: Do you want to win lane? DO you want to STOMP lane? DO you want to MURDER THEM?
"the combo" what is the combo? a possible bard stun into an auto from kalista? oh wow such a glorious wombo
: Holy hell
cant tell if you are actually the slightest bit upset about that game, or if you are just bragging about a penta kill as kalista l0l
: Drop Listed? What is it, Some kind of strange exploit? "gank my lane or get droplisted"
this "droplist" thing literally does not exist. at all. you are just thinking about it every time you play a ranked game and therefore, you play worse. your account is fine, dont know how you believe this garbage. u deserve a real droplist if you believe it l0l
: One simple trick that adc mains would NEVER want you to know about
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: Garen mains dont want you to know this simple trick
garens mid game damage comes from his ult, not from his q or his e :)
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: Scanning Files/ Calculating differences [CLIENT]
I'm at 8500 and it's still going on LOL I lost my d4 promos to cause it dc'ed me during game
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LOL I Caused 911

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