: SSG Xayah & Rakan recall ideas (if these skins happen)
: 98% fatality rate for head shots. If you somehow mess it up and live, you won't remember anything from that moment anyway. And even when your heart stops, it's entirely possible that you don't immediately go into shock and your brain is still functioning. So by all accounts, head shot.
> [{quoted}](name=Busty Demoness,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EAYpk4Vt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-03T17:25:11.921+0000) > > 98% fatality rate for head shots. If you somehow mess it up and live, you won't remember anything from that moment anyway. > > And even when your heart stops, it's entirely possible that you don't immediately go into shock and your brain is still functioning. > > So by all accounts, head shot. ok thanks
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: Don't blame yourself because other people are being assholes. You aren't wrong to get pissed, or want to flame back. You're "wrong" and being punished in responding to them. Because in this game, you have to take all the flame and are expected to just suck it up/ bottlling it up, or ignore it. Mute or don't type.
ok will do that on my new acc. its just, idk i dont feel normal recently. i feel like im spiraling out of control
Kei143 (NA)
: Just learn this concept: * One game doesn't matter, you'll climb in due time if you are good enough When you have the mindset that it doesn't matter, you won't rage about it.
this was in normals. I finished my ranked climb in like silver 3. i know normals dont mater i just dont feel normal or like myself recently
: Losing sight of you own pings was probably just a bug. Stop worrying about what other people think, what they think or say about you shouldn't matter to you and you shouldn't need their attention for validation. They probably muted you because you were retaliating to flame with flame of your own.
thanks man, playing on my alt account now, hoping that i can break this weird mentality. first game didnt go so well. I muted everyone and didnt say anything but i still had really weird thoughts. I'm scared
: Have you always acted this way or did it start recently? Did something happen recently that changed how you see the world? Or were you perhaps playing while under the influence of something mind-altering? Edit, nvm. Saw enough of the chat logs. Don't spam chat for no reason, it doesn't help to coordinate strategies with the team, and it's just wasting your time.
It just started recently. I am not on any drugs or alcohol. I simply feel like I am losing my grasp on basic concepts of communication
: Why are you asking for therapy? Is it to help you type less in game?
I think I'm actually losing my shit. I am reacting weirdly to shit I don;t know whats going on.
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: **Sees title** Me: https://i.imgur.com/UusRefk.jpg[/img]
commenter below this is a philosopher and a god. upvote him to karma heaven
: Let opponents see whom Yasuo has already dashed to
: If its stupid and it works, its not stupid. That Kog didn't have bronze 5 positioning as he always got a kill back or more. And if he survived, he knew he would survive, and again, that's not bronze. Its quite pathetic that so many of you flame WE's adc when their ADC was their best player. And yes, this includes positioning yourself aggressively and fucking the enemies. Knowing your damage output and how much damage you can absorb is what makes a player good. Unlike that sneaky, which died with flash and barrier still up. Multiple times i might add.
you are making an 'ends-justify-the-means' argument. You are saying just because it worked out, that it wasn't bronze 5 positioning. The point that I would raise is, slot in a different adc and support into the same exact scenario and WE gets roflstomped. Just because it is clearly OP and works doesn't mean it is sensible. I totally discredit C9 for not banning it, but on the other hand, it sucks when something is so OP it is a must pick/ban
LitAF (NA)
: Why do you think he's so salty? I would be too if I was hardstuck 900 games at low silver. Can't comprehend that he's bad so blames the developer and the game. Makes sorry excuses like "I play for fun not to climb" when both are easily attainable if he wasn't such hot garbage
I'm hardstuck silver too lol, but I'm not salty. #NotAllHardstuckSilverPlayers
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: TSM is starting to come off as a bunch of celebrities
: Ever considered playing Brand ? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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: I personnally think that PBE is currently useless, even if people would be more present on it. Why? Because testers on it are a real joke since the release of {{champion:203}} . People on PBE are on PBE for the sole reason to help riot discover bugs and help them balance it, they have nearly a whole month to do this. But it's been several releases that the content tested on it is either bugged or unbalanced. People on PBE are either some players who enjoy to have prime early access to new content or some low-grade youtubers who just wants to make spotlights before everyone. So yeah, it has been months and months since players on PBE are doing f*ckall to help Riot and improve the game. So what is a testing platform if everyone that uses it don't report what they've experienced on this testing?
I disagree. Even if there is only a .000000001% chance that someone will report a bug (exaggerating of course) it would be worth it to have the possibility that a bug gets spotted before it goes to live
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: I sent my request to enter the PBE 2 years ago...haven't heard anything since. And last I hears, roughly 2 months now is it, they had shut down the "old and buggy PBE signup page". I dunno what their problem is with fixing it. If they want help, they gotta let people _help_ them. Also, they talk about "relevant experience" when testing out certain things. I'd be their man in the ARAM testing, as I got almost 7000 matches played there. I read here about "incentive" and "wanting to help", and while I do want to help, none of us can actually do so if they don't accept us. So the question is: If they don't want to fix the PBE signup page, do they really want our help?
