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: Can we stop pretending that Sion is weak?
Sion's weak but strong due to the fact that barely any one knows how to lane against him or how to deal with him. Its sort of like Yorick really, you barely see him so you don't really know how to deal with him.
Sharjo (EUW)
: So Aurelion Sol's Intro Paragraph on the PBE reads as follows...
I find it interesting that he mentions both Bard and Kindred. He shows no resent towards them but oddly knows who they are and what they wear. Is it to far of an assumption that Bard and Kindred live in the "Constellation", that's what I call the city in the sky by the way. Is it as well to large of a stretch to now assume that the "cosmic egg" Bard carried away was not Sol at all? But rather the very reason to why he was turned into a slave which then means that Bard lives in the "Constellation"? Also it was hard for me to ignore the amount of interactions he has towards those who have Ascended and how much he laughed at them. Which leaves me to believe that the Sun Disc did indeed come from the "Constellation". I mean think about it the Sun Disc draws its powers directly from the sun, a star, and makes who ever is ready for Ascension become god-like, sounds familiar huh? Which makes sense because Sol seems to say there just knock offs and bewilders them. also Sun Disc and Solari, the obvious right there. Man, at least Sol has some interesting things to say when he runs that mouth of his.
: People were pinning Sol as a bad guy once his teaser hit but I personally think for a being with such immense power he's actually rather benevolent. Sure, he's smug and has a really big ego but there aren't many beings in the universe matching his might so a bragging rights have been earned.
I thought the same thing about him when he was in the teaser video. But then over time I kinda realized with the amount of power he had he would of destroyed anything that really opposed him. In other words I came to realize the big threat wasn't Sol but rather his power.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Aurelion Sol's VO just landed!
"Of course I love Runeterra its got buildings and.....more buildings!" I gotta admit I too like buildings.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Aurelion Sol's VO just landed!
31 minutes of pure **out of this world** experience. q:^) help.
: Thematically the only thing about this character that is anything like a dragon is appearance, and his R. That's it. The concept of the champion is really cool and interesting, but no its not a damn dragon. Shyvana is a dragon too, right? No, only half the time, but I guess that counts. What if I told you I identify as a dragon and had surgery to add a special tube in my neck that allows me to breath fire. Am I also a dragon? The internet bred a new type of person who needs to feel smart by trying to make others look stupid, so they'd get all bet out of shape, making meaningless arguments...see where I'm going with this?
Don't think of this being rude but rather wanting an answer since I am not as aware of this but.... How many space dragons are out there? What are there common traits? Do they all speak? Do they eat? Are they above mortality? Are space dragons considered full fledged dragons? Even if they don't have wings, horde treasure, and breathe fire? I ask you since you seem to know what passes as a dragon. And I honestly don't know what passes as a dragon or a space dragon(first time I ever heard the concept).
Sharjo (EUW)
: Champion Reveal: Aurelion Sol, The Star Forger
What a **stellar** splash he has! Truly we are witnessing a **star being born** at this very moment! Man he really puts the **light** in _spotlight._
Fasmodey (EUW)
: About Aurelion Sol's size and his powers
I wouldn't make an assumptions on his power from just his splash alone. While true he is not, in this splash, massive beyond belief you have to understand that his splash tells us almost nothing about him. You could say I am wrong for saying it shows us almost nothing and I would usually agree with you but Sol is not just any champion. He's clearly on a different level of power than any one else, death incarnate and global janitor included. I would wait for his lore to really make any assumptions on his power level. As well it would be impractical to be the size of lets say a planet and wan't to see what the humans are doing. **Another note hes literally part of space or what have you.**
: Riot, you really need to update your champion profile pages.
I don't know I kinda get nostalgic when I see those old outdated splashes. While they may not be the prettiest, and I mean **not the prettiest**, they remind you of all the crazy things you've done in the past. But hey that's just my opinion.
: Why?
