: Why can Zoe redirect her Q while stunned?
For example Irelia cant do it with her E if shes stun .
ZJD123 (NA)
: "if you pick zed you're asking to lose and you're trolling" But according to gameplay boards zed is super OP unbeatable insane laning phase champion? :thinking:
zed is really good in the laning phase but fall off really hard in the late game against tank . The same goes for talon when the game start to get longer .They both got pick off potential with their ultimate but zoe and leblanc in the late game pick off player like candy .
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: Can akali get counterplay other than dont be near me? after 6 and 1 item.
Just saying . Don't be near {{champion:7}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:114}} and the only champion you find to be annoying is akali who has a 46% WINRATE AND A 0,65 % PLAYRATE . http://na.op.gg/champion/akali/statistics/mid I would say pantheon yes this shit champion annoying always spamming q from lvl 1 to lvl 18 but AKALI . DUDE COME THE FCKING ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk atleast about some champion who're really obnoxious .
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Toppien (NA)
: im tired and sick of zed
turn off shadow ?????{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Love getting "outplayed by a Zed omegalulz"
{{champion:45}} damn i hate getting outplayed by a veigar . He just pressed R and i died . feelbadman .
: I hate the report button so fucking much.
I really understand where youre coming but for some reason i only see this as a bad game. Seriously i saw like 2 or 3 time pantheon support and they destroyed the enemy lane . And there is nothing wrong trying new shit in ranked because in normal you just said it , its a place where no one trying . . Frustation damn i get it and damn i lost so many game but dont worry because i lost the game of many ppl either way and im sure you did so the only way to deal with it is mute them and let it go . the faster you close the game the less you have to play and the more you get to play another game .
: The tale of how Doran's ring is now stackable again.
damn i might buy x6 {{item:1056}} and destroy half of the world with my new gauntlet of power .
mountain dew is the secret to climb . {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Arcane Blade instead of Nimbus Cloak
why would you had even more damage ???? . Also nimbus clock give utility on a ultimate and the rune didnt get designed to be a mage rune .
: Why the hell does trapping a champ with Yorick's cage proc turret aggro?
its because it deal 1 true damage . Its the same for trundle pillar or anivia wall .
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: How did you not include {{champion:126}} on your list? He can make such good use out of this either for kiting away or sticking on someone to finish them off.
im not sure {{champion:126}} or {{champion:60}} might work since {{item:3070}} doesnt get stack from switching of form , for example {{champion:77}} R aint a ultimate .
Vanjie (NA)
: It's not that great and doesn't make much of a difference. How is this improving the tree and making it more interesting to play the tree on champions? It's just another movement speed mechanic added to an already overloaded class with movement speed. Is this really the best option Developers can come up with in terms of a new rune for mages? Enchanters use Ultimate Hat. A lot of mages use Ultimate Hat. What are these champions going to take now? Oh, NIMBUS CLOAK! Even thought they already have movement speed steroids in their kits. It's just lazy design honestly. The Developers do not have a brain and don't know how to use it.
you got choice between tankyness , mana or utility . Also ultimate hat is in domination tree so its not like you cant choose it anymore . I think it encourage variety of tree path . Instead of always going sorcery , precision . You might go in a more oriented instant damage path .
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ThePikol (EUNE)
: Sorcery was supposed to be primary mages tree. What mage will use Nimbus Cloak?
{{champion:85}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:497}}
: Riot, if you’re dead set on adding True Damage. Listen to your player base.
if you put true damage on turret alistar ult become useless . {{champion:12}}
Emo Twink (OCE)
: Yasuo and his ult safety
wht is sad about yasuo is that he can do nothing against a sion or everymatching with lock down and some help from a teammate .
: I think the Mundo buffs went a bit too far
just saying hes receive another buff next patch about the current health damage on his q .
: These marksmen 'nerfs' are a joke and the balance team should legitimately feel ashamed
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: I'm a Fortnite player, and I'm honestly getting tired of it.
ppl are just batshit crazy about fortnite because its easy content to take juice off .
Azadethe (NA)
: I don't see any nerfs in 8.10 among the items. When it boils down to it, it's all adc BUFFS.
Just to say essence reaver refund work when you use your ult . IE cant be anymore the first item you build .
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: Is this really okay?
i lost to him {{champion:238}} . Plz ban him .
: I don't usually do these kinds of threads but I need to vent
Kai'Sa Icathian Rain (Q) Living Weapon missiles lowered from 12 to 10 http://www.surrenderat20.net/2018/04/425-pbe-update-blood-moon-evelynn.html#more
: Probably have been said before, but this is my opinion. It is not about picking off meta champion, it is about asking your team are they OK with it or not. If in every match where you took Trundle support with smite you would ask your adc "are you OK with laning solo, I prefer playing Trundle with smite and roaming" and if they answered "yes", you can pick what you want. If they answer "no" you go with the meta pick. To me, it's that simple.
I understand that you want to check if your team is ok with that but in a game it should be asked to yourself not your teammate . Do you find it fun to play trundle smite and if youre really good it might work . In season 4 or 5 i was playing syndra , xerath or veigar support and said that they had stun so it would work and it was working but i couldnt put away their crybaby speech of their discontent attitude because they wanted the last word . This week i saw one game with a jarvan and darius bot lane and they won against a cait and lux support . I also saw a nautilus , alistar bot lane and they won against a ezreal , zyra support . I actually think comp doesnt matter if youre good at the game .
: Mute should carry over to post-game screen.
I mean come on , i dont even pass 1 sec in the freaking post-game screen . Just ignore it , dont read it anyways wht the point to read the toxic player . It just doesnt make any sense .