They didn't fix the PBE signup page because they are not accepting applications at the moment
: tsms luck at draw is insane man
Lucky? Yes. Again? LMAO bro did you watch worlds last year?
: Because they need to keep talking. You also have to remember that we never see how the casters act except on special occasions after certain plays (cause, I guess the producers think its funny). Riv may very acknowledge the correction, just silently, and quickly go back to doing his job. Plus, just like players, casters also have good and bad days. I've seen some games where Riv is able to name off nearly each and every ability in rapid succession during a teamfight. Maybe today is not his day.
Agree to disagree i guess, thanks for being respectful though!
: People like Riv and CaptainFlowers are called play by play casters. Their job is to essentially allow you to watch the game by listening.
I understand that, but its hard to 'watch by listening' when he is constantly making errors on the most basic facts.
: This is why they always have a "main" and "supporting" caster. The main caster's job is to be able to talk fast, and make the moment to moment plays feel exciting. The supporting caster's job is to bring brains to the table, and be an analyst for after any plays. The only caster that doesn't really fit this role is Phreak. As for Riv, Pastrytime, and CaptainFlowers, they are less knowledgeable than the likes of Azael, Jatt, and Kobe. Sure, they can still add in some facts, but they don't have to be as knowledgeable as the supporting casters. In my opinion, Riv is actually the best caster. Sure, he gets stuff mixed sometimes, but every caster does as well. Out of all of the main casters, he uses his strengths the best.
Interesting point, but I would go as far as to say that no other caster makes as many mistakes when casting. To your point about hype, yeah i agree riv can get you hyped, but it really detracts from the moment when he mixes up essential and basic info like team names and player names. And most times, when the other caster corrects him, he acts like he never made the mistake in the first place.
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: Client Update Open Beta Now Live
Will the icon go to our live account or our pbe account?
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: Will bump when it doesn't.
: Galactic Sweep: SSG flies into the Finals
First Korean Team H2K plays Claps them. So far TSM is the only team to take a single game off of them. Would have loved to see how TSM fared in a different group. InB4 "Salty Tsm fan lolz"
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: your looking for a boost, get a name change. and maybe someone will help you
> [{quoted}](name=Magical Player,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=PXnOjw14,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-07-10T07:09:02.821+0000) > > your looking for a boost, get a name change. and maybe someone will help you kek
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: Making/Joining 3v3 Team
Looking to join a 3s team. pretty proficent 3s player. Was on a master 3v3 team with WukongsNimbus one of my best friends. But due to some bumps in the road, we went our seperate ways and I never really returned to 3s. I had a gold 5 3s with 5 wins and 0 losses last season, but this season havent played much. Recently my friends 3s team was in b5 so i helped him out and we have been on i think a 5 or 6 game win streak. Looking for higher elo competative players for 3s. I have skype, teamspeak, discord, and curse. Would be happy to start tomorrow at around 10am PST
: 3's partner
Im interested. but i doubt you want me. Hear me out tho. Bronze 1 on the climb to silver. gone up 4 divisions the past 2 months. Currently on a 5 game winstreak to help bring my friends 3s to silver. I mainly play tanky junglers (rek sai, gragas) but i am a good bruiser top player, and a proficient apc. Msg on lolclient or here if you want to play.
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: Hextech Crafting is now live in NA!
Lol all these people talking about grinding out for the annie skin and im like... i tried it 2 weeks ago lol :p In all seriousness it is a great skin and you should go out and try to get it
: Announcing the rotating game mode queue
Thank you Riot for listening for your community. You don't get enough praise. When you don't immediately act on a community idea, the community hates you, but when you do something like this. You don't receive adequate praise. Personally, and on behalf of the rest of the community, I wish you a solemn thank you for your incredible work.
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: Does anyone feel outplayed when killed by a LeBlanc?
Lets be honest here. I love playing leblanc. I haven't played her much on this account in ranked, as I spend more time playing on PBE (WillSmurf PBE). Essentially as a LB main for a while I can confirm that both groups of people are right. Leblanc is easy and hard. The easy part is hitting the combo. The hard part is hitting the RIGHT combo. You need to know whether you want a single target nuke (q-r-w), if you have to gap close to single target nuke a backline squishy threat (w-q-r-e), if you have to do AoE (w-r), or if you want to lock up a fleeing enemy (e-r-q). I have to say that leblanc definitely has outplay potential. She is by no means easy when it comes to choosing the combo, but is in no means difficult when executing said combo. There is a huge difference between a leblanc who one shots the enemy ADC then dicks around for the rest of the fight, as opposed to a leblanc who does massive AoE and stays relevant poking with q-e allowing her team to clean up. It all boils down to choices.
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Stealer (NA)
: Serious Ranked 5s team.
Role: Support Champ Pool: All supports but I am a very proficient thresh. IGN: WillSmiff6969 Age: 18 Skype, Curse, TS3?: Skype, Curse, and Discord
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