While true it is possible that Sol's power level *giggle* may be way out there, Sol him self is not a big threat honestly. He's not evil, more douche and full of him self(literally), hes just has a sick way of passing his time. i personally have no problem with god tier characters, or champions, they help make those stories in which the hero is presented with all the odds. If Sol was, and I kid you not, a destructive being without a care for others then I would be like, "Wtf Riot". The thing is hes not that he prefers to enjoy things, he wants those to plead with him, for them to just run around like chickens with their heads chop off. If what I think is true that he is coming to destroy the world its obvious how its going to play out, Sol is going to tell them he's here to destroy us but then some one is going to be like, "What if we make a deal?" and Sol would agree with the wager being he chooses what they have to do and that if they fail the planet gets smashed, if they pass they don't get crushed. Like I said hes not going to mess things up he want's something to make him laugh or entertain him.
: Think: Would he really be that big?
Just judging by his hand alone and the size of his head, it is safe to assume that he is massive. Sure one can say the star is tiny but that doesn't really mean much now does it? Stars are huge and to say they are tiny is basically saying there just over the size of earth, small for a star is still really huge for us. Do I believe hes bigger than a universe...yes and no. Do I believe hes on the level of gods, yes. There's alot that points at him having god tier powers. For one hes clearly above anything we have ever seen, beyond Bard and Kindred. Another thing to note is the ability to alter a course of a star,or comet, and make it go threw all the phases of life for a star, then to crush it, that shows power. He's brought planets to his knees and as well has **destroyed** planets. Whether hes big or not is not important really, it's his limitations that are the real question. With that much power i'm sure he can shrink and increase his size with no problem.
GreenLore (EUW)
: I think Bard is definetly not one of those mystery spots,because: 1.Aurelion Sol seems to be connected to Mt.Targon,not mountains in general and the mountains in the bard video were from ionia a completely different place. 2.The last 2 missing spots are most likely going to be filled by Aurelion Sol and Taric,as Poppys joke hints already at Targonians having to do with gems and it was confirmed that tarics rework will come out after aurelion sols release. 3.Bard is a champion who appears all around the world,why would they list him as a targonian champion if he isn't connected to that place alone? However it wouldn't surprise me if the cosmic egg is indeed connected to Aurelion or Mt.Targon in general.
> However it wouldn't surprise me if the cosmic egg is indeed connected to Aurelion or Mt.Targon in general. I've actually tossed the idea in my head for some time, what if the cosmic egg is indeed Sol? The first thing that came to my mind was how the heck did he both make the universes and not be born? As it seems though there is a possible solution to this very predicament...well two. The first one is rather simple really, what if he wasn't the first "Star Forger" what if there was another before him and that he succeeds the last one. What happened to last one? I'm not sure nor is there really any hint at there ever being another one before him so the theory is pretty out there. The other one, to me at least, holds more ground. Sol was born and not born from that cosmic egg. Sounds weird I know, i'm there with ya, but think along the lines of this. The Sol that lives in stars or beyond the stars is his spirit, his spiritual form if you would. While the egg holds his physical form. The reason why I think this is because in the Bard teaser you see the eggs power be used to cleave a mountain's top, which is referenced in one of Sol's lines on the Abyss in which he states he destroys mountains. This shows that the egg was indeed Sol and as well he was fully conscious on what was happening. Remember he is omnipresent it wouldn't be a stretch for him to be in two places at once.
Tyvani (NA)
: On the New Targon Lore...
Sorry if this question was already answered. I was enjoying a nice bowl of soup while reading this so forgive me for my mind was on the matter of taste. But are you saying Leona and Diana, these new renditions of them,are bad?
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: When you're playing Jhin and the grenade kills all 4 minions
Ralanr (NA)
: Honestly I think of it as a comet.
I thought the same thing too. For when it passes around Mount Targon it looked like black rock with the yellow fire around it. But then when he brought it to his hand and I saw it mature, seeing the tiny solar flares that came off of it, I was convinced. Hes a star. *Jazz Hands*
: He did not make this world. He was the egg which bard took from bard mountain. As such he is pretty young. probably a teen, and could potentially explain his edgienes. Also his backstory and how his egg ended up on Valoran is not known so it may be more than just "failed world, destroy it all" ala Tttans.