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: Guess what champion I am
: "I was surprised by the amount of negative discussion around the mana changes personally" -Penguin
Mage afk farm because theyre Ap carry or apc . In late game they deal insane damage but in the early game or even with ult they wont oneshot someone out of the blue like zed or diana , akali etc .... If mage where strong in every part of the game they laning would not be fair . Harrass , wave clear , no mana issue , insane damage . Ppl would step up and clear this out .
130x (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=L Psy Congroo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LxaKoH7r,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-18T01:05:07.003+0000) > > But ADCs can constantly right click you for 200 damage/second with no drawbacks at all. Mages can do 1500dmg per second though >.> This is the reason mages need to run out of mana. They used to you know and still wrecked everyone as they do now. Mages typically have cc as well, so if they land their combos, without missing, you can 100% kill any adc without any backlash. As they used to. What has changed is that accuracy no long matters. You can duck in and try to full combo anyone 15 times and if you even land your attack 1/15 of those times the adc is dead. He can auto you for a tiny 200 here and there all game, but there is no real danger as long as you do not blow your hard cc. It used to be you could cast your combos around 4x, adc or mage, then you were oom and HAD to back and lose cs. You were rewarded for proper dodging and had times when you could engage and and disengage. Champions were also squishier back then so exchanges were pretty much settled with about 1 fight, who dodged what and used their skills more properly. I wish you could have played back then, you would hate this new league too.
This is wht i find funny . Ppl think ap carry are gone but in the lane game one ability chuck half of my health and put me at risk of backing . If you dont miss any ability for example zyra damn you one shot the adc in no time .
: Except this nerfs impact bad waveclearer way more than it does good ones. Taliyah can allow herself to back more often after quicly landing her spells on Cs. On the other hand if you are the one getting pushed in good luck trying to stay and Cs under tower. Also tear users are nerfed but luden's use are completely fucked. Luden started to be picked up a little more because the manaband changes allowed to have enough mana to function.. This changes balances around a mage with band and tear. For the mana part I disagree. Come late game mana should not be so limited. How can you compete with tanks hp regen and ADC lifesteal if you, as a poke mage, go oom in 3 rotations? How can a dedicated dps mage function if he remains oom while killing the frontline? (I'm not saying this will happen now eh). Even burst mage have spells to use in fight when their burst is down. Spells should be gated by cooldowns not mana. Who knew allowing everyone and their mother to reach 45% cdr relatively easily could be a problem! For the player perspective remaining out of mana in a fight after doing everything right feels terrible. Fucking up a spell and see it go on a long cd however isn't that bad. YOU fucked up, maybe used it too early or on the wrong target ecc. And you can still play around your punishment (the cd).Instead with mana it feels like "I can't play until I see the perfect opportunity or I have to recall. " there's no play around or nothing, it's "you get to play less time" plain and simple
well for hp regen and lifesteal you got morello and void staff . Also it might be the way they work to reduce the snowball effect that ppl was asking .
: .. Some math and you can see after few levels it's a net Nerf. By level 18 my typical mana pool is cut in half (!!). Better regen means nothing when you don't have mana regen items to enhance it and band is a rune. You are basically saying they are making a good job binding a whole class into the use of a specific rune ("runes reforged will bring diversity".. Lol).
Doran's Ring No longer gives base mana regen* No longer returns mana on minion kill* Now gives 5 mana per 5 seconds* Now gives +5 damage on hit versus minions* http://www.surrenderat20.net/2018/04/417-pbe-update.html#more Just looked at the 5 extra damage and its not unique . You can stack it . Also the regen not based on your base mana regen is better now for champion who did have a bad regen .
: .. Some math and you can see after few levels it's a net Nerf. By level 18 my typical mana pool is cut in half (!!). Better regen means nothing when you don't have mana regen items to enhance it and band is a rune. You are basically saying they are making a good job binding a whole class into the use of a specific rune ("runes reforged will bring diversity".. Lol).
You got 330 mana + 50 per lvl so 18 = 900 + 330 = 1230 + manaflowband another 250 so 1480 . With the new think you got 440 + 25 per lvl = 450 + 440 = 990 + manaflowband = 1240 . 240 mana of difference without item . You might build mana item to compensate it and also doran ring still give you mana regen . Its clearly a nerf but will this hit hard the laning phase no because you got more damage with your last hit which the new doran ring give , a bigger mana pool and manaflow band . First back you get your tome or a tear since tome cost 150 gold more but i dont see any big problem . Its a nerf but it wont affect the laning phase .
: Mages should have to deal with mana management
mana item nerf are justified . They got manaflow band and its enough. 250 extra mana and mana regen based on missing mana is way too broken .
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: Another nerf hits mages/enchanters directly by nerfing them and indirectly by nerfing their items
for ryze with the new rework he can restore 10 % of his maximum mana and he got manaflow band too . I mean everyone got MANAFLOW BAND .
KoKoboto (NA)
: I like the W change tbh. It'd be cool to see Ryze apply the "rune prison" and sap mana out of the enemy. It'd be nice to have an ability that attacks mana in a game where mana doesn't meant anything. Yeah I know that atm it doesn't steal mana but restores it. And I do believe that it is instant as well and not over the slow duration. BUT it would still be a cool effect.
well im sure you would like anti-mage in dota and no one love anti-mage .
: What's the reason behind the true damage? Seems like a meaningless buff for an already strong champion. I do like the ult changes tho, now I actually have a reason to get it level 6
wht i find funny is the 10 % maximum mana restoration on the W .
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