: Summoner's Rift balance changes coming Patch 9.8
Does that mean Garen will have 160% cd in ARURF now? Are you guys high? Im loving it as a 5 IE URF Garen player
: Patch 9.4 Notes
{{champion:86}} Nerfed in Urf by 5%. Now it will take him 0.5sec to kill you from 0.01sec
: inb4 riven abuses the shit out of shield bash
But you gonna need a shield on top of a shield. if she wanna do that, shes gonna need {{item:3072}}, or that one rune which gives excessive healing as a shield, and you gonna need to stay full health whole time with bit of LS as well. and only place for RIven to spam E's shield on top of E's shield will be at Urf
Bârd (NA)
: Lethality scalings on Pyke are just a bad idea.
honestly im ok with this. Pyke was designed to be a Assassin, and also a support. Currently I see too many games where Pyke is destroying games by himself. Im not against a support role carrying a game by himself, but I see it as a problem when all hes building is stuff like {{item:3025}} {{item:3110}} for an **assassin champion** and have no downside. Pyke was first designed to be a nontank, risk taking champion, but current Pyke is too much like a brusier. With this new change he'll probably go back to building damage which is what Riot first designed him to be, and with building lethality, he'll be faster and longer stun duration,so theres some compensation for this. This is like back in time before Akali's rework when tank Akali used to be a thing. Its better that Riot found this as a problem soon before Tank Pyke becomes more primary build. And for why Lethality, if Riot choose to scale off of bonus AD for those Stun Duration and W's speed, people will then start building items with health/AD like {{item:3052}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3053}}, since Pyke was designed to be an assassin and lethality is whats popular for assassins, scaling off of those seems fine.
: my guess is that, just from reading, you get the shield bash everytime you get a new shield. So let say J4 uses his W to cast a shield, you dont have the bash yet. Janna shields J4, now you have a shield bash, you have 4 seconds to proc this(minimum 4s window). and before you can proc this another teammate like lux shields you, now you've resetted the window since you got a new shield on top of a new shield not 100% sure, but my guess is that everytime you get a new shield while proc is up, you'll get a new time window, first bash might be 4sec, next 6sec, etc
or actually since i dont see any CD on the proc, it might be J4 shield, Janna shields J4, you get a proc you proc shield bash (you have 4 sec to proc this) if the shield hasnt expired and lux shields you on top of this you get another bash and this time the proc window might be longer. and so on everytime you get a shield on top of shield
: Legit question about the new "Shield Bash" rune.
my guess is that, just from reading, you get the shield bash everytime you get a new shield. So let say J4 uses his W to cast a shield, you dont have the bash yet. Janna shields J4, now you have a shield bash, you have 4 seconds to proc this(minimum 4s window). and before you can proc this another teammate like lux shields you, now you've resetted the window since you got a new shield on top of a new shield not 100% sure, but my guess is that everytime you get a new shield while proc is up, you'll get a new time window, first bash might be 4sec, next 6sec, etc
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
: Karma Gameplay Change Preview
Pleaae tell me ally cast W is same as enemy cast's tether. By reading from the context, it says up to x seconds so Im guessing its not an instant cdr so im not too worried about this, but please tell me it has a tether. I can already see some gameplay like lucian going in with Karma's shield, E aa q aa w aa karma reduce cd and doing it again without much of cdr item on lucian. Just W's utility of reducing the cd seems like its gonna make karma's gameplay like raka, let the adc do everything and all karma gotta do is give them some mana/cdr and with little bit of poke with Q
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: Karthus has a 1% pickrate
: Will the new Control Ward disable Caitlyn traps?
or make stuff like Shaco's box can disable the trap, there, Shaco can now finally contribute to the team
: How do I counter people like ahri or syndra
here is some tip 1. I don't know why you would wanna play ad tf at mid, but if you are, then buy {{item:3155}} 2. Buying {{item:1057}} helps If you are ad tf, harrassing with Q is a joke, I wouldn't even bother taking Q if I was playing one. If it was draft pick, if the enemy already picked syndra, then don't pick TF, if you already picked TF and the enemy picks Syndra, then don't go ad
: Talons auto attack animation
In theory E - aa - Q - (Tiamet) - W - R would be the best combo but its kinda hard thing to do and Q's DoT is actually really useful, so what I do is have Q on jump on to the enemy, aa use tiamet and throw W and R at the same time
: A moment of silence for all the minions that have died.