While the egg in Bard's video was indeed Sol, I strongly believe he still made Runeterra. For starters, he was fully conscious when in that egg form. In one of the quotes you can hear on Abyss he states how hes destroyed mountains. Thus hinting at the Bard video and proving that the egg was indeed Sol. As well just because he was in an egg does not mean he was not able to make planets and stars. While yes I do believe Sol did in deed hatch from that egg at the same time I believe he was not hatched from that egg. It is possible that the egg was more of a way of condensing his energy after making the universe or what have you. Hes clearly beyond anything we have already seen. So it may be possible that while Sol was in the egg he may as well been in the stars. Think of the egg as more of his physical form and the space one his "true form"(for lack of a better word). The egg hatched bringing in a physical form of Sol while all the while his spirit was still doing his job.
: > [{quoted}](name=LANWhale,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AMHUu3Ao,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-04T05:50:19.436+0000) > > As I like to say, "Big enough". I wonder if there will be some backstory of him being in League in a normal looking size. Cause if that's his literal size, well hell we'd need the whole solar system as a map.
Well i'm not sure you know this but gameplay=/=lore. To be more exact the things the Champions due are not directly tied to lore any more. Such as Kindred causing a field in which no one dies, Nasus infinite stacks, or Alistar's ult. These things are not things the champions can do in the lore. "But LANWhale! Shen uses his ult to travel to those in need, TF can teleport by using a card, and Azir can make sand soldiers!" in which I reply,"This is true, some abilities are canon but that doesn't mean their entire kit is canon." then you say,"That's confusing" and I reply,"I know it is son". In other words the only things that I take canon in the game is the environment and the abilities that are used in stories. Which means the size of the champion in game isn't accurate.
: Is Aurelion going to be the biggest champion? In terms of lore
: Omnipotent... omnipresent.... all-powerful. Will still lose top lane 0-4 to Garen, cause that bastard is OP. xD
Tis the price we pay for having a new champ.
: Aurelion Sol Might Be LoL's Most Powerful Champion By Lore
Its' implied that's he both omnipresent and omnipotent. I find a better question is: What are his boundaries?
Fasmodey (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=nep2une,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=hZ1Ja1Ec,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-03-04T00:21:26.906+0000) > > Hmm. I would say he's actually a bit more malicious than I originally expected. > Being that powerful, and maybe _the_ most powerful yet (lore-wise), of course everything else would be below him (at least from his viewpoint.) So what I was expecting was just cold indifference. Sort of like a humans and ants relationship. Of course, to the human, ants mean nothing, and they'd kill them without a second thought if the ant(s) annoyed them. However, going off what Sol himself said, he wants to watch people bow down to him/grovel/etc. Now, this could just be attributed to wanting to have his ego stroked, but then he says... He loves it/finds it adorable when they _beg for mercy._ There's not much else to beg mercy for except if he would kill you. So I think he actually gets at least some sort of sadistic pleasure/rush from being able to use his immense power to assert his dominance over others. You said good. But I dont know if it was a real star, if it was, then it must be a neutron star. It was pretty small, but even this small star would make huge difference in the balance of planet. I have doubts about his creating and crushing stars. May be he is not that strong as we think. If he is, he is super super strong, I can't even understand why would Riot create a champion like this? As I know, they were not in the side of undefeatably powerful champions in lore wise. I can't even see Xerath close to him, I give no chance to others, it includes Bard too.
> But I dont know if it was a real star, if it was, then it must be a neutron star. It was pretty small, but even this small star would make huge difference in the balance of planet. This should be more worrying then. He brought an infant star, perhaps from a nebula, swung it around the surface of a planet, then brought it back to space so it can collect of the gas and energy it needed to mature(supernova if i'm right) and then destroy it.
Cryo00 (NA)
: He is like the Gilgamesh of league, so far.
