed smurfing in silver
Eh that stuff still happens in plat. You play adc, you get the enemy support and adc to 10% health. You and your lulu support are 20% health. Your lulu support tries to dive the enemy tower at level 3 with no armor and the enemy adc/support has heal and flash. Lulu dies, then you die. Thats why i quit adc, too many greedy supports dying for no reason.
: I have actual depression
Eating tide pods cure depression
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: How to climb divisions?
1. Play one champ 2. Play one role 3. Trade with enemy at correct times (dont trade when enemy has big wave, dont trade in enemy wave) 4. Get good farm. If you are trading properly, you should always be ahead in farm. 5. If youre ahead, freeze minion wave near your side, when enemy comes up to farm, harass him a lot. 6. Roam. 7. Place deep wards. 8. Make sure youre warding in general. 9. Get drakes/baron/rift. 10. Prioritize in getting other lanes towers before getting your own lane tower.
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: If you could delete one champ from the game, who would it be?
{{champion:67}} - Right when youre about to kill her, she E's you away. Or you all in her, she E's you into wall, you die in 3 hits. {{champion:121}} - Goes invis, hops on you, dead in 0.6 seconds. {{champion:157}} - Throws a skill shot, WINDWALL. Dodge a nado, next nado up in 3 seconds, and his q is on cooldown nonstop so you have to play safe 24/7. Can dodge autos with windwall for some reason. {{champion:75}} - I punish him so hard level 1-6, welp now i cant 1v1 him anymore. He can free stack, kill me under tower taking no damage from tower, better just roam and let him free stack. {{champion:33}} - I have 3 wards surrounding my lane, a wild rammus appears out of no where. {{champion:119}} - I liked Draven, the champ is fun to play. But if you play him, everyone claims you as a "Tyler1 wannabe". If youre good at Draven, "IS IT TYLER1?!" If youre toxic, "Tyler1 wannabe fanboy". If you feed, "Typical tyler1 fanboy." Draven is the champ I wanted to main, after 40 games of playing him in a row, people just did the exact stuff i mentioned above. I dont lke being referred to as another player when playing a champ, I wan to make a name for the champ myself, but tyler1 already claimed that champ. {{champion:114}} - Landed a lucky W, guess im stunned and gonna die to her ult now. {{champion:53}} - (Our team Blitz) LETS GO INVADE THE ENEMY TEAM! Misses every pull. (Enemy Blitz) Lands 20/26 hooks in a game. Remove either one of these champs and I'd be fine with it.
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: You don't see a point in building {{item:3165}}? That might be your problem lol.
: I think I’m the only one that actually enjoys top.
I love top, but I hate how trash the impact is in game. You have to be jungler/support/adc if you want to win in this meta.
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Barcid (NA)
: Tanks should absolutely be able to 100/0 squishy champions
True, but when a rammus full tank kills your adc in 1.3 seconds, when the rammus is behind as hell, then we have a problem. We arent complaining about the tanks killing squishy, we're complaining that all they have to do is press 2 abilities and youre dead.
: Riot you've got to nerf AD if you ever want to change the game
Both ap and ad need nerfs lol. I dont enjoy getting out damage by a 40 ap gragas when i have 200 ad.
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: OMG, can you not?
It looks like Jinx is getting rammed from behind in that picture. Thats why I ~~dont~~ like it
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Hópe (NA)
: Ayo, If a Riot Employee makes a comment on something 100% unrelated to balance, dont talk balance.
But Rioters never respond to Gameplay boards, only memes and games. Thats why they do that.
: Absolutely 100% submit a support ticket. If there is no other information included about your ban, there's no way this deserves a 14 ban and you should get it reversed.
Ive been banned for the same thing and submitted a support ticket and they said "saying wtf is considered toxic to your team", also "telling you team what to do is negative gameplay". Thats according to the support team. Because i told my ADC to stop overextending bot and dying, then they died again doing the same thing, and I said "sigh". Basically if you dont wanna get banned in league, dont suggest team to do anything, and dont say any toxic words.
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saltran (EUW)
: Dear Boards, which ADC dou you want to be meta?
: Why playing top lane sucks
As a Top main, I know what you mean. I even went 10/1 a few games ago. Ended up losing going 13/7 because adc/support is 1/13, mid is 1/6, and jg is 4/7. Game is pointless. Im just gonna start playing ADC Jayce now, if that doesnt work then im just leaving League until Riot fixes this trash lane. They give top lane no love.
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: Why can Jayce have a better [1 out of 2] active R resistance stats than Wukong's passive?
A corruption potion on most tops still have more base ad level 1 than jayce.
: What champ was released closest to the time you started playing League?
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: POLL: Where do you put your potions?
Item Active 1 Health Pot/Item Active#2 2 Biscuit 3 Other Heals 5 6&7 Empty
vampire tix (EUNE)
: why nasus will always be the champion i ban
Because you can simply beat him by out roaming him. Nasus stays in lane all game to stack, that being said, all you have to do is take his tower, then roam rest of game. Sure he will get stacks, but you will get kills, objectives, which beats a Nasus player easily.
: What's the most embarrassing ability to die to?
For me, when I die to a Nasus E, even if hes full ap, it tilts me hard.
Doozku (NA)
: What are some champs you hate playing against even when they are bad.
{{champion:75}} Oh i have an INSANE slow ability that makes it impossible for anyone to 1v1 me because it also slows their attack speed!
: Ornn is still stupid OP
After about 20 games of losing to him, I found out how to beat him. Basically just afk farm against him, then roam and get kills. You cant kill him, you cant out trade him, theres no point in harassing him. Play safe, dodge his abilities, farm, and roam. Thats legit all you got to do.
: Year In Review Champion Quotes
{{champion:126}} Nice Hammer. Thats legit all it says, feels like they put no effort into it
: I thought it was very funny, Riot.
Bruh I got Jayce and all it said was "Nice hammer". Like really Rito, really...
: When People On The Forums Complain About Getting Perma Banned


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