RIP the time when Karma, Lulu, Soraka, Lee Sin could shield and heal minions
: https://i.gyazo.com/f04caa3268cf221ca556bc17b7ea8d26.png Typo on "Skin" Also, I would ask about reasoning for spending the RP. Like, for me for example, I decided to spend RP because I knew I would be playing for years. If I'm playing a phone game, I know it won't last more than a month, and usually limit myself to 5$.
Ooops... K and k looked so similar When I was first designing the survey, I did have a question asking for the reason, but when I finished the questionnaire it kinda got really lengthy and I had to start trimming it down and ended up taking that one out
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: Road to Pre-Season: Gameplay Systems Update
Ummm.... so are you guys resetting the mastery? Because I have 483 total mastery score, and that is not something that can be easily acheived, I spent so much time into this and if there is no compensation for this I would be really upset
: Patch 6.20 notes
> The basic attack component of Hecarim’s E - Devastating Charge can now critically strike, in line with similar abilities such as Nasus’s Q Crit Nasus incoming
: WTF Are these Taliyah Nerfs????
Nerfs against minions are truly stupid She already has to move around the lane to find unworked ground just to push the lane and after this nerf, how is she gonna be pushing, and poke around like this is really stupid 50% bonus damage was given right after Taliyah's release, this didn't come with Taliyah, they added it and now because people are learning and doing well, they are taking it away Unless they gonna compensate on taking the pushing power away for Taliyah, Riot is simply saying "Don't play Taliyah" Rito plz
Eyesack (NA)
: Why does jhin get movespeed when he critically strikes?
Cause Gangplank get's movement speed by destroying his barrel or aa an enemy while his sword is on fire :p Jinx gets Movement speed and Attack speed for killing someone, cause she gets excited, maybe Jhin gets excited every shots he make
: Assassin Roster Update - Katarina
Wait, if Kat is losing Ward jumping, what about Lee, and Jax? Especially Lee Lee can literally go in with Q without having any thought (Stereotypical Lee Sin play) and if he feels something is off, he can either hop out with W using on ally or ward, and if something is right, then he can ward jump behind the enemy to deliver them to the team, worst case scenario for the enemy, lee sin ward jump then flash behind adc to 4 men knock up. Sure Kat's reset allowing quick kills then getting out sticky situation by ward jumping seems unfair, but same for Lee, Lee has a dash in q, then get out with W, Kat has to rely on Shunpo for both getting in and getting out. If Kat is losing the ability to shunpo on wards, how is this gonna be compensated? I'm not talking about kill time fiesta, I'm talking about escape, Kat's survival
Eswatini (NA)
: This is what they've said, but I'm saying that my friends have been playing for a while and still no change, they want to quit the game already with me still pushing them to play. I can only imagine how easily a new comer will give up. There must be a way that they can be separated before they are totally giving up on the game.
btw, don't duo queue with them make them play by themselves, I knwo it sounds cruel but maybe go over to their house and watch them play is far as you can go if you duo queue with them, of course, your mmr will hurt them
Eswatini (NA)
: Smurfs chasing newcomers from League
Just fyi Smurfs gonna end up playing with other smurfs according to Riot as long as your friends aren't going crazy scores in games while playing with the smurfs which I assume it's unlikely to happen they will soon be playing with those real starters and maybe bronze 5 0lps
: Play the game. Enjoy it as much as he does. Report afterwards. Or try Team Builder.
: uLoL Semifinals Preview: RMU vs. Maryland
LETS GO TURTLES{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: What Role Uses Ctrl 6 The Most
Mid Especially Yasuos and Zeds, sometime Talon, LeBlanc, Kat after getting +Triple I guess assassins do that alot
: December sales schedule
: Be Victorious
: If you need any help with anything; just reply and I'll do my best!