I like to compare him to Hades from Kid Icarus: Uprising.
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Sharjo (EUW)
: Nah I'm not cool enough to be the Flash. I AM NOT WORTHY! If you actually wanna know how I caught this one I was searching for Jhin's bio page to start my daily cycle of constantly refreshing it to see if they've put up his new lore, and this was there, having been posted eleven minutes before I got there. Really I just got lucky.
Luck or...... **FAIRIES! ** Ah I miss that show.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Look to the Stars - New ARAM Announcer VO
Hello? Hades from Kid Icarus is that you? I knew you were a star but....not like this. Although I have to ask, why Abyss? Is it still Sol(honestly it probably is)?
: There is definitely a lot more to explore with Pantheon. And I wouldn't definitively say that Atreus's story is over. Though the way Pantheon is reborn occurs according to its own rules, rules were meant to be broken.
It pleases me to hear that, its like whale music to my ears. Always thought why Leona and Diana were exceptions to the whole,"your former self is gone but now that all remains is your earthly form" or something like that. But now i'm starting to think the teaser may not be who we expect. He has returned, return to **claim what is his**.
: That would be magnificent, and maybe a bit appropriate as well, since it could very well be that Aurelion Sol is extremely young. He may not know what to do with the powers in his possession.
Man if that's true I want him to talk like how I wanted Bard to talk when he was shown. By saying broddy, brah, dude, dudet, gnarly and mando. "Like ya this whole ending the world thing is like, a super bummer man. But don't worry we got like mando minutes before it happens. So like ya know, no biggy." :^)
: He Has Returned
I'm just waiting for the majestic creature to come down and say, "I ain't cleaning your mess up. Do it your self." Then it will rise back to the heavens in which some one will say,"But how!?" and it will respond with,"I don't know, go look it up or something." But in all seriousness I'm pretty sure your right on this one. Can't say I didn't see it coming though.
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: And that's bad how?
I don't think you experienced, or maybe have forgotten, the horror that is catching Ho-oh and Lugia. The amount of ultra balls, a massacre.
: I'm so hype for this. (Hopefully Mega Umbreon or Articuno :3)
I get this uneasy feeling were getting a Primal Lugia and Ho-oh.
: > [{quoted}](name=LANWhale,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=jZFAqJdb,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-26T03:13:26.915+0000) > > * **Do the Rakkor know of the Darkins or vise versa?** Interesting proposition. Another would be Shurima and Mount Targon. Both worship the sun and use its power to essentially become gods and defend their respective nations from 'darkness'. One would wonder if they're connected in any way or have ever interacted. Did the fall of Shurima force the gods to find another way to empower Runeterra's citizens? Was the Sun Disc the celestials' original gift to our world? Did its being snuffed out force the gods to make a direct and physical appearance in the world in the form of Targon's avatars to prevent it from being devoured? > * **Why are the Void creatures appearing around or on Mount Targon?** My assumption is that the creatures of the Void seep into this world through tears, usually in the dark places of the world (the abyss of the sea, primordial caves, ancient trenches etc.) If they may enter anywhere and simply prefer these locations because of their darkness or if the darkness itself weakens the boundary between our world and theirs and allows them to enter in these locations is anyone's guess. > * **Does Pantheon have memories of his former self or is it all an act?** It would appear no; "_The Pantheon Aspect had obliterated his personality, memories and emotions. Atreus’s flesh was nothing but a shell inhabited by the supernatural Aspect of War; his mortal soul had joined those of the ancestors in the celestial afterlife._" > * **Where do all these other monsters appear from?** Perhaps they came through gateways. Perhaps they've been here all along. Who knows? > * **Why Mount Targon?** It is one of, if not the, highest places in all of Valoran. It is literally closer to the heavens and the gods that inhabit it. The mountain itself may also hold spiritual significance from another time in Valoran's history, or possibly genesis. The Darkin are very mysterious creatures, as is Aatrox himself. I definitely wouldn't call it delusional. I think your theory is very creative. Just my 2 cents.
