: He telegraphs his hook and dash though (Q and E?). The trick to Pyke is the same as counter playing a Zed or LB. Know where they'll be before they decide to go there. They can't afford to be caught off guard. Most of them will make predictable plays if you set them up. Think of it like a lux Q. Lux is much more likely to miss if you intentionally walk into the open to give her a free one. You will have a plan of escape ready to go on a moment's notice. Bait out Pyke's plays and catch him a step behind you. Most champs that you will feel are "unfair" are usually counterplayed in that fashion. Except Solid Snake. If you see him just go afk.
Yaknow that would work if the pyke was smart, but none do that, they just sit invisi and then flash R. It's mechanically unfair.
: Can't the same be said about most championships?
Do most champs have an execute at 40% that refreshes per kill?
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: > [{quoted}](name=LBmyBB,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AfT2TjLm,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-06-12T00:25:03.180+0000) > > Ya, but they know it. They know ppl will put money into them. Therefore they're gonna milk those champions as much as they can and leave the others in the dust Yes..... the **PLAYERBASE** are the ones wanting and buying the skins for the champions they enjoy playing. Which goes directly against what the other guy is saying, how Riot "doesn't care about the players".
> [{quoted}](name=Wilk Rycerz,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AfT2TjLm,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-12T00:54:07.083+0000) > > Yes..... the **PLAYERBASE** are the ones wanting and buying the skins for the champions they enjoy playing. > > Which goes directly against what the other guy is saying, how Riot "doesn't care about the players". They dont care about the OTHER players. You got half the playerbase wanting the dumb waifu lux kaisa skins, meanwhile the other half want skins for their respected champions, and they dont get them
: > [{quoted}](name=Quinn Is Bae,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AfT2TjLm,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-11T21:29:52.168+0000) > > Money over player base. Greedy compagny.. Who exactly do you think is buying the skins for popular champions? Magical computer sprites?
> [{quoted}](name=Wilk Rycerz,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AfT2TjLm,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-06-11T22:46:55.119+0000) > > Who exactly do you think is buying the skins for popular champions? > > Magical computer sprites? Ya, but they know it. They know ppl will put money into them. Therefore they're gonna milk those champions as much as they can and leave the others in the dust
: I can't really take Qiyana's death animation seriously
Sukishoo (NA)
: A. Jhin isn't Dark Star. He is Dark Cosmic, which is a combination of Dark Star and Cosmic themes. B. Just cause a character is of a similar idea naturally, doesn't mean they should have a skin that does the same thing. The point of skins is supposed to explore champions in an alternate universe. So if they are normally something bright and colorful, like Soraka, and dark and twisted skin, like Reaper is done to explore another side of them.
Yeah they're supposed to display another side. Justicar syndra is the opposite of regular, reaper soraka is the opposite of regular. Dark star or cosmit whatever is not an opposite or anything of the like for jhin. It's just random.
: Why, I reckon those Rito persons don’t have an idea of what the common folk even want. I tell ya, if I were CE of O of Rito, I’d’ve given my sweet boy Karthus a thousand skins for free, I would. But I’m not one of them higher ups so I’l settle for complaining on a forum webpage.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: No, she's a mage. She's clearly meant to be a mage. She's even listed as such in the client. Lets not push another mage out of midlane please...
Right. Not even a light mage, just an ordinary mage.
Boy i know you and the stuff u pull and lemme tell u that the other skin that other guy did is much better than than whatever this you found Also "She just seems dull and bland as a champion without something to make her look more appealing" You kidding me? She has one of the most iconic outfits in the whole game. Don't give me that crap. 80% naked champ with a silver gold staff and black cape with gold flames. Oh yeah that's got the dull grey color palate written all over it.
: Yuumi more like Yuusless xd
literally just came out
: Leblanc's winrate hovering around 46-47% since 9.6 nerfs please Riot compensate.
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Ventace (NA)
: Cassiopeia Grounding
> [{quoted}](name=Ventace,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KIbs2yM0,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-30T08:57:35.943+0000) > So why is Cass allowed to hardcounter 90% of champs in the game and make them unusable for HALF the entire game? Cus someone needs to shut all the bajillion gapcloser champs down
CLG ear (NA)
: I'm not wearing any underwear
oh darn. we get to see a bulge
: Every single hook champion in the game is overpowered.