Thanks, but can't today He checked into those computer repair today for wifi compatibility so i have to try later
: It is a clear internet problem 1. Try changing the DNS to Primary Alternative If he knows how to, or you do, try port forwarding League of Legends Here are the ports 5000 - 5500 UDP 8393 - 8400 TCP 2099 TCP 5223 TCP 5222 TCP 80 TCP 443 TCP
Ok I know how, im going over to his house today so I'll make sure I try it
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T6R (NA)
: fiddlesticks heal bug
Its intended If you have enough cdr Your W cd is back while you are still channeling W
: I try to stay humble. It helps for coping when someone's argument is clearly better than mine.
Dont worry im still with your reasoning The game doesnt play as you wish all the time Sometime you can set towards it but its difficult with alot of variables such as number of trolls in your team, trolls on enemy team or fed one in their team. You need to act accordingly League is not a scenario game, dont expect something to happen same as always like you practiced, things can go wrong and you learn from your mistake
: I found Star Guardian Lux's Dance Reference
M2tM (NA)
: Yes, please stop playing league if you *FEQUENTLY* end up disconnected for 1/4 of a game. Get better internet. This isn't meant to be cruel, just honest. It may not be your fault exactly, but if you know that you are going to disconnect, don't waste 9 other people's time.
Like I dont want to, if you wanna pay for my bills, sure i'll get good ones
Lyte (NA)
: Introducing the new LeaverBuster system!
So basically we shouldn't play if we can't afford to get a good internet Cause some people cant have .000000001ping all the time throughout the game My friend plays around 200~300 pings and I play around 80~150 pings and I do get disconnected frequently (even though I do reconnect after awhile) After being d/ced for like 7min and comes back, the game isn't same as 7 min ago, you are far behind So now You telling me I'm going to be banned for having poor connections
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
how do i get my chat log?
: One For All: Mirror Mode returns to the workshop
i dont think anyone even played this mode? {{champion:1}} one?
: Now all rito needs is an AP Mid Dragonslayer to complete the set {{champion:69}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:101}}
Why not just send pantheon to mid (which actually worked before as ad castor) and let shvana top?
: Patch 4.7 notes
Identity (NA)
: {{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:44}}{{champion:99}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:44}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:50}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:31}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:31}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:98}}{{item:3105}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{item:3105}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:99}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:98}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{champion:60}}{{champion:60}}{{champion:60}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{champion:60}}{{champion:60}}{{champion:60}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3110}}{{summoner:17}}{{champion:60}}{{champion:60}}{{champion:60}}{{champion:60}}{{summoner:17}}{{summoner:17}}{{summoner:17}}{{summoner:17}}{{champion:60}}{{champion:60}}{{champion:60}}{{champion:60}}{{summoner:17}}{{summoner:17}}
i always thought mario was mexican to be honest
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: League's heading to Chicago for C2E2 this weekend!
: Inside the head of a rager
I study psychology, well Im not really psychologist, but going to be even though Im in high school, using general information that I have learned so far, I tried to make consumption of what kind of psycho logic thinking they might have. First LoL is very well known game that is addictive We all know that, and probably 70% are addicted to LoL even without knowing it, when you are addicted to something, it means your pleasure center in your brain is releasing the hormone that makes you happy constantly when your doing that activity. when you dont constantly get that amount of hormone, thats when you get mad easily. So when your addictive, when something doesnt go well during the game, you dont get that much of hormone, thats the point you easily get mad. Second, this is Internet People who makes bad comment during the game, they are usually using the fact your Anonymous in the game, so there is no way others will no who you exactly is, so you can easily make comments on others. People who feels weak outside of LoL feels the power when they are in LoL, so they act like they can do whatever they want to do in the game, doesn't care of how others feel. Third, People who usually make comments are generally under 16. Population of LoL is 80% Male I believe, and only few females. Females develop maturely earlier then the males do, so stage that frontal lobe that gets fully develop is early for females, frontal lobe is a part of brain that takes care of decision making, thinking and many more, so premature males wouldnt necessarily think twice before they type, so I'm thinking that is why they are making bad comments so easily Im sure there are may more but I want to end it here. Cause since I'm not really a psychologist, I do not want to make it look like a fact, Im just trying to make a consumption.


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