Thank you for commentating. I think I figured out why Voidlings are more abundant near and on Mount Targon. That city in the sky, I call it the "Constellation", may be the cause of this. As you said the Void was thought to be tearing at the wall between worlds but this latest lore update seems to be the other way around. Many old relics or powerful magic seems to be tearing at the wall of reality. As well this is not the firs time they have entered in mass numbers. Remember they say that there was a darkness long ago that almost brought an end to this world. I wouldn't put it past the residents of "Constellation" to know this. I mean why else would they need the equivalent to human vessels?
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Sharjo (EUW)
: Mount Targon: Explore the Mountain and it's five resident champions!
What I want to see more is if the Darkins have **HAD** any contact with the Rakkor. Or do the Aspects drive them away for they know their true purpose of being. Perhaps the Darkin are the destruction of the sun, I mean they do have the word "dark" in their name but that's just a name....but why is their name "the Darkins" any way?
: Retiring Dominion
It's funny seeing this. I barely see anybody really care about Dominion and then when it finally gets the ax people are rising to its defense. Am I saying all this posting on how much we love Dominion is pointless or funny? No, Dominion has been around for a long time and has history with almost all of us. Those who play Hide and Seek to those who remember the champion spotlights. All i'm getting at is the saying, > You don't know what you have till it's gone. Could never be more ironic.
Krizalid (EUW)
: Important - Concerning Vlad upcoming rework: Vlad should be a BLOOD mage, not a red energy mage
You know what would be really cool? If Vlad spawned into the game with a blood orb and depending were the blood orb is were he can cast his spells. It would interact differently depending on what champions are near it. In other words his spells effect both allies and enemies. Of course this sounds familiar to what Shen has but I feel like they can do more with it.
: I would love a Noxus event involving the noxian champions having to defend their home from Mordekaiser's conquest. It would make them have to prove their philosophy that only the strongest survive, it would make Swain have to get his own hands dirty and protect his position he had spent his entire life achieving and Sion would have an internal struggle between remaining loyal to Noxus and being Swain's pawn or joining Mordekaiser on his quest for eternal conquest and war. It would be awesome.
Wait so your saying that Noxus.....doesn't settle it in smash? Man this is a world opener for me.
Evenstar (OCE)
: It's not about how huge the rework will be really, more like no one wants them to touch Vel Koz. Certain mages like Brand and Vel Koz will always fall out of favor with the current meta, since half of the mid lane goers all have some type of mobility, such niche mages wouldn't find themselves competitive in said lane anymore. And instead of going around to update something that's not broken and perceived as balanced and healthy 100%, it's better if Riot started with changes that would guarantee immobile mages in mid lane again, such as masteries, item changes and rune, all of which they sort of screwed up. Unfortunately, that's how the current balance team rolls and it's sad. The keyword is no one wants them to touch him, not that whether VK is in need of anything special.
Sure no one wants Riot to touch Vel'koz in fear of another train wreck of a rework. Which is why people are quaking in there boots when they mentioned hes on the list. Just because a champion is being looked at for some improvements doesn't mean they believe the champion is in a bad state but because its needed. Or at least that's what I see. If a champion is left in their state since release with no changes or shifts in power they get left behind like Warwick and pre-reworked Sion. Does it mean he needs to be full blown, shiny neon lights new? No but small things to keep him feeling fresh.
Evenstar (OCE)
: I don't think anyone wants him to be changed for the simple fact that there's really no where else in VK's kit that would make him anymore unique than he is now. Riot's movement to the fans basically seems like they're intentionally finding holes to dig.
They them selves have said that they plan no major rework for Vel. In fact they would be shocked that people actually call it a rework rather than a change you see on the patch notes. My opinion on them working on Vel'koz is actually a good thing. While yes his kit is balanced and has an obvious play style he suffers from the same fault that Brand has. You only play Brand when hes really strong, is your main or as a support.
: I like champions without minigames.