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wolvius (EUW)
: https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/riot-games/editorial/upcoming-changes-rotating-game-modes Sadly its intentional. _Also hate the fact we have gotten ARURF twice for F sake_
This is last year, how current is this?
: Yep. Still, that's only 3 champions. A new archer wouldn't hurt too much. Though, I don't think we're getting one anytime soon. That new "very non-traditional" marksman that Riot August is designing looks like its going to be more spell/magic themed, possibly even being AP oriented rather than AD. We'll see, though.
I want a traditional champ, something that would have been made back in early days of league. I think it would bring a fresh impact on the game
: new champs teaser is live
Something tells me its gonna be another champion with a bajillion gapclosers
: Seriously Riot? No Mini-VGU but New Champs? Outdated Models & Art
Yeah I hate a whole VGU that totally changes the champion so it barely resembles the original character. I'm a LB main and there are quite a few who want a LB VGU. My biggest fear is that they're gonna screw it up and totally change her appearance and character...turn her into a drag queen (idk have u seen the memes that they post on the subreddit?). Tis why I'm so against a VGU for lb, cuz I fear the worst. Anyway, I would be SUPER happy if they just gave LB the MF treatment where they give her updated model so it looks better and on par. Keep her design and clothes and all (her VFX have been updated already), but just make it look better.
: My Hopes for Yuumi
I hope we can move away from the whole cutesy fury anime champs and get back to some more diverse champ themes. How bout a bow and arrow person? Haven't had a pure weapon champ since like.......fiora and that's yeeears ago
Rioter Comments
Cetri (NA)
: Not what I asked. Since you're so sure it can be, I want to know how you would do it. You seem to know more about game development then me, after all, if you're so sure of this, so why not enlighten us unwashed fools? (also i mean it's not like riot's promoted her at all on that basis someone asked on twitter and got a confirmation)
Well lets see. She's a lesbian, ok so she does less damage to enemy females than males and she can cast her Q on female allies to heal them. Boom. Done.
Cetri (NA)
: So, how would you integrate it into her kit? How would you integrate Ornn's humble nature into his? Yorick wants nothing more than to die, but there's no buff he gets for doing so. Same thing goes for Urgot, he relishes in pain, but he gains no buff from being at low health. Not everything _can_ be integrated into a kit.
Well if this lesbian thing is such a giant revolution like they say it is for a champ, then it WOULD be integrated into her kit somehow and into her lore
: Now you're just being intellectually dishonest. Haven't you just claimed that everything that's not evident from the champion kit alone is "probably added on" and thus can't be accepted as a defining element for the character? Didn't you basically disregard quotes and lore entirely?
pay attention I said they had to compliment eachother. omg. an element like that SHOULD be in each part, and they SHOULD make sense and compliment eachother. Neeko's sexuality does not do that in her lore nor her kits, just a quote, therefore added on
: You can't make everything be known through a champion kit, otherwise Ashe would be nothing more than an ice archer and Annie a fire mage. Even the latest champions would fail that test (Pyke would be just a killer ghost).
So you can't really prove that this neeko kid revolves around this. Almost every champ's kit, lore, and quotes reflect their character. Take my main, LeBlanc, the deciever, appears to people and takes many shapes in her lore, her mirror image plays into tricking people, and her quotes such as "would I lie?" ties it all up. THAT'S how you make a champion identity. thse 3 things all hafta be there, and they have to make sense together, and this whole neeko being a lesbian thing just doesn't fall into place with her champion. Neeko just has it for fanpleasing, just the same as the whole varus thingie.
Rioter Comments
Psyrix (NA)
: Neeko... and Leblanc
I think the only thing that would help leblanc but not make her kit overloaded is if you add the R clone from mimic abilities.
: Her theme is "curious and carefree outsider that doesn't understand social norms". She speaks openly about anything that's on her mind because her tribesmen souls were intertwined with each other, which means every single one of them knew everything about everyone else.
Ok now show me where that is in her kit? If's its not then it's probably just added don
: How can Neeko be a few hundred years old and still have the mind of a teenager? [Lore]
The story of Ellen and Viola, Ellen was alive for like 500 some years and still had the body and mind of a 7 year old
: I played a game as leblanc support with dark harvest and it is not okay.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: So people would definitely be fine with a gay succubus and not say "Politics! Unneccesary!" Sure that's not people not wanting to see lgbt stuff and theme clash is the only reason. :)
: Neeko Dream Team!
for best deception it would be wukong-top shaco-jg leblanc-mid neeko-supp any adc-adc
Tegash (NA)
: Eve has lines that reference her sexuality 1000% of the time, but nobody has a problem with that. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
The quotes have to match the theme. Evelynn is this slut who has rough sex and kills them, and her entire kit/lore revolves around it. That's her ENTIRE shabang. Neeko this is just added on to be there and it doesn't go well when it's like that.
: She has like 5-6 lines hinting at her sexuality. You all are acting like nearly every line is her screaming she's a lesbian.
Wrong, its actually more than that, and that's way too many. A champion shouldn't have to tell you that half the time.
: Why is everyone triggered over Neeko being lesbian???
people get annoyed cuz rito made the champ that way JUST for the sake of it. then in her quotes and stuff she literally makes a reference to her sexuality like 50% of the time. that's annoying. We dont care that she is, we just want a champ that isn't that JUST because.
: Bigotry on the Forums
define bigotry
Hibeki (NA)
: No one talking about how Dark Harvest has literally broken pyke now?
and jhin and lee? honestly its such a dumb rune. why did rito introduce it? It's free damage for doing nothing and its so dumb.
Rioter Comments
: You arent, but its misguided. She copies other people. Leblanc copies herself, kinda? Not even really that
It's said in her lore that she appears to many people at the same time as herself, a pale woman, or someone else. I key example is when she appeared as J4 vs swain at the battle of somethingthaticantremember
: Reads title: "GOOD!"
ResIiout (NA)
: Neeko Feels Uninspired, kit wise
She is copying leblanc, I hate her Her ult is pretty much a more powerful old evelynn ult
: Whoever worked on Neeko, THANKS
she steps on leblanc's toes. I hate her
HellBell (EUW)
: Unpopular opinion: Neeko’s character feels kinda offensive.
Riot probably made her like that JUST for the sake of having a confirmed gay character.
Rioter Comments
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 14
So I have to say something about the LeBlanc new walking animation.....it's not her...at all. So when yall reached out to the leblanc reddit and discord, there was something you forgot.Almost all of the LeBlanc mains are actually gay, therefore they portray her as some sort of drag queen who struts her stuff around for all to see (now I'm not saying that to be derogatory, because I happen to be gay too, I just portray her the way she is supposed to). I'm serious, I have been in the LeBlanc community for years now and it's true, even the owner of the reddit and discord, who I am friends with, has said so too. Anyway, that's not who LeBlanc is. She's not a "queen" who would ever walk like that. LeBlanc is a sophisticated, serious, and evil leader. Would an evil leader who has is serious EVER walk like that? NO!? That's why her current one is so perfect. Even so, that new one is waaaaay to exaggerated (and what the heck is her cape doing around her neck)? Not to mention, LeBlanc's spell animations are meant to transition with her walking animation, which is why her current one works so well with them. That new one would not transition well at all. As further evidence as to why I believe that this new animation doesn't suit her, let me remind you what exactly is in her lore page. "Matron of the Black Rose, LeBlanc's identity is as intangible as the whispers that describe her, as ephemeral as the illusions that give shape." Does that describe a drag queen who struts her crap by zigzag walking with what we see in that video? NO. Further - "After promising him the secrets to extend his life, LeBlanc slowly poisoned Darkwill's mind, even as she empowered him." Does that sound like a serious assassin or a pole dancer who happens to have magic? And what's worse, y'all actually believe what the rest of the mains are saying. Look at the video! Look at the way her body is moving!? Look at the music you used?! That does not say "LeBlanc is an enigma, she bends peoples minds to fulfill her evil desires without hesitation." What you showed was saying "Oh LeBlanc, that sassy bitch, look at her struttin" And lemme ask you this. If you had to ask LeBlanc what she does immedietly after killing someone, would she say "I simply disappear" or would she say "Ima walk around like I owned that loser?" And Lordy, if you do end up shipping that animation (which I pray that you won't every day) then PLEASE do what you did with heimer, where you can switch between which walking animation you want, allowing us to choose from the original. So either yall need to either keep the current one (which ya should because its perfectly fine), or try again, cuz you totally missed with LeBlanc's new animation.
: League client freezes in champ select at 0 seconds when someone is picking/banning
the client is trash. its hella slow and buggy. I kinda miss the old client.
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