I'm starting to get the feeling people don't understand what Riot is trying to do to Vel'Koz. They agree that Vel'koz is healthy, has a kit that is really obvious and doesn't need any major changes like a mini game. What they do want to do is something along the lines of Caitlyn changes, were rather of removing or changing his kit and play style they want to enhance it. I understand completely why people are worried about this rework thing with Vel'koz for int he past Riot hasn't been exactly good at them.
: TL;DR: You'll be seeing that happening more this year. At times, we will bundle releases together, partly because we release a lot of different things across the patches and so having things come out at the same time that relate to each other can often just add value for players (keep an eye out for that). We're also putting together stories to release just because we want to tell that story. Defining what a lore-event is from an external perspective can fall into a grey area. At times we will be putting a story together for release and another team will get pumped for it and want to make something alongside. It's just a case of teams inspiring other teams. Would this qualify as a "lore event"? Maybe, maybe not, but it's delivering good stuff for you that Narrative and all the other disciplines and product teams are focused on. For us, that includes creating great characters, themes, places, and stories. Our main concern is not creating story that divorces itself from things made by other teams (and vice versa), we just want to get story to you via whatever means make sense. As long as we can get more story to you that meets the increasing quality bar that we've been working toward, I don't see the problem of whether it has other things tied into it. For example, I hope that the Champion launches and ChampUp releases contain great characters and very interesting depictions of them that makes each one feel like a mini-story event, purely because the Champ is great and their story is enthralling, particularly as we put a lot of effort into both things. If we release more stories of a quality that is at least as good as our best efforts last year (Burning Tides, Shadow and Fortune, A Good Death being among my favorites) then we will be heading in the right direction. We've now got a few teams for whom making stories in various media is their sole concern, as well as other, more established teams where story and characterization is a part of their work. You will be seeing story produced by both kinds of teams this year. Sorry if this is an over-explanation. I completely understand the desire to feel that we are working on our story and our world for the reason that it's just worth doing anyway, without being released within another product, such as a Champion (though the amount of story and world-building that comes from Champ Team is extremely important). I agree that telling stories is within itself an activity worth doing and that it will add value for players. It's a large reason for why I get out of bed in the morning and fall into it at some point at night. I am by no means alone in that belief, and I'll tell you that the most senior leaders in the company agree. We understand that some players believe that the way to prove that is to release stories in isolation, to show that we didn't need to justify them with something else. I can't talk specifics, but all I can say is that I'm proud of how we moved the bar in 2015, and I'm very much looking forward to us improving on that for you in 2016.
No understand and thank you for taking some time to talk to us Jaredan. Like I said I don't mind lore tied to Champion releases or lore events. But having to wait for a champion release or big lore event for **any** lore is what bothers me the most. I too am looking forward to this new lore full year.
Va1N (NA)
: They did say it after Bilgewater
: When did they say that?
I don't know when they said it but I know they said that. Perhaps it was after the Bilgewater event, i'm not sure.
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: Retring Aatrox
I feel for you man. I recently started playing Aatrox to see why he was so bad and while playing him he didn't seem bad. But he was pretty underwhelming, some match ups I won really hard and some i'm as useful as a pile of dirt. I don't need to tell you that you are right, hes pretty much left in a sorrow state. Something I have noticed though is how flimsy and delicate Aatrox's Q is. I've literally flashed while in my Q two times and slapped my self two times. I got knocked out of it. What do I think they should do? Well for one they should make his Q be invulnerable when hes channeling his Q. -Secondly, he should get a attack speed buff stacking up to 5 times when he pops his passive depending on how many enemies are near you. -His W seems fine, I guess. -His E should be called **Darkin Battlement** in which passively your bonus mr and armor get increased, like the Unyielding mastery. But instead of the spell it self being a projectile it would be a toggle in which you can transfer damage you have taken to your allies(only champions) or take a % of damage from your allies. Taking a % of damage from your allies fills up your blood well. -His ult could stay the same if they really want but give it the old Sion ult, were your damage heals your allies. Oh yea and because he would have no range his Q cooldown would be much lower and have a bigger range.
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